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Action and darkness. Those are my specialties


When Applebloom falls sick, Applejack asks Zecora if she can help. Unfortunately, Zecora needs to go back to her homeland to gather unique ingredients for the cure. Not wanting her to face the danger alone, Applejack insists she comes along. The land of zebras, though, only accept their own kind. So, what do they do?

This is not a sequel to 'Striped Like Me'.

Artwork credited to Alfa995.

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This sounds pretty interesting, nice cover photo too. Did you or someone else make it for the story?

Going into the ever growing stacks of read laters.
OOH, you were close. You missed it by 6 seconds.

1338150 haha. and about the photo. i found one that looked really cool, and decided to write a story about it.

1338154 Ah, well, look forward to reading it when I have some time (skimming front page atm)

http://www.fimfiction.net/story/5336/Striped-Like-Me Thought this story sounded familiar. Might have been where you found the picture as well.

1338146 Strange... It's the other way around on my end :derpyderp2:

Interesting idea...
Will wait to see where this goes.

1338137 It says that you were six seconds off, not me... This is weird!

1338137 1338154 I've seen the picture before. It's already been used for another story on this site.

As for the story itself... You need a proofreader. Your grammar is terrible, and your rhyming is just as bad.

1338177>>1338199 I had no idea about the other story. I just found this picture and wrote this story yesterday. And about my grammar, i admit it needs alot work. I am looking for an editor to help me with this and my other story i am writing.

1338199 hey, its hard for me to come up with rhymes :twilightangry2:. Im trying at least

1338182 Need a proofreader? Why not Regidar?

1338226 Zecora is not an easy character to write. There's a good reason why Zecora does not appear in any of my stories, and this is it.

1338242 she is involved in my longer story 'the true master of chaos' ,but in here has alot more talking. going to be a little tricky

Why must it come so many stories I want to read?!
I have been behind in my reading even before I started my acc.

Hmm worth a fav, now keep the chaps rolling ^^ My favourite stories have been slow on updates lately


At first I thought your story was a sequal to this: Striped Like Me
But judging from the comments, it might not be.

P.S. The linked story is probably the one people keep mentioning about the picture.

1338702 I know. I looked it up earlier. Guess I should've checked


If you wanna be a real badass, make your story a sequal to Striped Like Me. Cause it would fit together perfectly. SLM already has a way to turn AJ into a Zebra.

this will be good indeed, another chapter is what we need.:twilightblush:

this awesome keep going.

1338891 oh a new comment, who could it be? Ah, it's my friend runner that I see. Haha thanks for your support with both of my stories.

1338868 I don't know, i never read that story. I would have to think about it, and Mabye rewrite my first chapter then


It is your choice ultimately, I was just voicing my opinion on the subject.
I would recommend reading SLM though, just for the sake or reading a good story.

1339079 I will, I want to make sure when I continue, I don't make it too similar

1339041 Lol, I did not mean to reply to that. My computer is weird, it does things like that.

1340178 thank you. Hopefully my other story has an update tomorrow

Needs a little work but is otherwise an interesting story. I noticed you forgot to capitalize Zecora's name once, but otherwise this first chapter was pretty good. I hope for longer chapters after this one, 1k chapters make it hard to get immersed or as invested in a story :applecry:

Applejack is best ... uhh.... Zebra? @_@ OK! :pinkiecrazy:

Oh, also... I POSSESS THE FIRST ~! :heart:

Part of me knew she'd get stuck like that for the rest of her life. I mean its such a cliche element but its so good. :rainbowlaugh:




Watching me...

Also... This was quite a short chapter, don't you think?

My readers would murder me if I released this short of a chapter, especially after going on a no story vacation!

1353819 it is short and I apologize. But I didn't take a vacation. I am also working on another story

Good thing cames from bad decisions. That is the apple remedie.

1353871 True. But it's alright!

AppleJack+Zebra= HILARITY

Another awesome chapter chaos. Not that I expected any difforent.

I think this might make a better Cover Art image. So people don't get confused and mix this up for a sequel to Striped Like Me.


I would like to see longer chapters however, maybe expand these current two, they just feel so short and there's not as much detail as I would like.

1355112 I know. I was in a rush before work and when I saw the length I just went "screw it, posting" haha. I will try to make them better written next time.

Where did you find that pic? Looks cool

1355202 deviantart, there's a whole Zebra mane 6 series. Just type in Zebra Applejack, should turn up pretty quickly.

Edit, it's the first result in Google images, here's a link to the page too Link

Once again you don't disapoint. Saying this is awesome be my point.

And now some music to probobly set the mood for the coming adventure

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