Transformers Equestria Girls

by RedFire

Roll to The Rescue Part 1

Sunset continued to look to the giants robots. They were very scary and very different than the other who tried to save her and her friends. There were many questions in her head: who are they? Who build them? But there was one important question she wanted to say…

"What do y-you want from me?" she asked.

"Finally! She speaks!" said the read robot "I was think that Barricade your...voice thingy."

Barricade?! What kind of name his that?, Sunset though to herself.

"So this is a human..." said the blue one while rubbing the top of his head "I thought they were bigger.".

The dark blue robot began to talk. His voice was electronic and is very cold, causing chills in Sunset’s spine.

"The organic race of Earth is small and weak like the other species, Snow Cat." he said "Soundwave superior, Humankind inferior."

The last part that 'Soundwave' said broke Sunset's fear. Above all the things she heard, insulting her friends was something she couldn’t handle. With a quick jump, she stood up and glared to the robots.

"No one call my friends weak and inferior, you stupid talking trash!" shouted Sunset.

That words pissed off the red robot. He stepped closer to Sunset and change his hand into...a CHAINSAW?! The other robots didn't move. They were just standing there, watching the robot's chainsaw moving closer towards Sunset Shimmer, ready to turn her into mince.

I shouldn't die like this, she thought.

Tears were forming in her eyes when she think that her journey would end in the worst way. Until…

"Knockout, stand down...for now." said a evil and old voice.

'Knockout', as the voice called him, stepped back and change his chainsaw back into his hand. Sunset let out a sigh of relief. In that moment, all robots stepped aside to allow Sunset to look to a giant chair with many spikes. Suddenly, the chair begin to turn until the one who was sitting there could see the girl. From all the robots she saw, this one was the most creepy of them: he was silver all over the body and his head looked like a helmet. His shoulders has some spikes and in his right arm there was a purple cannon stuck on it. Like the other ones, he got red eyes and the same purple logo.

The robot stood up and walked towards Sunset. His foot steps were shaking the ground around her and her body too each time they connected with it. Once he was close to her, he looked down and glared to her with his evil red eyes.

"Sorry for my medic, Miss Shimmer." said the robot "Knockout always like to play with his toys." he say.

Knockout begin to smile with that words.

He's a medic?!, thought Sunset "Who are you?" she asked.

"Oh, where are my manners? These are Barricade, Starscream, Knockout, Soundwave, Snow Cat." said the silver robot pointing to his comrades "And I'm Megatron, leader of the Decepticons and Emperor of Destruction." he said clutching his fist hind the air.

Decepticons?, she thought.

"But enough talking about us." Megatron said with a evil smile, showing his mouth filled with sharp teeths "Where are they?" he asked.

"S-Sorry?" asked Sunset raising her eyebrow.

"You know who I'm talking, human!" shouted Megatron "Barricade saw Optimus' scout protecting you and your friends. Tell me where they are and I will let you alive." he said while clutching his hand again.

"I have no idea what are you talking about." said Sunset shaking her head.

"She's lying, my lord." said Starscream "Optimus Prime must have infected her organic mind."

"Indeed, but don't worry, Starscream." said Megatron "Snow Cat will make our" he said with a smile.

"WHAT?! AAAAAAAAH!" screamed Sunset Shimmer before a giant hand pick her up and clench her, making her pass out.

"Make yer pardon?" asked Applejack to Optimus Prime.

Applejack was in front of three giant robots with Bumblebee behind her and her friends. They call themselves Optimus Prime, Wheeljack and Hound. They are a little similar to Bumblebee except they were taller than him, including the team’s leader.

"Didn't you heard Prime?" asked Hound "We're going to save your friend from that Decepti-creeps!" he said transforming his hands into a rifle.

"You better stay here." say Wheeljack while he and his friends walk towards the ship "This Cons are very evil and things can get really mess up." he say transforming his hand into a blaster.

"But she is our friend, darlings!" said Rarity.

"Maybe, but coming with us is too dangerous." said Optimus while activating his blaster " I cannot risk any of you being captured by the Decepticons."

Suddenly a blue girl with multi-colored hair appear in front of Optimus Prime and his team, making them to stop. Looking to her face, the leader of the Autobots saw small tears forming in Rainbow’s eyes.

"Listen to me, you...robot!" she said "Our best friend is in that thing and I couldn't forgive myself if anything bad happens to her."

"Rainbow Dash is right." said Twilight "If we work together, we can save Sunset Shimmer from that evil robots. To be honest, that ship must be full of that things." she said as she pointed to the Nemesis.

