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A month has passed since Luke had came back from Zebrica with his close friends. New adventures await for this human in Equestria. It will include a transformation, heartbreak, and other things. Over the course of his journeys, he will encounter some ups and downs along the way, but he eventually overcomes them. Most of them, and something exciting happens at every corner wherever he goes

Chapters (1)

Roped into doing some weird paganist ritual by his best friend/collage roommate, Ezekiel charter finds him self with much more than expected.
Holding his self together the best he can with some support and a little bit of friendship.
Will he learn to endures this world's differences, or will he lose his self among them.

Chapters (5)

Markus Becker is a Hauptmann, or Captain, of the German "Bundeswehr", mechanized Infantry. At least he was, until his armoured car hit an IED and he was sent to Equestria. There he found, that he couldn't move, no matter how hard he tried.
Luckily for him though, there is four-hooved help nearby...

Back on his feet he had to find the reason, why he was here in the first place.

Chapters (15)

In the months he's been in Equestria with no way to leave, Eric Reed's beard hasn't grown back for unknown reasons. When he finally mentions it to Princess Twilight Sparkle, she becomes driven to learn the reason.

Eric soon grows fed up of Twilight's persistence and tries to make her leave him alone. But to do it, he must figure out the solution to one question.

What can Eric, a human, do against an Alicorn that won't leave him alone if she doesn't want to?

Good luck buddy.

This story takes place after the events of my "A Giant Adventure to Equestria" story. However, it is not required to read it first to understand this story other than to learn Eric's backstory and how his bonds with the other characters formed.

Here's the link to the story if you'll want to check it out, and it's an 18-chapter story.

A Giant Adventure to Equestria

Edit on 1/22/20: And special thanks to flutterjackdash for editing the story. Errors that was there on submission are fixed.

Chapters (2)

Hardly a week has passed since the Changeling Invasion when the Mane 6 and Spike are asked to investigate a strange building deep within the Nightshade Woods that alicorns can't seem to penetrate and The Royal Guard keeps getting scared out of. Inside the building, the Elements of Harmony meet a mysterious entity who calls himself Dr. W.D. Gaster, who's apparently been spying on them ever since the Mane 6 all earned their Cutie Marks at the same time, his reason being to determine if they would be strong enough to help him protect their timeline from certain anomalies that were causing various other timelines to stop, start, jump left and right, and even be completely obliterated. As a result of both Gaster's warning as well as his mysterious nature, Twilight and her friends bring him before Princess Celestia.

Meanwhile, a fifteen year old boy named Frisk exits a portal of some kind, along with his evil split personality/hallucination, Chara Dreemurr, who's eager to not only seize total control over Frisk's mind and body, but to begin his favorite pastime: genocide and destroying the timeline, a mission that only gets complicated when Frisk falls for a girl around his age named Scootaloo.

Will Dr. Gaster be able to win over the support of the Mane 6 and the Princesses, and put a stop to Chara's schemes for mass murder and meyhem? Will Frisk and Scootaloo be able to live happily ever after? Or will Chara send all of Gaia on a one-way trip to his special hell?

An Undertale Crossover. All ponies, griffons, changelings, etc have been humanized to a certain extent. Contains Dr. Gaster X Twilight Sparkle and Frisk X Scootaloo.

My Little Pony is owned by an Equine Goddess named Lauren Faust and a toy company named Hasbro.

Undertale is owned by an annoying reality-warping dog named Toby Fox.

Chapters (1)

Dark forces are on the rise, putting Earth in their crosshairs. A team of young heroes will come together and fight for the safety of their friends, family, and the world. Against invading armies, conspiracies, and demonic forces, they will stand together or fall, they are the Teen Titans.

Rated T for: Mild language, suggestive content, and violence
Main OC characters are the creations of Kilala97.

Chapters (13)

Set in the universe of "Memoirs Of A Reality Jumper" and its spin-off "Jumper."

After finding a strange creature in the woods one day, a young mage must help them return to their own world, he'll do anything he can to help the creature get home, even if he has to give up his own home to do so.

My First Fanfic, earlier chapters a bit sloppy due to lack of editors, they get better over time. (a rewrite of the prologue is currently being planned, will begin once chapter 20 is published)

rated Teen for language, minor gore/violence , and possible mild innuendo in later chapters.

Extra tags: Slice of Life (Early chapters are primarily SoL, adventure aspects will come later)


My little pony: friendship is magic is property of Hasbro.
The Final Fantasy series belongs to Square Enix.

Chapters (24)

A crossover with Memoirs of a reality jumper, while Alex has experienced mostly realities in the fantasy genre Mathew Brennan has experienced almost two years of future and science fiction realities.

Matt has been jumping for just over two years when he encounters another human that has been jumping realities for over sixty years. What will he learn from this veteran jumper and will he survive to put it to use in Equestria?

Chapters (15)

If you think you know me, then you are truly mistaken.

Back where I'm from, I was forced to go with my classmates to a museum filled with costumes and clothes. It wasn't quite my cup of tea until I met a woman who told me that she could tailor something for me for a small fee. So, I asked for a scarf that resembled the burning flame of a phoenix. After receiving it though, things began to go south (Mostly because of my emotions back then). My life was already a living hell and ending up in another world was the last thing I would've expected.

But as I would find out, my life experiences and the things I've learned in the course of my long life have forged me into the being that I am. The tortured phoenix with a burning heart and spirit.

I am Ember Valkyr. The flame that will be the last thing you'll see.

Displaced story following the perspective of one of my own characters this time. One that I came up with. Thanks Fiction Fanatic and ElementBrigade (along with many other people) for your inspiration.

Credits to everything shown. Artwork made by me. It's a partial League of Legends crossover because of one of the characters, but that's it.

League of Legends belongs to Riot Games

Chapters (22)

I was just an average Brony and Otaku, but on the day I went to my first ever Convention and purchased a prop from a strange merchant I found my self in a magical new land of Ponies, ruled by Two powerful Sisters. Dropped straight into an Invasion and a Wedding. Now I must embrace the title of the Demon King and use the power of the Gravity Ether Gear to help protect Equestria along side the Elements of Harmony.

Chapters (1)
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