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Transformers Equestria Girls - RedFire

Twilight Sparkle and Spike returns to the Human Dimension to help the Rainbooms to survive the civil war between the Autobots and the Decepticons

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Ponybots vs Ponycons Part 4

“Finally!” said Starscream as he put himself comfortable in the throne “Countless solarcycles of plotting and hard work but I’ve gained my rightful place as leader…”

“STARSCREAM!” shouted Megatron, making Starscream to jump “...What are you doing?”

Starscream looked to Megatron while he was getting off the throne. Next to him was Queen Chrysalis, ruler of the nasty Changelings that live in Equestria. Although he was against the idea of working with organics, the Pegasus loved their alliance since it was a proof that his Master was desperate to leave that world.

“Isn’t it obvious?” asked Starscream while stepping in front of Megatron “I’m practicing! After all, it’s not everyday one’s mighty leader leaves for a dangerous battle.”

Megatron looked to his throne. Of course that fake symbol of his power wasn’t his own. The first thing he would do when he have returned to Earth was to take control of the Decepticon Empire once more and prepare his new plan to conquer Humankind, but first he and his team would put their own plan in motion to finish the Autobots while they were in their weak pony bodies.

“To sit in my place,” he said as he continues to look to the throne.

“Er, sure, it’s a nice chair,” said Starscream with an innocent smile.

Hearing those words, Megatron’s eyes fixed upon the Pegasus. His smile started to slowly die. After a small moment of silence, the Decepticon leader spread his wings, scaring the heck out of Chrysalis and Starscream, who shielded himself with his own wings.

“Good. Relish that feeling as long as it lasts…” he said while pulled back his wings “Because when I return I will take that back from you. Now come, Chrysalis.”

Taking flight, both Megatron and Chrysalis flew out of the cave for the last time with a swarm of Changelings following them. As the last Decepticon in the new HQ, Starscream stared to the cave’s exit with a Changeling group standing behind him, awaiting his orders. Suddenly, Starscream chuckled while a grin started to grow up in his face, making his soldiers to look to each other confused.

“You are welcome to try, Master…” he said.


Walking through Ponyville with Peter Parker, Twilight Sparkle, Spike and Sunset Shimmer, Optimus Prime gazed the beautiful city while many ponies looked at him with a surprised face. They have heard and watched the valiant leader and his Autobots fighting the evil Decepticons for the sake of their homes, but they never thought that Optimus was going to recover so fast from Megatron's attack. Even Nurse Redheart was impressed. Spike decided to jump on top of Prime's back, catching his attention.

"It's a nice city, isn't?" he asked with a smile.

"Although its lack of technology compared to Cybertron and Earth," said Optimus "this place surely has a great style of architecture and interesting historical record."

"With the help of everypony," said Twilight "the city will recover from the Decepticon attack in no time."

"That's all I wish for, Twilight," said Optimus before looking sad to the ground "If at least I could say the same for Cybertron..."

Memories of the war started to fill Optimus' mind. Many Autobots fell trying to save Cybertron from the Decepticon madness and many gave up their sparks to insure the survival of the last Prime. He closed his eyes, feeling guilty for their destruction, until a hoof feel over his shoulder and two small arms hugged his neck. Turning his head around, Optimus saw both Sunset and Spike smiling at him in a way to make him happy. Their plan was a success when he started to smile. As they walked more, they finally saw the Autobots spending their free time with their friends: Bumblebee and Fluttershy were playing with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Hound was telling stories to Applejack and other ponies about the Great War, although few mares were only interested in looking at him, and Arcee and Rainbow Dash were racing against each other. For a reason, the only one who was missed was...

"There you are, darlings!" said a female voice.

Looking forward, Optimus and his friends gasped when they saw both Rarity and Pinkie Pie carrying Ratchet towards them. He wasn't hurt or even dead for what the Autobot leader could tell. Once they were close to them, Peter heard the medic's breathing. It sounded like he was...snoring? Both the Elements of Laugh and Generous looked to each other very embarrassed for the situation.

“Ratchet?” asked Optimus.

Ratchet suddenly wakes up. “What?! Do I hear a fuzor in need of a T-Cog’s repair?” he said while trying to stand up.

“What in the heck happened to him?” asked Peter before sniffing his breathe “And why does he smell like apple cider?”

