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-Sees the image, remembers the other images from that small story saved in folder. Immediately proceeds to read.-

I think I love you. :rainbowkiss:

I need image sauce (source)!

Edit: This was great, love the build up in the beginning. And the clop was goooooood (As always), good use of the dialogue form the comic to, and the ending was cute. Great job. :twilightsmile:

Broken bb code, boring vocabulary, the whole thing feels stilted...

On the bright side, the OC has at least a little bit of characterization. Still a bit of a self-insert, but not as bad as it could have been...

I liked it. A few typos, Derpy's unique way of speaking notwithstanding, but not enough to ruin it.


Can you be more specify? By 'typos', did you mean the way how Derpy talks?

*sighs sadly* If only I had such a loving and protective stallion to love and adore my cute sweetness :fluttercry: *droops my wings* but it was still a wonderful story, once it got to the six months later part.

By "Derpy's unique way of speaking notwithstanding," I meant that I wasn't referring to anything Derpy said or thought. I just mean one or two minor mistakes. The specific one I can remember:
"I-" Fire Spice stopped. "..." he sighed as he looked away. "...Things haven't been swell for him since I broke up with...Rose..."

Probably should be "Things haven't been swell for me since I broke up with...Rose..."

Like I said, just a couple minor mistakes. It's still a very enjoyable story.


I was actually watching the movie "I am Sam" and thought, "Hey, Derpy would make a good mom no?" At least the lesson of the movie was that you did not need to be 'smart' to be a good parent.


Ok thank you~ I just like specific details~

2693765 W-what does that have to do with what I said :fluttershyouch:


"It was still a wonderful story, once it got to the six months later part."

I am happy that you liked that part because I was really hoping that everyone would like it. :twilightsmile:

2693802 Do you want to read chapter 1 of my book ^^ The book is called Sveya Begins the End ^//////^


Only if you promise to not be dramatic...

2693836 What is dis dramtic you speak of? :derpytongue2:

Comment posted by LilyCosmix deleted Jun 8th, 2013

2693836 Where did you go?:fluttershysad:

I hate to tell you, but almost 1/3 of your story is in bold.


Thank you for pointing that out! I am surprise that no one else did.

I really enjoyed it! I noticed a few grammatical errors, usually the exclusion of commas in certain sentences but, other than that, it was a really good story!

2693449 link to said story?

Tis a small comic that I'm referring to.

2695860 Can I have the link to the comic then. :facehoof:


We would have to kill you if we did...

2696091 Hmmmmmm..... possible pony porn comic and death? or Forever wondering..... I'll take the first one!


Well it's not just that; we can't just SHARE the story on a site like this...

2696118 I thought it was a comic :derpyderp1:

2696121 comics ARE story telling...well this one was like around 8 pages of hot images.

2696127 Hmmmm are they on fire? If so you might want to send them to me so I can put them out.

Something tells me there is a lot more to that picture than you have shown here. Would it hurt to share the source?

Wasn't this story a comic?
Well.. At least it was a tastful one unlike anthropomorphic equestria untamed comics. Those are just disturbing.
I never thought that the " next level of friendship" would be to have the mane six to have an orgy with the princesses.
God help us.

Comment posted by Kitchcubes deleted Jun 9th, 2013

Alright all of you are that curious. I did take that expression of Derpy from an actual comic.

I'll post them up in a new chapter.

However, no real story was into it and thus, I gave my own real sweet story.

Put human in your tags...:facehoof:

Hmm... Rather interesting. Derpy was portrait rather cute, her slurred speach and innocent personality really made this the kicker for me. I found that while Derpy remained rather innocent some of that was broken away when she performed like she did. The depravity from her enjoying what she thought to be a bad thing. GOD!! That was great!
Anywho, tell me why exactly did Rose not what to be with Honey Spice? They seemed perfect for each other, yet she still broke up with him why?

Wow...i have to say, that was really good :twilightsmile: tho...a bit to much uhhh sex may is say? they seem to have kicked it off doe hours to the loook of the chat but the good thing about that is that it takes longer to finish reading and makes u stop and image the moment, lol but still, VERY GREAT!

At least it it less disturbing than that Sweetie Belle and Big Mac one.

Where you wrote "she made him feel 'relaxed' and 'causual' that should be casual

So.....after rape, comes love?

Seems legit.

5964140 It wasn't there a wile ago.

This was cute. I liked it.

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