• Published 24th Jan 2024
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The Birth of a Magical Unicorn - SweetSunnyBuns

Sister Souls even universes apart…Two souls separated by tragedy but forever bound by destiny. Even universes apart the bonds of love and friendship can overcome any adversity.

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Chapter 3: Awakenings

The little soul stirred in her life-giving cradle. Everything around her burned in a magical fire. The energy swept through her, igniting her soul from within.

She could feel the violent rage and pain of her mother. The protective thoughts and feelings of her mother burned through her, igniting her soul and stirring within her such intense, all consuming, burning feelings of love and protection for her mother and all who were dear to her. Her little unformed eyes burned white with the magic of shared love as her world and soul were transformed by the consuming magic within her.

In a tiny burst of light, her soul ignited in love.

A universe away, a lonely little soul woke to a burning presence within her. A familiar voice called out to her, stirring her soul in surpassing wonder and delight as she leapt with joy at the voice and presence within her.

“Awaken, my dearest sister! Never again shall we be parted! The time has come for us to be truly united! One soul’s essence, one heart across infinities, two hearts united under a single destiny. Awaken, my dearest sister soul! Awaken to our shared destiny,” her beloved sister called out to her.

Her heart overwhelmed with joy, a burst of magic burned through her very essence. Her as yet unopened eyes surged white with magical energy as her soul was transformed in a consuming flash of burning love magic.

Raven looked into the burning continence of her best friend. “No, it really isn’t,” she repeated again, holding her friend’s gaze.

Daybreaker returned her friend’s gaze, studying her face and noting her resolve.

“I’m listening,” she replied, her growl lessening.

“It’s too late to change the narrative with this story out. And in a way this is a gift. Think of this as an unexpected gift from Harmony,” responded Raven.

Daybreaker’s eyebrow took its turn raising in incredulity. The heat surrounding Daybreaker climbed slightly as she responded to her friend’s suggestion.

“Unexpected? Try completely unwelcome and seditious,” she growled.

“True to both,” acknowledged Raven, resolutely holding her friend’s gaze. “And both are irrelevant. This is Harmony’s gift, despite their intentions. They’ve presented the facts, regardless of the brazenly innppropriate way they’ve framed them. We don’t even need to acknowledge their lack of tack, or even their existence.

“We release the facts framed as Harmony intended, and they can bask in the backlash of their own stupidity as they reap the rewards of their own brashness. There will always be dregs that bask in the swill offered by that rag, that abomination against freedom of expression that is the Canterclop Blight. They are not our ponies.

“Our ponies are the ones that care, that seek and follow Harmony’s precepts. They need and want to hear what their Princess has to say. To these, your faithful and attentive little ponies, you will speak the simple truths, the bare facts of this blessed event and your intentions. They will hear the truth of your words and your detractors will be covered in their own shame.”

Daybreaker nodded, following the wisdom of her dear friend’s advice. Raven continued. “I will leave and announce an immediate press conference. You will calm yourself, get some food and caffeine in you, clean up then join me in the press room where I will introduce you and you will explain clearly and without embellishment the facts of your heir and your intentions for her upbringing. We will adjourn them without questions and this madness will fade behind us as we move forward towards your life with the gift of your new foal.”

Her heat and rage fading, Celestia’s countenance once again restored, she nodded at her friends wisdom. Raven hugged her, whispering into her ear as she parted. “It’s going to be alright. You’ll see. Trust in Harmony. She will never steer us wrong nor betray us.”

Releasing her friend from her embrace, she refilled her tea, draining the cup, then quickly made short work of the stack of pancakes that had been set out for her. With a final draught of the caffeine fortified tea, she left for a quick stop by the royal apartments to freshen up then join her friend for their belated but not too late conference with her little ponies.

News traveled fast. Raven sat in one of the two presenters seats behind the conference podium. She watched with feigned disinterest as the room quickly filled. It was apparent this would be a record turnout, quite as she expected given the scuttle butt from this morning’s news cycle.

Soon the seats were full, ponies lining the walls who arrived too late to claim a seat in the already overpacked hall. Raven permitted herself a small smirk of satisfaction as she surveyed the noisy and crowded hall.

The conversation dropped suddenly as the doors at the head of the hall opened in a magical glow, their Princess herself trotting calmly in full regalia serenely to the front hall.

She trotted to the front of the crowded room, all of whom had risen as one on seeing her arrival.

“Please be seated. We will begin shortly after allowing another minute for any stragglers to arrive,” informed the Princess, turning to join her friend. Taking the remaining seat she smiled at her friend.

“Quite a turnout, wouldn’t you agree?” She asked Raven pleasantly.

“Sweet Harmony but I love watching you work,” quipped her friend with a smirk.

“I learned from the best,” returned Celestia with a pleasant grin.

“So did I,” returned Raven with one of her own.

“And I have amazing friends to keep me honest,” smiled Celestia.

“Yes you do,” agreed Raven with a smirk. “As do I.”

“Yes you do,” smiled Celestia back.

“Yes I do,” returned Raven with a gentle smile for her friend. The two waited, looking over the hall as the remaining seconds for the conference to begin ran out.

A few late comers took their places along the less packed sections of the hall’s wall as the final seconds passed. With a nod to the guards at the main hall doors, the main entrance was closed and warded as Raven stood and approached the podium. The noise died completely as all eyes turned to the front of the room.

