On his way to Seoul, Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce comes across an unconscious, hurt Twilight Sparkle, and takes her back to the 4077 to take care of her. There, she meets the odd creatures known as humans, and learns about their chaotic activities, about both their good and bad sides. The 4077th's crew learns about her world as well.

And during it all, they heal each other's hearts, even if they don't mean to.

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I love this! Have a thumbs up.:twilightsmile:

No way... A M.A.S.H. Crossover? I'm so impressed I'm going to favorite this without reading it yet.

Interesting, not the greatest story I've read but not bad, certainly scores points for a surprising "MASH"up

M.A.S.H crossover? :pinkiehappy:

Thumbs up :rainbowlaugh:

Insta-fave for M*A*S*H crossover.

um.. will there be a follow up? i have always Loved M*A*S*H, and while this could have been written better, sorry, i enjoyed it a lot. so follow up please?

as a fan of both M*A*S*H and MLP, I approve in how you wrote this. great portrayal of the characters and their personalities therein. five stars :moustache:

I've been wondering when someone would finally do a MASH over.

Liked, faved, looking forward to a sequel.

amazing follow-up?

I did a double-take when I saw this crossover, but you handled it relatively well. I would have expected the humans to have been a little less blase about the talking, magical, purple unicorn - there's an opportunity for some highly entertaining conflict in that - and Twilight was rather calm about her situation as well. The story seemed rushed, as if you had the idea and wrote out as much as you could as quickly as you could. You could have extended the narrative and given us a more thorough exploration of how Twilight integrated into the camp. Perhaps a scene in which a young wounded soldier talks to her as if she's a hallucination or an example of how her magic could be helpful.

All in all, it was quick but promising. Nice work! :twilightsmile:

I literally had a good two minutes of pure laughter upon reading the title, before going "Challenge Excepted" and diving in. Glad I did. You handled this crossover very well and it flowed about as well as it could considering what it is. I enjoyed it and my only real complaint would be that it should have been set before Blake took off, Back when Trapper and Frank where there. XD

well done, thumbs up.

This was a pretty interesting story, and as a fan of both MLP and MASH, I enjoyed the idea. The only problem I really had was that it felt a bit rushed. Everyone seemed unusually calm about a magic unicorn, which even in a warzone would at least make some of the characters question their sanity. Otherwise, good job. :twilightsmile:

Nice I loved this could easily have been much darker, and Misanthropic I'm glad you didn't go in that direction with Twilight and Celestia's view of humanity. Shame you didn't have it take place earlier when Frank Burn's was around, and on a final WHERE'S KLINGER!

It is the 4077th, sanity is pretty low on priorities there

Ok so this was not what I was expecting, it was better. I do like that you seemed to have kept with the spirit of MASH, and for that matter MLP by not going dark or twisting the characters (such as Celestia).

So sequel?

I have been searching for this crossover for a long time!
Puts on Read Later.

Sorry, but I WILL read it! :twilightsheepish:

Love it!
Sequel please! :pinkiehappy:

Damn good job, though personally I feel you may have touched on Hawkeye's character a little bit. Aside from that, I'd love for a sequel as well... Maybe Hawkeye goes to Equestria?

more plz:pinkiesmile:

Don't be insulted, but I originally clicked this to make sure my in-planning-stages Pony/MASH story wouldn't rip it off (it won't). Then I read the whole thing.
Finest Kind.

Please tell me you didn't stop writing the sequel. I've searched high and low for this crossover so please continue. :twilightsmile:

Cool! M*A*S*H pretty much one my favorite T.V Series, are you going to right more? Please right more! If you do I have some ideas like you could pare up Fluttershy and Radar, Rarity and Klinger. Oh the possibilities are endless

DO IT PLEASE! ::pinkiehappy:

That was unusual. As a MASH fan and a die-hard brony, I can say this was very interesting, and pretty well done. Although I'm disappointed that Klinger didn't show.
Well, if you wanted to do an original crossover, you got one.

And then they found out Frank Burns was a Changeling.:rainbowhuh:

Comment posted by Dream Bolt deleted Jul 29th, 2013

I want to see a sequel.

*copypasted from my review on Fanfiction.net*

Hmm, I like this story, but I feel that it could be greatly improved. The biggest issue is that it is too short and it is rushed.

First of all, I think that this story would have been a lot more fun had it taken place prior to the fifth season of M*A*S*H*, because a conflict between Twilight and Frank Burns would have been awesome.

Second, I feel like too many characters were either left out of the story, or did not get enough attention. Major Houlihan, for example, was mentioned but never seen. I would like to see how she reacted to Twilight. And I am shocked, SHOCKED that you didn't include Corporal Klinger. Some time dedicated to Radar's love of animals, and Colonel Potter's love of horses, would be great too.

Third, I think this story makes some assumptions about ponies that don't pan out. Granted, it looks like you published this during the second season, before pony society was fully developed. I think it would be handy to go back and make some revisions (NOT on the level of Twilicorn, of course). For example, I don't think Twilight would be as horrified at the prospect of war. I think Equestria has had its own share of conflict, even in recent history. Celestia's comment about the Korean War being more violent than any war she'd ever fought would still be okay. Then you have Twilight's horror at discovering that humans eat meat. I would think that because ponies have at least some diplomatic ties with the griffons, dragons, and other non-herbivores, she would be more understanding, and pleased that they thought to bring her a salad.

Finally, there are a lot of scenes that are mentioned but skipped over I would have liked to have witnessed for myself. For example, Twilight and Celestia helping in the OR. That is a wasted opportunity for character and plot development right there.

Other than all that, I give you LOTS of kudos for originality, and I did enjoy reading this fic for what it's worth.

How did this not end with Klinger finally finding a way out of the army?

How did this end without one of them accidedently being to close when they teleported, and coming too. And then Celestia seals off the toes to that world. As she turns around. Bam. One of them is stuck there. XD

Amen to that! This was a great crossover, glad I found it!

I don't know how many times I've read this story... but I always find it enjoyable. :twilightsmile:

Until next time...
Anon e Mouse Jr.

in the works undergoing a massive rewrite

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