• Published 29th Aug 2015
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Transformers Equestria Girls - RedFire

Twilight Sparkle and Spike returns to the Human Dimension to help the Rainbooms to survive the civil war between the Autobots and the Decepticons

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Welcome to Equestria

Celestia readed the new letter that Twilight sended a few days ago. A new victory in a new battleground. Surely it was a difficult task, for what Twilight told, but the Princess of the Sun could tell that the Autobots are trusting very much in the Rainbooms now, allowing their friendship to be more stronger. Another thing that Princess Celestia learned is that even Megatron has his own enemies with the Decepticons like the one called Starscream, his second-in-command. These monsters can only think for themselves, but she know how it feels to have an enemy within our family. The doors behind the Alicorn opened, revealing two different Alicorns. One was black and dark blue, with a long mane that was similar to the night sky. The other was pink with a purple, light yellow and pink too. Like Celestia, both were wearing a crown, but with different colors.

“Princess Cadence, Princess Luna.” said Celestia as she bowed before the other Princess.

“It's so good to see you, aunty.” said Cadence “So we are here because of Twilight, right? How is she?”

“She’s fine, Cadence,” said the white Alicorn “but you are here is not because of Twilight Sparkle. Is about other ‘pony’."

“And who is this pony you speak of, sister?” asked Luna as she rose up her eyebrow.

“Cadence,” said Celestia while turning her attention to the pink Alicorn “did you ever heard of somepony called Optimus Prime?” she asked.

“You mean the alien creature that leads the so called Autobots and it’s my sister-in-law’s friend?” asked Cadence “Yes, I do heard about him and his impressives actions to save Earth. Why do you ask, auntie?”

Luna then understood what was going on. After she and the others Princess have meeted sn mysterious friend from another reality next to Equestria and Earth, they have been receiving some warnings sended by the ancients creatures about the connection that growing between Twilight Sparkle and Optimus Prime. Thanks to this ‘bond’ and the warning, the Princess of Friendship was able to save the mighty leader of the Autobots from the so called ‘Megatron’.

“Is this about our mysterious friend as well, sister?” asked Luna “Did he send us another warning?”

“Indeed it is, my dear Luna.” answered Celestia as she gazed the Sun “We may not know very well the Autobots or even the Decepticons,” she said as she looked to the city of Canterlot “but I fear we shall soon know both this creatures and their horrible war…”

In that moment, on Earth…

A white, red and green sports car drove through the road until it arrives into a scrap yard that was located outside of Crown City. It belonged to a guy called Denny Clay, but he has left it to another person so he could pass the holidays with his family. It has been five weeks since the Autobots have taken down the factory in the Moon and there was no beep from the Decepticons. There wasn’t more stealing since they have won the battle, but only Energon transports, which worried Optimus Prime. As the car stopped, Sari and Pinkie Pie stepped out of it, allowing the vehicle to change into a giant robot that was using katanas in his backs. Suddenly, Wheeljack opened his chest and pick up some cake that was left by the pink girl, who chuckled as she rubbed the back of her head.

“My bad!” she said “I can believe that you got a job, Sari. I’m very proud of you!” she said as she hugged the brunette girl.

“It was nothing.” said Sari while blushing “I was just lucky to find Mister Clay.”

“First I was an mechanical and now you’re an owner of this scrap yard.” said Wheeljack as he knelt down “Will my good inventions become something cool in this days?”

“Is not a scrap yard, Jackie. It’s a...” said Sari before hearing a entrance bell “Oh no! I got customers! On my first day! Wheeljack, you need to hide!”

Hearing this, the Autobot changed back into his vehicle mode and switched off the engine, so his disguise would be perfect. After this panicking moment, a blue car drove into the place and stopped a few feets from the girls, allowing three girls to step out. Pinkie Pie rolled her eyes when she recognized the girl in the middle. She was pale blue with a white hair and she was wearing yellow and purple hair pin. It was Trixie Lulamoon, a bully from her school and almost allow it to be destroyed by the Dazzlings at the end of the battle of the bands.

