The Birth of a Magical Unicorn

by SweetSunnyBuns

Chapter 6 - New Beginnings

Sunny was bored. It had been two weeks since the last fateful evening with her ex-boyfriend, and the loss she was still grieving.  By her best estimations she should be about three months along.  She had notified her current employer of her pregnancy as required by her contract and had immediately been placed on unpaid nmaternity leave by her supervisor.  Sunny was annoyed by that, but not the least bit surprised.

So she had some time on her hands.  Not that she wanted time to think... or feel, or be anything other than busy.  Even her craptastic job as an insurance telemarketer was preferable to sitting at home thinking and feeling. Especially feeling.  She felt her aching loss pulling at her heart as she quickly bathed and dressed.

She decided this was the perfect time for a walk, so she slipped on her walking shoes and left her apartment.  Skipping down the stairs she headed for her favorite coffee shop by the park.  A sweet coffee and a walk through more natural surroundings felt like a much better choice than being shut up alone in her apartment.

Smiling as she strolled through the Canterlot streets towards her destination she enjoyed the fresh air flowing through her hair and gently cooling her skin.  She smiled up at the sun gently warming her above.  She thought of her daughter now alone in her womb but unharmed and healthy.  A glow of gratitude flooded her heart joining an overwhelming love for her daughter as she skipped happily along the busy streets.

In her safe lifegiving cradle the young soul felt her mother’s concern and overwhelming love.  With joy she returned it sending her delighted and grateful love and concern back to her mother with every joyful fiber of her little being.

Her tiny heart raced with joy knowing the love in her mother’s heart.

Serenity “Sunny” Sunrise Parker felt filled with joy.  She felt connected to the little life growing within her.  She smiled filled with gratitude for the little soul filling her womb.  Her steps were light as she entered the coffee shop joining the line to place her order.  As her turn came, she ordered a caramel frappuccino, her favorite. Paying, she left the shop continuing on her way to the central park and its scenic trails.

Sipping her coffee as she walked down one of her favorite trails, she spied a bench midway through. She sat and enjoyed the sight of other passersby wandering the trail.  Some were focused, intensely moving though the path as if their progress were a critical goal, somehow obviating the need or desire to even notice the world around them. Others like herself, moved more slowly, or in her case not at all, enjoying the world around them and immersing themselves in the moment.  She smiled, picturing Harlan striding along the path, smiling as he focused on his objective as oblivious to the wonderful world around him as the dour joggers and business men and women she observed.

Then she grinned.  ‘Think of the devil and he shall appear!’ she laughed silently to herself as the very image she just imagined appeared before her, Harlan smiling in happy recognition as he single-mindedly locked onto her, walking briskly towards her then sitting next her on the park bench.

She laughed out loud as he sat down smiling at her.

“Delighted to see me then?” he asked with a grin.

“Something like that,” she teased, taking another sip of her coffee. “Imagine my surprise at you finding me here!  Stalking me much?” she laughed.

“No!  Er, at least not really,” he grinned.  “I just had a bit of time for lunch and thought it might be nice to join you.  I called but you weren’t home, so I asked myself, where would Sunny go? I remembered your fondness for this trail, so I thought I would check it out.”

“And did the trail meet your expectations?” she laughed.

“Clearly,” he agreed, smiling at her.

“I don’t think I am a reasonable expectation,” she quipped.

“I beg to differ,” he smiled back.  “So where do you want to go for lunch?”

“Persistent, aren’t you?  Truth is I’m not really hungry.  I was half considering skipping lunch and just grabbing a snack when I got home,” she answered.

“Nah, my treat.  Got to keep your energy up for that wonderful child you’re caritying,” he replied.  “We can just walk around a bit though if you’re really not hungry.  I just want to be sure you and your child are okay.”

“And this goes back to boundaries, Harlan,” Sunny replied gently.  “I love that you care, but I am my own woman and my child’s mother.  I don’t need another man stepping in and running my life.”

“And I’m not that guy, I swear,” assured Harlan, his hands up. “But I am that sometimes nagging and annoying friend who looks in on you and checks that you're taking care of yourself.  Friends are allowed to worry, Sunny.  I don’t want to run your life but I do want you to live it and enjoy it.  I might overstep a bit with the worrying, but seriously I have no intention of running your life.  Just running interference for it, maybe.”

Sunny laughed. “Well, that’s a start.  We’ll work on that.”  She took his hand, smiling.  “I appreciate you being my friend.  Friends I need, and you especially.  Thank you for that, Harlan.”

He gripped her hand back. “Anytime Sunny.  For my dearest friend, anything.”

They ended up walking the trails again then picking up a muffin at the coffee shop for her snack. Harlan had to head back to the station.  “Sure you don’t want me to drop you off?” he asked as they exited the coffee shop.

“Nope, the walk will do me good. See you for dinner, friend,” she smiled, waving as she stepped off down the street enjoying her muffin. He waved, heading back to his rig parked along the other side of the street.

She enjoyed her leisurely walk home still smiling as she jogged up her steps and into her apartment.  Entering, she saw a note on the kitchen table. Shutting the door she went over and read it.

