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Transformers Equestria Girls - RedFire

Twilight Sparkle and Spike returns to the Human Dimension to help the Rainbooms to survive the civil war between the Autobots and the Decepticons

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Too Many Starscreams Part 2

Starscream and his clones continued to stare blankly to Knockout. He couldn’t believe that all his perfect plan to rule the Decepticons was going to be ruined by the doctor of his team. The Seeker chuckled nervously as he tapped his fingers against each other very quickly.

“Well...Maybe a small one, Knockout.” he said before looking to ‘himself’ “How long have you been there?” he growled as he rolled his optics.

“Long enough to hear your plan.” said Knockout has he walked towards his commander “Does having Thundercracker and Skywarp is not enough for you?”

“Funny…” growled Starscream “So you’re going to tell Lord Megatron about my plan or tell me what’s wrong?” he said as he crossed his arms.

With a grin in his face, Knockout tapped in Starscream’s shoulder and walked in front of the clones, studying the look of each one of them. The first one yelped and shielded himself, the second one rose up one arm and showed his muscle, the third one smiled and saluted Knockout and the last one only blinked.

“Why are you looking at me?!” the clone growled “I’m not a clone!”

“So?” asked Starscream.

“Hmmm...You indeed followed Shockwave’s formula,” said Knockout as he rubbed his chin “but it seems that it also shared some of your aspects of your personality.” he said as he started to point to each clone “He's a coward... he's an egomaniac... he's a suck-up... he's a liar.”

“I am not!” growled the liar.

Starscream rubbed his chin as he laid his other hand in his hip. He confessed himself that it was an unpredictable turn, but at least he had his own armada. Suddenly, an explosion broke apart Starscream’s thoughts and shook the entire room, catching everyone’s attention. Another explosion was heard and shook the entire factory. Then another one occurred, making the lights above the Decepticons’ head to blink until they returned to normal.

“W-What’s happening?!?” asked the coward.

Walking towards a computer that was behind him, Knockout taped in the keyboard to open the security cameras and gasped when he saw one Insecticon being blown away by a red and blue robot wearing a familiar insignia. It was the Autobots. They have founded their Protoforms factory and now they were attacking the building.

“I-It’s the Autobots!!!” burbled Knockout “They are a-attacking us! W-We must call for help! We must warn Lord---” he said before he received a slap in his face from Screamy “Hey! Watch it!”

“Megatron must NOT know about this, you fool!” growled Starscream “This is OUR problem and WE shall solve it ALONE!”

“For spark’s sake, Starscream…” murmured Knockout “Look, I know that you hate Megatron, which sentiment is mutual, but we cannot hold the Bots on our own! What about their human pets? Surely they are trying to break in!”

“Don’t worry. We still have the Insecticons to take care of Prime and his team.” said the Seeker as he rolled his red optics “ And if the female organics have already enter in our factory, you, I and my armada shall take down those ‘Rainbooms’ and Twilight Sparkle. Then Megatron is the next to fall.”

Suddenly, one of the clones pushed Starscream away, making him to crash into a wall with a loud thud. With his hands in his hip, the clone grinned as he gazed his triplets brothers.

“You second-rate Protoforms aren’t even worthy to breath my exhaust fumes!”

With that words, the ‘Starscream’ transformed into a F-22 in mid air and flew out of the room. The jet was very similar to the original one, in every way and every color. The other ‘Protoscreams’ did the same thing and flew in the same direction of their brother, while the original Starscream rubbed the back of his head. Taking this moment, Knockout decided to do what his commander told, even if he was against it, and transformed into a car, driving out of the room too. Once he noticed that his clones, the second-in-command sighed as he laid his finger and thumb in his forehead.

“This is going to be a long orbital cycle…” growled Starscream.

Two giant robotic bug unleashed a loud shriek as they changed their horns into cannons and fired two blasts towards Wheeljack, who was sliding all the way down of the hill. Using his swords, the Wrecker deflected the blasts and stabbed the two Insecticons in their heads. He and the others didn’t like this kind of Decepticon. They always think in eating, killing and destroying everything in their way. Suddenly, four rockets flew above Wheeljack’s head and blowed up another Insecticon and the shield that was protecting the factory. Looking behind, Wheeljack smiled when he saw his green Autobot brother. Hound and Arcee fired their blasters towards another Insecticon, but the blasts made ricochet in his powerful armor. The Insecticon unleashed a shriek as charged up his blaster and fired back, making both Autobots to jump behind of a rock to avoid the blast. In that moment, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Wheeljack jumped behind of another rock and began to fire their blasters.