Trixie looked around “Where’s Mister Denny Clay?” she asked “Oh...Hello, Pinkie Pie.”

“Hello, Trixie!” said Pinkie Pie as she waved her hand.

“Hum...Mister Clay is not here, Miss Trixie.” said Sari as she extended her hand “My name’s Sari Sumdac and I’m the new owner of this place."

“Whatever.” said Trixie “Trixie don’t want to waste time, Sumdac, because I need to help a friend of mine.”

“Friend?” asked Pinkie as she titled her “Since when you help friends, Trixie?”

“Don’t underestimate the great and powerful Trrrixie, Pinkie Pie.” she said “My friend, Mister Smith, need some objects to built something and asked Trixie if she could help him.”

“Uh-uh.” said Sari as she nodded her head “And will ‘Mister Smith’ be paying cash?”

“Oh, no.” answered Trixie “Trixie will, which means me.” she said with a chuckle.

“And what can I get for you and Mister Smith, Trixie?” asked the Autobot girl

After Trixie has snapping her fingers, one of the girls that was next to her pulled a roll from her bag and gave to the white haired girl. The top of the roll fell on the ground and rolled until it stop in front of Wheeljack. The girls’ eyes widened when they saw the side of the paper. Whoever was this so called Mister Smith, he was a busy man. Neither Sari, Pinkie Pie or the Autobot have ever saw so many things in their lives. What was Smith building?

“We’ve already found many thing,” said Trixie “but Mister Smith still demands fifteen pounds of soldering lead, fourteen relay switches, thirty seven yards of steel cable and one high voltage electro generator.” she finished with another chuckle.

“Okay!” said Sari “Just stay here and let me see what we can find for you, girl.”

As Sari walked away, Wheeljack began to think in the mentioned materials. Fourteen relay switches? This and the others were very odd, not normal for a simple human. There was only one thing that could be built and only one person in the Universe would think in building it. The white Wrecker decided to warn his human friend about this danger.

“Pinkie Pie, don’t give them the generator.” murmured Wheeljack “I’ll explain you later with Optimus and the others.”

Nodding her head, the pink girl followed Sari to help her to get the materials. After a few minutes, Sari and Pinkie Pie have brought every material that Trixie asked in a cart. Now Sari just needed to bring the generator and she would made her first trade in her new job.

“Well, here’s most everything.” she said “Give me a minute to fire up the crane and I’ll bring the generator over.”

“Sari, you sold the generator this morning, remember?” lied Pinkie Pie.

“What?” said Sari “We have one in the back. Denny have showed it to me yesterday.”

“No, silly.” lied once more the pink girl “You sold it to Mister Jackie.” she said as she pointed to the white car.

Sari started blanky to Pinkie Pie as she try to understand why she was lying. After she looked to Wheeljack, the Bot girl understood that lied. It was something about the Autobots. So all she needed to do is to go in this lie so keep the generator away.

“Oooh!” said Sari before she turned her attention to Trixie “Sorry.”

“Hmmm...The only generator in the area is in dam.” said Trixie as she rubbed her chin “That’s not for sale. Well, the great Trrrixie will have to take this objects to Mister Smith. Lets go, girls.”
Leaving her friends to carry the materials to the car, Trixie paid Sari and entered in the vehicle, driving away to deliver what she bought to Smith.

“That Smith must be a busy man, don’t you think?” said Pinkie Pie.

“Sure he must be,” said Sari “but why I couldn’t sell that generator, Jackie?” she said, turning her attention to the white car.

“I don’t think that ‘Mister Smith’ is actually a man, kid,” said Wheeljack “and I think I know what he’s building. We need to roll back to the Ark right now.”

