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The Birth of a Magical Unicorn - SweetSunnyBuns

Sister Souls even universes apart…Two souls separated by tragedy but forever bound by destiny. Even universes apart the bonds of love and friendship can overcome any adversity.

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Chapter 1 - Soul Sisters

Author's Note:

Warning: Abuse and abusive violence in the following chapter as well as death and loss.  It’s not all grief and sadness though. Read on…

The little life started joyfully down its path, eagerly awaiting the moment it would be joined and ensouled.

Timeless while soulless, it drifted down the tube towards what it knew would become its cradle of life, the place where once ensouled it would grow and thrive.

Uncounted time passed, then a moment came where she was swarmed by those who would join with her. One of them, stronger and faster than the rest, found and breached her. Sensing his presence she closed herself off from any other, leading him to her. On his arrival she poured herself out to him, the two joining into one essence and one being.

Immediately she was aware of a profound shift in her perception. She sensed a moment. She sensed time. She was aware and delighted in her awareness. She was different now, a soul, a conscious living being.

As she continued her journey to the cradle she began her growth, dividing again and again until she was no longer a single egg but a mass of many cells, all her, all yearning to grow, to develop and to eventually be born.

As she continued down her path to the living cradle a sudden and intense jolt shook her to her core. Half of her cells broke away, continuing down the same path.

Panic filled her. What should she do? Half of her had left! It was without her soul! What was going to happen to them?

A gentle light filled her being as her soul was twained. From one there were now two.

Delighted in being together, her new sister soul rushed off diving into the parted cells and ensouling them, bringing them to consciousness. Together the new sister souls drifted down into the cradle, settling into separate places as they nestled into the cradle’s life giving essence.

With the passage of time they grew, every moment delighting in each other's presence. Eventually they developed to the point they could reach out, delighting in bumping and poking one another.

Serenity Sunrise Parker was not a happy young woman.

She’d missed her period. So she had gone to the clinic and had them run the test.

She was pregnant.

So now she had a difficult conversation ahead with her very much adverse to commitment boyfriend. She was fairly sure she knew how he would react, and knew he had an aggressive mean streak if he felt trapped or threatened.

She’d lived through a rather uneventful but fairly happy childhood. Her biggest contention growing up had been her name.

Her parents had nicknamed her Seri growing up leading to the children at school calling her Miss Serious. Of course she absolutely hated it. So she told everyone that her real name was Sunny. That name stuck. That’s what her friends called her, though she never did manage to get her family onboard. To this day they continued to call her Seri.

But all that faded away behind her. She had a bigger and more life altering event before her than changing her nickname.

The counselor at the clinic had reminded her she always had a choice. With one word from her, they could make this event go away. She wouldn’t even have to face her angry boyfriend.

She didn’t require even a second thought. She knew with her heart, even though this event wasn’t planned, she loved this little life within her. She couldn’t imagine losing it no matter how angry her boyfriend might get or how much this changed her life.

Her no to the counselor’s suggestion was as emphatic as it was sudden.

So she leaned against the pole alone with her thoughts waiting for her boyfriend to share her news.

Tom was not happy. His work had sucked. His boss caught him slacking on the job then chewed him a new one on the shop floor for several minutes to the entertainment of the rest of the floor, all laughing and snickering at his misfortune.

They were all assholes and they knew it. They all blew off their work too, but he was the one who got caught. The realization that they may have been laughing because he was the only one stupid enough to get caught left him even more angry.

Screw them. Screw them all.

That thought brought a smile to his face.

A bit over two months ago his cute little redhead girlfriend had finally relented to his advances. He’d experienced something more fun than anything else he could remember. He’d experienced it again a few times since then, and the idea of experiencing it again tonight seemed the perfect way to get his mind off his asshole coworkers and his embarrassment at work. Screw them. Screw her. He laughed finally really looking forward to this evening.

He drove his pickup to the parking lot of her apartments and parked. He found her lost in thought, leaning up against one of the parking lot lamp posts. As he sauntered over towards her he tried very hard to look cool.

“Hey babe! Whatcha doing hanging out here? What say we go back to your place and order some takeout then have a little fun?” He leered as he walked up to her.

She looked up without a smile, her face deadly serious. This was not the response he was looking for. Seeing his evening plans slipping away he began feeling pissed again.

