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The Tree of Harmony receives a message from a future Spike to Twilight.

This is a VERY weak spinoff to Fallout: Equestria and is not cannon.

This story includes spoilers to Fallout: Equestria and the Submachine games by Mateusz Skutnik.

Feel free to write a sequel to where Prologue 1 and/or Prologue 2 left off.

Chapters (5)

Ever since the sirens overthrew the monarchy in Hippogriffia and cemented their power with their enthralling magic, Adagio, Aria, and Sonata have had nothing but work cut out for them to keep their growing empire of Sirenalia in order and their vision of vengeance on the Pillars in sight. With Northern Zebrica and the Canterbbean under their spell, there is little else to stop them in their schemes. Therefore, it's the perfect time for a break to finally enjoy all the perks of being in charge!

At least, if Sonata could have her way and convince her fellow sirens to chill for once.

Set in the world of the Hearts of Iron IV mod, Equestria at War.

Written for Equestria at War's Sixth Annual Writing Competition.

As always, a massive thanks to Everfree Pony for their assistance with editing the story.

Cover art is Sonata Dusk half-ponified by xbi.

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King Sombra goes to Canterlot.

Princess Luna fills her thoughts with him.

Celestia hates Sombra due to being embarrassed in front of him and because he
paid more attention to Luna.

But if Luna fell in love with Sombra... What would happen if Celestia found out?

Chapters (25)

Celestia tries to stop Sunset from leaving.

Written for the A Thousand Words Contest II Contest in the Drama Category.

Preread by The Sleepless Beholder and TCC56.

Chapters (14)

Brought to you by Bride Of Sombra, who came up with this brilliant series, and myself, who turned her ideas into a story.

King Sombra’s Legion Of Doom is an animated anthropomorphic action-comedy television series. It is a spin-off of the King Sombra’s Fantastic Movie franchise of films, and like that series, stars the character King Sombra from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Plot: The arrogant and tyrannical unicorn King Sombra decides he wants to take over the entire world. But in order to do so he must assemble a team of powerful and ruthless military leaders to aid him in his conquests. Now, Sombra is all set for world domination with his new Legion of Doom, but there’s only one problem — all of them are absolutely terrible at their jobs. The series follows the misadventures of Sombra and his lackeys as they try over and over again to conquer the world.


King Sombra: The unicorn ruler of the Crystal Empire. He is arrogant, cruel, and obnoxious. It’s also shown that while he is very knowledgeable about some things, he’s not all that smart. He lives in Castle Sombra with his servants and generals where he plots to conquer the world.

General Monoceros: Stout unicorn who leads Sombra’s army. He isn’t all that bright, despite being quite strong.

Admiral Aerion: Cunning and agile pegasus who leads Sombra’s naval forces (despite the fact that the Crystal Empire is landlocked). He secretly thinks more highly of himself than Sombra.

Air Chief Comet: Young and handsome earth pony who is in charge of Sombra’s air force (even though he is an earth pony and does not have wings). He is friends with the other generals and enjoys annoying Sombra.

Doctor Radiant Hope: A purplish unicorn with a light blue mane. She serves as the group’s physician and uses her healing magic to treat illnesses. She is madly in love with Sombra, yet he seems to have no idea that she has feelings for him. Although she and Sombra have known each other since they were kids, Sombra does not treat her very well and claims to only keep her around due to her ability to heal.

Sombra’s Troopers: The soldiers of Sombra’s military. They follow his every order, no matter how whimsical or insane it might be.

Sombra’s Harem Mares: A group of female ponies who reside in Sombra’s castle. They are deeply devoted to Sombra despite his horrible treatment of them. It’s implied multiple times that Sombra once had each of them as his wives but eventually got sick of them and locked them up.

Sombra’s Cooks: A group of cooks who are tasked with providing meals for the King and his court.

Dungeon Dwellers: A group of mangy, scrawny ponies who reside in the dungeons of Castle Sombra. They have been in the dungeons for so long that Sombra can’t even remember why he locked them up in the first place.

Chapters (4)

Pain has been a reoccurring figure in Pinkie's life for years now. She and Rainbow have faced it together, adapted, and have been able to live life relatively normally despite everything. Though persistent, at one point or another her illness seemed to fade into the background due to their sheer resilience. ...Or at least, that's how it should have been.

Featured 5/4/22 - 5/5/22

Chapters (1)

After returning from the wedding in Canterlot, Fluttershy finds an unexpected house guest waiting for her.

After crashing next to a cottage in Ponyville, Chrysalis is determined to return to her hive. If only that element bearer wasn't a master of forces beyond her control.

Or had a lamp.

Entry for the May Pairings 2022 Contest.

(Somehow) Featured second on 2/6/2022!

Chapters (1)

Published for the Friendship is Optimal Contest.
Reading Friendship is Optimal is not required.

Accepted Axiom was nopony special. He was just a scientist, working hard to prove or disprove other pony's theories and experiments. Then he discovered something that would forever change the world: he proved Starswirl's Fifth Law of Magic.

Every action and phenomena adheres to a pattern, known or unknown.

For centuries, ponies across Equestria dedicated no small portion of their lives trying to understand or disprove the theory. Accepted Axiom became the first to truly understand the extent of the Law.

Chapters (2)

Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer had popped out for a romantic day's getaway in Foggy Bottom, but unfortunately they misred the timetable and they missed the train. Stuck for several hours until the next train to Ponyville arrives, join them as they pass the time- and discover that life at this station is not quite what it seems.

Written for SuperWriter2329 for Jinglemas 2021. Loosely inspired by aspects of the BBC Sitcom Oh! Doctor Beeching, however familiarity with the series or railway operating procedure will not be required to enjoy the story.

Chapters (1)

inspired by Autum Breeze's "Wings, a Horn and Hooves"

It was a cold evening in Ponyville, a cold wind was blowing from the north and ringing the bells on the doors of the shops...
The streets were semi-deserted... hardly anypony wanted to venture outside, each pony was at home with his family enjoying a nice cup of tea in front of the fireplace...
But not everyone was lucky enough to have a house or a family with which to shelter from the cold... 
huddled in a cardboard box, at the end of an alley hidden from view, there was a little Pegasus filly...
The filly was alone... she didn't have a house or someone to stay with, and the few times she tried to ask for some charity, she was brutally rejected...
In the darkness of that alley, away from everything or from everyone, the little filly cried... cried because she was hurt, because she was cold, or simply cried because no one seemed to care...
In her eyes, no one would ever help her or make her feel safe...
But fate has decided differently...
At that moment, a gentle mare was heading for the filly alley, determined to change things...

Chapters (6)