After stopping in the middle of a alley, Trixie and her friends began to unload the materials the have bought in a purple cart in front of a strange person wearing a purple hood and a cape, hiding his face and the entire body. In his right shoulder was a brown falcon staring to the girls, making them have chills in their backs. After laying the last switch, Trixie smiled to her new friend.

“Here it is, Mister Smith.” she said “You can always trust in the great and powerful Trrrixie.”

“Oh yeah?” said Smith “So where is my high voltage electro generator?”

“Well…” said Trixie as she tapped both her fingers against each other “The scrapyard didn’t have it and the only place that have one is the Crown City’s dam.”

“The dam, eh?” chuckled the mysterious man “It’s okay, my friend. This will be enough to me. You can go now.”

“Trixie is happy to know she could help you, Mister Smith.” said the blue girl.

With her job done, Trixie and her friends entered in the car. As the car drove away, the man in the hood chuckled as the falcon in his shoulder take flight. Suddenly, the brown falcon started to change his look. Now he wasn’t made of flesh and filled with feathers, but a robotic red and black bird with an evil purple insignia in his forehead. Grabbing his cape, Smith threw away his disguise, revealing to be a blue robot with red glasses and wearing the same insignia as the bird. As Rumble pulled the cart behind him with Laserbeak flying above his head, a blue snowcat stopped in the end of the alley and opened the door, revealing no driver.

“Where’s the generator, Rumble?” asked Snow Cat.

“The stupid female meat bag couldn’t get one,” said the Minicon “but she said that there’s one in that place we attacked for the first time.”

Laserbeak unleashed a screech as he laid more materials inside of Snow Cat.

“Steal the generator?” asked the snowcat “That sounds very cold, Laserbeak...I like that.” he chuckled.

“A Space Bridge?” asked Optimus Prime “Are you sure, Wheeljack?”

“I’m one hundred percent sure, Optimus.” said the Wrecker “Megatron is surely building a Space Bridge. That has been his plan from the beginning.”

The Rainbooms heard Wheeljack theory since he arrived to the base. He’s been talking about Trixie and her materials and a guy called ‘Mister Smith’, which he believed to be a Decepticon, but he was always saying a word that caught the Autobots’ attention: Space Bridge. Twilight have heard of the Ground Bridge, but never heard about that one.

“Sorry if I’m being rude now, darlings,” said Rarity as she stepped forward “but must I remember that some people didn’t born in Cybertron?”

“That list from Trixie…” started Wheeljack “Those items may have seem random, but they weren’t.“

“The Decepticons must be tricking humans so they can get want they to built a Space Bridge,” said Ratchet as he showed the device in the computer screen “a device created by the Knights to explore the Universe. Unlike the Ground Bridge, it allows to transport anything or anyone to any planet in the galaxy or even to another galaxy in a matter of seconds.”

“So it transport you to anywhere you want?” said Rainbow Dash “That’s awesome!”

“It’s bad too, Dash.” said Arcee “Mega-jerk is probably planning to bring his entire battle fleet to invade Earth, but in our hands, we could use it to bring reinforcements and kick his tailpipe.”

“We could IF we thought the Space Bridge would work.” said Wheeljack with a worried face “I study a little of Space Bridges when I was a mechanic and it’s far more like that a slightest misalignment of the components would create a black hole like phenomenon that could badly damage Earth or even destroy the planet.”

The mouth of every Autobot and human fell after they hearing those words. If the Decepticons activated that Space Bridge, Earth would be eaten by a black hole and everybody on it would be nothing but space dust. Lucky, Pinkie Pie stopped Sari from selling the generator. Without it, Megatron would never activate that device of doom. In that moment, Spitfire appeared in the screen of the computer and she was inside of a cockpit of a jet. Thanks to her face, nothing good was coming.

“Special Agent Spitfire, to what do we owe…” said Optimus.

“What else?” growled Spitfire “Cons! I was fighting one of them here, in the dam. He was able to get away with the generator, but not before he blew me out the sky.”