“What? What’s that look for? Don’t you give me that look,” he growled out in frustration.

“Tom, we have to talk,” was all Sunny said.

“We’re talking now,” Tom snarled.

“Fine. We’ll talk here then,” sighed Sunny as she saw this was already going sideways.

‘Might as well get this over with’, she thought.

She crossed her arms over her chest and looked straight at him. After a pause of several seconds she gave him the news.

“Tom, I’m pregnant.”

He paused in shock. “And you think it’s mine?” He blurted out.

Now it was Sunny’s turn to be shocked. Then angry. She stomped up to his face and hissed.

“What the hell are you implying, Tom? Of course she’s yours! Do you think I’ve ever been with someone else? I told you! You were my first! I’d never done that with anyone before you! And I sure as hell never wanted to do it again with someone else! Why the fuck would you even say that?” She demanded.

Tom’s gut clenched as he realized where this was going. He shoved her back.

“You bitch! You absolute fucking bitch! I told you I was not ready for any kind of relationship! And now you spring this on me. You’re trying to trap me into marrying you, aren’t you?! You conniving little cunt! Why are you even telling me this?” He raged at her.

Sunny looked on in shock. “You seriously think I did this on purpose to trap you into marrying me? Do you seriously fucking think I’d want to be married to a raging piece of crap like you?”

Tom shot back. “So what then? You want me to pay for it? Fine! Fuck you! Come on!” He grabbed her roughly by the arm then dragged her back towards his truck.

They were in the middle of the parking lot before she finally managed to rip her arm from his bruising grasp.

“I do not want an abortion you prick! I’m keeping my baby! Fuck you if you think I’m not!” She raged.

“I fucking knew it! You are trying to trap me! You stupid bitch!” He spun on her then knocked her down to the ground. Landing on her he straddled her legs. She tried to push herself back up but he pushed her back down and held her there. He leaned down into her face as she struggled.

“I told you! I am not ready for a relationship with you! Fine then. You don’t want an abortion? No problem. I’ll take care of it for you instead. I promise it will be quick and painful!” He pulled his fist back then swung down hard, his right arm slamming into the side of her abdomen.

She gasped out in shock and pain.

From a nearby balcony a neighbor watched in shock and dismay. She saw her friend struck as she struggled against her attacker then get savagely beaten.

Recovering her senses she raced into her apartment to call for help for her friend.

Tom saw her shock and pain and it triggered even more anger. He swung down into her again and again, raining blows down on her abdomen as she punched and flailed back up at him, bucking under him as she struggled to get him off her.

Another neighbor saw a man beating a woman. He sprinted towards them catching the young man in a diving tackle while pulling him off the distressed woman. He slammed the man’s face into the asphalt and sat on him hard.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?! Are you trying to kill her?” The man screamed at him.

Tom screamed back in frustration. “I fucking ought to! Conniving bitch can’t just get a fucking abortion!”

The man held Tom down firmly, hopelessly outclassed in strength and experience that no amount of rage would ever overcome.

Sunny rolled over. She crawled her way up to standing. Holding her abdomen she ignored the blood trickling from her nose and mouth. She staggered toward her now very much ex boyfriend, hate filling her eyes.

She only took two steps before she seized up falling to her knees. Blood ran down her legs as she dropped back down on the asphalt, barely holding herself sitting as she leaned forward on her arms.

Her hands clenched in rage on the rough driveway.

She looked straight into her ex’s eyes as she gasped out in pain and rage. “What have you done?”

The question broke through the veil of Tom’s rage. Blinking, Tom stopped squirming under the man realizing what he was seeing.

Oh my God,” he said quietly in horror at what he’d just done.

The sister souls’ joy was interrupted by a shock of fear from the living cradle. They could sense their mother’s fear, her panic, and then her anger. They heard loud voices from outside their cradle. There was shouting and violent bumping. Suddenly a sharp jab brutally breached her little life’s connection from the cradle.

“Sister! Sister! Where are you going! Sister! Don’t leave me!” she heard her kindred soul cry out as her essence dimmed then faded completely.

She was outside of her cradle now, looking down on her mother crying. Blood flowed out from her as she wailed in despair. A distraught man was being held on the ground nearby. Even with his face pressed into the ground he was crying and calling out, “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I’ll never hit you again, I promise! I am so sorry!”.

“Goodbye sweet sister,” the little lost soul cried silently as she faded away again.