“Well…” said Pinkie Pie while blushing “We decided that the Doc should try some of Ponyville’s famous cider, but... "

"Let me guess." said Spike while raising his eyebrow "He started to love the cider, right?"

"I'm afraid that the answer is yes, my dear Spike." said Rarity while rubbing the back of her head "He said that it was the best thing he ever tasted and, before we could realize, he was...drunk. We’re going to try return to normal."

"I am able!" shouted Ratchet while swinging his hoof "Just ask Powerglide! He was all mandrill until I put a fireball in his jet!"

After saluting to Optimus and released a burp, Ratchet fell in the ground with a big thud. Everypony around them gasped, but soon they felt more relaxing once they heard a loud snore from the Bot as he started to mumble some words. Picking him up, both Rarity and Pinkie Pie walked away as the others started to laugh for a moment. Optimus smiled for a moment too for this funny scene, but soon his smile died once a strange chill crawled through his spine. It was an odd feeling like something with a huge power was coming. Something very...chaotic. Suddenly, a flash of energy erupted between Twilight and Optimus, making both to jump. The Princess of Friendship gasped when she saw the strange creature made of random parts of animals. From all the ponies and non-ponies in Equestria, he was the last one she would like to see.

“Hello, everypony!” shouted Discord before hugging both Twilight and Spike “Twilight and Spike, I’ve missed you so much! And welcome back to Equestria, my dear Sunset Shimmer! And random pony…”

“Twilight, who is this…creature?” asked Optimus.

“Optimus, I would like to present...” growled Twilight.

“Discord, ex-Spirit of Chaos!” said Discord while dropping his friends “It’s a honor to meet you, Optimus Prime.”

Discord extended his bird paw, but only to receive a glare from the Autobot leader. For many years, the Primes have been the sworn enemies of the power of chaos and both sides have been fighting against each other even before the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Slowly, Optimus finally gave him a handshake, although he didn’t still trust him.

“I’ve been wanting to meet you, OP. Can I call you OP?“ said Discord while laying his lion paw in the Autobot’s shoulder, only to receive another glare from him “Tough crowd...Anyways, you’re the most impressive pony that I ever seen in my life. Your aura is quite unique.”

“His aura?” asked Sunset.

Using his power, Discord made an x-ray screen appear in front of Optimus, showing his entire skeleton. Around his body was a blue and pure energy covering from the horn to the tail. What really impressed the ponies is that the same blue aura was covering Prime's heart itself like it was the source of the energy. Using his magic again, Discord created a small scanner where was written Twilight, Cadance, Luna and Celestia and a red pointer in it. Once the Spirit of Chaos approached the device to the Prime, the pointer immediately moved to Celestia and, without any warning, exploded right in his hand, leaving only black smoke and dust. Sunset Shimmer and the others gasped as Discord threw away his X-ray, but Twilight maintained calm while placing her hoof in her new necklace. Although her friends couldn't believe, she knew what reason could cause that.

“For an alien normal Unicorn,” said Discord while using his magnifying glass “you got a lot of power inside of that tinny mortal body.” he chuckled.

“This, Discord,” said Optimus “it’s the power of Matrix of Leadership, the same power used by Primus and the Thirteen to defeat Unicron, the Chaos Bringer, and the power to… “

Discord started to laugh, interrupting Optimus’ speech. “My, my…You’re even more funny than Celestia.“ he chuckled while throwing the glass away “You don’t really believe in that ‘hocus pocus’ stuff, do you?”

“Aren't you a ‘hocus pocus’ stuff too, Discord?” asked Optimus Prime with a grin in his face.

“Touché, my friend…” said Discord “You’re good in this game, aren’t you?”

Discord and Optimus stared to each other for a moment without saying a word. It was like the Draconequus has finally found somepony that could handle and play his random games. Suddenly, Spike burped out flames along with scroll that he cough. It has the Royal symbol, which means it was important. Giving it to Twilight, the Alicorn started to read it until the end, making her gasp.

“Optimus,” she said, catching his friend’s attention “Princess Celestia wants to talk with us right now. It’s about the Decepticons.”

“Then we have no time to lose. ” said Optimus “We must use the teleporter spell to reach her in time...and hope that I don’t land on the Moon again.” he said while blushing.

