Transformers Equestria Girls

by RedFire

Their War, Our Home

It was another day of work in Crown City’ dam. Crow City was known to be one of the beautiful places of USA. In the middle of the workers was an blonde girl with cross-eyes helping her new friends. Her name was Derpy Hooves and she was happy for starting her first job to get some money to her family and to buy some muffins too. She was walking towards two workers who were talking about the situation about the dam, but, in that moment, a purple portal appeared in the sky, drawing the attention of one of the workers.

“Hey…” said the worker “What’s that over there?” he asked pointing to the sky.

The others workers heard his friend and looked to the sky and gasped. There were many purple jets flying from the portal and they were being lead by two different ones: a red and white F-15 and a dark blue military drone. Before the workers could ask themselves why they were flying towards them, the purples jets began to shoot red bullets to the dam. The people began to panic and started to run in different directions to dodge the bullets. They try to run towards the freeway, but, to make thing worst, many purple cars lead by a blue snowcat, a red sports car and a police car appeared in front of them. Suddenly, the cars and the tank began to change in front of the workers. Now they were giant robots with some kind of guns in their hands, except the blue snowcat robot. This one have two turrets in his shoulders.

“WHAT IS THAT?!” yelled one worker.

“I DON’T CARE!” yelled another one “JUST RUN!”

The purple robots began to shoot to the ground, exploding it beneath the workers and sending them flying towards a wall. In the middle of the explosions was Derpy running towards a safe place to hide. During her escape, she saw the jets who attack her and her friends before changing into robots too. The drone one was scary without that face and with those long arms. It was like that monster from game, Slenderman.


The jet robots began to shoot their guns too. Derpy began to cry. It was the job’s first day and it begins with evil robots attacking her and her friends. After hiding herself within some bushes, the girl heard the no-face robot talking with a electronic voice.

“Rumble, eject.” said Soundwave “Activate pile-drivers. Operation: Destruction.”

Derpy began to sneak backwards out of the bushes, but when she turned her face back, she saw a robotic jaguar roaring to her. Without mercy, Ravage pushed Derpy to the ground and, before she could react, he grabbed her leg with his mouth. Now the only thing Derpy Hooves could do was scream as the Decepticon pulled her from the bushes to his master.

“So this is your base…” said Sunset Shimmer “How did you built it without anyone noticing it?”

“Well that is a funny story,” chuckled Wheeljack rubbing the back of his head “cause the base is actually our spaceship called Ark.”

The girls gasped. They were inside of a spaceship. A real ALIEN spaceship! And it was nothing like they have seen in the TV. This one was very huge, but it would make sense since it was an cybertronian ship and not an Vulcan or something like that.

“So you mean we can fly to Cybertron or anyplace in the galaxy?!” ask Pinkie Pie “And can we go now? Please? I want to go to Gobotron.”

“Sorry, kid,” chuckled Hound while tapping Pinkie’s head with his finger ”but the Ark is out of order since we crashed here.”

“Speaking of which,” said Spike “when did you ‘landed’ on Earth?”

“We believe that our accident happened in the year 1968,” said Optimus “but we have woken one year ago by an strong unknown energy that rebooted our systems.”

The Rainbooms gasped once more. The Autobots were really a box full of surprises. They came to Earth forty-six years ago, before USA conquered the Moon. Twilight began to think about that ‘strong unknown energy’ that Prime mentioned. She believed that the energy must be the one that defeated Sunset Shimmer when she became an evil demon. Before anyone else could ask another question, red lights began to fill the room with a loud noise. Spike and the girls placed both hands in their ears. It was very loud that alarm to the humans, but to the Autobots it was just an simple alarm.

“Ow!” said Fluttershy “My ears…”

Suddenly, a brunette girl with a red hair and a yellow dress run towards the consoles of the computer. From all the girls, Rainbow Dash was the one who gasped more when she saw another human, which means that they weren’t the first girls on Earth to discover the Autobots.

“You have another human?!” she growled.

“Okay…” said Wheeljack “Rainbow Dash, Sari. Sari, Rainbow Dash. Dash is human, Sari is a robot, got it?”

“Optimus Prime,” said ‘Sari’ “Teletraan-1 is receiving a message from Major William Lennox.”

“Proceed with the transmission, Sari.” said Optimus.

“Wonderful...” growled Arcee “What does that meat bag wants this time?”

“Hold on a second.” said Applejack “Who’s Lennox?”

As an answer to her question, a man with a short brown hair and few bear in his face appeared in the screen. The so called ‘Lennox’ was wearing a black bulletproof vest. Somehow the guy attracted Rarity’s attention. Ignoring the fact that Lennox was a adult man, he was very beautiful to her.

“He may be old,” she said “but he’s very cute.” said Rarity while giggling.

“What the?!” said Lennox “What happened to the disguise, Prime?” he asked while pointing to the Rainbooms.

“Long story,” answered Prime “but I think you have something important to say.”

Lennox sighed for a moment “We received a distress call from Crown City’s dam.” he said “Looks like your ‘friends’ decided to attack the workers.”

