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Discord, the spirit of Chaos was given redemption by Princess Celestia when discovering the magic of friendship. However, his true nature gets the better of him, and once again he uses his power for his own will. The elements of Harmony are protected from him, but there was nothing saying that the element bearers couldn't be eliminated.

Realizing that Discord has no intention of stopping and has rendered the elements useless, Celestia and Luna must face Discord in a final showdown. His powers are too great for them to fight when they are in their current form, but perhaps two alicorns are not needed. Maybe only one.

Inspired by the artwork by dreatos

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Looks good so far. Awaiting more.

What about Lunestia? Great chapter by the way, you gave a well thought out explanation as to how Discord did what he did, you gave him a legitimate reason for doing so, and you provided a reason as to why the princesses should fuse. Hope to see more of this amazing story soon, keep goin and stay golden^^

Eclipse is a good name though I am partial to Saros (the name of the first fused Princess). The fight is well done and for those who wish to see Celesita and Luna wielding weapons:

I look forward to the next chapter

I can only see her name as Eclipse. Your choice depends on how you are planning to treat the fic. Going to do references to Dragon Ball as the cover image? Then maybe Lunaestia or Celuna? If you are going to treat it as a whole new fic, I really would love Eclipse. :raritystarry:

That was great! Can't wait for more!:pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss: :yay: :moustache:

This is an amazing concept. I can't wait to read more :twilightsmile:

Finally! Another fic worth tracking! ....Oh... Oh snap. When Twilight wakes up she'll have a panic attack.

Is Twilight still Eclipse's faithful student? Oh man, the sads are incoming!

Also, I think you should change Eclipse to Eclipsia, or something. Celestia came from celestial, after all.

Okay, points for Celestia and Luna actually getting to do some arse-kicking for a change (huzzah!) Sorta. Heck, it's so rare I'll take what I can get!

I can totally see Discord going back rogue again, and it surprises me this is the first fic I've seen thus far that deals with that. I didn't buy his sudden face-heel turn in Keep Calm in the slightest (not for any length of time, anyway). I reckon he was either realising he was about to go back into the stone again and resigning himself to temporary defeat, or possibly, as a spirit of chaos, he really did make that change and believe that...there and then... But his chaotic (insane) nature means that he's just too mercurial for it to last, and as soon as he's bored... Pretty much this. (Alternatively, I wonder if he might still have been under some lasting effects of his interaction with the elements.)

Did I just read a rendition of the Buu saga done by ponies?

Also great work. Can't wait to see how this plays out.

Damn my good writer you choose good music

Comment posted by Derping Doo deleted Feb 19th, 2013

No Potara earrings?! :raritydespair:

Oh well, fucking awesome! I DEMAND MORE!!

That warm and fuzzy feeling while reading... Absolutely amazing looking forward to more chapters.

Make it happen # 1

Nice, very nice. It's good to see fics where the princesses can actually fight for themselves.

That is a nice... Cover picture. I will read the story later based entirely on that.

2141584 I thought about lunestia, but eclipse does just sound smoother.

2142006 wow, I shoul have made ther weapons epic like that haha

2143435 discord is too epic not to go back being bad

2143773 it's funny, the picture is a Dbz style, yet I use Bleach music because it is hands down the best

2143881 I figured Solaris earrings were more pony style :ajsmug:

2144052 trust me, I always figured the princesses strong. Heck, my naruto crossover, Luna decimates one of the strongest villains from the naruto universe :pinkiecrazy:

Pretty neat concept. I'm looking forward to how everypony reacts to 'Eclipse' after Discord recieves his First Class Smackdown

2144147 Well they are same thing just...named differently...:eeyup:


Then Discord absorbs them.

You should read the story behind the weapons, needless to say Discord would be boned. Now combine the weapons as well... a warhammer/meat cleaver combo... epic..

Awesome. When can we expect the next chapter?