Twilight giggled a little. Although it was a little dangerous, it was very funny and fantastic that he was able to reach a place that was very far away from Equestria. It was very impossible unless Princess Celestia bans you, like Nightmare Moon a long time ago. Charging up their horns, the ponies and Autopony teleported themselves to the Royal Sisters’ castle, letting Discord behind.

“This promise to be good…” he chuckled.

Meanwhile, on Earth…

Grabbing a piece of metal, Fluttershy tried to pick it up, but it was very heavy. She tried over and over again, but she couldn't lift it up. Uniting with the Decepticon Soundwave, Wheeljack and the Rainbooms started to work together in the Quantum Bridge to bring the Autobots, and the Decepticons, back from Equestria. Giving up of the idea, Fluttershy sat on the ground with small drops of sweat falling from her forehead and panting many times. In that moment, a laugh made her turn around and see Rumble looking at her while carrying a big Energon cube.

“What a weakling!” he laughed more.

Small tears started to form in the shy girl’s eyes as the small Decepticon continue to mock her like he was a bully from her school. In that moment, Rainbow Dash stepped forward, helping her friend to get up while growling at Rumble, who growled back.

“You better not mess with Fluttershy, Con, “ she said “or next thing you will be is trash.”

“Is that what you want, human? “ said Rumble while dropping the Energon and stepped in front of Dashie “You want to crush the shell?”

“Trust me, dude,” growled Rainbow Dash “that I’m going to crush more than the shell, you…“

In that moment, two big hands separated both girl and Minicon in time before they could kill each other. Looking up, both saw Wheeljack glaring at them with Soundwave and Laserbeak standing behind him without saying a word about the situation.

“Stop with that, you two!” he growled “We don't have time for this. Rainbow Dash, take Fluttershy with you. I think she needs to rest for a moment. “ said Wheeljack, receiving a nod from her “Since you are having a good time with her, Rumble, would you be kind and do her job? “

“What?!” said Rumble “Only in your dreams, Autobot!”

“Rumble, obey the order or you will be punished. “ said Soundwave.

“Fine…” growled Rumble has he picked up the piece of metal.

“You know, Soundwave,” said the Wrecker while standing up “you don’t need to be such cold with your Minicons. After all, they aren’t simple drones.”

“Less sentimental words and more progress in the Quantum Bridge, Autobot.” said Soundwave.

As the Decepticon walked to the huge machine, Wheeljack sighed. He couldn’t believe that he was working with one of the most dangerous Decepticons in the galaxy just so that he could save his friends, but now he has to save Megatron as well. He shook his head to himself. That war was turning everything crazy. A hand lay in his leg, making him to look down. It was Sari, who was giving him a warm smile.

“Don’t worry, Jackie.” she said “We’ll bring the others back in one piece.”

“If you say so,” said Wheeljack “but let’s hope that Twilight is having more luck than me…” he said to himself.

Equestria, Canterlot Castle…

With a flash of different lights, Twilight, Peter, Sunset and Spike appeared in the throne room where the four Princesses were waiting for them. Before any of them could say a word, Optimus Prime appeared in a flash of light and fell on his belly with a big thud. He needed to train his landing. He shook his head while trying to stand up, but, in that moment, a white hoof extended before him. Slowly looking up, he saw a white unicorn with a blue mane and tail smiling at him. Accepting his help, Optimus laid his hoof on the new friend, who helped him to stand up.

“BBBFF!” Twilight happily while hugging him “Optimus, I would like you to meet Shining Armor, my older brother and Princess Cadence’s husband.”

“Then that makes you a prince, if I’m not wrong.” said Optimus while looking to Shining Armor “It’s a honor to meet you, your highness.” he said while bowing before him.

“With all due respect, sir, the honor is all mine.” said Shining, making Optimus look at him very confused “Cadence told me everything about your adventures with Twilight on Earth. I was too a leader and a soldier once. Captain of the Royal Guard, to be honest.”

“And you did a great job protecting your people, Prince Shining Armor.” said Optimus while saluting him, receiving a salute from Twilight’s brother too “Now I believe that your spies have found the Decepticons, your majesties.”

“Well…Yes and no,” said Cadence with a worried face “It’s seems like the situation is more problematic than we could imagine. “

“What do you mean?” asked Spike.

“In the last few hours,” said Shining Armor while using his magic to bring five photos “four important places around Equestria suffered an attack from your evil friends.”