She laughed out loud.  ‘That brat. He did come here first!  Annoying friend and stalker!’ she laughed again, taking the paper and reading it.

He really was a dear friend, interesting and welcome.  He and Red Heart had called a friend of theirs and arranged a position for her at the local Womens’ Clinic.  She hated her current job which was never more than just a paycheck. And not even that now that they’d forced her out on unpaid leave.  Her mind made up she took the paper and dialed the number on her phone.

“Canterlot Womens’ Clinic, how can I help you?” answered a young woman.

“Hi!  I was told to call this number about an open position?  My name is Serenity Sunrise Parker,” replied Sunny.

“One moment, I’ll transfer you to the director,” replied the woman.

“Sure,” replied Sunny as the woman placed her on hold.  A few moments later another woman's voice came on.

“Is this Sunny?” the woman asked.

“Sure, that’s what my friends call me!” replied Sunny surprised.

“Oh excellent!  Redheart told me about you, I can’t wait to meet you!  Are you available this afternoon?” asked the woman.

“Uh, okay?  Where are you at?” Sunny asked.  She quickly scribbled down the address on the paper.

“Just ask for Director LaGuinn when you get here,” provided the woman.

“Okay, will do,” answered Sunny.

“Awesome!  Looking forward to seeing you soon!” the woman replied then hung up.

“Well, that was… something,” mused Sunny.  She looked up the address noting that it was not too far to walk, one of the advantages to her apartment's central location.  Writing a few quick direction notes on the paper as well, she strapped on her fanny pack and headed back out the door.

The clinic was a bit further then she figured but still not an unreasonable walk.  Arriving at the double doors to the clinic she stepped up as they opened on sensing her arrival.  Entering the waiting area she spied the front desk on the opposite side of the room and walked up to the window.

A young woman looked up.On spying Sunny's proudly bare belly with its early pregnancy bulge the young woman reasonably asked, “Are you here for an appointment?”

“Sort of,” smirked Sunny.  “I’m here to see the director about a position.  Can you please tell her Sunny is here to see her?”

The woman looked up again actually noticing Serenity finally.  “One moment please,” she smiled, shutting the window and stepping away to the back office.

Sunny took a seat in the room noticing it was fairly crowded.  That made sense, as Canterlot was a small town and not exactly the most wealthy there were plenty of women like herself who might need to make use of the clinic’s free services.

A moment later the door by the window opened. The young woman leaned out. “Miss Sunny?  The director will see you now,” she announced.  A few heads turned in idle curiosity as she made her way through the door to follow the young woman down the hall to the clinic offices.  She knocked on the director's door and poked her head in.

“Director LaGuinn?  Sunny is here to see you,” she announced.

“Show her in please, Misty,” answered the director.  The young woman nodded then waved Sunny past her and into the office.  She left closing the door behind her.

“Welcome Sunny!  My friends told me a bit about you!  I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.  I’m director Ursula LaGuinn. Please, take a seat and we'll have a chat!” she offered, waving to the seat before her desk.

Sunny smiled taking the offered seat.

“Pleased to meet you Director LaGuinn,” she replied, leaning over the desk her hand extended.

Director LaGuinn took her offered hand, shaking it with a smile.  “Forward!  I like that.  I think you’re going to be perfect here.  And just Ursula, please,” replied the director.

“If I’m not being too bold, perfect for what?  My friends were a bit light on details in their rush to get me here,” Sunny laughed.

Figures,” snickered the director.  “Sure. I’ll tell you about the open position then take you on a tour of the clinic afterwards if your interested.”

“I’d like that,” nodded Sunny.

“We are looking for a director of Women’s Services. You wouldn’t start in that position. You would have to work up to it, starting as a Women’s Counselor.  It’s a very hands-on role. You take patients helpping them work towards a resolution of their issues but above all lend a compassionate ear.

“From what Red Heart and Harlan explained to me, you faced off against your ex after he attempted to force a spontaneous abortion…”

“I really hate that phrase!  Sorry, but as I told Harlan at the time there was nothing spontaneous about it!” hissed Sunny.

“My apologies, I didn’t mean to offend. That’s just the common parlance for what happened to you.  And you are right, it's not spontaneous at all when someone is beating your child out of you,” tempered the director.

“How much did Harlan and Red Heart tell you?  I thought they weren't allowed to talk about what happened to me?” asked Sunny in concern.

“They aren’t, and they didn’t.  They only said you had experience with the issue of violent abuse… so I obtained your records.  I overstepped my bounds and I  apologize,” the director answered.

“Okay.  I just don’t like the idea that what happened to me is such common knowledge,” replied Sunny.

“It’s not, I assure you.  I have access only because I am a medical professional and I needed access to your records as your prospective health care provider. As I said it was an overreach on my part, and I do apologize. I will be your provider if you take the job, as one of the perks is complete coverage at the clinic at no cost. Again my sincere apologies on my overreach,” assured the director.

“Okay.  I get that. letting it go.  What can you tell me about the job?” asked Sunny.

