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Flint Sparks

I gosh darn did it.


On a hot summer day, Rarity decides to make milkshakes for her wonderful assistants, Sweetie Belle and Spike.

Big mistake.

Now the three of them must defend her yard from an invading herd of boys.

This is one of my "I give up completely" stories, so just have fun with it.

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~Skeeter The Lurker

Flint Sparks used, disenchant the story.
The fourth wall is now broken. Humor +15; Plausibility -10. Plausibility cannot get any lower. Who cares? +40 Humor just for the hell of it.

Rarity should just offer to teach those stallions how to make milkshakes... of course, she would have to charge them.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard damn right it better than yours damn right I could show you but I have to charge ya. Lol yolo

Same thing happens to me all the time....

I make the best f@3%ing milkshakes....:eeyup:

Ltmajordude used propane and propane accessories!

It was super effective!

I don't know what to think.

> Is lactose intolerant
Ah, well. Nice job. Never shall I partake of the shaken milk.

*falls over holding her sides* I-I just punctured a lung!



I take it you've been playing RPGs as of late, eh Flinty?

~The lizardman read this while listening to the following video:

4360700 Just finished Lightning Returns last night.

Brings all the boys to the yard damn right its better than your I can teach you but i have to charge.

Loved the Pokemon style of fighting.

I get it - Kelis's song is catchy. *sigh*

This is a blessing upon humanity and literature. I applaud you, good sir.

:twilightangry2: There is no excuse for such bad video game puns. Meh I guess I can live with it...

I can't decide if that was painfully hilarious, or hilariously painful.

Loved the "battle"! :rainbowlaugh: I bet I know why Rarity reacted to the Applejack comment so much... :raritywink:

This was random... but it needs more Serious Sam music to set the battling mood! :flutterrage:

DA-FUCKING-FUQ did I just read? :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Not the Gym leader theme? The Boys are a Boss, not mooks.

I don't know if I want to upvote this. . . .

um...... what did i just read........?:rainbowhuh:

This was quite the story. Here's my short review on it >>> Link To Review :twilightsmile:

4362152 ~The lizardman likes that game's trainer battle song more

Guess we know who's milkshake brings the boys to the yard, then.

“I’m sure it won’t be your final fantasy.”


4360499 Un-funny people fled from the battle! Plus ten exp!


“Oh Rarity,” Sweetie Belle giggled as she nudged Spike. “I’m sure it won’t be your final fantasy.”

Oh dat pun dough

This story

It's good

: D

Read, liked, faved... and I have one thing to say!


4364509 That reference is so awesome! :rainbowkiss: But still Ditto.


The writing is good as always, the story was... Incredibly random. Of all the stories based off of bad hip hop songs, this one takes the shake.

Hey Flints, if you're trying to be random, you did pretty good. If you're not joking and you're hurting for ideas, I'd be glad to donate some to you. My laziness snorted a whole eight ball of ADD recently, so I wouldn't have the patience to write even half of them, anyway. At the very least, maybe hearing some ideas might generate some of your own. If you were joking, kindly disregard my last.

4365249 Nice pun. :trollestia:

My little comment in the description is more like... "Screw coherency, even I can't take it seriously." In other words, I let loose with the random.

I certainly don't mind ideas, and I do requests, but I do have unfinished works on the backburner. I don't always publish something while it's hot. Hell, I even have a story that's currently somewhere at 18k words unpublished. I'm just trying to get it on EQD first. That... isn't going well. :pinkiesick: :rainbowlaugh:

“Oh Rarity,” Sweetie Belle giggled as she nudged Spike. “I’m sure it won’t be your final fantasy.”

Did you seriously just do what I think you did?
Bravo, good sir. Bravo.:rainbowlaugh:

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