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Shimmering Night - PinkiePieFox

To everypony, the night sky is a beautiful sight to behold. On one night however, Star Shadow saw only sorrow in the sky.

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Chapter 5 - Hard Luck Shadow

After leaving her room Celestia paused between the two guards and took on a more serious look, “Silver lance, Gleaming Shield.”

“Yes your highness!” The guards responded in unison.

“I have a job for the both of you”, Celestia walked forward turning to face the two guard.” Silver Lance, I need you to gather the Guard. Gleaming Shield, you will remain here protecting my sister. She is resting within my room make sure nopony bothers her; I will be in the throne room.” Celestia turned and trotted down the hall.

The two guards looked at one another before Silver Lance took off down the hallway at a gallop, disappearing around the corner heading in the direction of the castle barracks.

Within an hour later Celestia was sitting in the throne room. Several rows of guards clad both in celestial and lunar armour filled the room in front of her. All of them wore a stoic expression, saying nothing as they awaited their princess’s command.

“Guards”, the guard looked up at their Solar Goddess. “I have an extremely important assignment for a select few of you. I will need ten Unicorns, one Earth Pony and both five Pegasi and Thestrals for this mission.”

“U-um you're highness?” One of the guards from within the crowd spoke up causing Celestia to look towards them.

“Yes, my little pony?” Celestia asked.

“Well, forgive me your highness. We would do anything you ask of us, but I must ask, what it is we are being deployed to do?” The guard asked resolutely.

Celestias gaze hardened as she stared at the guard for a long moment, he began to sweat under her gaze. “The guard will go to Ponyville, and be part of a select group working under Princess Twilight Sparkle in an effort to find a possible shadow organization that is believed to be there, and take them into custody.”

After this the guard stood in thought for a long moment. Several of the guards stepped forwards from the crowd walking up to the front of before the throne where Celestia sat. As they stood before her they puffed out their chests and held themselves tall. After a short while ten Unicorns, five Pegasi and Thestrals, and an Earth Pony stood before the princess.

/||~~·~~POV Star Shadow~~·~~||\

It was barely eleven AM and it had already been the longest day of Star Shadows life. Aside from still having a sore head from cracking it against his earth pony friend’s face when he awoke this morning, they had also run out of coffee. This usually never happens, as Star always makes sure the apartment has it well in stock. So they had tea instead, Cobs Breakfast Tea. It was a dark morning tea that Star just barely tolerated in place of his black coffee.

When star sat down at the table, however his mug cracked splitting it right down the middle and spilling the entire contents of the scalding tea into his lap, a stark contrast to the cold shower. It just so happened to be the only setting this morning as the thermostat had apparently taken this time to brake.

As Star Shadow and Two Scoops were heading off to work, Star Shadow was pooped on by no less then three birds. He stepped into a mud puddle while trying to clean off the bird goo with the water from a nearby fountain and got hit by a pocket book from a rather attractive mare who Two Scoops decided to try his chances, slapped her flank, and started hitting on her. When they got to work Star Shadow found that the string on his apron had snapped.

Scoops point it out, “That’s bad luck man.” Star looked at him with an unamused, tired expression but said nothing.

“He he, sorry”, Scoops apologized with a sheepish look.

Star Shadow sighed and shook his head. If this was not bad enough the freezers were on the fritz melting half the ice cream stock over night which caused Soft Serve to be in a rather foul mood. “It’s not your fault man. It’s just one of those days.”

“You’ve been having a lot of ‘Them Days’ lately.” Scoops pointed out.

“Don’t remind me.” Star Shadow said with a hoof on his temple, rubbing down a migraine.

“I really think you should put some ice on that.” Scoops said.

“I’ll be fine.” Star replied as he took some bits for a small soft serve ice cream from a young colt and placed them in the register. The shop’s bell chimed as the door swung open.

“Oh-ho.” Scoops spoke to Stars’ left in little more than a whisper. Star looked to him before turning his gaze to the door. It was his boss’s, boss.

Up to a point Soft Serve had owned his own ice cream parlour but recently he had been bought out by one earth pony stallion known as Filthy Rich; a light brown earth pony with a dark black mane, he wore a suit collar around his neck and had a bright red tie with a bit sign embroidered upon it, his cutie mark was that of three money bags. He was a nice enough stallion if you had some semblance of power or you had something that he wanted. This was mainly why Soft sold the parlour to Rich; the act he put on up until then was that of a nice and kind owner, but once he had bought Soft out he transformed into a tyrannical dictator.

