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It is the day of Nightmare Night. Everypony is busy with something to make sure the festival is going to be a success. Everypony except Twilight. Her job—crafting fireworks and keeping them at a safe place—was completed days ago. Unfortunately, she exaggerated the “safe” part a bit, as she lost her only way to get to them.

Will she get the fireworks in time for the festival? Well, that depends on your choices!

This is an interactive, “Choose Your Own Adventure!”-like story, where you get to decide what Twilight does next! (Further details are in Chapter 1.)

Editors and Amazing Help:
Abcron (primary editor)
Aragon (in-depth pre-reading)
thesecret1 (private lessons)
Section (post-release editing)
Kaidan (additional assistance)

Note about the tags:
This story is, in theory, a Slice of Life. However, for you it is an Adventure. But as there isn't any tag that would come closer to “interactive story”, I had to pick this. A pre-reader I asked confirmed it was fine for this case.
Just so you won't get confused.

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Well, it seems I've gotten the 'bad ending'. Oh well, time to start over, completely forgetting the previous choices I've made! [This is fun, BTW!!]

Damn, this is twice. Oh well, back to start...

FUCK! THREE TIMES!! I am getting the "good ending" if it kills me!
Let's go again!

Fourth time is a charm.

5th time's the charm! Let's do it!

Woo!!! I made it to the end! ... and I have no idea what path I just took, attempt two will probably be just as long:facehoof:

3425911 Well I think I found every path before I reached the end (though I admit it was partially intentional- but not wholly)

Checking in once.
Keep the bed warm. I'll likely be back soon.

I did not see that coming, :rainbowderp:
you tricky bastard.:rainbowwild:

You gotta be fuckin' kidding me! FIVE TIMES!
Six is success. Again!

This is the fifth time.:raritydespair:
Oh well, go into my sixth try then.:pinkiehappy:

A true nightmare I owe alot of bits:raritydespair:.......help me

Option three: Kill the bloody squirrel! :flutterrage:


Lucky seven, don't fail me now!

Comment posted by Leonzilla deleted Oct 31st, 2013

Seven times. It feels like I'm destined to fail.
One more go (for now, anyway).

Finally, I have reached the end, and what a ride it was! I would like to see more stories like this! They're frustrating, but fun! Now, I sleep.

Every f***ing wrong choice!
I better go and fetch my helmet, since I apparently have the worst luck ever today.


3425497>>3425674>>3425732>>3425911>>3426081>>3426172>>3426173>>3426261>>3426300>>3426359 It's okay guys, you'll get there eventually. ( T_T)\(^-^ )

“I’m looking for a certain key. Big, golden. You haven’t seen anything like that, have you?”

I thought it was dimond! :pinkiegasp:

Yay:yay: in the seventh try.
Well this was quite well done for just 42 chapters, the last story I read of this format had 250 chapter and took me literally weeks to reach the ending .:twilightblush:(mostly because one of the rules of the game was to loyally start over and read everything again as you track your steeps.
It was a true work of genius. This story, THIS STORY was nothing in comparison. :coolphoto:

Final count read 33/42 chapters :twilightoops:

After 8 tries, I got the answer. I am just here to see what would have been. :twilightsmile:

Oh wow, I didn't notice I kept that in. Thanks for pointing it out!

My only suggestion is:
you could have made more dead ends and use other chapters instead of repeating the option of chapter 35 and 16 together so many times. (Even a blind bat would figure them out eventually.):twilightoops:
Also chapter 25 was inconsistent with both time frame and events.

Other than that it was awesome.


Bolting away, she left a completely speechless Spike behind. He took out a quill and parchment, and wrote down what we was told, then sent it off. “Doesn’t she remember the last time Celestia threatened with ‘consequences’?”


27/42! :twilightsmile:
A fun read, Good Sir! I kind of want to go back and find out why so many ponies were acting so strange, :rainbowhuh:

Second time in less than ten seconds flat!
Goddamit :ajbemused:
Anyways, it's not like I want to go out in my second hunt of candys :fluttercry:
One, two, three...squirrel? Do you hear me?
Trixie's fault :trixieshiftright:

Brilliantly executed, good sir or madam!

