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To Clear a misconception about Ch:32 · 2:08pm Dec 2nd, 2014

So I've been reading the comments about chapter 32 and I can conclude that their is a misunderstanding about how things went down between Isaiah and Cadance. People believe that Cadance raped Isaiah; while I can see how it looks that way, she actually didn't. I don't know if I wrote it properly (probably didn't, sorry), but Isaiah did sorta gave consent; not verbally but physically. If he really did have a problem, could've done something along the lines of struggling. As you've read, he just

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Who I really am

I'm a seventeen year old man who enjoys MLP and writing. I am a proud texan living in the north central region of the Lone Star State. I'm still in school, but once my schooling ends; I'm not sure if I want to attend collage or not.

I probably wont...

I'm not going to be descriptive about my appearance, I'll just give you key-words; athletic build, slightly above average hight, healthy. That's all I can say.

A little about me...

I'm just a humble human being male who has an interest in MLP;FIM and writing.

Why I write...
I write to entertain others with my imagination and creativity. I always find enjoyment when I tell/write a story or two to friends.

What place I think I am in this fandom...
When it comes to the show, I'm more calm and innocent. But when it comes to the fandom, I'm at a more mature level. I'm not that kind of "guy" who buys all of the MLP merchandise, goes around talking about it IRL, wears MLP clothing, buys those creepy pillow things, partakes in group meets, and buys "those" kind of toys. I see myself as the guy who likes the show and finds that "kink" in the more mature level of the fandom.

What I think of the fandom
I think that the fandom has become something it really shouldn't. Bronies are now frowned upon in today's society because everyone associates bronies as those creepers who really like ponies. Now, I'm not saying that I hate bronies, (because I am a brony) I just dislike the more stereotypical, recognizable ones that you see in public. I believe that the fandom isn't what it used to be...

How and when I became a Brony...
I first heard/saw MLP on deviantArt. I became interested when I saw all of the amazing art that was produced by the talented artists who were bronies. When my curiosity finally peaked, I watched a episode from season two. I can't remember which episode it was, but it didn't really "call out" to me. But after a few more episodes; I became hooked.

What I think of the show
I think that the show is pretty good in all honesty. I like a good amount of the episodes, but there are some that just don't interest me, so I end up just stop watching the episode and wait for the next one to come out. Like many Bronies, I enjoy the characters in the show. The makers of MLP made the mane six really interesting characters. Appearance, emotions, feelings, intelligence, and many other qualities of the mane 6 always surprise me every time I watch the show.

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Oh yeah and by the way peach just cause some one is a BRONY doesn't mean they aren't interested on normal male things, I've had sex, I currently do MMA, I've been trained as a marine, and I enjoy playing halo, COD, BTF, and I keep up with all war based things so shut your fucking prick mouth

Excuse my language but demonic peach you are a ignorant stupid shit stain fuck hole who judges why things are thought because your to much of a dumbass to know any better, maybe you don't know which I suppose you don't but the MLP franchise was originally for girls, then Lauren Faust took it to a either gender based area. The reason people think all bronies have to be gay is because the show on the 90-06 were meant for girls until that was changed so do some research before you go out making assumption you disrespectful ignorant, fucking cunt

I'm glad that you share the same opinion as me. I can't stand seeing the stereotypical brony out in public while they're wearing their MLP merchandise.

While I have seen the show unlike you, I've have yet to watch seasons 4 and 5; and I don't really plan on it. If I'm really curious about something, I just go to the MLP wiki and read the summery/plot instead of watching.

I agree with you on how the ridiculous bronies who just don't give any fucks about society's opinion of them and do wierd MLP related shit have made society think of bronies as a whole as faggots who like little girls' shows. :pinkiesick:

I don't even watch the show, nor do I think I ever will. I am a Brony who only reads fics, because the authors can take interesting characters like those in MLP and make them do shit that people my age and above are interested in. Things like swearing, using weapons, wars, smex (giggity :pinkiecrazy:), shit like that.

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