The dam?!, thought Sunset, Derpy said she was going to work there!

Sunset began to clench her hands. Why the Decepticons were hurting the people from the dam? They didn’t do nothing wrong. It was like Optimus Prime said: they want only to cause pain to everyone and everything just to have anything they want.

“Has scanned the area, Major.” said Optimus “Looks like the dam was built under a undiscovered Energon mine. My team and I shall save the workers and stop Megatron, but do not send any NEST’s soldiers.” he said while walking towards the computer.

“But…” said Lennox before Optimus finished the call.

“Ratchet,” said Optimus “activate the Ground Bridge.”

Nodding to his leader, Ratchet walked towards the lever and pulled it down. The same green portal appeared behind the girls. When Optimus and the Autobots walked towards the portal, a voice stopped the Autobots. Turning around, the Autobots saw that the voice belonged to none other than Sunset Shimmer.

“We’re going with you.” she said.

“I’m sorry , kid,” said Ratchet “but is too much dangerous. A battleground is no place for you.”

“I don’t care!” said Sunset “People are in danger and I will not stay here while those things are trying to kill them!”

The girls nodded of agreement, thought they were already safe from the Decepticons. Optimus could let them in the base right now, but something tells him that the girls should come with him. That they would be the key to end the Great War and bring peace to the Universe.

“Help the workers to escape,” he said “but do not engage the Decepticons. We shall be the ones to do such task.”

“Don’t worry.” smiled Sunset “We won't get in your way.”

“Good.” said Optimus “Autobots, transform and roll out!”

With those words, the Autobots began to change into vehicles. Optimus Prime was a red and blue truck, Hound a military jeep, Wheeljack a sports car, Bumblebee a yellow car, Ratchet a white ambulance and Arcee a blue motorcycle. The girls were amazed by their transformations. This Transformers must be the most coolest robots in the galaxy or Universe.

“Uuuuuh! Nice catch phrase!” said Pinkie.

Derpy started to woke up. When her vision began to return, she saw the Decepticons surrounding her and her friends. When she looked forward, she saw Snow Cat freezing the ground. Suddenly, a silver robot with spikes in his shoulders crashed from the roof and landed in front of the Cat. It was Megatron.

“Hurry up, Snow Cat!” yelled Megatron “The Autobots should get here at any cycle!”

“Almost there…” said Snow Cat “Done! Ice cream for everybot!”

With those words, Snow Cat clenched his fists and punched the ground, creating a huge hole. In the hole was some strange blue crystals glowing. Derpy rose up her eyebrow when she saw the crystals. Whatever those things are, they must be important to the Decepticons. One by one, the Vehicons started to cut the crystals with saws that came out from their hands. The Decepticons began to put the ‘Energon’, for what Derpy heard, into cubes. The cubes began to glow blue and the Decepticons began to stack them into groups of seven. Slowly, Starscream stepped next to his leader.

“What are the next orders, my lord?” asked Starscream.

“Simple, Starscream: the destruction of Crown City.” chuckled Megatron “After all, what is a perfect mission without some fun?”

Those words made Derpy’s eyes wide. Without a second thought, Derpy stood up and runned towards the Decepticon leader. Ignoring her friends yellings, Derpy grabbed the robot’s leg, attracting his attention.

“Don’t destroy my home, sir!” she begged with tears falling from her eyes “I have family there! WHOAAA!” she yell before the robot kicked her away.

“Megatron does not care about families, human!” said Megatron while aiming his cannon to Derpy “I only care for POWER!”

As the Megatron’s cannon started to charge up, the wall right next to him exploded. After the dust disappeared, Megatron gritted his teeth when he saw who was standing in the hole. The Decepticons most hated enemies in the entire Universe, the heroic heroes of Cybertron: the Autobots.

“Stay away from the humans, Megatron!” shouted Optimus “This is between Autobots and Decepticons!”

“Indeed it is, Optimus…” growled Megatron “DECEPTICONS, ATTACK!” he yell while firing his cannon.

With those words, the Decepticons and the Autobots started to exchange fire against each other. Covering her ears like her friends, Rainbow Dash saw the giant silver robot leading his army of Cons, as the Autobots call them, against her new big friends.

So that’s Megatron…, thought Rainbow, They never told us that he was that big.

“Keep the workers safe!” ordered Ratchet.

While the Cons and Bots were fighting each other, the Rainbooms were trying to evacuate the people from the battle. Dash was outside of the building, making sure that the workers were led to the freeway in one piece. Maybe the battle was dangerous, but Rainbow believed that the battle it was better than doing that. Why didn’t Optimus Prime accepted the help from Lennox and his so called ‘NEST’?

“Pfft!” she growled “Playing ‘Mister Macho’...”

Suddenly, a wall from the building exploded, creating a huge dust cloud. Turning her head around in time, the blue girl saw Hound, Snow Cat and another tiny robot flying out of the cloud and

“HOUND!” yelled Rainbow Dash.

