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Action and darkness. Those are my specialties


This story is a sequel to We Fight as One

Three months have passed since Discord turned against the princesses. Three months have passed since both Luna and Celestia disappeared from existence.

Three months have passed since Princess Eclipse was born.

After finally defeating Discord and bringing peace back to the land, the fused alicorn sisters live alongside her subjects, ensuring that the calm and free feeling stays over Equestria. But no matter how hard one may try, peace will only last for so long.

The great Gods of War have broken free of their prison, and threaten to take back the world which they once ruled. What is their connection with Discord? And will Eclipse be strong enough to fight all of them?

Note: No events of season 4 have occurred in this timeline.

Part 2 of the Eclipseverse

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Unfortunately, I'll have to read it after class. :twilightsheepish:

Well chaos2012...... You made a massive fucking amazing story again. Fav and like for you because you're one of my favorite writers. All hail senpai Chaos2012~~~~

So, you invent an entirely new character; one who is a fusion of an emotionally unstable, socially needy individual and another who is necessarily stoic, charismatic and well-liked. That certainly sounds like it could have some interesting psychological and social ramifications, and explore some complex themes!

*reads description of this and previous fic*

So it's just an OC beating up everybody? :facehoof: What a wasted premise.

Now, I don't downvote based on premise and wasted potential alone. Maybe if the fight scenes weren't so stale--actual prose instead of blunt stage directions--I could enjoy it anyway, but this is a definite downvote for me. Boring premise, boring prose, boring execution.

Also, please stop linking music in prose. Taking advantage of the infinite canvas is all well and good, but reading while listening to music actually impairs short term memory formation and focus. It is also a very lazy crutch; you should not be using music to set a mood, you should be using prose to set a mood, because you are writing a story!

4064630 well, I understand your concern, and perhaps should change the description of this story a bit since that was a complaint in my last story. I actually do plan to make this an actual story instead of a simple action fic, including like you mentioned the emotional and mental feelings inside of Eclipse.

But As you don't like the music links, I understand as well

Aaaand your last line reminded me of this:
So am I safe in assuming we have elementals on our hands?

A'ight, so this fic starts off with a really fun fight scene and some foreboding exposition (The best kind of exposition, mind you). Honestly, I'd say we're off to a good start. I'm a bit stumped about this new evil Mystery Gang's relationship with Discord... Eh, all will be revealed in due time, I suppose.

Basically what I'm saying is:
This is gonna be gooooooood~

we need some pics of the new OCs

I make 50 likes.:pinkiehappy:
And this story is amazing.


Three months have passed since both Luna and Celestia disappeared from their existence.

Say what now? never heard of someone disappearing from their existence before. Sounds rather tricky to do.

Also, Eclipseverse? YAY, ----verse everything! It's a damn series. A story series. Not a verse. Silly people.

All instances of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have been replaced by Princess Eclipse in history.
And so, she was fighting herself when she became Nightmare Moon to protect her subjects from her wrath.

4067178 I assume you haven't seen my posts about what the eclipseverse is. It isn't just my own stories. Other authors are working on fusion fics to add to this universe.

And if you read the story , you will understand what it means by "their exsistance"

4067260 actually.... That isn't the explanation either.


Actually, it's about the most awkwardly worded way of saying that they fused. Read it aloud a few times and it still doesn't flow right. Even now it sounds funky. Not quite enough to make me chuckle, but it's a head-scratcher.

And I'm just poking at the fact everyone seems to want their own -verse for their stories. You're definitely not the first, just the one I decided to prod at a bit. It seems like everyone wants to turn a series into a -verse of sorts. I guess I might have to hop on, create a candy-verse. All the ponies are candy. And edible. And I have no idea where I'm going with this.

Pinkie Pie accidentally pops into existence there and wants to be friends with everypony but ends up eating them instead.
The funny part is that Pinkie is crying the whole time and is trying to stop herself but when she isn't looking the candy ponies will try to get her to eat them.
She's eating them and crying at the same time, screaming:
"Oh my gosh I am so sorry but you taste soooooooo gooooooood! Whahahaaaa!!!"
and the candy ponies are like:
"We're fine with that. Here, eat my cousin!"


Three months have passed since both Luna and Celestia disappeared from their existence.

This is awkward because you wouldn't even write "Luna disappeared from her existence." No matter how many things are disappearing, they just "disappeared from existence."

After finally defeating Discord and returning the land back to peace

The land is not really "returned back to peace". Would be better to word it as "returning peace back to the land". It is giving the land peace, not giving the peace land... that really doesn't happen.

the fused alicorn sisters lives alongside her subjects

This is confusing since you use differing pronouns to refer to the same subject. Yes we get Eclipse is a combination of Luna and Celestia, but pick a singular or plural pronoun to describe her, not both. It really makes the sentence hard to read. Changing "lives" to "live" would help.

ensuring that the calm and free feeling stays over Equestria.

This does not seem worded correctly. Maybe something along the lines of "ensuring that Equestria remains blanketed in a calm, free atmosphere."

Do you ever have an idea as to where you're going with anything? :unsuresweetie:

I agree entirely. I kinda got bored of the last fic, it ended up being "beat up all enemies because dramatic convenience". I don't know, just got to repetitive.

Congrats, mate:moustache::moustache::moustache:

One day, I will write again on here, and it will be glorious:derpytongue2:


*Cough Shonen Manga*

Mate, you've made some horrible mistakes in this chapter.

Get an editor.

4071313 It wasn't my intention to come off as rude, but that was how I perceived things. The fic is good, but the mistakes annoy me to no end. :ajbemused:

And so the destruction begins.:pinkiehappy:


I will bet you by the end of the story Cadance and Twilight fuse or something......

Yes! :pinkiehappy: This gonna be good! Can't wait:twilightsmile:

Looking good so far, the story I mean, not the situation for our heroes. Our heroes are looking like they are going to be getting a massive shit storm soon. All I can say to them is good luck....they'll need it.

I look forward to the next chapter.

~ Super-Brony12

I'm in love with this story and its prequel! I can hardly wait for the next chapter to be ready!

twilight jumped back- Twilight
Am I the only who thought it would have been hilarious if Candace's weapon had been a bull whip?:trollestia:

Chapter 2: The wolf's hunt.

As there is no chapter I assume the next words are, "you saw nothing"?

What happened to chapter 2

It's good, I like the music you put into the chapters.

Loved the music for this story! Epic! Now I wonder...if Volvack interrupted, just how strong is HE?:derpyderp1:

I'm loving this story! I've got an adrenaline rush from picturing the fierce battles! :pinkiehappy:

Okay, that's about what I imagined him to look like.

Malgoth is pretty terrifying...

Nice idea and way to shamelessly steal the 'God of War Idea'. :moustache: I would advise you take the time to check that you're using the proper spelling and tense. Other then that good.:scootangel:


Darn, with the music, every phrase gives me chills. a very thrilling story, both this and the older one, can't wait for the next update.

Um if I may say that for a future sequel... have Eclipse fight an evil version of herself if you can?

I look forward to the next chapter :)

Been ages since the last chapter was uploaded... Is there any hope for this story?

5862798 I have a lot of this story planned, the battles and everything... It's just I don't have much time to write

And... Not really into mlp as much anymore

5864703 Well... Is there any way that we can help to fix those problems?

A toothy smile spread across his muzzle. "Time to see who sent you to the grave, little brother."


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