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Princess Celestia and Queen Chrysalis stumble upon each other… in what is probably the most awkward place to stumble upon your arch nemesis.

(Warning: May contain questionable humor.)

Edited by Abcron.
Additional help by Aragon, Octavia Harmony, and Kaidan.

Published on my one-year anniversary on FIMFiction!

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In the end, it doesn't even matter.

Well... Tongues are sorta like sponges? And we've all seen what Mr. Cake did to change that diaper...

I wish I knew where this ended.

What a shitty story:derpyderp2:

Dude, that's some funny shit.

Now that's something incredibly rare , you made me laugh.
I usually tend to avoid stories with the random/comedy tag because I kind of dislike utter absurdity , finding it boring and overused (thus , not funny)...
But this... I don't know , it's like some kind of classy absurdity... in a sewer. Like randomness with reason or a shit made of gold.
I do admit that I have a strange sense of humour , but some part kind of remind me of the theater of the absurd. And that's a good thing.

Note to self : Place something at the end of Canterlot sewer to collect Celestia's "wastes".

Well, um, other than giving me something to do for a few minutes, I'm not really sure what I was supposed to get out of this story.

I can see that you're trying, but I guess fecal jokes don't work on me? I learn something new every day.

Um...I'm not sure what I just read.

They like talking shit don't they? :rainbowlaugh:


Shit is always good.

I'm reminded of Dave Chappelle for some reason.

I, personally, thought it was golden.

Frankly, I thought they'd meet down the pub, or in a brothel, or at the women's institute or somewhere equally distasteful. But this..... This puts all such ideas to shame. Whatever it is that your handler feeds you on to make you produce things like this, apply for double rations. :pinkiehappy:

Shit happened.:rainbowlaugh:

The full story is in the lower half of this blog post.

Darn it, I was hoping the place would have been something like the strip club. Tia goes and finds chrysy dancing there. Tia debates whether to either tip her, join her, to engage in a life or death duel.

My goodness, such potty humor!

“You eat gold?”

I must say, that is one of the more interesting headcanons about Celestia I've heard

Damn it I was gonna say that!

“Some cleaners had no tools beside their own body!”
“Ah, good to know I couldn’t have helped anyway then. Our bodies can’t pick up liquids.”
“Some used their tongues!”

You could probably rephrase that to make it a better joke. Phrase it in such a way that the reader might assume it was unicorns using their magic to do the cleanup, and the punchline is that it was earth ponies...they don't have magic.

Huh, I'm actually surprised I didn't think of that. But eh, I don't like doing anything apart from fixing typos after I've released a story, so I'll keep it as it is.

I don't know what the fuck. I just know i like it. :rainbowwild:

i dont even... sigh lets hope nothing random happens in the next 100 hours

That's a very specific number...

All these puns are utter crap.

No, they are puns utterly about crap.

4362091 no a spefik number is 28 hours 38 mins and 11 secs yep

Well, that was a load of crap.

/)(o.o)/) Nopenopenopenopenopenope! *flee*

4364331 I'm surprised that one didn't get any upvotes...

Also, is gold used as a euphemism for something else? Because I honestly don't know what it COULD be a euphemism for in this particular context. And I don't WANT to know, frankly.

No, I just needed an indigestible food that Celestia could possibly eat, and a friend suggested gold.


I'm just going to walk away now....

My brain hurts... please stop making it hurt... you made Dash and Pinkie sick! :rainbowwild: :pinkiesick:

Well, Maud Pie could probably eat gold. After all, gold is found in rocks :pinkiegasp:

That said, I almost expect that Celestia continues eating gold simply because it's the one habit of hers that noble ponies won't attempt to copy and make into a fashion trend. No more of those fancy powdered wigs :trollestia:

I think my brain just exploded. That was hilarious.


“A place for peepee and caca to be cleared up is not something you make riddles of!”

I laughed for almost a minute when I read this sentence XD :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

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