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Action and darkness. Those are my specialties


This story is a sequel to We Fight as One

Three months have passed since Discord turned against the princesses. Three months have passed since both Luna and Celestia disappeared from existence.

Three months have passed since Princess Eclipse was born.

After finally defeating Discord and bringing peace back to the land, the fused alicorn sisters live alongside her subjects, ensuring that the calm and free feeling stays over Equestria. But no matter how hard one may try, peace will only last for so long.

The great Gods of War have broken free of their prison, and threaten to take back the world which they once ruled. What is their connection with Discord? And will Eclipse be strong enough to fight all of them?

Note: No events of season 4 have occurred in this timeline.

Part 2 of the Eclipseverse

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Trixie has gone through everything in her life.

Fame. Ostracized. Hatred. Suffering. Despair.

Now, she has returned to Ponyville to extract her vengeance on the pony that caused her life to spiral downward. To make that pony feel the same emptiness the she'd been subjected to ever since their last encounter; Twilight Sparkle.

Will Twilight be able to protect her home from a pony who is hell-bent on destruction? A pony who's heart has been so damaged?

co-written by Dainn and TheMyth

While beginning as an alternate take on the episode magic Duel, the story is not a simple retelling. The entire storyline and key plot points have changed.

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Discord, the spirit of Chaos was given redemption by Princess Celestia when discovering the magic of friendship. However, his true nature gets the better of him, and once again he uses his power for his own will. The elements of Harmony are protected from him, but there was nothing saying that the element bearers couldn't be eliminated.

Realizing that Discord has no intention of stopping and has rendered the elements useless, Celestia and Luna must face Discord in a final showdown. His powers are too great for them to fight when they are in their current form, but perhaps two alicorns are not needed. Maybe only one.

Inspired by the artwork by dreatos

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When Braeburn visits Applejack, she and Rainbow Dash decide to take him on a local tour boat to see the crocodiles that reside there. The problem though... They are the ones being watched.

When events turn for the worst, they become trapped on a small island along with the other tourists as a bloodthirsty beast stalks them. The other problem... The tide is rising. Becoming a race against time, the group must somehow get out alive before their island is gone and evade one of the most ruthless predators ever to live.

Based upon the movie 'Rogue'.

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Ever since she burst into flames trying to discover Pinkie Pie's sense, Twilight has had terrible feelings constantly tormenting the back of her mind. Nightmares show visions of her burning everything she has ever loved to the ground, and she is enjoying it. Desperate, she searches for anything that can help clear all of these terrible thoughts. Twilight then discovers that a unicorn whose coat was white and hair writhed in flames tried to destroy Equestria in the past. To her horror, she learns that she is destined to be the reincarnation... and there is nothing she can do about it

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Special thanks to Thardoc for editing this along with several other of my stories.

This was inspired by the amazing story 'Inner Demons' by SapphireLibra3.

Artwork belongs to Tsitra360.

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After suffering defeat and nearly dying at the hands of Goku, Broly barely escapes his dying planet and crash lands on the peaceful world of Equestria. Instead of trying to cope to the new world, however, the insane super Saiyan sees the peaceful ponies as pathetic life forms that should be destroyed. Will Equestria survive against the destructive warrior or wil it suffer the wrath of Broly?

Serves as a replacement to the movie 'Broly: Second Coming'.

Artwork belongs to hattonslayden.

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The criminal organization known as akatsuki have completed their long acomplished goal of capturing the nine tailed beasts, already sealing the first seven. When attemping to seal the final two, however, something goes wrong, and the group is sent off their planet.

Waking up, they discover they have been transformed into colorful horses, yet they still posess there ninja abilities. Now travelling through the land, they begin a quest to find a way to return to their world. They are determined to get back, no matter who or what stands in their way.

This story depicts an alternate universe where the members of the akatsuki were not killed. Continuity and other factors from the origional timeline will be altered
For entertainment purposes.

Alternate Cover art

Special thanks to Thardoc for editing for me

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When Applebloom falls sick, Applejack asks Zecora if she can help. Unfortunately, Zecora needs to go back to her homeland to gather unique ingredients for the cure. Not wanting her to face the danger alone, Applejack insists she comes along. The land of zebras, though, only accept their own kind. So, what do they do?

This is not a sequel to 'Striped Like Me'.

Artwork credited to Alfa995.

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Celestia and Luna rule the palace of Canterlot together quietly, while their assistant Discord always entertains himself with pranking the royalty. But what happens when he has the ultimate idea?

Crossover tag is for later chapters

This story is a simple thing for entertainment. If you're looking for an Equestria daily level fic... Well, this is not one. Just a heads up

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