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I am a girl who got into My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 7 years ago. And I've finally decided to try and write fanfics, so...yeah. That's about it. If you ever want to talk feel free to PM me.

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After dying in a train crash, Twilight finds herself offered a deal by the Reaper: a game of chess for her soul. Twilight accepts, but there's something off about the game. Something she can't put her hoof on.

But the answer to that question is just perfect for who she is.

Cover art is from the Poets of the Fall album "Clearview".

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This story is a sequel to Best Hell Ever

Once upon a time, Twilight went to hell. It wasn’t that bad. It was pretty great, actually. It had a library! A big one. Like, bigger-than-the-universe big. But then Twilight went and got herself kicked out of hell, and now she’s depressed.

There’s only one logical solution: with Starlight’s reluctant help, Twilight is going to break into hell and invade its library. Oh, it’ll be tricky — trying to find one specific location in an infinite dimension tends to be a bit hard — but the infinite knowledge it’ll provide is too good to pass up. Twilight will find that library if it kills her (which, since this is hell, isn’t the worst thing ever in the grand scheme of things).

There is absolutely no way this can possibly go wrong.

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Suddenly finding herself in hell, Twilight is presented with one fact: for the rest of eternity, she's stuck in a library holding every book possible. She's expected to organize them and is allowed to read them.

What makes this hell, again?

Now has a Spanish translation by SPANIARD KIWI.

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Sunset Shimmer is in her apartment, alone, because it’s for the best. That’s why it’s good that she didn’t go to that party. It’s good that no-one knows what she does to herself.

But it’s fine. She knows what she’s doing.

She knows that she deserves this.

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This story is a sequel to Serotonin

Sunset Shimmer has a coping mechanism, and Twilight Sparkle wants to talk about it.

This is going to be a disaster.

Thanks to Scampy for being an excellent prereader and source of inspiration.

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Love comes in many forms: love for your family, your friends, your country, and your people. Twilight Sparkle has experienced it all, except one kind. True love, the love you stake the rest of your life on. As the royal wedding of her dear friends draws nearer, she begins to feel the desire for a love of her own.

Troubled and lonely from the newly-revealed gap in her life, she discovers that sometimes love is found in the strangest of places.

Takes place in the years after the epilogue of Visionary. Special thanks to _Medicshy for his editing and feedback on each chapter!

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Spike longed for years to have a family of his own. With Twilight's help, he applies for adoption.
Can he succeed in the trials of parenthood?
Can his daughter survive the life of royalty?
Can the royal coffers endure the doting of three zealous aunts?

Set seventy years after the end of Season 3.

Featured on Equestria Daily!
Cover art by EZTP also (featured on Equestria Daily! [#3]
Additional supplemental art provided by MelonDraws, spokenmind93, EZTP, EifieChan, Ayemel, and Ninny, with more to come in the future.

Edited by the amazing Shahrazad

*Note*: [Sex] tag added for the use of innuendo and mention of the topic in later chapters. No 'on-screen' content included.

This story's update frequency is incredibly sporadic, but I promise, no matter what happens, no matter how long it takes, this story will reach completion. (Update 6/22/22: YES, I PROMISE I'M STILL WORKING ON IT!)


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This story is a sequel to Princess Celestia The Changeling Queen: Stories Behind the Mask

At the Royal Wedding, Chrysalis and the Changelings were revealed to all of Equestria.

But another mask was torn away that day. A mask born for a thousand years. A mask created on one promise. A mask, that has become synonymous, fused, to its bearer.

A mask that when ripped off, causes Twilight, her friends and Luna to question everything they ever knew about the one pony, one very important pony.

At the Royal Wedding, the meaning of the phrase 'Princess Celestia' changes forever.

NOTE: Chrysalis is NOT Celestia!!! That'd be impossible to pull off.

Credits to: Plainoasis for the design of the cover art
Note 2: Original cover art here: https://angelea-phoenix.deviantart.com/art/Contest-entry-Changeling-Celestia-337023552

Pre-read/edited by Zervziel,
Courage Fire
Aurora Borealis

Side Stories to this can be found: here.

Contribute to the TV Tropes Page (thanks to Babs_Seed72 for getting it up)

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When Spike asked Twilight to help him create The Noble Dragon Code, he hoped a lot of things would happen.

Getting worshipped as a god by legions of theologically-inclined dragons wasn't really one of them but, hey, whattcha gonna do? Them's the breaks, kiddo.

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This story is a sequel to Twilight DONE!

The day of Shining Armor and Cadance's wedding anniversary is coming. Shining Armor, wants to give his wife a truly exceptional present, so he asks the Royal Guard of Canterlot for help.

Things get very out of hand from there.

Remember that Twilight Velvet is the author of the Daring Do books in this fanfic!

Proofread by:

Lucky Roll
Octavia Harmony
Chaotic Note
Missing Link

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