Giving the photos to Twilight, she and the others gasped after what they saw: Barricade attacking Manehattan, Knockout terrorizing Los Pegasus, Snow Cat freezing the Crystal Empire and...STARSCREAM burning Cloudsdale. Each one was leading a group of Changelings in their paths of destruction. The last photo was the Ruins of Celestia’s old castle and this one was showing a big Decepticon insignia impressed by a laser beam as well a message written in the grass. The Autobot furrowed his eyes.

“We’ve been receiving many reports from the cities. Lucky, no pony died, but many were left wounded.” said Celestia “We believe that Queen Chrysalis is trying to avenge herself after her defeat against the Mane 6. Although we don’t understand...”

“I do, Princess Celestia.” said Optimus “Violence, lies and fear were always and still are the most powerful weapons that the Decepticons use to get what they want. Those attacks are not normal. I believe they are warnings for your people so that they can turn against my Autobots.”

“What a coward move!” growled Luna “The Royal Guard shall deal with these terrorist!”

“You know what’s weird?” said Peter while picking the photo of the Ruins “This one looks like a message, but I don’t know any this language in Equestria.”

“That's because it’s cybertronian, Peter,“ replied Optimus “my home planet's language. The correct translation is ‘Come and get me or else...’.“

“No doubt that one was made by Megatron.” said Sunset Shimmer “I have a bad feeling about this…”

“I feel that too,” said Optimus “but we cannot let this opportunity to slip from our hands, or hooves, and take Megatron and his minions down before their future attacks take innocent lives just to get us. Princess Celestia, with your permission, I insist that you let me and my Autobots handle this situation.”

“Well…” said Celestia while rubbing her chin “I suppose it’s a wise choice. After all, you and your soldiers know the Decepticons for a very long time. You have my permission, but only if you take the Mane 6 and Sunset Shimmer with you. They could help your team in this too.”

“Understood.” he said with a nod “And, if I may ask as well, I would like to take Peter Parker too. He has become a closer friend to me and Twilight and his help could be useful too.” said Optimus, receiving a nod from the Princess of the Sun.

“Wait! For real?” asked Peter.

But no pony answered his question. Grabbing his hoof, Twilight dragged him all the way out to prepare themselves, making him to blush a little. She was actually grabbing his hoof with her own. The others started to follow the two young ponies, but when Optimus was about to leave the room, a dark blue hoof laid on his shoulder, catching his attention. Turning around, he saw Luna, the Princess of the Moon, looking at him with a worried face. She was waiting for the right moment and since that might be their last moment and they were the only one left in the throne room, she decided that was the moment.

“I...I need to tell you something, Optimus Prime.” she said while rubbing her leg “When you were resting, I visited my friend, Zecora, to talk about you and the Autobots. She asked me to tell you this: you will defeat your great enemy, and the war you have waged will end soon.” continued Luna, catching even more Prime’s attention “You will lead your people so that they may face their darkest hour, but they will face it without you.”

Optimus looked down after hearing Luna ending the quote with a sad voice. It was a prophecy about the future of the Great War, his kind and, most importantly, his own death. Just like the time he tried to avoid his destiny to become a Prime, death was also something that he tried to keep away for many years. Luckily, fate and the Autobots were always there to prolong such thing, but they were not be able to stop the future from taking what belonged to it. Laughs made him look around and see Twilight and the others helping Spike to take off him an armor that fell over the baby dragon. He smiled a little.

“You say the war will end and my friend will be safe.” he said while looking to Luna very slowly “That is all I could ever ask.”

Luna opened her mouth, but words didn’t fly from it, remaining stuck in the middle of her throat. She was impressed that, even knowing his death, he never stopped to show such nobility. Closing her mouth, Luna smiled and chuckled. No wonder why Twilight Sparkle likes you a lot. A warrior that never asks anything in return except the safety of his love ones and even fights till the end just to even preserve the survival of another specie was something that she and others would like to call hero. She could feel Optimus Prime’s spirit. It was full of will, courage and hope, a light that would burn the darkness from the evil ones.

“May our paths cross again, Optimus Prime.” she said.

“Till all are one, Luna.” he said as he walked away.