Running towards the river, Rainbow looked to the water. It was very difficult to say who was winning. The blue girl just hope that Hound was okay.

A big battle was raging on in the building between Autobots and Decepticons. Optimus Prime and Megatron were fighting against each other upon the dam. Both leaders’ hands clenched and each one began to push each other. Both arms were shaking for the immense force that both Transformers were using.

“I’m going to stop you, Megatron!” yelled Optimus while pushing Megatron.

“The Universe belongs to me, Prime,” shouted Megatron “and no one will stop us! Not even YOU!” he yelled while pushing back Optimus.

With a tricky move, Megatron release his hands and punched Optimus in the face, sending him flying backwards. Optimus flip and land of his foot. Standing up, the leader of the Autobots glared to his nemesis, as well did Megatron.

“You destroy everything you touch, Megatron!” yelled Prime while transforming his hand into a sword.

“Because everything I touch it’s food with my hunger!” said Megatron while transforming his hand into a sword too “MY HUNGER FOR POWER!” he yell while attacking Optimus.

Rainbow Dash was getting worried every second since Hound fall into the river. She couldn’t help that much from there. Now the only thing she could do was wait and see who would survive to the battle.

Come on, Hound..., she thought.

Under the water was a battle between Snow Cat and Hound. Hound was known as one of the strongest Autobot alive, but Snow Cat was one of the most strongest and dangerous Decepticon in Megatron’s army. After all, he was his best bodyguard. Using the water to his favor, Hound jumped and spined in middle water, kicking Snow Cat in the face, who flew backwards until he crashed with his back into a rock.

“You piece of scrap…” growled Snow Cat while rubbing his metallic chin.

“Well this piece of scrap is going to kick---HEY!” yell Hound

Before Hound could finish talking, a small blue robot with a red visor and wearing the Decepticon insignia jumped upon him. Hound recognize the robot. It was Rumble, another punk of Soundwave’s Minicons. Hound tried to grab Rumble, but the Minicon always dodged the Autobot’s hand.

“Now who’s gonna kick who, Autobot?” said the little robot with a laugh.

“Nice work, Rumble!” said Snow Cat while getting up “Now keep him still while I reload my blasters.”

Taking this moment, Hound picked up Rumble by his neck and threw him off the water, where he fell on the hard ground with his belly. When Rumble started to get up, he felt something hitting the back of his head very hard. Quickly like a lighting, he looked up and saw Rainbow Dash holding a stick of wood in her hands. Without any warning, the blue girl stroke the stick in the Minicon’s head once more.

“Where’s Hound, you creep?!” she said while hitting the stick in Rumble’s head many times.

“HEY! OW! STOP DOING THAT!” he yell while grabbing Dashie’s shirt “You attacked Rumble...Now get ready to crumble.” growled Rumble.

With those words, Rumble clenched his fist and punched Rainbow Dash’s belly, making few saliva to flew out from her mouth and hit the Minicon’s chest.

“Hey! L-Let me go!” yelled Rainbow Dash while trying to break free “HELP! SOMEBODY! HELP!”

Upon the dam was Optimus Prime and Megatron still fighting with their swords. Megatron swung his sword in a way to cut his nemesis’ belly, but Optimus jumped to dodge the sword. While he was in middle airm, Optimus kicked Megatron in his face, making him to fall on his back. Megatron began to stood up, but it was stopped by the end of Prime’s blaster. The Decepticon growled to Prime while the tip of his weapon was pressed against his forehead.

“You’re finished, Megatron.” he said while charging up his balster.

Suddenly, Optimus heard a scream. Before the leader of the Autobots could push his trigger, a cry for help reached his audio receptores. Following the female voice, Optimus looked down to the river and his optics widened when he saw Rainbow Dash being attacked by Rumble.

Oh no!, thought Optimus “HOLD ON, RAINBOW DASH!” he yelled.

Megatron smiled to this opportunity. Before Optimus could react, Megatron kicked the leader of the Autobots in the belly, making him to fall from the dam. Megatron began to laugh like a mad bot as Optimus fell into the water where Snow Cat and Hound were fighting.

“So long, Optimus Prime!” he chuckled “Have a nice swim! Decepticons, retreat!” he said while transforming into a strange alien jet and flying away.

When Optimus fell into the water, Rainbow and Rumble turned their head back. Before Rumble or Dashie could ask anything, Snow Cat went flying out of the water and screaming. Suddenly, a green arm came out of the water and grabbed Rainbow Dash. Rumble optics widened when he saw Snow Cat falling towards him. He sadly sighed. He knew that it would hurt...and it would hurt a lot.

“Son of a…” said Rumble.

That was all the Minicon could say before Snow Cat crushed him with his body. Rainbow opened her eyes and slowly saw Hound smiling to her. She smiles back too. Dashie looks back and saw Snow Cat picking up Rumble and transforming into a snowcat. She saw many purple jets and cars running away as well, each one going to their Ground Bridge. It was the Autobots’ victory...for now.

“This...was...awesome…” said Rainbow Dash before faded out from the action.