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Celestia has ruled over Equestria for centuries since Luna's banishment. Solitary rule has compelled her to place the country's needs above her own. With no end to the monotony that is her life, she gets stuck in a bout of apathy.

One evening, she finds herself looking after a newborn on the verge of death. In saving the filly, Celestia is thrust into a role she never expected to fill in her entire life: motherhood. Will this foal be able to move Celestia's tired, cold heart?

Special thanks to B_25 for encouraging me to write.

Warnings: death of a redmane, implied infanticide.

Chapters (4)

A promising member of the royal guard, and recently, Princess Luna's aide, was helping his two Canterlot Princesses with a personal favor involving their old home in the Everfree Forest. After a rather weird encounter with an unknown being, the royal guard codename 'Aero' discovers that he is now alone in the forest.

Later on, he also realizes that something very strange is going on.

Especially with the mares.

Set during Season 6, after "The Crystalling" Part 2 (from Aero's perspective).
RGRE [Reversed gender roles Equestria] (From Chapter 2 onwards)

Cover Art by Riouku.

First featured 01-12-2021. (That was really fast, to be honest. Thank you guys.)

Chapters (10)

A Jedi Knight named Blaze Ando, his trusted clone commander, Dagger, and astromech droid, R5-G7 escaped Imperial forces on Naboo, with his newborn son, Cody. After making their escape, they flee to Wild Space and end up on the remote planet of Equestria where he meets and falls in love with Princess Celestia, who in turn helps him raise his son and prepares him to rule Equestria. As Cody grows up, he trains to be a Jedi under his father and he also learns about the magic of friendship.

Chapters (6)

Long before the timeline battles, before the awakened Elements of Harmony, there lived six ordinary young mares in Ponyville. Twilight Velvet, Windy Whistles, Pear Butter, Miss Shy, Cloudy Quartz, and Cookie Crumbles. However, their lives would soon change when they're come across an orphaned human infant and they each took turns of raising him secretly with love and caring. What the young moms don't know is that years later on, a malevolent force would invade their home. Can the mares be strong enough to take him away from the forces to a safer location of a possible human remnant land, even if it pains there hearts?

Mostly RGRE. Other characters in the crossover will be revealed later.

Chapters (1)

"I would say I was the king of darkness or former king of the crystal empire. But now, I am In a predicament where I have been transformed back to an infant, lost all my powers, and now sit next to the world's first alicorn baby."

"And to make matters worse, I must re-live my life from an infant without the blessing of my powers. Did I ask for this? NO! Do I want to go through with this? Absolutely not! Do I have a choice on the matter? Nope!"

Chapters (1)

With Wall-E and Eve's objectives completed and their usefulness run dry, they are deactivated and stored in a bunker safe from the environment with the Humans taking over the clean-up and rebuilding of society. Over 1000 years later, they are awoken by a mysterious force but to Grassy hills and Unique creatures instead of the Skyscrapers and Humans that they are used to.

Now it's the Robot duo's job to discover what happened to the Humans and where they went while trying to enjoy their own artificial lives together

Chapters (3)

Sunset Shimmer's is happy for the first time in a long time. She's accepted, has wonderful friends, and a life many would envy. Sure the person she loves may not return that love, and yes not everyone forgave the former demon, but that will change.

Unfortunately for young Sunset, that change will destroy her entire way of life.

This was a commission for a patron and is a patreon supported story and will update monthly alongside the other stories.

Check out its sister story over here if you want something less serious.

Chapters (33)

This is ???. They go by the name of Shade, short for Shady Drawing. They were simply at home, doing their usual thing, before finding themself in the same world that Equestria sits in. How intriguing. Did I forget to mention that they were turned into a changeling?
This’ll be fun. ;)

This is a redo on my story Over-Powered Shapeshifter. "At Least I'm Not A Mary Sue."
No need to read the garbage that was that story though, this’ll be redoing it from the beginning with some major differences.
This’ll still be garbage but I’m gonna give it a sprinkle of ‘okay’ writing. Pacing and crap isn’t gonna be good but I hope some of you like it(like how a lot of people liked the previous version, which still surprises me as it’s the most liked story I’ve written so far).
Also, chapters will probably come slowly, depending on if my wandering brain thinks up events or not.

Chapters (8)

Dear Princess Twilight,

I just wanted to quickly thank you again for helping me settle into Ponyville. I'm writing from my dorm room in the School of Friendship now.

Tomorrow is the start of a new day and a new life. I look forward to seeing what surprises my new friends have in store for me.

I will write more soon. Thank you again for believing in me.

Your faithful student,
Luster Dawn

Once again, editing provided by the wonderful EverfreePony.

Cover by the amazing Julunis14.

Story is complete and will be updated every Saturday and finish on October 12th.

Chapters (9)

I’d heard rumors of people going missing while attending conventions around the world. Never crossed my mind until I’m whisked away to an anthro Equestria as one of my favorite anime characters after buying said anime ship in a bottle. Now I travel across space to protect my new home and the ponies I care for from both outside threats and within. Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me!

Crossover with Mlp:fim and Space pirate Captain Harlock.

Mlp is owned by hasbro

Captain harlock is owned by leiji Matsumoto.

Chapters (3)