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[One-shot] The Earth is gone, and Princess Celestia reflects on the hard choices she had to make, and the guilt she now has to live with. My own take on the Conversion Bureau concept.

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I never thought I would review or even fave a TCB fic, I never thought I would see one that would not paint Celestia as a ruthless tyrant, I never thought I would see one that would show the sorrow she would feel for saving humanity and the cost needed. Or add to my Protect Celestia group.

Until now, thank you for sharing this with us, perhaps I should rethink my views on the Conversion Bureau series or at least some of the fics.

In the Name of Her Serene Majesty Celestia Everfree,
Celestia's Paladin: Ex Solis et Lunae,, Provendtia et Prospertia

Can it be. Is this a dream? Have I found a decent TCB fic that actualy made me feel something? Something that actualy makes sense. Faved and liked and for anyone else. If you want to expand, use this fic as a base. Please?

I agree with Darth Pinkie up there, I am sick and tried of TCB fics that make Celestia the bad guy, expand this please.

actually if you look at it from this perspective, Celestia was pretty much the best thing that could have happened to humanity.

This explains it well, but replace everything from 3:26 to 3:54 with this.

I came here to look at this because Celestia's Paladin shocked me by telling of faving this... and you know what? I read it, and I loved it.

I've read so many TCB fics, of ponies trying to massacre humans, of humans butchering ponies, of terrorist groups from both sides, and of Twilight Sparkle talking down on humanity. Until today, I've yet to read a TCB fic with a reasonable Celestia in the TCB-verse, whom has honest regrets and instead of wiping humanity out, intending to preserve them in some form. You, dear author, shall get a thumbs-up from me, and a Fave...

Just... if you DO expand this, could we leave out the war? Almost every TCB fic includes it, so it wouldn't be necessary, I feel.

You done good, buddy.

I have to agree with the comments made, I avoid most TCB fics myself because the plot of "Ponies are the Villains and Heroic OC humans fight back" has become so over done and I personal feel the pony race tend to make a really poor villains (though some individual ponies make fine villains). Framing Celestia's decision as a necessary evil rather than an act of hostility feels more true to the character. I see her more as the "Reluctant Chess-master", being manipulative and sneaky out necessity and not enjoying it.

I love the part where Celestia wanted to save humanity and preserve it. Barely and TCB FICA have it.

Applause shall continue for another hour. The first person to stop clapping will be executed.

Yeah not liking this Fic
But then again I have hated all TCB fics, the rare few that I do like I still can't enjoy reading again, this just made Celestia worse in my opinion.
If she was a Tyrant and did this on purpose then her character is at least fulfilling her role, if humanity is dying and this is to save the few left....okay I can kinda see that, she doesn't want the death of a race to go forgotten, fine.
But this accident cause by the elements and Celestia.....no, its a fine concept but her character is just so backwards with it, she feels guilt over this but doesn't show such guilt in the least, yeah that single tear....bullshit on that. If she full on cries at her sisters return from the moon, she should be eating herself with this loathsome and shameful mistake that could have been avoided but as a result has caused the extinction of a species.
This Fic depicts her with such small emotion to such a colossal thing she might as well have been a tyrant...


This. I really can't think of anything more to add.

I'll be honest; I've never liked TCB fics to begin with. I applaud you for not making Celestia an oppressive tyrant as I've seen time and again, but still... the sorrow she feels over what she's done just seemed glazed over. It doesn't really affect her. That single tear doesn't cut it.

In all honestly, this idea might have worked if you made it longer. Really detail how much the knowledge of what she'd done is eating away at her conscience. That at least would have been more plausible.


Well done, very well done. A nice change of pace from most CB stories.

1292309 i have to agree i never thought i would like a TCB other than a few but this was good

To quote an equally famous non-human character, "However, if crew morale is better served by my roaming the halls weeping, I will gladly defer to your medical expertise. Excuse me." :trollestia:

Celestia has more demands on her time than the show lets us see, so bawling her head off for ten hours straight, every day, for a year is simply not in the cards. :facehoof:

1292309 1292338 *raises eyebrow* Really?! How is this any better than the rest? She turns the humans against their will, but takes their knowledge and hides it from them and then messes with everyone's mind. How is this any better?

Because she had no choice, humanity would have "died" no matter what, at least this 7 billion lives would not be lost. Add in that she feels regrets for her actions.

2606020 :facehoof: There's an unoccupied red planet just next door and yet unwilling ponification is the only way to save humanity? Lies and deceit! Celestia and Luna couldn't heavy lift the materials needed for terraforming over to Mars? and then there's the theft of humanities cultural heritage and their identities. They steal our tech while simultaneously meddling with people's minds. You know, the whole thing she got mad at Twilight for doing?

Lifting billions along with all the necessary materials to build a civilization while at the same time terraforming Mars. If Celestia and Luna had that power then why couldn't they halt the magic encroachment and reverse it? We see the remorse and regrets Celestia has in this, that is not someone who didn't care.

2606112 I didn't say lift the people, I said lift the stuff necessary to terraform the planet. If they can lift the sun and the moon, they should be able to move some machinery.

As for the regrets, it's really waxed over in this. It's there, but it doesn't convince in the least. The one single tear shed over the death of an entire species just....adjgnlkrsdgh;adbfjnlkhnijg49nqe!!

Also this all happened because they fired off a spell to save their own asses and ended up dooming us. No other option is explored. That and the business with the mind control. I love MLP, I like Celestia, but that has nothing on the hatred I have for anything that pulls that stunt. I'd probably de-horned Twilight for that stunt in Lesson Zero.