Sirens filled the air as two cruisers raced into the parking lot. Seeing the young woman down on the ground and the man subdued before her they ran over to them. One officer comforted Sunny while the other took custody of the now extremely subdued young man then listened to the older man’s report of what happened.

On seeing Sunny’s brutalized state the officer with her called in a request for paramedics and an ambulance. Sunny’s neighbors gathered around to support her offering what comfort they could. Others thanked the older man for subduing her attacker.

“I’m the one that called it in,” stated the woman who had run from her balcony as she gently rubbed Sunny’s shoulder in support. “I saw what happened and I can corroborate everything that that older man said. This man senselessly attacked Sunny then started beating her. It was horrible.”

Several of the surrounding apartment residents called out in agreement. The officer took their names and numbers for possible further questions.

The sound of sirens approached again. This time an ambulance and paramedic unit rolled together into the now quite crowded parking lot as the concerned residents parted to let them through. The units parked next to the two patrol cars. Four medics emerged from their vehicles then gathered behind the ambulance to pull a gurney from the back. They gathered up their supplies and rolled over to Sunny where she still was sitting on the asphalt.

One of the EMTs questioned Sunny as they stepped up next to her. “Are you Miss Serenity, ma’am?” He knelt down next to her as she nodded.

“That’s me,” she confirmed as he knelt. “But please just call me Sunny.”

He smiled and reached out to her, took her hands gently into his own then nodded to the officer with her. The officer smiled and nodded back, backing off to let them work.

Returning his smile and nod, the EMT turned back to Sunny. “We’re here to help, Sunny. You look to be in a bad way. Can you briefly describe what happened?”

“My now ex boyfriend decided I wasn’t going to have his baby then tried to beat her out of me,” she stated. She looked down sadly at the blood slowly leached out from beneath her onto the asphalt. “I’m afraid he might have succeeded.”

“We don’t know that ma’am. Let’s get you up and off of this asphalt and onto our gurney. We’re going to take you to Canterlot General Hospital where they can check you over. Don’t you give up hope yet, Sunny,” he added, remembering she had asked them to use her name.

Sunny nodded mutely as they gently helped her up and onto the gurney. They raised the head for her then strapped her in. Rolling her over to the ambulance, they loaded her into the back. The EMT who had spoken with her entered with her, while the rest entered their vehicles and flipped on their gum balls preparing to leave. The neighbors parted again allowing them to exit.

The ambulance pulled out onto the street followed by the paramedics. They both turned on their sirens as they pulled through the Canterlot traffic. Inside, the EMT placed sensors on Sunny to monitor her pulse, blood oxygen, and EKG while he asked her more detailed questions about what had transpired and how she was feeling.

Sunny answered feeling completely detached and depressed. He relayed all the information over the emergency radio to the hospital which included her name, age, approximate size and birth date. They acknowledged in response as he reported they were about five minutes out.

“Don’t worry, Sunny. The obstetrics team at Canterlot General are some of the best in the state. You’ll be in good hands,” he smiled.

“It’s not me I’m worried about,” Sunny responded looking up into his eyes. “It’s her.” She looked down at her blood ruined short skirt.

“You are a wonderful and caring person, Sunny. Keep your hope up. I’m hopeful everything will work out,” comforted the EMT.

Sunny looked up into his eyes and finally smiled. “Me too,” she nodded as hope finally reached her heart. She held his hands tightly. “Me too.”

They arrived at Canterlot General. The four EMTs worked together to lift her gurney from the ambulance then roll her into the busy ER. They rolled up to the triage station where they gave her name and birthdate again, then a few moments later were directed to a private room towards the back of the ER. A staff nurse joined them, introducing herself to Sunny as she led them to the room.

“Hello Sunny. I’m Gillian Heart McGinnis, but everyone calls me Red Heart. I’ll be taking care of you while we sort out your care and bring in our obstetrics team. I’ll have some questions for you and some forms for you to sign while we get you settled and get your care started.”

They entered the small, now crowded, room as Red Heart continued. “First let’s get you off of this gurney and onto our bed. You’ll be more comfortable, and we can get these guys back out there helping others.” She smiled and winked at the EMTs as they transferred Sunny carefully over onto the examination bed.

“Best lighten up with that flirting, Red. Some of us might be taken,” grinned the EMT who was with Sunny in the back of the ambulance.

