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I am a girl who got into My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 7 years ago. And I've finally decided to try and write fanfics, so...yeah. That's about it. If you ever want to talk feel free to PM me.

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Everypony knows that accidents occasionally happen, even to one of the illustrious and nigh immortal rulers of the Equestria. With determination in her heart and a blemish on her once-pristine wall, Celestia sets out to mend her minor faux pas. Surely - surely applying some plaster can't be too difficult ~ right?

PS: I'm forsaking my Monument of Sin title in lieu of the newly minted and wholly self-appointed moniker of Obelisk of Innocence

Artwork by Skoon (Twitter @CookieSkoon)
Inspired by a discussion with AnonTheAnon (Twitter @RealAnonTheAnon)

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When Trixie is hospitalized with amnesia, there are only six mares and a dragon who are up to the task of bringing Trixie back. Too bad the mare is absolutely terrified of a certain princess. A long road of recovery is in store for Trixie, will she make it? Probably, it's a fanfiction about best pony after all. But that doesn't mean it will be easy.

(As of chapter 7, I have changed it from the sad tag, for it is i into much more cheerful waters.)

(This story is on hiatus until I either fix my computer, or get a new one.)

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This story is a sequel to Live By The Sword...

For the residents of Canterlot, January 15 marks the beginning of a week of celebration. On this day, 237 years ago, the United Provinces declared itself independent from the Trottingham Empire. On this day, a nation devoted to the principles of liberty, equality, and tolerance was established.

The youth of Canterlot welcome their liberation... from the shackles of public education during Freedom Week. The week preceding it is a period of anticipation and excitement.

For Sunset Shimmer, however, the search for tolerance remains elusive. Two months after it was revealed that she had a girl sent to juvie, Sunset remains blacklisted from most of her peers, minus her friends and her boyfriend. With her second round of community service over, she finds herself in a new predicament: free time and no one to share it with.

Applejack, the ever-loyal friend, helps Sunset get a job at a sushi restaurant to pass the time. But in this job, she'll not only learn about responsibility and how hard it is to earn an honest buck, but other lessons from her co-workers: how even in a land of freedom, others must work twice as hard to have half the thing she has. She'll learn how even in a land of liberty, others must fight tooth and nail for even the most basic decency.

She'll be forced to discuss the age old question: what is freedom.

Working Girl Sunny is the third story of Sunset's Steps, the saga of Sunset's reform and growth into the brave hero we know and love. Reading the last two stories is helpful to understanding the background of this one.

Here are the stories in chronological order:

Look In The Mirror To Find the Truth-Completed.

Live By The Sword...-Completed.

Working Girl Sunny-Ongoing.

The Downfall of Sunset Shimmer: An Anon-A-Miss Story-Ongoing.

What Happened to Sunset's Family?-Ongoing.

This is going to be a far lighter story than the previous one. But be advised, there will be an exploration of things like corruption, racism, and controversial political questions. If it is not you're cup of tea, don't read.

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This story is a sequel to Look In The Mirror To Find the Truth

Featured August 18, 2019

After her six week suspension, Sunset returns to Canterlot High School. Applejack's forgiveness and friendship have given her a new lease on life and a new mission: to try and make it up to the students of CHS.

But to say that her return to CHS isn't well-received is an understatement. Everywhere she walks, Sunset is treated with hostility, scorn, and quite a bit of torment.

Even Applejack's friends are somewhat divided by her return. While Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy are convinced that Sunset has changed by Applejack, Rainbow Dash chooses to avoid Sunset entirely. She even starts hanging out with the members of CHS' track team rather then her own friends. The very team that harassed Sunset during her community service.

However, one mysterious student holds an especially severe grudge against Sunset. With his/her attacks on Sunset being sadistic, cruel, and threatening to her physical and mental well-being.

Will Sunset escape her predicament? Could her salvation lie with the least likely person?

This story is a sequel to Look In The Mirror To Find The Truth, and the second part of my Sunset's Steps series.

WARNING: This story features blackmail, offensive language, sexual assault, fights, and heavy drama.

You can read the other stories in chronological order.

