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do you do proofreading?

1136658 Well, I read it ages ago, and followed you when I did. Just now I was just cleaning up on my read-later list and removed everything.

Whenever I removed something, I'd also unfollow the author. This allows me to re-explore the site. Sorta.

I was on your page when this happened and remembered your fic. Decided to fav it while I was there.

Thanks for the fave of Telling Tales, I'm glad you liked it!

1125866 Well I have been told I am best moon.

1125857 Not really. I just saw a comment by a dude named europa and then I saw his profile picture was the moon europa. How could I NOT follow that person?

Also, saw your fic. I added it to the read-later list, but I'm not going to read it any time soon. The list is at about 2500 because reasons.

Wait, the only fics I'm currently reading are the ones I'm proofreading! :pinkiegasp:

So yeah. I won't be reading your fic until sometime next year, or the following unless I become a proofreader. :unsuresweetie:

  • Viewing 48 - 52 of 52
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