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A Poem from A Grateful Shimmering Heart · 10:13pm February 19th

The Birth of A Magical Unicorn

In starless void lost, I drifted alone
I knew only loss, my heartmate now gone.
Awash in despair, my existence was pained.
I wished her return, her soul’s joy regained.

Alone in the void overcome with grief
Devoid of all hope, no thought of relief
I sought only darkness and sufferings’ ends,
My soul in darkness eternity spends.

Adrift for all ages, ageless in death
A non darkness dot appeared as a breath.

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The rewrite of chapter 4 - Serenity Sunrise Shimmer - is out! · 2:41pm February 1st

With apologies to those who read the original and were perhaps disappointed. The updated and rewritten chapter was dropped yesterday, with a much more authentic pacing and presence, and less like a Telemundo Daytime Special.

Meet the Shimmers (well she's still a Parker - this is going to be a slow roll on their developing relationship), Parents of Shimmer (and by extension her twin sister now in a different... place).

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Heads up - Rewrite of chapter 4 for The Birth of a Magical Unicorn. · 8:54pm January 30th

Update: Now rewritten and released!

The latest chapter of The Birth of a Magical Unicorn will be undergoing major rewrites at the suggestion of my friend and editor. I rushed and took the story to a place it was not ready to go yet, and need to slow my roll.

I did a diservice to the characters, and to my readers, by rushing out this chapter in this form. Please accept my apologies and know this is being corrected ASAP. Thank you,

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