Later, in the Everfree Forest…

Walking through the Everfree Forest, Twilight lead the Autobots and the Mane 6, along with Sunset Shimmer, Spike and Peter, towards their destination and, probably, the last battle against the Decepticons in Equestria before they return to Earth and their original bodies. For what they have heard from their pony friends, the Changelings were also a evil empire lead by Queen Chrysalis who desires to rule everything and consume love to become stronger. They also told them that the Ruins were the first home of Luna and Celestia, before Nightmare Moon took over Luna’s body and destroyed the place in a battle between her sister, which ended with her own defeat and exile in the Moon.

“My entire neural system hurts like hell.“ growled Ratchet as he rubbed his forehead “I prefer to drink the old and precious Energon than that Unicron's poison. “

“Don’t be such a rude pony, my dear Ratchet.” said Rarity “After all, it was your first time. You didn’t know what would happen.”

“Yeah! Don't be so hard with yourself, Doc.” said Pinkie Pie “You just had a great happy time like Optimus said to you.”

“And like I said to Luna before,” he growled “my name’s not ‘Doc’!”

“Whatever you say, ‘Sunshine’.” said Pinkie with a smile.

Ratchet growled once more. Even the one from Equestria was just annoying as the one from Earth. Twilight giggled a little while walking through the horrible forest. Lucky, there were no monsters today there to attack them. Probably scared by the Decepticons. As each pony talked to each other for the last time, Optimus was in his own thoughts, preparing his plan for the coming battle. In that moment, Peter, wearing his battle suit, stepped next to Prime, who didn’t even saw him coming until he decided to talk.

“Hum...Optimus?” he said, breaking the Autobot from his thoughts and look at him “I know it’s a stupid question, but from a friend to another...How long you and Twilight...Well…”

“I can assure you, my friend,” said Optimus with a smile “that Twilight and I are just friends, nothing more. And don’t worry, I know that you are perfect to her.”

“W-What?!” said Peter while blushing “I...I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The Autobot leader chuckled “I had that problem too when I was almost your age with one of my first friends before the war, but then I found out that she liked me too.” he said “You feel the same for Twilight Sparkle, am I wrong?”

“Yeah…” said Peter while rubbing the back of his head, “I really like her, but look at her. She’s the Princess of Friendship and I...I’m only a normal pony who has left the Academy just to found adventure around Equestria. What good can I be for somepony from royalty?”

“Peter, when the Great War consumed Cybertron, I was nothing than a simple soldier that believed he could bring peace to his kind once more. I'm still that soldier and I still believe in that dream.” said Optimus “Since our arrival to this Universe, I’ve seen that the same warrior spirit lives within you and your actions as well. You can be many things, Peter Pony Parker, but to me you will always be my friend and a hero...“ he said while looking to Twilight “And perhaps another pony’s hero. Just be yourself, young warrior.”

Amazed by his speech, Peter shared a friendly smile with Optimus, who too smiled at him. Suddenly, Bumblebee, running at the speed of sound, stopped right in front of his leader with Fluttershy wrapping her hooves around his neck to not be thrown away by the force of the wind while he was using his power.

“What did you saw, Bumblebee?” asked Optimus.

“We’ve reckoned everything at the forest’s exit, Optimus.” he said with a worried face as he allowed the Pegasus to get off of his back “No traps, no ambush, no nothing.”

“And we saw those bullies too.” continued Fluttershy “They were just standing in front of the Ruins, staring at us…”

“And they just let you go?” asked Arcee, receiving a nod from both yellow ponies “Since when the Decepticons allow an Autobot to escape online?”

Optimus furrowed his eyebrows. Arcee was right. The Decepticons would just obliterated Bumblebee and Fluttershy without hesitating a single nanosecond. Something was going on. Without saying a word, Prime walked in front of Twilight, taking the lead of both teams who followed him very nervous about the situation. After minutes of walking, the heroes have exited from the Everfree Forest and arriving to the Ruins, where Team Nemesis were standing at the entrance of the castle with a bunch of Changelings behind them just like Bee and Fluttershy said. In the top of the Ruins, a gray and purple Alicorn landed, catching everypony attention.

“Optimus. Been well?” shouted Megatron with a smile “I see you brought your trusty Twilight Sparkle. I was certain she’ll be resting in a graveyard by now.”

“Why don't you invite her and her friends down here for a chat?” growled Rainbow Dash as she punched her own hooves together.

“You wanted me, Megatron, and here I am,” said Optimus “That's what you wanted since the beginning of the war.”