“Wait!” said Sunset Shimmer “Did you said ‘generator’?”

“Yes.” answered Spitfire “Lucky, the generator has a tracker that will allow you to follow that Decepticon. By the way, why do you ask that?”

A silence moment fell in that Ark’s bridge. Hound knew that only one Decepticon would be that stupid to stole a generator on his own, but that wasn’t the important thing now. With the that Earth’s device in Megatron’s claw, the Decepticons were a few hours to destroy Earth, the Autobots and themselves. Optimus clenched his hands before yelling his battle cry.

“Autobots, transform and roll out!”

Many Vehicons and Seekers worked in giant cables and connecting them to an strange giant orange metallic structure so it could receive energy from the generator to open the portal that would bring their entire fleet to that rock infested with organic insects called humans.

After weeks of getting their tailpipes kicked, the Decepticons were finally putting their ultimate plan to defeat the Autobots and those meddlesome ‘Rainbooms’ once and for all and conquer planet Earth so they can start to built the Decepticon Empire under their superior leader: Megatron, Emperor of the Destruction. One Vehicon kneeled to grab a blue cable and a red one and prepared to connect them, but he was stopped by Knockout, who runned towards him.

“No, no, no!” he shouted “Blue to blue and red to red, you stupid piece of scrap!” said Knockout before turning around to the workers “If we don’t built this Space Bridge precisely the way Lord Megatron ordered, you know what he will do to US!”

All Cons gulped when they imagined their heads being blown up into pieces or their sparks being removed from their chest by their leader. With those horrible ideas in their minds, the workers continued to prepare the Space Bridge. Megatron chuckled as he placed a fragment of Dark Energon in the machine’s energy chamber. He needed to see how would the device work with a different kind of Energon. The leader of the Decepticons needed to be honest: his plan would never come true if it wasn’t his bodyguard and best killing machine on his team.

“Nice work bringing the generator, Snow Cat.” said Megatron, making him to laid his hand on his hip and smile under his mask “Unlike others, you never let me down.”

Starscream growled when he heard that words as he carried one giant cable. Was Snow Cat the one who have the idea to use humans to get the materials? No, he wasn’t. The second-in-command was the Decepticon who created the idea and not that idiot body guard. Giving the final components to a Vehicon, the Seeker commander crossed his arms and waited to Megatron’s plan to happen.

“Megatron, final component has been placed.” said Soundwave has tapped in the Bridge’s control “Space Bridge is complete and system as fully online. I await your orders, my liege.”

“Good…” chuckled Megatron “Soundwave, activate the Space Bridge. It’s time to burn this planet into ashes.”

“Finally!” shouted Barricade “Right on schedule, aren’t we?”

Megatron ignored Barricade and watched his most loyal soldier working. Tapping the keyboard of the controls, Soundwave inserted the coordinates to the Decepticon fleet. With the coordinates inserted, the Space Bridge began to receive power from both the stolen generator and the fragment of the blood of Unicron. A purple vortex began to form in the middle of the machine, with lighting forming around it. Megatron laughed like a maniac as he stepped in front of the portal. Today, a new order would rule the Universe. Today, the Decepticons would win the war.

“Turn that Space Bridge off, Megatron!” yelled a voice behind him “Right now!”

Megatron growled when he heard that familiar voice. Turning around, the Decepticon leader clenched his fists when he saw Optimus Prime and his Autobots with his blasters ready to blow them up into scrap and his troop all defeated by their stupid female human pets. Charging up his cannon, Megatron and his team rose up their weapons and aimed to their mortal enemies.

“You’re too late, Optimus Prime!” said Megatron “My Space Bridge is already online and soon this planet will be wasted by my entire army.”

“Soon there will not be Earth if you don’t shut down the Space Bridge, Megatron!” said Optimus.

“You must stop now, Megatron!” said Twilight “You are creating a black hole that will kill us both!”

