• Published 29th Aug 2015
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Transformers Equestria Girls - RedFire

Twilight Sparkle and Spike returns to the Human Dimension to help the Rainbooms to survive the civil war between the Autobots and the Decepticons

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To Punish and Enslave

Another day, another smile! Pinkie Pie always wakes up with a smile in her face. She walks towards the window to see the view. Suddenly Pinkie saw a police car standing in front of her house. In the back of the car was writed ‘To punish and enslave’. Pinkie Pie think that was a strange slogan, cause the police always put ‘To protect and serve’. She open the window and smile to the cop. Like always, she waved her hand to the driver to conquer another smile in Crown City.

"Good morning, mister officer!" she shouted while waving her hand.

Suddenly, the car turn on its red and blue lights and drive away. Pinkie was super confuse. Everybody in the city always like to say 'hello' to Pinkie, but this was the first time she saw somebody walking away from her without saying anything.

Who was that grumpy?, she thought.

Four days later...

Sunset Shimmer was walking in the city with the Sun shining on her. Suddenly, she saw her best friends sitting in the cafe. She smile and run towards them. When she get close to the girls, Sunset's smile as disappeared when she saw their faces: Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity and PINKIE PIE were very angry with something. When Rarity saw Sunset Shimmer, she stood up and hugged her.

"Sorry for this looks, dear, but this days were not very easy to us." she said while sitting with Sunset.

"What's wrong?" Sunset asked "Did I made something bad?".

"The problem is not ya, sugarcube." say Applejack "It just we all got bothered by an 'strange cop." she said.

"Strange?" asked Sunset "How much 'strange'?" she said.

"Strange as the same police car is bothering each of us in this four days." said Rainbow Dash.

Sunset begin to think. Why was this cop watching her friends? They weren't bad. In fact, they were heroes who saved their school twice.

"I'll go to the police station to ask them to leave you alone." she said while getting up "I talk to you later, girls. Bye!"

"Bye!" said the girls when Sunset Shimmer walk out of the cafe.

When Fluttershy was drinking her juice, she looks to the window and saw the one thing she wanted to never see again: the same police car.

"Hum...Girls?" said the shy girl pointing to the window.

When Dash saw the police car was chasing her friend, she get really mad.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" yelled Dash while getting up "Let's go, girls! We're going to teach that guy a lesson!" she said.

"Easy there, Rainbow Dash." said AJ, holding Dash's arm "That guy is a cop! Ya mess with him and ya will have the most big problem of all."

"Oh yeah?" said the blue girl "Then watch me!"

When she was able to get free from Applejack's hand, Rainbow Dash sprinted in the same direction of the cop was chasing Sunset Shimmer, ready to kick the guy’s ass.

"RAINBOW DASH!!!" yelled Rarity "Grrrr! Let's get her, girls, or Dash will have to spend the Summer in her home."

The rest of the girls step out of the cafe and began to chase Rainbow, but they didn't notice that an yellow car was watching them.

Sunset walked under a bridge. She was still thinking about the so 'strange cop' who was bothering up her friends. The officer in the police station didn't found anyone who was using that car that they she talked about. Suddenly, she heard a engine sound behind her and a sound of sirens. Sunset Shimmer turn back and saw a police car staring at her. She think that it must be the car that her friends were talking. In that moment, her friends appear in front of her.

"Alright, you moron, time to teach you a lesson!" said Rainbow Dash clenching her fist.

"Rainbow Dash?!" asked Sunset moving closer to her blue friend "What are you thinking to do?"

"I going to kick that guy’s ass!" said Rainbow Dash looking to her friend.

When Dash looked back, she gasped when she saw the driving car straight to her. The car threw Rainbow Dash toward her friends, making all fall in their back. Slowly, the Rainbooms began to stood up as they rubbed the back of their heads.

"Is...Is everybody okay?" asked AJ.

But before anyone could answer, the police car stop in front of them. Suddenly, two red lasers were shooted from the car's headlights and stroke Sunset's face. In seconds, mini squares appear in her face until the laser shut himself off. Getting all of her courage, Sunset slowly decided to ask the objective of the cop.

"W-What do you want from u-us?" she ask.

Suddenly, to her answer, the car began to change. Wheels were stepping out, arms were appearing...The girls were shocked in what they were seeing in front of her eyes. In second, the car was now a giant bipedal creature made of black and purple metal. His eyes were red like blood and wheels were in his arms and on his back.

This 'robot' look down to the girls and lets out a big roar that scare Fluttershy that yelled a high pitched squeal.

"EVERYONE, RUN!!!" yelled Sunset Shimmer.

In that moment, the girls stood up and begin to run in the opposite direction. The robot smiled and began to run after them. His steps were making the ground to shake a lot, scaring more the poor Fluttershy. Sunset began to worried about her friends, but her thoughts were interrupted when the giant robot get closer to her. Suddenly, the robot swung his arm and stroke Sunset in her back, sending her towards an old car.

"SUNSET!" yelled the girls.