Twilight know that a ship can't be controlled without a crew...Which means it must be full of killing machines like the one who attacked her friends. Optimus though for a moment about Twilight's logic. She was right. If they work together, they could find this 'Sunset Shimmer' in time before Megatron kills her.

"Alright then." said Optimus, making the girls to smile "We will cover you, but Bumblebee will stick with you. You must find her while we hold his army."

"H-His army?!" asked Fluttershy "W-What do you mean?" she asked with fear.

"Kid, sometimes there are things you must never know..." said Hound before walking behind Optimus and Wheeljack.

Before Twilight join in this rescue mission, she look to Spike with her worried eyes. It would be too much dangerous bring her closet friend with her, especially in the form of dog.

"You better stay here, Spike." she say "Like Wheeljack said, things can get mess up."

Spike could only nodded his head. He was still amazed about what happened few seconds ago. Giant robots who can turn into cars...Who would imagine that?

Sunset woke up to see her arms trapped in some chains. She look down and understand that she was hanging. When she looked up, she regretted doing that. Right in front of her was Starscream with an evil smile standing in front of her. Chills returned to haunt her spine again as she looked around to see the room where Snow Cat and Knockout were there too, each one resting their backs against a wall.

"Hello again, human." said Starscream "I want that you answer only this: where is the location of the Autobot base?" ask Starscream putting his finger in Sunset's chin.

"I've told you already: I don't know!" answered Sunset.

Those words made Starscream angry. The interrogation wasn’t going to go as he planned earlier. After he growl, he look back to Snow Cat with a smile. After all, he needed to use something cold to break somebot’s will and the big guy was the best option.

"Snow Cat..." say Starscream pointing to Sunset.

The robust Decepticon chuckled. Once Snow Cat step in front of her, he slowly placed his giant finger in Sunset's belly. Suddenly, without any warning, Sunset unleashed a cry of pain. She felt her insides freezing each second. It was painful for her. Tears began to fall from her eyes while she screamed more and more. Under his mask, Snow Cat smiled as a small piece of ice began to appear in the girl’s belly.

"You can stop now, Snow Cat." said Starscream.

"Awww!" say Snow Cat with a sad voice "But I still want to play with her!" he growled while keeping his finger in Sunset's belly.

Sunset cry more like she was being stabbed every time. When the deadly ice reached her lungs, her oxygen began to froze, leaving the girl in few seconds closer to death.

"You can play more with her later," said Starscream stepping next to Snow Cat "but now I need her ALIVE!" he yelled.

Grabbing his shoulder, Starscream pushed his comrade against the wall. Falling on the ground with his butt, Snow Cat began to rub the back of his head. In that moment, Sunset felt the air returning to her lungs and her insides to defrost. She never felt so close to death before. She was now more scared than ever.

"As you can see, Snow Cat as the ability to freeze everything he touch." said Starscream as he pointed to his friend "You're lucky he's being nice with you..."

"At least is better than cutting your limbs slowly." said Knockout "That red thing all over my beautiful paint...I don't want to imagine."

Slowly, Sunset looked to Knockout. He, somehow, reminded her Rarity and her dramatic moments with her cloths. In that moment, she only wished that she and her friends were there to save her from this robotic psychopaths.

"I'm t-telling the true..." said Sunset with tears in her eyes " J-Just let m-me go..."

"Soon, organic," say Starscream "but if you continue to lie to me..."

With those words, Starscream snapped his fingers, catching Cat’s attention, who stood up from the ground and walked towards Sunset with his finger’s tip glowing blue. Seeing this action, Sunset Shimmer started to shake in a way to free herself from the chains.

"This one may do tickles." he said slowly approaching his finger to Sunset's belly "Now scream to me!" he said with a laugh.

"NO! PLEASE! NOOOOOOOO!" screamed Sunset before the robot's finger touch her belly.

A Vehicon was watching the entrance of the Nemesis. He was given the responsibility to make sure that nobody could enter the ship. After he looked to the entrance for the tenth time, he turn his back to it. He was really boring and he couldn’t wait for some action.

"Grrrrr...I didn't join the Decepticons to watch stupid doors." growled the Vehicon "I should be resting in some beach in Nebulos-GHAAAA!"

In that moment, a sword went through his throat.The Decepticon put his hand in his neck and tried the scream, but his voice was damaged. Lot of Energon was running from the wound in his throat. After his optics went dark, his body fell forward to the ground, painting it with his lifeblood. Wheeljack, who was proud for the kill, placed his katana in his back. The Autobots and the girls enter in the ship after Wheeljack wave his hand to show them that the path was clear. With a gasp, Rarity saw the Wrecker’s victim lying in front of her and, sometimes, twitching like a dead bird.

