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Transformers Equestria Girls - RedFire

Twilight Sparkle and Spike returns to the Human Dimension to help the Rainbooms to survive the civil war between the Autobots and the Decepticons

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Welcome To The Nemesis

It's another day in Ponyville. In Canterlot, on Celestia's castle, was the four princesses drinking their tea and talking about kingdom's businesses in the castle's balcony.

"Talking about friends, how is Sunset Shimmer?" asked Luna, Princess of the Moon "I know you and I have been sharing to each other news. What can you tell about her?" she said, while eating a cookie.

"Well...She begins to make lot of friends on the school after our final stand against the Dazzlings." said Twilight, drinking her tea "She send me an letter by her book. Oh! And I teach her new spells, even she can't use them in the Human World."

"Hmmmm...I wonder where I seen that?" chuckled Cadance with a smile.

Twilight begin to blush with her 'sister's' words. She know she was talking about her when she was Celestia's student.

"Huh?" said the Princess of Friendship, trying to not understand Cadance's smile "W-What do you m-mean?" she asked.

"Don't try to deceive yourself, Twilight." said Celestia "The proofs make all the sense. After all this time, you have become more than a friend to Sunset Shimmer: you have become her mentor."

"But I'm still too young to have an student!" said Twilight, looking to Celestia, once her teacher and now her sister "I don't think---Huh?" said Twilight Sparkle before an little purple baby dragon runs into the balcony "Spike?" she asked.

"Twilight...Book...Sunset..." said Spike trying to recover his breath.

Twilight raised her eyebrow, but then she saw in Spike's hand Sunset's book glowing. With her horn, Twilight brought the book closer to her and opened it.

"Weird..." she said "Sunset send me a letter earlier, but why?" she say while opening the book.

Suddenly, her eyes grew wide when she read the message. Every word crushed Twilight's soul, every phrase made her sadness stronger. She couldn't believe in what she was reading.

"Is everything okay, Twilight Sparkle?" asked Luna after she saw Twilight's worried face.

"Oh no...Sunset Shimmer is in danger!" she said dropping her book.

In the Human World...

"She’s taking too much time!" said Rainbow Dash while kicking some rocks.

It has being 02 minutes since she and her friends sended a S.O.S to Twilight with Sunset's book. Hours ago, a giant robot attacked the Rainbooms and, during the attack, Sunset Shimmer's car revealed to be a robot too who called himself 'Bumblebee'. The yellow robot tried to protect the girls from the monster, but he failed and Sunset was taken by the black robot.

"Don't be that rude, darling." say Rarity while she was still cleaning her coat from the dust she get in the old bridge "You know how long this dimensional travels take---" she said before Rainbow interrupted her.

"Do I need to remind you that our best friend was kidnapped by some freaking giant robot who can turn into a car?!" said the blue girl.

While her friends were discussing about what happened minutes ago, Fluttershy was quiet until she heard an unknown voice behind her. She look back and the voice was coming from the yellow car known as Bumblebee. This car was too an giant robot, but, unlike the black one, Bumblebee was defending her friends. Fluttershy slowly approaches to the yellow car. When she get closer to him, she begin to understand what was the mysterious voice was saying.

"...its seems that the Decepticons are trying to find us." said the voice coming from the radio "You must find the Nemesis and wait for us, Bumblebee. Megatron's madness has gone too far this time."

Bumblebee felt guilty. He should prevented that attack from his old enemy. Suddenly, the yellow car notice the yellow girl next to him. Unlike the other female humans, this one was very calm and shy.

"So...Bumblebee, right?" asked Fluttershy "I think that is a cute name." she said.

Bumblebee thanked her and praised her with his bleeps that made Fluttershy blush.

"Oh...Thank you..." she said with a smile.

Suddenly, a blue girl step between her friend and the car. It was Rainbow Dash, the most annoying female human he ever met in his entire life.

"Listen to me, robot!" said Rainbow Dash "You can't talk with me, Fluttershy or any of my friends without my permission! If you want to remain in one piece, you follow my rules! Got that?" she asked while crossing her arms.

Bumblebee answered her with his bleeps that make Rainbow raise her eyebrow.

"Come again?" she asked.

"He say that his name is Bumblebee, or Bee for short, and he only receive orders from an...Optimus Prime?" said Fluttershy.

"I don't know how you can understand this thing, but---" said Rainbow Dash before she heard a noise coming from the statue.

She lookeds back and saw her mighty hope to save Sunset Shimmer. She smile more than Pinkie Pie and her friends. There she was. Her best friend from another Universe, Twilight Sparkle.

"I'm here, girls." said Twilight while hugging her friends "Now tell me what happened."

Pain...That was Sunset Shimmer felt when her eyes began to open. She slowly began to stood up and rub her head. She tried to remember what had happened before she fainted, but the only thing she remembered was her friends and two robots fighting each other. She look around to see where she was. The room was gigantic with a big door right in front of her.

"Well...I don't think things can get worst." she said while looking around.

Suddenly, the door next to her opened itself and two giant purple robots entered in the room. They have only one red eye in their grey face and wheels in their shoulders and legs. Sunset recognized the logo in their chest from the evil cop robot.

"Move on, human." said one of the robots to her "Commander Starscream wants to speak with you."

Sunset didn't have many choices, but to obey his order. She walked towards the door and when she passed next to one of the robots, he kneel towards her and pick the girl up with his giant hand. I saw that the hand had only three fingers. When they stepped out of what was supposed to be some kind of prison, Sunset Shimmer saw a large corridor full of the same robots while her guards walked through it.