Before the girls could react, a giant foot passed over them, scaring the hell out of them. As he walked towards his target, the robot kicked a old motorcycle towards the next wall, destroying it into pieces.

"Ouch...My head..." growled Sunset as she rubbing her head.

Suddenly, a shadow cover her. She looks up and her eyes grew wide when she saw the same monster approaching his face closer and closer to her, punching the ground with his fist. She saw that the robot has a strange purple symbol in the chest. Where did Sunset saw something like that?

"Are you Sunset Shimmer?" asked suddenly the robot.

"W-What?!" said Sunset with an confusion and scared look "What do you mean---" she asked.

The robot, with his patience running out, punched the ground once more "ARE YOU SUNSET SHIMMER?!?!" he yelled.

"Y-Yeah..." answered Sunset, shaking with fear.

"Finally I found you, insect!" said the robot grabbing Sunset, who tried to break free "My leader wants to 'talk' with you and he send me to bring you to the mighty Nemesis." he said, clenching his fist.

"What if I said 'no'?" asked Sunset Shimmer with an angry look.

Suddenly, the robot began to smile and chuckled. What was so funny about that question? In that moment, the robot’s hand started to change into some kind of weapon with a red energy glowing in the tip of it.

"If you refuse, I will have the pleasure to blow up your little 'girlfriends' into pieces of meat." he pointed it to Sunset's friends, who started to be scared second after second.

"You wouldn't do that!" said Sunset.

"You don't know the nature of an Decepticon, stupid organic!" said the robot "Now...What's gonna be, Sunset Shimmer?" he asked with a evil smile.

Decepticon? What is an that? Suddenly the robot and the girls heard a honking noise coming from above. They all look up and saw a yellow car falling from the sky. Sunset Shimmer recognize that car: it's HER car! Suddenly, for everyone's surprise, Sunset's car began to change like the black robot did. Now the car was an yellow robot with an kind of an faceplate instead of an mouth. The door were in their back like wings and the wheels were in his shoulders and legs. Unlike the black one, this one have blues eyes.

The yellow robot landed right next to the black robot and punch him in the face. Little sparks and metals were flying from the other robot's face. The punch was so strong that made the 'cop' robot drop Sunset, who begin to scream when she saw the ground coming closer, but, with luck in her side, a giant hand appear and catch her in time. Sunset looked up and saw the yellow robot again. Gently, the robot put the girl next to her friends. Pinkie Pie hug Sunset with all her strength.

"Pinkie...Need...air" growled Sunset while she's turning from yellow to purple.

"Ups! Sorry!" say the pink girl releasing Sunset.

Suddenly the yellow robot kneels before the girls and began to talk with some strange electronics bleeps that the girls didn't understand.

"Oh we're fine, thank you." answer Fluttershy with a little smile.

"Wait! You can understand this thing?" ask Rarity raising her eyebrow.

Before Fluttershy could respond her question, the black robot grab the yellow one by his shoulder and throws him against the wall. The yellow one stood up and runned towards the black robot. Both their fists clench and both creatures began to push each other. The girls were observing an battle of titans...literally.

"So you're alive, Bumblebee...This is good news for Lord Megatron." said the black titan with an evil smile.

The called 'Bumblebee' answered with his bleeps with an angry look as he pushed more his enemy.

"Oh yeah?" said the cop robot "You couldn't protect our stupid voice in Tyger Pax!"

With that, the black titan stroke his head in Bumblebee's forehead with all his strength. With the yellow bot stunned, the black bot grab him by his leg and threw him toward the wall that was behind of the girls. A huge dust cloud covered the girls and after the cloud disappear, Rarity began to scream when she saw her clothes full of dust.

"MY BEAUTIFUL COAT!" she yell "WHY?!" cry the white girl.

As she stood up, AJ saw Sunset lying on the ground without moving a single muscle of her body. With a worried face, Applejack runned next to her.

"Sunset!" she shouted "Are you okay?"

But Sunset didn't answer. She was somehow unconscious and she had blood coming out from an scratch in her head. Suddenly, the ground began to shake and a shadow covered the girls. Rainbow Dash looked up and saw the evil robot kneeling and throwing the farm-girl the wall, leaving her stunned. Her eyes grew wide when she saw the robot picking up her unconscious friend.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" yell Dash running towards the robot legs.

Rainbow Dash jumped, grab the robot legs and began punch it with her fist, but the titans didn't care.

"Soundwave, I need a Ground Bridge.” he said “Mission complete and I bring news for Megatron." say the robot.

Suddenly, a purple portal appear in front of the robot. He look to Rainbow, who still punching his leg. With the other hand, he pick her up and threw her towards her friends.

"WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" scream Rainbow Dash before landing on top of her friends. From the wall rose up Bumblebee rubbing the back of his head. He look forward and saw the evil bot disappearing in the portal. Bumblebee released a sad sigh and look to Fluttershy, knowing that the situation was very dramatic and he needed the others.

"Girls...We need help." she say looking to her friends "We need Twilight..."

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