"Is that was really necessary?" asked Rarity.

"Let me think..." said Wheeljack putting his hand in his faceplate’s chin "Hmmmm...Yes."

Rarity felt sick when she passed next to the Vehicon's dead body. She never saw that much violence before. Minutes later, the Autobots and the girls, with Optimus Prime leading the way, were walking after minutes. They needed to find the torture chamber, where Sunset Shimmer was surely being held right now by the Decepticons. Suddenly, Optimus saw four shadows in the ground growing up.

A patrol!, he thought.

Optimus laid his back against the wall and roe up his arm, clenching his fist. Seeing this order, the Autobots do the same thing. When the Rainbooms went closer to them, Hound placed his finger in his lips and pointed to the shadows. Quickly the girls understood what he wanted to say and, without wasting time, they did the same thing. Quiet as a rat, they saw four purple robots walking into an elevator. After the elevator was gone, Optimus lower his arm. The Autobots and the girls released a sigh of relief. They weren’t counting that the Nemesis was going to be so well guarded, but since Barricade saw Bumblebee, it was possible that Megatron wanted to make sure that no Autobot could go in or out alive.

"Now that was a close one!" said Pinkie Pie, creating echoes through the corridor.

"Pinkie Pie!” murmured the Rainbooms.

“What?” she asked.

Suddenly, a door opened behind them. From there stepped out a Seeker working with his holographic notebook. When he looked to his right, he saw the Autobots staring at him. Then, he looked more to his right and saw what he was looking: the alarm's button. He then look to the Autobots and to the button many times. He was panicking. He couldn’t take over Team Prime alone. He needed help.

"I wouldn't do that...punk." said Hound.

But the Decepticon didn't though twice. He dropped his notebook and ran toward the alarm. With an fast reflex, Hound turn his hand into a rifle and blast the Con's chest into pieces. But that wasn’t the best option Hound had. As the time seems to slow down, the Seeker's body begin to fall...right in direction of the alarm.

"Scrap..." growled Hound.

"AUTOBOTS, RUN!" yelled Optimus just before the body stroke the button.

Sunset couldn't take it anymore. Her body was so cold and she wished to die right now. The red hair girl screamed more when Snow Cat placed his finger in her belly. She was crying like a baby. Sunset clenched her fists and gritted her teeth.

This one was...very bad…, she thought.

Her face was wet with her tears. She didn’t knew how much time has passed. Maybe five minutes? Who knows? It's being a long time since they begin to torture her. They still asking me the same question over and over again, making her to suffer physically and psychologically at the same time. Tired of hearing the same answer for the last time, Starscream stepped in front of Sunset, making the ground to shake at the same time.

"I'm getting sick of this joke, you stupid meat bag!" yelled Starscream "I'm going to ask this for the last time and I want the CORRECT answer: THE AUTOBOT BASE!!!"

"I DON'T KNOW!" cried Sunset Shimmer "I WANT TO GO HOME! PLEASE...LET ME GO!"

"I'M SICK OF YOUR LIES!" yelled Starscream "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

With those word, Starscream rose up his hand and turned it into a large saw like the ones that the lumberjacks use to took down trees. Hearing the sound of the saw, Sunset quickly looked up and gasped when she saw the deadly weapon replacing Starscream’s hand. She was now in a new level of fear. Unlike Snow Cat’s torture, she was going to die for real.


But Starscream didn't care about her yells for mercy. Instead, he lowered his saw toward the poor girl. Sunset began to scream when she saw his saw coming closer...Until red lights lighted up the room and a loud sound began to play. Somehow, this made Starscream to stop. Suddenly, Megatron's voice was heard in the room. He wasn’t there, but he was using the communications to speak with his team.

"Starscream, the Autobots have discovered our locations as planned." he said "Join with me to defeat them. I want Optimus Prime and his soldiers destroyed forever!"

"Understood, my Lord." nodded Starscream "Lets go, my friends. Laserbeak and Ravage will watch her while we kill some Autobots."

After turning his saw back into his hand, Starscream walked with Snow Cat and Knockout. Now Sunset Shimmer was alone in the room. Hanging on chains like a slave and freezing to death like a ice cube, her conscience began to fade. Her eyes began to slowly close...Before she fainted, Sunset used all her strength to say the only and maybe her last words.

"Twilight..." she said "H-Help me..."

Then total darkness filled her conscience...