“Shut up!” shouted Megatron “Decepticons, prepare to---What?!”

Suddenly, before anyone of both Team Prime and Team Nemesis could anything, the controls of the Space Bridge exploded and the portal started to turn multicolored and sucking everything around it. The offline Cons were immediately pulled and turned into dust when their body connected with the portal, making everyone, even Megatron, to gasp. The Space Bridge continued to suck everything, including both teams into the portal, making each and every Con, Bot and Twilight to grab the ground, except Wheeljack, Soundwave and the rest of the Rainbooms, who hide behind of some different rocks. To surprise them more, a white tentacle came out of the portal and grabbed Starscream, who yelled as he was pulled into the portal and consumed by the white color.

“By the Allspark, Megatron!” shouted Optimus “What have you done?!?”

Megatron didn’t had time to answer when more tentacles came from the Space Bridge and grabbed Bumblebee, Barricade, Snow Cat, Arcee, Ratchet and himself. Optimus saw an tentacle flying towards him and, to prevent being captured, he changed his hand into his sword, cutting the mysterious thing in half, which turned into nothing immediately. To Prime and Megatron’s horror, their teams and the Decepticon leader was pulled into the portal, happening the same thing to Starscream. To avoid that destiny, the Emperor of Destruction grabbed to the edge of the Space Bridge and used his jetpack as the tentacle around his belly continued to try to pull him into the white void.

“BUMBLEBEE!” shouted Fluttershy.

“HOUND!” shouted AJ.

“ARCEE!” shouted Dash.

“RATCHET!” shouted Rarity.

Both girls were shocked in terror after they saw their friends being pulled into the portal and probably being turned into dust. To avoid they being sucked into the portal, Wheeljack pushed the Rainbooms into his chest with all his strength as he continued to grab the grapple of his katana that was stuck in the ground. As his strength began to disappear and his jetpack began to die, Megatron’s optic laid in Twilight Sparkle, the special female human that humiliated him in his great victory against Optimus Prime, and aimed his cannon towards her. If he was going to become one with the Allspark, he wouldn’t go without taking that insect with him.

“STAY AWAY FROM HER, MEGATRON!” shouted Optimus.

Turning his head, Megatron gasped when he saw the red and blue Autobot flying towards him. Optimus wasn’t going to allow Twilight to suffer the same wounds that his brother made to Fluttershy, even if it means sacrificing his own spark. After Optimus and Megatron entered in the portal, the system began to overreact and shouted it down itself, making the white portal to disappear, giving back the gravity to the Rainbooms, Wheeljack and Soundwave, who flew away after the Space Bridge became offline. He knew that his master wouldn’t be defeated by a simple vortex and he would do anything to bring him back. Twilight, like the others, stared blankly to the Space Bridge before falling into her knees. Optimus was gone to protect her and it was all her fault.

“Optimus...No…” she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Optimus started to open his optics, but do found weird to not see any cybertronian words appearing on them. As his vision began to return, Optimus noticed that he wasn’t now in a rocky place filled with Decepticons, but in a nice place filled with beautiful trees, probably a forest, with a pretty lake in the center. When the Autobot’s optics laid down on his hands, he gasped: he didn’t have hands, but blue and red...hooves?!? Optimus tried to stand up and fell in the ground immediately. He did the same action over and over again, but the result was always the same. Noticing the lake, Optimus crawled towards it to see his reflection in the water and when he arrived….His blood completely froze as the eyes widened when he saw himself. His entire body was no longer metal and wheels, but flesh quadrupedal body and a white fur. In his head was a blue and red long mane and a white horn, as well two ears, a muzzle and a mouth. In his back was two wings, reminding him the Aerialbots. Looking to his butt, Prime saw a tail with the same colors and the Autobot insignia.

“By the Allspark…” said Optimus as he looked to his hooves.

