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If a tire was on fire during a blizzard, would you stay close to it and keep warm, or run from the awful smell?


Accidents happen. Ponies die. And Pinkie happens to be the most unlucky pony in the world.
But it turns out Pinkie has the greatest sense of deja vu as well, and that makes it really easy to complete a quest to save the world.

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Well then.
This happened.
Yep, I'll continue reading it. I haven't really read a good respawing fic since Hard Reset over a year ago. I'm really curious to see what exactly Discord did.

dragonquiz, or whatever he was called

dra-cone-on-a-quest or whatever. \

:raritywink: Nice touch.
Only thing I have to wonder is, how could a door flying in Pinkie's face kill her? Twi was shown to have a freaking piano fall on top of her and she was okay after not long.

I'm infinitely curious as to how this ties in to the title and summary, but I'm liking it so far!:pinkiehappy:


Twi was shown to have a freaking piano fall on top of her

Maybe pegasi pianos are lighter than normal pianos.

Thou seemest legitimate.

:pinkiegasp: Wow! Did Discord take away her Pinkie sense? Anyway, I want to see where this goes!

1. When's the Mane-iac showing up?
2.When's the Mane-iac showing up?
and 3. When's the Mane-iac showing up?
also keep it up i'm liking it so far.:pinkiehappy:

5029585 She'll show up when I actually remember to write the story because I'm stupid.
(Also, I have chapter 2 ready, it just needs to be preread because NONE OF MY PREREADERS READ ANYTHING ANYMORE.)

Whaaaaaat! :pinkiegasp:


Then she turned slightly to the right, and saw a small home. It was amazing that it was lasting this long-

Yeah, that's awfully lucky--

The house collapsed entirely, planks and furniture flying everywhere.

:twilightoops: Welp! Spoke too soon! :rainbowlaugh: Nice story, can't wait t see what happens!

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