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Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer had popped out for a romantic day's getaway in Foggy Bottom, but unfortunately they misred the timetable and they missed the train. Stuck for several hours until the next train to Ponyville arrives, join them as they pass the time- and discover that life at this station is not quite what it seems.

Written for SuperWriter2329 for Jinglemas 2021. Loosely inspired by aspects of the BBC Sitcom Oh! Doctor Beeching, however familiarity with the series or railway operating procedure will not be required to enjoy the story.

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Hey there, Mr Blue! I just wanna say thank you for the story. I am just a huge fan of the whole Twi-Cet shipper, and this really makes me love them even more! Thanks again, and Happy Hearth's Warming!

Glad you liked it.

I almost believed that I was reading an actual script - it was that good

You are welcome... Liked all the correct railway terminology

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