I think I read all the chapters... :ajsleepy:

And only after one hour and using time-travel spells four or five times! :pinkiehappy:

There's only one way to do this, but I swear it's because Twilight isn't thinking properly.

Missed seven chapters, now I'm sad that I didn't see everything.

YES! Finally!

I read through every last chapter except for the last one... And visited Chapter 28 about five or six times.

3426624 Did you ever think that we read every chapter and went here to see if we missed anything?

Of course I did. In fact, that's what I'm hoping people will do, as it'd be a shame to let work go to waste people won't bother checking out.

That gold thing was just a leftover from an early draft.

Could you please make another interactive story with more endings? :fluttershysad: I'll love you forever if you do! I understand if it's too much trouble, I tried to write one and I ended up with three words before rage quitting. You sir, are talented. (Assuming you are male, I don't know) :rainbowderp:

That was pretty fun! ^_^ Weird :rainbowderp:, but fun :3

Nothing to do right now. Random comment reply time!

As I've said on the final chapter, this was more of an experiment if anything. Writing a full-sized 400 chapter story just wouldn't have been worth it.

I suddenly want to try weird food. Like, hazelnuts with Chines sweet and sour sauce...

There's nothing stopping you!

You "think" you read all chapters?

As I said, there's nothing stopping you from checking out the rest.

I have a few ideas for more, but those will have to wait. For this story I had the advantage of having another book I could use as reference guide. Future once would need 100% planning and execution on my part, so that will probably take more time to plan ahead. (And yes, I'm pretty male.)

Why was it weird? I'm not accusing you, but I would like to know why you found it weird, just so I can know better for my next story. I'm still learning.

Reusing chapters was inevitable. Otherwise this story would be twice as big and would've taken forever to release. Also, since Chapter 28 is reused so many times anyway, I didn't think reusing some other chapters leading there would do much harm.

And what is that about Chapter 25? I read through it myself once more just now as you mentioned it, but I can't see what's wrong.

Oh nothing bad, I was just referring to the off the wall results of most of the alternate branches. :3

yea I know that message about my experience with a longer story was addressed to your readers whom I imagine might never have read this type of story.

I really enjoyed this story.

The reuse of chapters was actually in my opinion a cleaver move it made the whole work more dense and warped, is just that when you make those two last choices sound exactly the same as the other chapters the readers realizes quicker that they should that the chapter was a dead end. Is just something that you could have done to make the game a little more challenging and besides the dead chapters could have being as short as 25 words; if the reader knew that it was over as soon as they read the first line, there is no need to overwork yourself.:twilightblush:

The thing with chapter 25 (that it's not really a big deal but it is unique of that chapter) Is that if the events would have taken its predicted course of actions without twilight involvement; Rarity would have given the key to Applejack, not Sweetie Bell and Scootaloo. Or vice-versa depending on who arrived first. If Applejack had needed a loan and could find twilight she would have just asked Rarity without wasting time. With the trail of event that you have made Twilight should arrive to chapter 22 after 25 showing that by chapter 22 Rarity still had the key. That's why chapter 25 is out of place If Rarity had already given the key to the crusaders she couldn't have lend the key to Applejack.
make sense?:duck:


stories like this can frustrate me but this was worth while.

This story is interesting, and your dialogue is very good. :twilightsmile:

Now let's see if I can find those fireworks. :twilightsheepish:



Dust bunny? :unsuresweetie:

Hm... I think I came pretty close on the first attempt. Partially luck, partially common sense, partially luck in not choosing common sense.

I have to say, though, I do quite enjoy your writing. :raritywink:

25/42 Yay. :pinkiesmile:

This story was really well done and didn't suck at all. I remember that LTB, too. Good times...
And I'm sure it was your achievement at least as much as the work of those guys. Funny enough, I know two of those six guys, and even wrote a chapter for Eternal Infernape (as contest prize). That just goes to show how much they work to help other aspiring authors.

You mean "picking up", not "pinking up".

I think this is my fifth time reaching this chapter. Or is it six? I'm not sure, but on thing I do know is... this is me right now: :pinkiecrazy:

10 seconds to get back here? Why?!?

The only thing bugging me about this chapter is that it's apparently forbidden to wear costumes in Equestria as long as it's not the evening of Nightmare Night.

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