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"You think you know me..."


Upon arriving home from a trip, Twilight is shocked to find her teenaged little brother Spike kissing Rumble, a male pegasus. Spike has no choice but tell Twilight a secret that she herself never saw coming.

He's gay.

Thanks to Kill Joy for the cover

And Goombasa for the dramatic reading.

Chapters (2)
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Edit: Not gonna say anything else for fear of offending someone

Okay, this was gay. There I said it no one else has to. Now to read the story.

Edit: Called it! Still good story. Gotta love that the main conflict was Twi being herself...

Hey cool! You released it!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Errr. I liked it:moustache:

I really liked the story...

But I fucking loved the author's note. If God is love, then how can love be sin?

I could actually see a possible continuation.

Exactly what I expected. Some heavy issues discussed here. Glad you released this.

3909024 Not really, Either she magically fixes it or it gets slogged down as she works to fix it. As it stands its a simple message, that works.

3909058 What about how the rest of Twilight's friends would react as well as the community in general?

3909069 Honestly I think it could ruin Ponyville and thus the story. Twi reacts like we expect her to react. Having more ponies gives more reason for fans to cry OOC. It would bog down the message.

This I have to read to believe:pinkiecrazy:

The moment I had the notification pop up I read the title and knew that it was talking about this, my skills at assumption are... :trixieshiftleft: ... moderate :trixieshiftright: and not better than the Great and Powerful Trixie's guessing power

I guess it just depends on the person, but even gay jokes don't offend me. 3908903

This was a very neat story, being a gay I do appreciate it! Especially the authors notes, awesome :rainbowkiss:

Boy, do I feel gay after reading this story. Not only was it gay, but it made me appreciate gay people.

Woo! Three different meanings in one sentence. Who can top that? :rainbowwild:

It was lovely, would of liked to see more but it wont kill if I cannot

No mortal picture can contain the feels this story has given me, :fluttercry: but I think a crying Fluttershy might suffice... :fluttercry:

3909014 Ok... Time for a Christian pov.

If I remember right, according to the bible, GOD made man and women to be together. They were designed to work together basically.

I'm catholic. But I also believe that love is the emotion that separates us all from the animals and in god's image. It maybe a different kind of love then we are use too, but I have seen gays love each other no different from straights. Man and Woman can only procreate it's true, but love needs no gender.

This was really good for a Spike fic. I loathe Spike, so that's saying a lot. It's refreshing to read something with him other than the shitty harem fics that get featured all the time, and even more so to see him and his relationship to Twilight used to full effect.

As a gay that has yet to come out to most of the people I know (the only people that know are my bi friends) this pushed a lot of buttons with me. This felt good, bad, and indifferent all at once. I feel good that spike was brave enough to tell Twilight the truth. Bad because rumble has had an experience that is close to home for me (one of my bi friends was kicked out of his house because of being bi). And indifferent because while this ends happy(ish) there are still people out there that have to struggle with this on a daily basis, and I hope that everyone can get the strength to tell someone that will listen.

Good story, not often that Spike gets good development from the fandom.

Edit: Also, I could easily see this expanding into something more. Are you considering doing anything else with it?

Oh boy, gaynst!

The story is reasonable enough, but the real problem is that it is... well, not really a pony story. It doesn't really fit into their world. In our world, we see... well, a lot of nastiness. But pretty much all the anti-homosexuality stuff comes from religion, something which, if they have it in Equestria, does not really closely resemble our own.

So it really just feels like a weird excuse to stick a bunch of stuff into Equestria to... talk about it I guess for no good reason? It all seems very silly. Nothing wrong with a smattering of homophobia or gaynst, but it doesn't really feel like a pony story.


Spike's not gay.
He's European.


I'm Roman Catholic as well. However, I've always had an issue with the church's views on homosexuality. The church's stance on both marriage and sex as acts primarily for the purpose of procreation is obsolete and unrealistic, stemming from a period where procreation was important because high rates of child-mortality made child-bearing an important focus of families simply for the purpose of preserving the population, before modern medicine kinda made that issue a thing of the past (that's my theory anyway).

The key thing is to remember that, for all our belief in both God and Jesus, the Catholic church, just like any other, remains a very human institution and everyone in it, from the pope on down, is a human being. As such, while God may be perfect and infallible, the church is not. The same goes for the Bible.

As the old joke goes, if homosexuals are evil, then why is God still making them? :trollestia:

Wow, um.... Well I have to admit, it's rare to see Twilight caught off guard like this. :twilightoops:

Also, out of the 6 , I can tell you that Pinkie knows. :pinkiehappy:

This was an eye opener... I mean just WOW.

Yet, thanks for mentioning Rarity in this as it does explain some things.

Okay this took some guts to write. I really like it. Emotions kind of stirred with this one. My brother recently came out and it was a bit of a surprise. Most of me knew but part of me was thrown for a loop. He spent all of High School putting on a facade that he was straight because he was confused. He started college this year, believe it or not at a private catholic college, and became more comfortable with who he was. The amount support his friends and teammates have given him is inspiring. He's had to deal with some crap, mostly with his former roommate, but he's 6' 4" and 185 pounds of pure muscle so we aren't worried about him. I think if he was an MLP fan he'd really like this.