He winked at Sunny while he finished up the paperwork transferring Sunny’s care over to the ER. The rest of the crew finished packing up the gurney then prepared to leave.

“Ha! “ Grinned Red Heart, “Since when does Canterlot’s Junior Chief have time for anything but work?” She teased as she finished up placing the leads on Sunny, then watched the readouts verifying everything was working.

“Maybe I just hadn’t found the right girl,” he quipped giving Sunny another grin and a wink as he handed Red the completed paperwork.

Sunny blushed from his attention, not really understanding the quip. Red Heart laughed and smiled.

Red Heart grinned at Sunny as the EMTs left laughing together. They waved to Sunny and Red Heart as they rolled the gurney back out of the ER.

Sunny turned to Red Heart as they left. “Do you all flirt and joke so much with each other?” She asked, still pleasantly surprised by their banter.

“Oh absolutely!” Red Heart grinned. “See how you’re smiling now? It takes your mind off of the unpleasantness. It’s fun for us and entertaining for you. And we all get to forget about what we’ve seen, heard, and experienced for a moment so we can just enjoy the moment of life we have before us.”

Red Heart leaned into Sunny. “And between you and me, I think your little Junior Chief likes you.” She whispered into Sunny's ear with a grin.

“Wah?!” Exclaimed Sunny, pulling back in surprise to stare at Red Heart in disbelief.

Red Heart grinned. “Don’t look so surprised, girl! It happens.” She grinned mischievously. “Sometimes the ones we care for are the ones we care for, if you get my drift.” She smiled at Sunny.

Looking at Red Heart in surprise, she turned back to look at the door he’d just left through, her broken heart wondering.

After Red Heart helped her clean up, saving everything to give to the lab and doctors, the ultrasound technician had come, finished her work, then gone. She smiled and talked with Sunny the entire time then promised the doctor on call with the obstetrics team would have her results and be there shortly.

Sunny waited alone in the room sitting up in the bed. She still held onto her hope just as the Junior Chief encouraged her. In her memory she saw his face as he held her hands, smiling at her in encouragement.

She smiled at the memory.

Her door opened as a young doctor walked in. She smiled encouragingly at Sunny while she shut the door behind her.

“Good evening, Sunny. I’m Doctor Birthright. I’m with the Obstetrics team here at Canterlot General,” the doctor stated as she sat on a stool next to the bed facing Sunny.

“I have some good news and some bad news. If you’re prepared to hear it, I’d like to share it with you,” she continued. Sunny nodded in encouragement so she began.

Doctor Birthright looked into her eyes, smiling. “The good news first. You are still pregnant. There is a baby growing and forming still in your womb despite what you went through.”

Sunny nodded, crying happily at the news and feeling encouraged. Doctor Birthright continued. “There is some bad news. Do you want to hear that now too?” She asked.

Sunny nodded in confirmation, so Doctor Birthright continued.

“The bad news is you did lose a life. You had twins. One of the twins spontaneously aborted and that’s why you were covered with blood. Your body was passing her remains from your womb to protect the other twin.” She explained.

“There was nothing spontaneous about it!” Sunny hissed.

Calming, Sunny looked to the doctor. “Do you have her remains? I’d like to see her off properly. She deserves that at least.”

“That’s an unusual request, but sure. If it will bring you peace we can do that. We’ve gathered her tiny remains. Just let us know what funeral facilities you pick then we will have her remains delivered to their care. For obvious health reasons we can’t just release her remains to you,” explained Doctor Birthright.

“I understand,” Sunny nodded.

Doctor Birthright gave her a gentle hug as Sunny cried in her grief. Though through her tears though Sunny still smiled, happy that even in her grievous loss Harmony had seen fit to leave her a gentle gift; a life still growing within her to love and raise.

Sunny smiled through her tears. She was going to be a mother.

Junior Fire Chief Harlan Everfree Shimmer smiled as he parked in the guest parking of the apartments he had visited just two days before.

He had called Nurse Red Heart to ask how a certain someone was doing, and was informed by his friend archly in no uncertain terms she had no idea who he was talking about and couldn’t say anything if she did about anyone who went home or not as that would certainly be a violation of HIPPA. Thanking her for her time and apologizing for any misunderstanding he hung up, determined to head over to her apartment after his shift.

