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The surface isn't safe anymore.

In the ruined depths of Canterlot, a team of brave salvagers discover six mares, long forgotten but miraculously preserved. Though these mares cannot remember what happened to their world, they possess powerful magic that hasn't been seen for centuries.

Now the Elements of Harmony are thrust headlong into a world beyond recognition. Twilight and her friends must dive into the sunken remains of history to determine what happened, but Equestria isn't the harmonious land it once was. Before they can focus wholly on the past, they may first have to survive the present.

It isn't going to be easy.

Audiobook by Skijarama!
Original Soundtrack by Noc!

Special thanks to Doccular42 for the original concept, and M1ntf4n for editing!

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Big thanks to dA artist fantazyme and reader jeffh4 for making this fantastic rendition of Rarity at Mr. Rich's party!

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While providing support for the Elements of Harmony as they go up against a magical anomaly, Midnight Blossom and her team of thestrals find a strange stallion in the forest. His loud and proud ways are antithetical to their stealth mission, no matter how insistent he is that he knows the world-ending, all-powerful wizard they're hunting on a personal level.

This story takes place in the RGRE (Reversed Gender Roles Equestria) universe. I originally wrote it in greentext, but altered it to prose for FIMfiction. This version will be updated alongside its greentext counterpart.

Chapters (7)

During her morning routine of surprising her friends, Pinkie Pie happens to spot a mysterious box that seems to move whenever she's not looking. To a pony so thoroughly grounded in reality as Pinkie Pie, it's unthinkable that a box could move on its own, so she decides to put on her deerstalker hat and investigate.

This is all Seattle's Angels' fault. Those guys are the worst.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Honey Pie II: The Wrath of Chrysalis

Sweetcake has come far in life. From a defeated drone, stranded alone in Canterlot, he's become the queen of a large and powerful changeling hive. And he's doing a surprisingly good job at it. He even has time left over from his royal duties to help Pinkie Pie with her parties. Unfortunately for Sweetcake, Pinkie, and the entire hive, his hive is not the only hive out there, and the others don't approve of allying with ponies. Caught between betraying his friends and the welfare of his subjects, any choice may spell disaster.

Cover art by AnticularPony. Cover text design by Jordanis.

Chapters (7)

Pinkie Pie throws excellent parties. This is a fact of life, like Fluttershy being rather demure, or Rarity having a sense of style. But the fact is, Pinkie's parties cost bits, and her job at the bakery isn't supporting her passions anymore. So she dusts off her degree and opens a side business...

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What is it like not knowing who you are? To be different from everyone?

When a foal is accidentally sent flying with the changelings, it is up to Chrysalis to care and raise the lost filly, though keeping her from learning about her own kind would prove more difficult than it seems. After living her whole life with changelings, this little filly's life is turned upside down when she takes her first steps outside the hive. Old tensions are revealed, and this little filly is going to learn that changelings don't have it easy. But what can filly like her do? All the answers wait for her in Equestria, where she will meet new faces and see new places.

Special thanks to Poets Dream for proofreading.

Chapters (12)

It has been more than one hundred years since Celestia banished Nightmare Moon. While Equestria has enjoyed a century of relative peace and prosperity, there are still lingering tensions between the three pony tribes.

Shadow Kicker, a proud warrior of Pegasopolis, must navigate the treacherous noble court of Canterlot and address the concerns and wounded pride of her own tribe in a desperate effort to prevent matters from coming to open warfare.

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Starlight Glimmer is repentant, on the path to reformation after she saw what her plan could have caused. She was thankfully talked down, all the possible futures she made prevented, all the changes to the past no longer existing.

At least... that's what everyone thinks. But magic isn't something to be abused.

There are always consequences.

Chapters (3)

Scarlet Frost has had more than enough death and violence in her life and has spent the last several years living quietly as a librarian and scholar in the New Equestrian city of Swanrun. Sadly, it seems that death and violence are not yet done with her, as she is about to discover.

After a chance encounter, Scarlet is forced to leave her home and flee for her life alongside a mysterious orphan filly named Primrose. Now being hunted across the land she once went to war for, Scarlet will have to use every resource at her disposal just to stay alive. And if she is going to make it through this, she must confront the ghosts of not only her own past, but those of this long-broken world as well.

A special thank you goes out to my editors, Mister Hypothetical and Chromio!

Now with a reading over on YouTube!

The sex tag is for occasional blunt discussions on the subject matter and implied sexual behaviors between consenting adults.

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On his way to Seoul, Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce comes across an unconscious, hurt Twilight Sparkle, and takes her back to the 4077 to take care of her. There, she meets the odd creatures known as humans, and learns about their chaotic activities, about both their good and bad sides. The 4077th's crew learns about her world as well.

And during it all, they heal each other's hearts, even if they don't mean to.

Chapters (1)