I would love to see a sequel where Twilight hunts down and destroys these 'camps' with extreme prejudice. Preferably with lots of fire.

I gotta say, religious intolerance of homosexuality made me really opposed to all forms of religion, but it's good to see a Christian like you. Maybe if all Christian people were more like you, we would have a better world.

Incidentally, nice story.


Not really. I have nothing on my mind at the moment.

There are more people like me then you might think

3909524 I dunno, the gender ratio in Equestria could be a reason for it to exist.


Truth be told, most Christians and other religious people are supportive or somewhat indifferent to anyone being homosexual. It just so happens that the most ignorant and un-accepting people in these groups tend to be the loudest. It's that way for most issues of ignorance.

Not too different from how I expected it to go. Which was something like this:

"Spike, I'm ho- whoa, sorry for interrupting! Hi Rumble, long time no see. Well, you two have fun."

Mood is killed, Rumble leaves.

"So, Spike. You're bi huh? I had no clue."

"Er, gay actually"

"What about Rarity?"

"I was faking it."

"Ah, I see. So.... pizza?"



Yes, I actually did envision pizza at the end. I'm craving it really bad right now. Made me chuckle when I saw it in the story.

Honestly, it's easier to just accept that it happens, and move on. Saves time, effort, and friendships.

Very sweet ending! I love the conversation between Twilight and Spike and how you related actual events like conversion therapy and the disowning of LGBT youth within the MLP universe. Great short fic! :twilightsmile:

(if you want, feel free to submit this to the LGBT group also.)

I'm not part of the group so I can't really send it to them. But I see you are so you can go ahead

Comment posted by Lady Froey deleted Oct 1st, 2014

Very nice! This was a good story, and it made very good use of Spike and Rumble. I think this shall be my new headcanon for Rumble and Thunderlane from here on out.

Hopefully this story gets featured!

If you take away the mature box, it is


Aaah, I didn't realize that.


Comment posted by Roudee deleted Feb 8th, 2014

Here's how it went:
Twilight.exe has stopped responding. Shock again to reboot.
:moustache:: I've been this way for like 3 years, scared of the gay camps. **describes camps**
:twilightoops:: Have you two...?
:twilightblush:: How about pizza?
:moustache:: Myesh. Pizza. With extra cheese and some gems to go with.

Compromise accepted.
I love this story so friggin much. You, writer, are my favorite person right now.


Yeah, because all there is to love is two people living in the same home. :ajbemused:

And harming society? Says the guy posting on a fan fiction website for a little girl's cartoon. :rainbowlaugh:

Maybe society should change to be more tolerant of human diversity, rather than forcing conformity. You're not conforming yourself, so why would you say others should?

Oh, and homosexuality has been around since the dawn of man, and civilization has progressed and will continue to progress just fine.

I feel sorry for you.

This was an extremely touching story, and one that was written very well. No matter what you believe about homosexuality, no matter if you believe it to be wrong, our focus must be on the people, not what they are, or how they identify themselves. If we could just put aside what we believe to be right and wrong, I think this world could be a much more loving place.

I loved it! Not enough gay Spike shipfics. Really would love to see this continued, if you're up for it.


Domestic Violence and Crimes-of-Passion increase among homosexuals.

Ask the Police.

Ask the FBI.

Ask the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs.

Ask the tracking done of people with Gender-Identity-Disorders as they grow more and more violent the longer a duration they go without therapy.

More importantly, the cell-lining of the rectal cavity was never intended for that purpose, it's lining is only one-cell thick and is perhaps more easily torn than latex; the same latex that goes into condoms, the same latex that doesn't block viral transmission. (That is, the same latex that cannot block the germs that carry STD's).

Is it unhealthy, it cannot be healthy, it spreads in a variety of ways that are a danger to those around them. (Bisexuality, or most commonly; feces in a world that puts a low priority on washing hands).

Even the APA, despite removing homosexuality from their disorder, still has a definition of "mental illness" that suits the physical conditions that homosexuality involves. (Repeated reckless behaviour with risk of great physical harm).

So yes, homosexuality is a choice, people can very well exercise their freedom to do whatever they want with their bodies.

It doesn't make it a smart choice.

Oh right: Spike being gay? What? What about Rarity? Rarity. End Sentence.

3911201 Everything you just said is bullshit.Just saying.
Edit:Also gotta love your crazy ass obssesion,you keep talking how bad the male homosexuality is yet you search for these kind of stories without even reading them in order to type your made up "facts".



If God made us in his own image, and we can be gay, and he loves all his children; then why should you hate homosexuals? For they are merely the part of God which is powerful, the ability to love men as you might do, women. There's nothing wrong with this.

3909295 huh... 12 dislikes... Well, saw that one coming.

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