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Naruto's life has been taken and is given a second chance at life due to certain circumstances. However, what he didn't realize is that he would be living in a world of ponies and magic, not in his own world. Will Naruto learn to put his past life behind and accept this strange new world as his home? Or will he reject it outright and find a way back to Konoha?

Rated T for Blood, Violence, and Language.

Image is from a user named VertreV from Deviantart. Give 'em a round of applause!

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Spike has been such a wonderful dragon. He has been helping so many ponies since he move to Ponyville with Twilight Sparkle. But now he has a new challenge he must faced. that's right a Human has Enter Equestria & his name is Hunter Drake. but what Spike didn't know was that Hunter, was his long lost brother.

How can a human be related to a Dragon? what will there adventure's take them to? will they figure out how they were born? & what will Equestria have in store for them, you will have to read and find out.

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in this story a young teenager human will set afoot on a greatest journey he will have ever accomplished.

one day a young Human by the name of Hunter Knight will be transported to Equestria over 3000 years into the past, there he will meet the king and queen along with there 2 young daughters. then after rescuing Princess Celestia from a robber, Hunter did something extraordinary that no pony wow ever thought, then Hunter deicide to change his name to Sunflare Knight and become the first ever Human Knight in Equestria.

During those years Sunflare aka (Hunter) will become a Legend, and inspire a lot of ponies to be just like him. while Celestia and Luna been friends with him so long they both might have a certain feelings for him. did I also mention Starswirl the bearded became Sunflare Father. WHAAAAAAT.

Note: The property of (My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic) belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust. The OC Pony (Sunflare Knight) Belongs to me.

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2012, the year the world was going to end. I really didn't think much of it, to me the world would be the same no matter what happened. Earth is violent and lacking real heroes. Maybe in my sleep I'll dream of a better world if this one does die.

... Oh that's new, God's in my dream.

Crossed over with:
A Wielder and His Students
Life of A Nobody
Keys to the Harmoy
Lost in Her Time of Need

Crossover with Kingdom hearts. Story that gave me the idea here and the story that inspired that one is here!

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Raider, a young pilot and wanna be Sky-Knight is engaged by a battle-cruiser, unfortunately for him it doesn't end well. Fortunately for him he is still in one piece and in a slightly less desolate location than he remembered...well as he plummets to his death that is.

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A large roman force has pushed the Gauls of a small Gaulish village to create a new potion that will hopefully be the hope they need to save their home. A small Gaulish man and his friend test the potion, and find it doesn't give the hope they had intended.

(Tags will be added as things happen)

Asterix and My Little Pony crossover.
Asterix belongs to and is written by René Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo (Until 1977 when Goscinny died and Uderzo took over writing)
My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust

A new cover-art would be appreciated.

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Rarity had always been a pony with high aspirations to succeed. With the galaxy now open to her and her planet, being the best in Equestria just doesn't seem to stack up, compared to best in the galaxy. After a great deal of searching, she has found a shop off-world that is willing to sell her latest non-pony designs; the problem? She needs to find someone with a ship that can get them there.

Simon Ortell is your typical cargo hauler. Never staying in one place, always following the credits to his next job. With the current civil war kicking up in the Mandalorian Federation, he, like so many other freelancers, has been making quite a bit of credits off the conflict. Sick of getting shot at, he accepts what should be an easy job moving dresses, of all things. But after a call for help from an old "friend", things are about to get very complicated.

Join this unlikely pair as they run for their lives through the galactic underworld and find themselves the targets of hired guns, bounty hunters and assassins alike.

Set after the events of Of War and Friendship and during the events of On the Side.

Cover image by the lovely and talented QuiltasticInk

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After Spoony's defeat of the Guardian, he and Linkara set out to review Spider-Ham, when they notice a Black Gate. Upon inspecting it closer, they are sucked into the Black Gate. Upon awakening, they are in Equestria. Why have they been called? Find out......

Chapters (10)

When five Mercenaries get pulled into Equestria by a teleportation spell, their arrival awakens an ancient evil hellbent on destroying the peacefull kingdom.

Art by good0bye

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