“The starting job is Women’s Counselor.  You are the first in line with our new patients, hearing their story, assessing their needs, then being their advocate as they move through the system.  You are their fairy godmother moving their story along to a happy ending, or at least one with a degree of peace for them.  You listen to their story, to their needs, then set up services for them as needed to see those needs addressed,” explained the director.

“And what services are those?” asked Sunny.

“Primarily reproductive services.  Contraception, both chemical and otherwise, sterilization if desired, and pregnancy terminations,” answered the director.

“By pregnancy terminations you mean abortions,” countered Sunny.

“A more volatile term but correct. We offer and perform abortions here when needed,” replied the director.

“I’m not going to lie to you, I am not a fan of abortions, especially not after what happened to me.  I can’t say that I’m going to be fine with recommending abortions to distraught women, not after what I’ve been through. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand sometimes that’s the only option or can seem to be.  I have no intention of judging any of the women you may place under my care,” admitted Sunny.

“And that’s why we want you.  Sunny, we need advocates.  We need women like you who’ve seen the worst then survived and overcame it.  We need you to share your heart, your strengths, your compassion, and your willingness to help others,” the director assured Sunny.

She continued. “We don’t want you to be inauthentic.  I won’t lie to you, we do perform abortions here.  But we don’t do it because it's our business, we do it to provide options for women who desperately need them.  We are not and never will be an abortion mill. We don’t want to make money off the backs of desperate women. That’s the exact opposite of what we want.

“Sunny, so many women come in here forced here by family, boyfriends, or even friends, told they have to get an abortion or their life is over.

“You are the answer for those women.  No one should be choosing for them just as you didn’t allow anyone to choose for you. You fought for your right to choose and defended the lives you guarded with every fiber of your being.

“We want you to pass that passion onto the women who come to us. They are often beaten, almost always afraid, and always hurting and feeling alone.  You can show them they’re not alone, they do have choices, and it’s their choice, not their families, not their boyfriends, and not their friendsTheirs.  If they choose to keep their pregnancy, you can guide them and be their fierce guardian through the system to see that they get the services they need.  And if they choose to terminate their pregnancy, I know you will comfort them and not shame or condemn them, helping them through that too.”

“I would never shame or condemn any woman for making that choice, even though I would never make it myself,” assured Sunny.

“And that’s why you are perfect for this position, Sunny.  You are the perfect advocate for the young women who come through our doors.  We want to bring them peace and happiness. And with your passion, you will help them achieve that.

“Do you want to work with us, Sunny?  Can you work with us?  I can promise it will be painful.  There will be times the memories dredged up will feel overwhelming. Some of the stories our girls share will break even the hardest of hearts. It’s not easy work. And I know the pay is less than stellar. But it’s important work and it needs desperately to be done.  Will you do it, Sunny?” asked the director.

Without even a moment's hesitation Sunny nodded, extending her hand. “I’m in! I can begin today!  Where do I sign and I’ll get started!” she agreed as she shook the director’s outstretched hand.

“Okay!  Wow, I really love your enthusiasm. Sunny, I know I’ve made the right choice bringing you on. And I'm looking forward to the day I can move you up to Director of Women’s Services.  You're going to be such a gift to the women who come through our doors!” gushed the director.

Grinning, she continued.  “That said… No. The earliest you can start is tomorrow. I’ll set everyting up and expect to see you tomorrow morning at 8 AM smiling and ready to rock!  It’s a full time position so you’ll get off at 5 PM with a one hour lunch break.  In the meantime I have a tour to give you and introductions to the rest of our staff.  Come, let’s get started!” she waved as she got up and stepped around the desk, taking Sunny by the hand and leading her out of her office.

First stop was her office, a small spartan but functional space. She nodded in approval.  Then it was off to the examination rooms which looked very much like she expected.  And of course the introductions to the rest of the staff. The nurse who administered the tests and many of the procedures, the intern that staffed the front desk (Sunny had thought she looked a bit young and now knew why), and the administrative assistant that managed the office paperwork and appointments.

“So where are the other doctors?” asked Sunny when they were done.

“Uh… we can’t afford more doctors at the moment, I’ll admit. I’m it for now. Keeps me busy, but keeps us open and that’s what matters. If we weren’t here where else would these women go?” admitted the director.

“Then you have even more of my respect.  Way be where the need is.  Thank you for that,” acknowledged Sunny.

The director grinned and nodded. “We all do what we can, right?”  Laughing, Sunny agreed.

Sunny spent the rest of the afternoon in her new office filling out her employment forms then going through the training manuals and procedures, getting comfortable with the clinic’s policies and procedures.

She did take a brief break to use the phone provided on her desk. Just one call to her now ex-employers letting them know she would not be returning to work for them after her leave.  They took the news without comment or concern, then informed her that her final paperwork and paycheck would be mailed to her.  That settled she resumed studying for her new job.

Closing time came and Sunny walked happily back to her apartment.  She was looking forward to seeing Harlan. She was going to give him so much grief for being such a stalker, as well as her undying thanks for her new job.