Look In The Mirror To Find the Truth-Completed.

Live By The Sword-Completed.

Working Girl Sunny-Ongoing.

The Downfall of Sunset Shimmer: An Anon-A-Miss Story-Ongoing.

What Happened to Sunset's Family?-Ongoing.

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Featured from 8/9/2019 to 8/10/2019.

After the Fall Formal, Sunset Shimmer's reign over the school had come to a shattering end.

Everyone at school no longer feared the cruel girl, and some chose to torment her at every opportunity.

Even the Rainbooms, despite the orders given to them by the Princess of Friendship, were reluctant to befriend the former bully.

While delivering her goods one early morning, Applejack encounters Sunset doing her community service. Despite her own anger toward the former Queen Bee, Applejack can't help but notice the complete shift in Sunset's demeanor: her pride and arrogance have been replaced by sorrow and shame.

Driven by her own curiosity, paranoia, her promise to the Princess of Friendship, and a small desire to extend an olive branch, Applejack approaches Sunset during her community service, asking her why she's acting so broken up. Sunset tells her that she went through the most painful thing imaginable: being forced to see oneself with objective clarity.

Will Applejack befriend Sunset, or will her anger toward Sunset overwhelm her compassion?

This fanfic is my own take about how the Elements of Harmony work, and why they managed to change Sunset so quickly. This is partly inspired by Fallowsthorn's Time.

This is the beginning of a series I call Sunset's Steps. I wanted to explore Sunset's redemption a bit, and use the series to see how she got to where she was by Rainbow Rocks.

Here are the rest of the stories, in chronological order.

Look In The Mirror To Find the Truth-Completed.

Live By The Sword...-Completed.

Working Girl Sunny-Ongoing.

The Downfall of Sunset Shimmer: An Anon-A-Miss Story-Ongoing

What Happened to Sunset's Family?-Ongoing

Rated T for language and depictions of bullying.

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My own personal rewrite of the episode A Royal Problem. With Spike in Starlight Glimmer's place.

When Spike is called in for Royal Business to spend time with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, the two princesses have been getting rather angry at each other, both claiming the other doesn't know how the other feels when doing their job. So, the Princesses decide to switch places and see who has the better life, but what affect would this have on Spike?

A couple typos and things were fixed/edited.

This takes place shortly after Season 4.

Cover art by dSana!

Special thanks to SuperPinkBrony12 for helping me out here!

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Pinkie has a secret. So far, she's kept it from everyone, but Twilight can tell that something's wrong with her. So she offers what vague support she can… until Pinkie takes her into the basement to show her.

Fourth-place finisher in the "More Most Dangerous Game" contest, based on the Cupcakes prompt.

Featured on Equestria Daily!

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This story is a sequel to From Twilight to Dusk

Everything seems to be perfect. Twilight has friends, a castle and a little colt to take care of. However, Twilight has never adapted to her new home. Despite the luxuries, she will never recover from the loss of her first home in Ponyville. Luckily for her, she has friends who care deeply about her, and will do anything to make their friend smile again.

This is the second story I write with no romance involved. I had fun writting it, but I'll return to write romance again. I feel more comfortable there :twilightsmile:
I had a lot of help with this story. My brother in arms, Windsor, provided ideas and revised the overall story. We wrote this story together :pinkiesmile:
And, of course, Zalla661 edited this story, searching for any grammar errors I might have missed :scootangel:
Source of the Cover

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Twilight Sparkle visits a hospital for handicapped children as part of her royal duties. There, she mets a young colt whose body is disabled from the waist down. Twilight won't rest until she helps the poor colt to have a better life.

This story was inspired by a comic I read a long while ago, I was able to find it thanks to someone in Fanfiction. The link has been moved to the Author's Note to avoid mayor spoilers :raritywink:

Cover can be found here.

This story has now a sequel! Check it out here! :pinkiehappy:

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And someday wasn't a very hopeful promise, but she still hold onto it. Because if not, what else could she do?

I wrote this having the So Many Words Never Said universe in mind. But since it's based on events I haven't posted yet, you can come up with your own conclusions.

Cover art by Twilight-Sparkle-Things

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