Suddenly, growls were heard behind Optimus, making his ear to twitch back. Turning his head around, Optimus gasped when he saw four equines standing up and rubbing the back of their heads. The first one was a yellow pony with a black and yellow mane and tail, with a scarf around his neck and a little smaller then the Prime. The second was, for Optimus could already tell, a blue female pony with a pink mane, tail and hooves and a horn in her forehead.The third was green pony as well, with a black tail and mane. The last one was white with a red and white mane and tail and red hooves. If it wasn’t their voices and the red insignia in their butt, Optimus would said that he was just dreaming.

“Ouch! My head…Hey! W-What happened to my body?!?” said Hound before noticing the strange creatures next to me “Who the slag are you, freaks?!?”

“Hound? Is that you?” asked Bumblebee before placing his hooves in his throat “Wait! M-My voice! I’ve got my voice back!”

“Bumblebee?” asked Ratchet before looking to himself “This is not good for my reputation.”

“Optimus? Is that you?” asked Arcee as she stood up “Where are we?”

“I think I know where we are, Arcee.” said Optimus “I’m afraid we are in Equestria.”

"Equestria?" asked the green pony "You mean Twilight's home planet in another Universe? B-But how?"

“The Space Bridge…” said Ratchet while rubbing his chin “Somehow it broke the fourth wall, creating a vortex that temporally connected Earth to this Equestria.”

“So we are stuck here.” said Arcee “Wonderful…” she growled.

“I don’t think this is bad, Arcee.” said the yellow pony “After all, this is Twilight’s home. If we can find her friends from this place, maybe they can help us to return to Earth, where Wheeljack is trying to find a way to get us out of here too.”

“Good idea, Bumblebee.” said Optimus “Twilight told me that she and her friends live in Ponyville.”

“What are we waiting for?” said Hound “Let’s transform and find that city!”

“Hound,” said Optimus before placing his hooves his his friend’s shoulder “I believe that these bodies do not have an alternative mode.”

“Wait! So we are stuck in this organic equines?” said Ratchet.

“Actually, this kind is called ‘ponies’.” said Bumblebee “Twilight told me and Optimus about them.”

“There’s no time to lose, my friends.” said Optimus “Autobots, roll out!”

And so their journey to find Ponyville started. During many hours, the Autobots had discovered many obstacles in their path such as mountains, few strange creatures and the most horrible problem: hunger. Lucky, the Autobots were triumphant thanks to their strength, courage and some apples they found in their way, but above all that, their mighty leader, Optimus Prime. While walking through a mountain, Optimus looked to the horizon that they have crossed and saw the Sun hiding itself behind of the huge wall of rocks. It may be similar to the one on Earth, but it was way more beautiful. Suddenly, an yawn was heard next to the Autobot. When he looked to his right, the only thing he saw was a yellow and black pony resting his head in his shoulder. Prime looked to the rest of the team. He could see they were falling asleep as well and, to be honest, he was feeling very tired too since he was an organic creature now. He then looked to the forest. It might be a little dark and scary, but it was their only option to sleep better.

“We shall rest here and tomorrow we shall resume our journey.” said Optimus while waking up Bumblebee “I take the first guard shift and then you are next, Hound.”

“Understood, Prime.” said Hound before falling asleep under a tree.

Helping Bumblebee to get under his own tree, Ratchet yawned before resting next to the Autobot scout with big snoring. Preparing her place, Arcee rested her head in her own pillow made of green leaves from the trees. Before she started to sleep, the female Bot decided to ask one last thing to his leader.

“Optimus…” she said, making the Autobot leader to look at her by the corner of the eye “Are we going back to Earth? Or even the Cons are over once and for all?”

“Don’t lose hope now, my sister.” said Optimus with a smile “I got my entire faith in Twilight and Wheeljack to take us out of here.” he said while looking to the Moon “As for the Decepticons...I fear that this is not the last time we will see Megatron.”

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