Well, that was unexpected... so far so freaking good, you did a great job with this chapter. :pinkiegasp::rainbowkiss::yay:

Dats awesome please write more :D

I thought it was amazing i can't for more:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile::heart::heart:

2144208>>2144235>>2144379>>2144390 working on it now. Since it is my first story to be featured on the first chapter, I will thank my readers by trying to get the next chapter out by Friday. Kinda a double edge sword, since that will put all my other stories on hold :twilightoops:

2144149 who says discord will go down easy? :ajsmug:

2144988 I DID Bwhahahahahahahaha! :pinkiecrazy:
rofl btw, congrats on the feature, and sorry I didn't see it earlier, you're making your way up the list!

2145286 haha thanks. at first i was like, "Crap, i only got 15 likes and i already got shoved off the front page? this sucks, this is gonna be my least viewed story yet." then all of a sudden, it goes up on top with only 17 likes. :rainbowhuh: haha, ill never understand the feature box, but im lovin it right now :ajsmug: hahaha jk. once again thanks for the advertisement along with the others. i bet that helped alot

That... Was so awesome. :rainbowkiss: That cover art is incredible. Can't to see Eclipse in action. :pinkiehappy:

Liked, Faved, Read Later, Followed. Go on...:pinkiehappy:

A kick ass battle scene, but the lack of back story makes me sad :c I would have liked to see Discord struggle with being "reformed" and finally just snap and then the events of this chapter follow. While it was a kick ass battle scene it's not enough to pull me along for 2 more chapters, there just isn't anything interesting that's keeping me wanting to know the outcome of it all. Good luck with it!

~Have a good one.

2145672 well, it wont be for everyone. Its your own opinion

Man, this shit looks pretty fucking impressive, some fucking shit up right there.

And to make the fight scenes EVEN better, I added my own music a little >:D
These just happened to be on my YouTube-playlist so I went with it.

NOTE: \/ This video is shitty, but the music is good, the maker didn't understand the message of the band obviously \/

Oh DBZ, now you have even followed me here... awesome.

I loved the addition of the Bleach soundtracks. Each one you picked matched its scene perfectly in my honest opinion. Great story! liked and faved, can't wait for the next chapter. :moustache:

2142877 As the person who came up with the name, I disagree. By adding an "ia" at the end, the name would favor Celestia, and that isn't fair to Luna. She is called Eclipse because an eclipse is what happens when the sun and moon cross paths. Therefore, the name works either way, and neither of their names are favored.

I love you.

By the way, is your first language english? If it is not, I love you even more for actually getting editors and pre-readers that can help.

Personally, I think all those different colors on Eclipse's mane were a bit too much. Maybe I'm nitpicking here, but if her mane were only colored like Luna's (royal blue with stars) that would've been simpler for me.

Oh hell yeah, i am reading this one!

2145974 2143773 as a teaser, here is a theme i will be using for the next chapter

2146231 English is my first language, i asked all these authors to help me out to make sure this story could be the best quality i could do. thank you for liking it

2146553 I know, but i figured it would be better since it is a blend of both

2146982 thank you. hope you enjoy the rest

2146072 I know, I thought of that when I was typing it. But Eclipse just seems too generic to me(and maybe slightly masculine)......
It needs more flair...
meh, It's the author's story. I'll enjoy it either way.

2147122 Generic? Something that has any part of their names in it would be generic, like what you suggested. Look at DBZ. All 3 fused characters just combined their names.

Besides, I've never seen a fanfic where they were called Eclipse after fusing.

2146553 Or how about black with gold on the edges or vice versa? Like an eclipse?

I cannot wait my fruend!!:pinkiehappy:

2147142 Sorry, what I meant was it just doesn't sound right to me, and as I've said, It's not my story, and I'll still love it regardless.
(I'm scared for Twilight's fragile emotional state though...)

2147293 Meh, she's in Canterlot figuring out how to jerk off her new wings :rainbowlaugh:

2147300 ERK.... I meant in this story!

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