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Did you really need to do the bit with the cervix?

Still, a very well done and hot tale.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I have not read a clopfic this good in a long time. Bravo, bravo, bravo.

Wow. That was some damn hot anthro clop!

Added to Read Later list on the basis of super-hot cover art.

Bulges... bulges everywhere...

>Sees bodacious cover pic.

Please tell me the tits aren't just for show.

Won't be surprised if this gets Featured. Nice job.

3497441 don't downvote skeeter. Listen to skeeter! Cervixes are bad places for dicks to be!


At least someone listens. Thanks!

~Skeeter The Lurker

3497712 I don't like hearing about people slamming their dicks into unyielding surfaces. It's just not a happy thing to read.


Wombs are meant to be fucked.

3497751 ... You're nuts.

Apparently you did not put the source for the coverart.
Well here it is :rainbowwild:

I usually ignore fics with Fancy Pants. But, this fic sounded interesting.

Clop doesn't usually catch my eye, but this caught and maintained my interest throughout. Well done sir, for appealing to the dark side; I've always had a soft spot of villains-beating-heroes scenarios, whether sexual or not.

Silly Skeeter.
Cervixes are for k-!

.........meh. As a rape fic this should probably be labeled as such, I wouldn't have read if I knew what this was actually about.:ajbemused:

3500179 It's not so much rape as it is reluctance, honestly. :raritywink:


Sex without consent, even if enjoyed, is still technically rape.
That should have been the warning, not Anthro... Which this story already has a tag for!

3497751>>3497712>>3497706 From an anatomical standpoint, no, but it made the fic all the more hotter, and in pornography, that shit's valuable. So Skeetsuckers can shut the fuck up now. :scootangel:



~Skeeter The Lurker



What the buck? :rainbowhuh:


That what I wanna know.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I'm curious as to why Fleur refers to Fancy as 'Master' early on...

3500179 to be fair, I could tell what it was the instant I read the description, but it is certainly a trigger warning and should be notified as such. Shame that the mods are so busy right now trying to get funds back that they can't make a little trigger warning box for clopfics. That'd be kinda cool. :twistnerd:

Yeah!! Fuck that womb! :raritycry:

Ah Rarity, you whore. And that's why we love ya!

You have such a sick mind.:pinkiesick:


Looks like I know what to call your obsessed fans... maybe:trixieshiftleft:

:raritystarry: This is the BEST story i have ever read


That is very flattering to hear <3

3518016 I Probably should of went into detail about why i loved this story from start to finish, So first off, your beginning was top notch, you could figure out what Fleur and Fancy's personality was like without you ever having to explain them. Secondly, Your detail is quite possibly the greatest out of every writer i have read stories from. (almost 2 years worth of reading, not just fim) You went into the just the right amount of details about the setting and tone, i cant stand when people go overboard, or don't put enough, so i applaud you there. Lastly, you ending couldn't of been ANY better! It made you WANT to know what was happening next, So, without being said, whether or not you are making a sequel is fine by me, but im sure as HECK am not going to complain if there will be. You Gained A New Follower. :raritywink:

im curious, why is this in EQ:D Rejects 'Finally Accepted' folder? I highly doubt it ever actually was. as EQ:D doesn't feature sex...

Oh my fucking god yes! Thank you for writing this, I hope there will be more like this in the future.

except for that cervix part, this was rather well done and hot
i'd love a sequel with pregger rarity :heart:

This is an amazing thing

From what I understand, radience has illusory powers, like kyoka suigetsu so what they thought was her was nothing more than air. So, while while they were busy with that, they were really bound in their own ropes, in their own illusionary world
In the words of nico robin: they do such terrible things

Could you either do a sequal where radiance gets captured agien, or another story with another main six member against her male foe.

3518016 Hope to see more like this with the other main six, or a sequel.

3518016 Is a sequel coming or are doing a new story with another mane six member?

Will we ever see any of the other Power Ponies be dominated?

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