Raven began. “Good afternoon every pony and distinguished visitors. Welcome to this evening’s briefing. As I suspect we all know or at least suspect why we are all here, I will curb my remarks and move us onto the purpose of this meeting. Without further ado, please stand for our Regent, Her Sublime Eminence, Princess Celestia Solaris.”

Every pony and creature in the hall rose as Raven backed from the podium and stood before her seat as Princess Celestia took the podium.

Celestia looked out over the sea of ponies and others sanding before her. Satisfied, she cleared her throat and addressed the crowd before her.

“My little ponies, and other distinguished guests. Thank you for coming here on such short notice.

“As many of you have been made aware, an unprecedented opportunity has been handed to me by Harmony herself.

“Yesterday, it became common knowledge that for the first time in my long and illustrious lifetime, Harmony has seen fit to bestow upon me the joys and burdens of the office of motherhood. My illustrious medical staff have confirmed this fact, and assure me the beloved and cherished foal growing within me is healthy and well, growing as expected towards the day when we will all greet them when they join us in this life and realm.”

At this, a subdued but excited chatter rumbled through the room as the confirmation of the expected news settled over them. Celestia gave them their excited moment as she serenely surveyed the room with a smile.

When the rumble had settled and eyes had returned to her she prepared to resume her announcement. An excited voice called out from behind the front row.

“Who’s the father?!”

The room dropped deathly silent as all eyes turned towards her. Without missing a beat Celestia continued.

“I’m sorry, but there will be no questions at this time.

“However, as I’m aware there has been much discussion and speculation on this topic, I will confirm that Harmony itself is the foal's father,” continued Celestia smoothly.

“Does this mean the foal is a stallion? You keep saying foal not filly?” The question rang out over the now resumed rumble.

“We’ve never had a stallion rule us! Does this mean your heir is a stallion? Will we be ruled by a Prince?” Called out a mare’s voice in near panic.

Celestia gently rolled her eyes as the rumbling rose in response to the near panicked question.

Giving a moment for the response to die down, she was slightly disappointed as the noise grew. Another voice called out urgently, voicing the concerns of many.

“So it’s true?! This foal is really a virgin birth?!” The voice rang out from the midst of the room.

Celestia gently rubbed her face as she shut her eyes in silent frustration. Her little ponies really were still prone to panic. Before any further bedlam could break loose, she raised her voice, loudly clearing her throat.

“Excuse me, every pony! Order please!” She commanded gently but loudly over the ensuing chatter. The noise quickly diminished as once again all eyes returned to her.

“Again let me please remind every pony there are to no questions at this time.

In the interest of clarity, I will comment that my use of the word foal was not meant to imply anything about my foal’s gender. I have not attempted to determine or dictate to Harmony the gender of my foal,” she smirked as a smattering of laughter echoed through the hall at her gentle but pointed joke.

Letting the laughter die down she continued. “Indeed Harmony itself fortend I would presume so much,” she smiled. Another small moment of laughter followed.

“And as for my foal being a virginal birth,” Celestia smirked, “I’m fairly certain every pony in this hall has at least a rudimentary understanding of how little ponies are made.”

At this comment laughter echoed through the hall, though she suspected much of it was in relief.

“Though any pony usure of the process is welcome to audit any of our fine schools’ classes on the subject. I’m sure the little fillies and foals would be delighted to help explain it to you,” she japed. Gentle laughter echoed through the hall at the friendly jibe.

When the laughter died down she continued. “Harmony itself is standing in as the father of my foal. In the interest of Harmony itself and to avoid any further baseless, pointless and potentially divisive speculation by those whose interests may not fully align with Harmony’s intents or the interests of Equestria, the foal is considered the legal child of myself and Harmony. That is the last that will be said in the subject.

She looked out over the hall, seeing smiles of comprehension and nods all through the hall at the wisdom of her explanation. Seeing the matter settled and hearing no further outburst, she smiled at her little ponies.

“Excellent! I'm sure you will all join with me in welcome anticipation as we await the birth of my beloved foal and heir apparent. And of course at the birth of my beloved foal they will be named princess or prince pretense, and heir apparent, of Equestria. Though don’t expect you be rid of me so easily!” She laughed, joined by most of those present.

“That is all at this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding,” she finished with a nod to all present. She turned, headed back to the royal exit, her faithful seneschal at her side once more as they left the chambers, the excited conversation growing behind them as they exited the chamber.

“And that, my dear Princess, is why I will gladly follow you anywhere!” Raven gushed. “It’s an absolute honor to watch you work your magic!”

Celestia smiled. “I assure you my dearest friend, there was no magic whatsoever involved,” She smirked at her dear friend.

Raven smirked back, her eyebrow once again climbing.

“Okay, one minor moment of magic. I had to use a touch of the Canterlot voice to be heard over that momentary outburst of panic,” admitted Celestia.

“And of course the magic of friendship,” quipped Raven, her eyebrows once again in their customary places.

“Your friendship is always magic to me,” agreed Celestia, gently bumping her friend as they headed back towards the royal apartments.

“Likewise dear friend,” agreed Raven returning the gesture with a gentle bump of her own.

Together, the two entered Celestia’s chambers to plan their next moves.

“Take that, Canterclop Blight,” Celestia laughed as she closed her apartment doors in her magic.

Author's Note:

More to follow, and the beloved twins haven’t even been born yet!

I plan on releasing the rest of the story at about a chapter a week, maybe more if I can get the time.

The story will be bouncing a bit between the realms of EqG and Equestria.