For all her teasing, Red Heart was a true friend.

Asking a few passing neighbors for Sunny’s apartment several recognized him even out of uniform and happily gave him directions.

And some of them were gleefully cackling as they watched him leave, their inner matchmaker abundantly satisfied.

He took the steps up to her landing and knocked on her door. He channeled his inner Sam Elliott, readying himself for when she answered.

Sunny opened the door a crack, her eyes widening in surprise.

“Chief! Oh my gosh! What are you doing here?” She gasped out blushing and smiling.

“Not Chief yet!” He quipped in his best drawl. “Still just Junior Chief, Miss Sunny Parker. I’m here with a few follow-on questions. Do you have a moment?” He asked her, smiling.

Her face fell a bit in hearing that. She opened the door wider to fully greet him dressed in sweats, barefoot on the carpet inside with her messy red hair pulled back in a scrunchie. In his eyes though she appeared stunningly beautiful. He smiled, still playing it straight.

“Thank you, Sunny. This won’t take any longer than you want. I was concerned after seeing you before. As a representative of the Canterlot Fire and Rescue, I wanted to be certain you were doing okay and recovering,” he smiled kindly.

“We’re a smaller community here, so we all feel it important to look after our own,” he continued. “My first question is how are you doing? And the follow-on, is there anything we can do to improve your situation?”

Sunny grimaced mumbling under her breath as she stood back. ‘Of course you’re here as a Chief. Why would I have hoped otherwise,’ she grumped quietly as stepped back.

Then she smiled up at him, continuing in her normal conversational tone. “Would you like to come in? Perhaps take a seat while we discuss your questions and concerns?”

“Much obliged, Miss Parker. And sorry what was that first part? I don’t think I could rightly make it out,” Junior Chief Shimmer smiled as he stepped inside her door. He heard her full well, there was nothing wrong with his hearing. He just wanted to see what she’d say.

“Nothing! It was nothing! I was just talking to myself. Never mind,” Sunny said quickly, shutting the door then quickly leading him over to the couch. “Take a seat, please,” she offered, pointing out the couch.

He took his seat on the far side, looking up to find her still standing before him, arms crossed and looking awkward.

“Aren’t you going to take a seat too, Miss Parker?” He asked expectantly as he looked up at her. She blushed profusely, holding herself tighter as she replied in a slightly higher voice.

“Oh! Uh no! Uh, that’s okay. I can just stand here. This isn’t going to take long, right? There’s not really anywhere to sit anyway,” she replied as she grew even more flustered.

“Why Miss Parker, there’s a perfectly useful spot right here,” he replied, patting the couch next to him. “I promise, I don’t even bite.” He gave her his most charming smile.

“Uh. Um. Uh… Would you like anything to eat? Or uh drink I mean?” She called out, turning quickly towards her kitchenette on the other side of the room.

As she turned to leave hurriedly, Junior Chief Shimmer’s grin returned in full force.

‘Sweet Harmony this woman is irresistibly adorable!’ He smiled to himself. He resumed his normal rakish grin before she turned back around.

She stood before the small refrigerator, the fridge door open as she looked inside. “We have milk, orange juice, and water,” she called out over her shoulder.

“Water sounds fine, Miss Parker. And were you serious about something to eat? I am feeling a might bit peckish.” He responded cordially.

Surprised, Sunny stood straight up and spun to face him. “Are you serious?” She asked in shock.

“As a serene sunrise,” he responded smoothly.

She was taken aback. “Uh. Okay.”

She spun back around looking into the fridge again. “There’s some leftover pizza from last night. Is that okay?” She asked.

“That sounds fine. Is there enough for both of us? I’d hate to eat alone,” he drawled.

She checked, pulling the pizza box out then lifting the lid.

“Oh yeah. I only ate two slices last night. More than enough left for both of us,” she answered unthinkingly. She placed the box in the microwave for a minute to warm it up.

Suddenly she stood back up as what she was doing hit her. She turned back to face him as the pizza warmed.

What were your other questions?” She asked guardedly.

“Just one,” Harlan Everfree Shimmer smiled as he stared into her guarded eyes.

Do you like me?

Sunny’s mouth fell open in shock.

“How long did you say you were staying?” She managed to sputter.

“For the rest of your life, if you’ll have me,” he smiled widely.

Serenity Sunrise Parker’s heart melted instantly and completely.