And oh look, he even brought his demon spawn along, also known as Diamond Tiara. She was a pure concentrated nasty, that decided to take the form of a pink Earth Pony filly with a purple and white mane; and as her name suggests, she wore a diamond tiara which matched her cutie mark perfectly. Two Scoops once said that it would take all the sugar in the wide world of Equestria to take the bitter out of her, Star Shadow didn’t even think that would have been enough. She was rotten to the core and the only way to fix her would be a good limber switch; and even then he thought it to be a long shot.

“Daddy! I want an ice cream!” The spawn of evil screamed at her charlatan of a father.

“Of Course darling, get anything you like. But no more than two flavours.” he replied resolutely as he spotted Soft Serve and went to speak business with him.

Star put on a weak smile as the filly walked up to the counter. “Hey!” The Filly cried out in an annoyingly high and mighty tone. “I want Chocolate, Cherry Swirl and Marzipan Madness!” the filly demanded. Star looked at her sighing inside, This little filly- No, she was too vile for that word; this monster before me has some nerve asking for three different flavours when her father told her she could only have two.

“I’m pretty sure you're father said you could only have two flavours.” Star replied with as much kindness he could muster. “And considering he is my boss’, boss I’m inclined to agree with him.” Star Shadow felt sick saying that but stood firm.

The demon in filly form only glared at Star Shadow; Star Shadow stared right back at the creature before him, standing firm. Two Scoops was glancing back and forth between the two unsure what to do in this moment before the filly leaned in close looking him dead in the eyes.

“Look. Daddy owns this place, and I get what I want! And I want what I asked for, if you’re prompt about it I’ll be sure persuade daddy into getting you a pay raise.” The filly leered at Star Shadow.

Star Shadow turned to Two Scoops before saying. “One scoop Chocolate, one scoop Cherry Swirl.”

Two Scoops gulped and went to work obtaining the order. Star Shadow gave a smug smile, Diamond Tiara on the over hoof looked livid.

Two Scoops handed the ice cream over to Star Shadow who handed it to Diamond Tiara. She stood there holding her ice cream in one hoof, she looked at them both and then promptly lifted her ice cream up and smacked in on the top of her head bowl side down.

Two Scoops and Star Shadow looked confused until what happened next. The spawn of Hades herself sat down and begin wailing like a banshee! “DAAAAADDDDYYYYYYYY!!!!” She screamed out causing everypony within the shop to look around at her. Her father and Soft Serve walked out from the back room and she dashed over to them rapping her forelegs around her fathers left foreleg.

“Oh darling what happened?” Filthy Rich asked his daughter who faked a sniffle and pointed at Star Shadow.

“H-he smashed my ice cream on my head because I asked for three flavours instead of two and he heard you say that I could only have two and, and...” Then the horrid creature began again with a new flood of obviously fake sobs.

Filthy Rich stomped right up to Star Shadow and Two Scoops. “I demand you apologize to my daughter!” Filthy Rich demanded; his face stern.

Star Shadow looked at him his left eye twitched in annoyance, perhaps it was his rage getting the better of him or perhaps it was the stress of the day; but Star Shadow didn’t think quite long enough before replying. “No!” Star Shadow shouted, and continued in the heat of the moment “I would not apologize to that spoiled little spawn of Hades even if I had done what she claims!” Two Scoops mumbled something but it went completely ignored. “Not even if Princess Celestia herself had demanded it from me would I EVE-!”

“YOURE FIRED!” Filthy Rich screamed out right in Star Shadows face. Riches face turned a deep shade of crimson as he leered at his employee.

Star Shadow’s left eye twitched again as he removed his apron throwing it at Riches face and marching out the front door of the shop. He had made it halfway to the village square before slowing to a stop breathing heavily, the moments of what happened finally catching up to him. “Horse Apples”, he whispered under his breath as he sat on his haunches and bowed his head. As everything that had just happened came into perspective and he let out a deep sigh. “I just got fired.”

Star Shadow stood up and walked off towards nearby street. “What was I thinking? Yelling at the owner? I didn’t say anything that didn’t need to be said?” he sighed. “Yes you did Star, you don’t insult the boss’s daughter. And you forgot rule number one; never argue with the boss.”

After what felt like forever Star found himself at a near by park. He walked in watching as some other ponies were playing in a sandbox nearby. A few older colts were playing Frisbee. He sat down under a secluded Oak tree and watched them play, his mind zoning in and out as he sat there within the shade. He was on the verge of falling asleep when he heard some new voices, one of them was oddly familiar with two others that were not.