“Hardly a surprise, Optimus.” replied Megatron “After all, you and I have been at this a long time and your time has come to an end! Rip them apart, my army!” he shouted.

As the army obeyed his order, Optimus was the first to react and started to teleport himself through the air towards his brother, while the ponies and Autobots charged towards their enemies. After reaching his nemesis, Prime charged up his horn, but only to be grabbed by Chrysalis, who jumped on top of him. Crashing into the ground, Chrysalis charged up her horn right in front of his face, but the Ponybot kicked her belly, making her growl of pain as she fell backwards. As the heroic leader stood up, he watched the intense battlefield. Together, his friends, Bots and Ponies, took down one by one the army. From nowhere, Barricade and Knockout grabbed Optimus’ arms and used the magic of their horns to electrocute their prey, but they were no match against him. Holding the pain, he crushed them against each other, knocking them down, and then swung them against the Changelings like weapons until he decided to throw them away. Taking this moment, Starscream fired three fireballs in Prime's back, making him growl. Without watching his back, Arcee and Rainbow jumped on top of the Pegasus, falling and hitting the ground with a big crack from his neck. As he recovered from the earlier attack, Snow Cat punched Optimus’ face with ice claws, scratching his left cheek. The brave Unicorn, even tried, was strong and fast enough to break his weapons and grab his head, which he smashed it against the ground. Chrysalis, fully recovered and ready to revenge, jumped on his back and bites his neck. Optimus screamed in pain and violently shook himself in a way to free get rid of her, but, lucky, a pink beam of magic stroke the Queen, throwing her away and releasing the Autobot leader, who fell to his knees tired. Twilight, Sunset and Peter appeared next to him, helping the Prime to get up and protecting him from the remaining Changelings as well. They were getting tired and very fast.

“Optimus, are you okay? “ asked Twilight.

“I'm…I’m fine.“ he said as he stood up “Megatron…Where is… “

As an answer to his question, a gray Alicorn, who even wasted a single drop of sweat, landed on the middle of the battle with all his strength and released a powerful shockwave that threw everypony away, even his own allies. With the dust settled down, showing everypony lying unconscious in the ground, Megatron slowly walked towards his brother, who weakly growled in pain with the Princess of Friendship. The rest of the Autobots and the Mane 6, tired from the intense battle before, started to get up.

“Autobots…” said Ratchet “Stop Megatron...at all…cost...”

Together, the Autobots attacked the leader of the Decepticons as they unleashed their battle cries, but instead they received a painful cut in their chests by his giant wings, that were turned into blades with his magic, throwing each one of his enemies away. The Ponybots, exhausted and defeated, lay on their backs as the Mane 6 ran towards them, picking them up and trying to heal their wounds. Peter and Sunset, being the last line of defense, both fired their horns. Megatron, after shielding himself with a Changeling, fired a beam towards the ground, blowing away both Unicorns. Twilight slowly helped Optimus to stand up and then looked to Megatron once he started to charge up a huge purple energy sphere in his horn. It was a big amount of power.

“This ought to do the job.” said Megatron.

“Even if you destroy me, Megatron,” said Optimus as he step in front of Twilight “others will rise to defeat your tyranny…”

“Then I’ll just have to destroy you all!!” he shouted.

With those words, Megatron fired the sphere at Optimus. While the deadly energy burned the grass beneath it as he flew towards its target, Optimus stood his position in front of Twilight like a shield to her. He might die from the impact, but her death would be that day. The energy sphere started to get closer and closer, but then...it happened. Time seemed to slow down to Prime as an male beige Unicorn with a brown mane wearing a red and blue suit jumped in front of them, allowing the Con’s sphere to collided perfectly with his chest. Peter flew back and hit both Optimus and Twilight, separating both in different directions until he landed in front of the Ruins’ walls with the young Alicorn next to him.

“Peter!” cried Twilight.

With tears falling down her cheeks, Twilight crawled next to him and sat once he was on her hooves. Although the tissue from his suit and fur in his chest were burned, Peter was still alive and hardly breathing. Optimus was shocked too, but, above all, he was angry. Peter risked his own life to protect him, to be a hero…a burning feeling started to grow inside of him, consuming his soul and growing in his skin. Justice needed to be served. For Peter and Equestria.

“What a waste of my energy!” growled Megatron “Guess that I must kill you first before I destroy the last of the Primes!”

