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Believe that you have the whole situation under your control- that you're the one with the most power, and things will turn out fine.


Brought to you by Bride Of Sombra, who came up with this brilliant series, and myself, who turned her ideas into a story.

King Sombra’s Legion Of Doom is an animated anthropomorphic action-comedy television series. It is a spin-off of the King Sombra’s Fantastic Movie franchise of films, and like that series, stars the character King Sombra from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Plot: The arrogant and tyrannical unicorn King Sombra decides he wants to take over the entire world. But in order to do so he must assemble a team of powerful and ruthless military leaders to aid him in his conquests. Now, Sombra is all set for world domination with his new Legion of Doom, but there’s only one problem — all of them are absolutely terrible at their jobs. The series follows the misadventures of Sombra and his lackeys as they try over and over again to conquer the world.


King Sombra: The unicorn ruler of the Crystal Empire. He is arrogant, cruel, and obnoxious. It’s also shown that while he is very knowledgeable about some things, he’s not all that smart. He lives in Castle Sombra with his servants and generals where he plots to conquer the world.

General Monoceros: Stout unicorn who leads Sombra’s army. He isn’t all that bright, despite being quite strong.

Admiral Aerion: Cunning and agile pegasus who leads Sombra’s naval forces (despite the fact that the Crystal Empire is landlocked). He secretly thinks more highly of himself than Sombra.

Air Chief Comet: Young and handsome earth pony who is in charge of Sombra’s air force (even though he is an earth pony and does not have wings). He is friends with the other generals and enjoys annoying Sombra.

Doctor Radiant Hope: A purplish unicorn with a light blue mane. She serves as the group’s physician and uses her healing magic to treat illnesses. She is madly in love with Sombra, yet he seems to have no idea that she has feelings for him. Although she and Sombra have known each other since they were kids, Sombra does not treat her very well and claims to only keep her around due to her ability to heal.

Sombra’s Troopers: The soldiers of Sombra’s military. They follow his every order, no matter how whimsical or insane it might be.

Sombra’s Harem Mares: A group of female ponies who reside in Sombra’s castle. They are deeply devoted to Sombra despite his horrible treatment of them. It’s implied multiple times that Sombra once had each of them as his wives but eventually got sick of them and locked them up.

Sombra’s Cooks: A group of cooks who are tasked with providing meals for the King and his court.

Dungeon Dwellers: A group of mangy, scrawny ponies who reside in the dungeons of Castle Sombra. They have been in the dungeons for so long that Sombra can’t even remember why he locked them up in the first place.

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