How many of this things exist?, asked Sunset Shimmer to himself.

As an answer to her question, the two robots passed next to an window where Sunset looked through it and I gasp when saw millions of the same robots working in some kind of drills, ships and strange blue cubes. She saw that in the in the middle of the robots were some others ones giving orders. They look like the others, but their face were black and their body were silver instead of purple. Maybe they were some kind of captains.

After minutes of walking, the guards and Sunset Shimmer entered in a larger room much bigger than the one she was before. The room was full of purple robots and they were all working in some kind of computers. In the screens she saw strange symbols that she couldn't translate. Suddenly, the robot who was holding Sunset threw her to the ground. If Rarity was there, she would say 'That was rude!' or 'You brute!'. The red hair girl began to stand up when she heard one of the guards speaking to someone in front of her.

"Commander Starscream, your prisoner is here." said the robot while saluting with his twin.

Sunset Shimmer looked up and saw a blue, red and white robot staring at her. He got wings in his back and his head (or helmet) was black . His face was grey with two red eyes and a mouth.

Before she could talk, four robots stepped next to Starscream. They were very different than unlike this 'Commander'. One was blue with a scar in his chest, spikes in his head and in the mouth a mask connected by tubes like he couldn't breathe well. He has wheels in his back and treads in the back of his legs.

The second was sinister. The metal was dark blue and his arms were so long that almost touched the ground. His face...He has NO face. No eyes, no mouth, no nothing. Just a dark screen where Sunset could see herself.

The third one was red like his eyes and he has car doors in his arms. The chest looks like the front of an car and he has wheels in his back and in the back of his legs.

The last one doesn’t need of description, because Sunset already knew that one. It was the black and purple robot that attacked her and her friends under the bridge. They looked different, but all of them have two things in common: the red eyes and the same logo in the chest or shoulder.

"Welcome to the Nemesis, Sunset Shimmer." said Starscream with a evil grin "Let's talk about business."

"So you got attacked by a police car, that actually an evil robot, and saved by an this car, that is an good robot..." said Twilight while Bumblebee drove in a no man's land.

"Yes, but the evil one captured Sunset and enter into some kind of weird purple portal of DOOOOOOM!" said Pinkie.

After Twilight’s arrive, Bumblebee, with the help of Fluttershy, said that before 'Barricade', the evil robot, found Sunset, he has put a device that allow him to find his 'owner' in any place of the planet.

"I wouldn't use the word 'good' yet, Twilight." said Rainbow Dash while crossing her arms "Hey! Robot! Are we there yet?" she asked with an angry voice.

Even after Bumblebee saved her and his friends, Rainbow still don't trust him. Bee answered her with angry bleeps.

"I think you should be more friendly, Dash." said Fluttershy "Bumblebee said that if you don't be gentle with him in the next time, he would leave you here."

"What?!" yelled the blue girl "You wouldn't do that!" said Rainbow with a nervous laugh.

Suddenly, her friends look to her with an angry look. She and Bumblebee were 'fighting' like babies since the last moment they have met each other for the first time.

"B-But...Sorry for calling you 'robot'...Bumblebee." she groaned.

"Sorry for Rainbow Dash, Mister Bumblebee." said AppleJack looking to the radio "She is always a little rebel, ya know." she say with a smile.

Bumblebee was going to tell something to AJ, but, suddenly, he 'hit' the brakes that almost made the girls fly. The signal in the screen of his radio started to blink like crazy. Sunset Shimmer was close and he feared that he knew what was coming next.

"What's wrong, darling?" ask Rarity.

Bumblebee answered Rarity with his bleeps.

"Really?" asked Fluttershy with a smile "He say that Sunset is here." she say while the girls stepped out of the car.

Once the girls where out, Bumblebee transform into his robot mode. Only Twilight and Spike gasped since it was the first time she saw Bee's true from.

"Here?" asked Rainbow "But there's nothing-Woooooooah!"

Before she or any one of the girls could say anything, a gigantic spaceship slowly flew right in front of her eyes. The ship was full of spikes all over is hull, making it look very scary. The yellow robot stared to the ship with all the hate in his soul. That thing wipe out many of his friends during a long lost war that destroyed his kind.

"Sunset is inside of...that?" say Pinkie Pie pointing her finger to the ship.

Bumblebee nodded his head. Suddenly, a green portal appear behind of the girls. From it drove out three new vehicles (a truck, a sport car and a military jeep) that stopped in front of the Rainbooms and Bumblebee. Without any warning, the vehicles started to change like the yellow robot did before until they revealed themselves as giant robots.

One was white, red and green with an faceplate in his mouth. He got wheels in his shoulders and in his legs, and in the robot's back where two katanas. In the left and right side of the head there is one oval.

The second one was all green except in his forehead and he have wheels in the back and in the legs. The robot have in his left shoulder a turret and, unlike the first one, he have an mouth. Rarity looks to his chest: it looks like the front of an jeep.

The last one catch the attention of Twilight's eyes: the robot was red and blue and bigger than the others. Like the first one, this have an faceplate too and he got two exhaust pipes and two wheels. Each leg has two wheels and the robot's chest was familiar to the front windows of an truck.

Like Bumblebee, the three robots have two blue eyes and a strange red logo that looks like a man's face in the chest or in the shoulders.

The red robot kneel before the girls. When he spoke, his voice was calm and wise that relax the girls. For some reason, Twilight believed that they somebody they could trust.

"Don't worry, humans. I'm Optimus Prime." said the robot putting his hand in his chest "These are Hound and Wheeljack. We're here to rescue your friends."

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