Yeah I can agree it should have been written better, but you have to admit it is better than her being the usual tyrant that we see in the TCB. Now my minion should this have been added to PC?

2606157 It is better than the usual Xenolestia we see in ATCB. As for should it be in PC? That requires some discussion. Mainly in if ponification is really something Celestia would back.

Indeed... and it does beg discussion

2606182 think we should let the group weigh in on this? It'd be good to get multiple views.

On the fic or on ponification?

2606226 Ponification. Once that's decided then we can deal with any other TCBs as well as this one easier.

Alright go ahead and get the thread going, title it Ponification at least

2606157 That was kidda my point. I actualy felt sad/capable of undrestanding her position thus I though it was decent. If I can only like characters/stories that I agree with then damn I'm preaty fucked XD

Sorry for staying quiet for so long, but this recent little back and forth caught my attention. So I'll do my best to address some things.

Yes, I should have gone into more detail on certain things, but as someone mentioned earlier, Celestia simply can't be seen crying her eyes out. It's part of her curse as a monarch, as her little ponies expect her to act a certain way.

On the mind-alteration, yes it was wrong, Celestia even admitted it. But what other option did she have? If she hadn't covered everything up, the ponified humans would have been (understandably and justifiably) pissed off, and the backlash from her own subjects most likely would have been bad as well, and she didn't want anyone else getting hurt. Again, it's my fault for not explaining it better, so I take this as a lesson for future endeavors.

As for terra-forming, the idea never even crossed my mind. But regardless, the process of making a dead rock habitable is a HUGE undertaking. Celestia is powerful, wise and all that, but I doubt she has the knowledge/power to make a planet capable of supporting life on that scale. Not to mention the lack of natural resources on Mars would also be a problem.

Anyway, I do appreciate the discussion of my humble little one-shot. Funny thing is, I'm actually anti-TCB, but this idea popped into my head and I had to get it out of my system, so to speak. So thanks for reading/discussing, it's good for my ego XD

Now THIS is a good story. And is a bloody lot closer to her canon personality. She KNOWS what she's doing is unthinkable, she also realizes she's out of options.

1292492 Uh. I really wouldn't compare Equestria to the Combine. Seriously. I wouldn't.


She could have. If she had more TIME. Which she DIDN'T have.

3136557 I dunno, my headcanon is that Celestia isn't quite the cosmic level being like she is in the POV series (which is awesome BTW) and feats on that scale are beyond her. She's powerful, no doubts there, and she might have a sliver of cosmic might, but I wouldn't put her in the same class as a cosmic entity.

And I know it's unprofessional, but I'd just like to take a moment and say how cool it is to have the author of the POV series comment on my humble little story, kinda made my day XD


. . . *blushes*

Thank you dude.


While this is my general headcanon as well (Celestia and Luna are demigods to Discords god) you're writing TCB. Cosmic Level Celly is tradition, and more or less a prerequisite for things like the barrier to work.

PS: haven't read the story quite yet. Was just stalking Warlorn's favorite section and stumbled onto your comment. If their's no barrier in your fic (a rarity but it does happen, like the original) or any other common TCB element that requires Cosmic Level power in your fic, then I apologize.


Chatoyance's depiction of TCB Equestria makes them seem almost worse via fridge horror. Honestly, Chat!Celestia is almost to Canon!Celestia what your Discord is to Canon!Discord.


Arguing over ANY work in fiction only ends in frustration, so I'm not going to bother about her work.

BUT I WILL SAY THIS! My Discord? He IS Canon Discord, BUT DECONSTRUCTED, and taken to his natural conclusions! Based on Return Of Harmony! A guy who breaks ponies souls for fun? Turns the world into a mad house? And our audio flash back has ponies crying out in agony! I read on tropes how Discord was "just" like a child or something. But people keep forgetting that children are often the most vicious of monsters!!!


And Jappleack's Discord I think fit the description of what I think you're thinking of MUCH MUCH BETTER!

I feel this story gets back to the ORIGINAL STORY'S ORIGINAL AUTHOR'S QUESTION!

"Why are there no humans in Equestria? But then are there so many things clearly done in human style or preference that don't quite make sense for a civilization of Equines?"


The Gamma Verse makes things fun by suddenly ponies not being the only ones on the TF scene, with griffins, dragons, and zebra getting into the act as well. Basically destroying the entire 'Us Vs Them' imaginary. And pretty much ruining the 'Celestia just wants more ponies!' motif.

And the idea of the barrier behind Celestia is FORCING to happen, IMHO, was added by spiteful writers who just don't like TF.


OK, I need to ask, is this your normal posting style, or are you actually pissed off at me?

If the latter, then I apologize for coming on too strong. :applejackconfused:


I'm normally dramatic and over the top.

3363044 No need to apologize, the barrier is a key part of this fic, but unlike most other TCB fics, the barrier wiping out the Earth was a total accident and the ponies never wanted to hurt humanity. Buuut, things went wrong (as they tend to do in TCB fics) and Celestia had to resort to some VERY questionable actions to ensure that she could save as many lives as possible.

But, as far as my headcannon goes, Celestia and Luna don't have cosmic level powers, because if they did, then Celestia would have stomped the ever-living crap out of Chrysalis, love magic power-up be damned.

I'm sorry, but...I just can't sympathise with Celly here. Mostly because of the Mind Alteration on both natural ponies AND converts; and that everything happened JUST RIGHT to necessitate transforming everyone against their will and hiding their memories.

It just seems convoluted.

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