Aiming his horn to both young ponies, Megatron started to charge up another sphere of energy. Twilight hugged Peter as her tears stroke his face, cleaning the ashes from his fur, before closing her eyes. The evil Alicorn fired his second sphere, but then the impossible happened: another Alicorn teleported in front of the Princess and used his wings like a shield, protecting both his friends. Slowly, Twilight looked up and gasped. Although he was different, she recognized his white fur, his red and blue mane as he spread his wings. His body was covered with a blue aura of the Matrix’s power, similar to the one that Discord said before.

“Optimus…?” she said.

Optimus glared to Megatron, who was too very surprised like the rest of the ponies around them, including the Decepticons. Megatron gritted his teeth as a feeling of hate and destruction consumed his body inside and outside as a purple aura just like Optimus had. With a simple push of their mighty wings, both leaders flew towards each other with a shining trail of their power behind them, never taking their eyes from their target. Once they were close, they, with their magic, created a fist in their own hooves at the same time and, like a mirror, clashed them against each other with a punch that created a big shock wave, breaking the other into fragments and threw them backwards before returning to their combat. Optimus and Megatron swung and clashed their swords, punched, kicked, and fired their horns many times in a battle that didn’t have words to describe it. Both were flying and moving so fast that their auras created a trail of light.

After landing far away from each other, both charged their horns and fired their a powerful laser beam that stroke each other, causing a strong wind to sweep the dust and manes around. Giving more power to his beam, pushing Optimus back and slowly as his own turned smaller and smaller, Megatron laughed as he felt victory coming closer. The Prime growled as the heat of his brother’s power started to feel in his fur and skin.

“Don't give up, Optimus!” shouted Twilight as she stood up “You must stop Megatron! We trust in you! I believe in you!”

The Mane 6, Spike and the Autobots joined with Twilight and started to cheer too. Optimus’ ears twitched, as their words reached him. They trust in him to save them all and to bring peace that has been taken by a civil war that took their home planet as well. He couldn't fall. Not there or anywhere else until the Decepticons were defeated. Screaming at top of his lungs, Optimus sent more energy to his beam that, in seconds, started to destroy the purple laser. Megatron gasped before the blue beam threw him backwards, but, without any time to react, Optimus Prime teleported right in front of him and stroke his chin with a perfect uppercut that sent him sky high before flying after his nemesis. Faster than Rainbow Dash, the Autobot leader punched Megatron from all directions, breaking his ribs and teeth. Finally, with the Decepticon Emperor stunned, he grabbed his shoulders and flew down with him until his backs connected with the ground, creating a big crate. Victorious and tired, Optimus stood up with Megatron, defeated and tired, under his hooves with blood dripping from his mouth and nose.

“Your days of terror are over, Megatron…” he said as he pressed the gray Alicorn to the ground.

Megatron could only growl at him. Suddenly, a familiar multicolored portal opened next to them, creating smiles on their faces. It was the Quantum Bridge. Wheeljack was successful in the reconstruction of the device. Like the first time, white tentacles came out of the portal, grabbing the every cybertronian, including their leaders, and pulled them back to their respective dimension, leaving Twilight and the others behind.


As the last robots to exit from the rainbow vortex before shutting itself down, the Autobots landed on the ground with a big thud of their metal. Together, they laughed very happily as they moved their fingers. They were back to their original giant metallic bodies. The Rainbooms, shouting their names, hugged each of their guardians’ arms while Wheeljack helped his leader to stand up.

“Megatron…He…” said Optimus while rubbing his head.

“They were the first to arrive, Optimus,” said the Wrecker “and Soundwave didn't wasted any time in taking them back to the Nemesis. What do we do now?”

Optimus slowly looked to his team in the moment that Bumblebee changed into his vehicle mode and spun around while releasing happy electronics beeps, making the others laugh too. Although he would miss to hear his own voice, the scout was happy to feel his wheels again.

“We rest and await for Twilight and Sunset’s return.” said Optimus “The Decepticons will soon make their next move and when that happens, we will be ready.” he looks to the Quantum Bridge “Disassemble the Quantum Bridge and keep its parts in the Ark’s warehouse. We might need it one day.”

After receiving a nod from Wheeljack, Optimus looked to the horizon just in time to see the sunset.

Farewell, Equestria…, he thought.

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