“Hey, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo wait up!” Came the high pitched, cracking voice of another filly.

Star Shadow sat there for long moment, his eyes closed, waiting for his mind to catch up with him. He looked up and his eyes snapping wide open as he looked straight at three little fillies talking avidly with one another. A orange Pegasus with a purple mane who buzzed her wings frantically trying to lift herself but only managing an inch off of the ground, a small white Unicorn with a purple and white mane, and an orange Earth Pony filly with red mane and tail and an oversized red ribbon sticking out from behind her head.

He sat motionless staring blankly for a moment before saying the most intelligent thing he could think of at the time. “Dream Filly?” Okay, maybe it was not the most intelligent. But give him a break, he’s had a hard day.

The three fillies stopped what they were doing and gave the stallion strange looks. The orange filly spoke first, “Uh, What?”

Star Shadow shook his head before reaffirming his mind. “I mean, Apple Bloom, right?”

Apple Bloom stepped forwards looking at the stallion tilting her head to the side. “Do ah know you mister?”

Star stammered for a moment. “I, uh, I know…. Your sister! She told me a bit about you.” He smiled at her as he thought to himself. “It was a Dream right? It had to be. I’m positive I’ve not seen this filly before. Have I?” Snapping back out of his thoughts he decided to find out. “She said you skipped your chores the other day, you're not doing that again today are ya?”

Apple Bloom just shook her head and smiled, “Ee’nope! Got’ em all done this morning! After talking with the Glowing Pony in my dreams last night, ah made sure to get’ em done.” Apple Bloom gave a large grin as she said this.

Scootaloo interjected, “That ‘Glowing Pony’ was just the Princess and you know it!”

“Nu-uh Scoots!”, Apple Bloom stomped her hoof on the ground. “The princess came after the glowin’ pony vanished! And she said that she’d just arrived. An’ the Princess wouldn't lie!”

Star Shadow was a little shocked to say the least. As he got back up to his hooves, “Well I’m very happy that you took the incentive and abided by this pony’s advice. Just have nicer, not so evil apple dreams from now on.” He said with a point of his hoof before turning and trotting off, thoughts swirling through his head. As he trotted down the path with his face scrunched in thought, he passed two almost identical, large white stallions walking side by side into the park.

Apple Bloom made to speak as Star Shadow left but stopped. “That was weird.”

“You’re telling me.” Scootaloo piped in.

“No. Ah mean, you two are the only two ah told about my dream.” She glanced back at the stallion leaving the park.” How’d he know that I had a dream about evil apples?

As she said this the two white stallions lit their horns and a flood of magical energy flowed over the park. The energy from their horns concentrated slightly denser underneath a nearby Oak tree.

“HEY! Stop!”

Star Shadow, wondering who could be calling him, turned in the direction of the voice and found that it was Two Scoops running after him. “Hey Scoops, What's up?”, he replied.

Scoops slowed to a stop clutching a stitch in his side and breathing heavily. “W-what's up? Dude, you just got fired! I thought you were gonna do something reckless again. Just so you-”, Scoops paused to catch his breath. “Just so you know, being reckless is in my job description right? Not yours, I don't appreciate you trying to take away my title.”, he grins.

“Oh right, I had almost forgot.” Star stated, putting a hoof on his friends shoulder. “But it’s alright.”

Scoops looked at Star with a raised eyebrow. “Dude-” Star raised a hoof silencing Scoops before he could continue.

“Scoops, honestly, did you really think I wanted to work in an ice cream parlour my entire life? It’s not exactly my destiny you know.” He flicked his head back to his flank before looking back at Scoop. “Besides, I think I figured something out and I need to get going. You don't mind letting me borrow some bits do you?”

Two Scoops just laughed “I guess you’re right, and sure, what’s a few bits between friends how much do ya need?”

“Magical signature confirmed.” A solid white Unicorn watched from the distance, with a stark expression as Star and Scoops walked their separate ways, “Target has been spotted, should we intercept?”

A mare’s voice replied as if from the very air itself, “Negative. Keep watch, but do not engage. We want everypony involved.”

“Yes Princess Twilight; understood.”

Author's Note:

Thanks mostly to Sollace for all the editing of this chapter! Without his help this chapter would still be in editing!

So thank you once again Sollace! You are a lifesavor of this story!