“Guess that we attracted every ugly son of a glitch of this rock!” said Arcee as she ducked to avoid being blasted by the Insecticons.

“Then our plan is working.” said Optimus before activating his comlink “Optimus Prime to Twilight Sparkle. Twilight, are you already inside of the factory?”

“Yes, Optimus.” answered Twilight as she helped Fluttershy to get down from a hole created by one of the Hound’s rockets “We just entered in the factory and there’s no Decepticon or those giant bugs guarding the place.”

“Surely the place is fully automated,” said Optimus in the comlink “but it’s better that you keep your eyes open. Something tells me that the Insecticons aren’t the only one here.”

“Copy that, Optimus.” said the Princess “Twilight Sparkle out.”

Once Twilight turned off her comlink, she looked around to the room. Like the Ark, it was huge and she didn’t wanted to imagine her in Cybertron. She was an ant right next to cybertronian chair. She then looked to her friends. With would take a while to explore the factory and the Autobots didn’t had much time.

“Together we will not find the computer.” said Rainbow Dash “I said we should split out and find this so called ‘main computer’.”

“Good idea, Dash.” said Sari “I’ll go with Twilight. If any of you find out any problem, contact your teammates through your comlinks.”

The Rainbooms nodded as another explosion shook the factory. Once separated, Rainbow Dash charged up her Harmony Cannon, ready for any booby trap. The blue girl chuckled. It was like her Daring Doo’s books, but in an all new level. She could even write a book about this amazing adventures of fighting against evil giant evil alien robots. Rainbow Dash shook her head as she wanted to rid off of that idea. Writing a book? Not her style. Suddenly, the wall next to her exploded, making a girl to jump with fear as she aimed her Cannon. Once the dust cloud disappeared, Dash gasped when she saw that familiar red, white and blue Decepticon Seeker staring at her with a grin on his face.

“Starscream?!” said Rainbow Dash.

“Fool! A mere small and weak female human is no match for my superior firepower! Because I am the great and powerful Starscream!” he said has he aimed his blaster towards her

After charging up his blaster, Starscream fired a ball of energy towards Rainbow Dash, who jumped away to avoid being turned into ashes. Suddenly, Dash felt an ‘déjà vu’ for a few seconds. Starscream was reminding her somebody, but who? Besides that, another thing worried her: since when Starscream is so egomaniac? The blue girl charged up his weapon and fired a blast towards the Seeker’s chest, making him take some steps backwards. Rubbing his chest, Starscream rose up his another blaster and fired more blasts towards the Autobots’ pet. Rainbow Dash dodged every blast as she fired back and hitting the Decepticon sometimes. Charging up once more her Harmony Cannon, the blue girl fired and hitted Starscream’s face, making him to yell in pain and to rose both his hands towards his head. Taking this momentum, Dashie fired a cable around Starscream’s legs and pulled it, making the robot to fall backwards as he continued to yell for his face.

“OUCH!!! MY POWERFUL FACE!!!” yelled Starscream “I-Impossible! You cannot hurt me, the great and powerful Starscream! Y-You’re not worthy! You’re inferior! You should be the one to be hurted!” he said as he tried to rid off of the cable.

Suddenly, a flashback stroke Rainbow Dash’s mind. After hearing those words, a mental picture of Trixie appeared in front of her eyes. Starscream was acting just like Trixie and she knew how she could be very egomaniac. Something was wrong and she needed to warn the others. Placing her finger in the comlink, Rainbow Dash began to send her warning.

“Girls, this is Rainbow Dash!” she said “I just found Starscream and somethings is wrong with him. He’s a little...’Trixie’.”

“Applejack here!” said the cowgirl through the comlink “Are ya sure you’re fightin’ Screamy?” she asked.

“Hum...Yeah?” said the blue girl “Why do you ask?”

“Cause I’m fightin’ him right now!” said Applejack.

In that moment, Starscream tried step on Applejack like a bug over and over again, but she always jumped away from the giant foot. Tired of trying to smash the human girl, Starscream ripped off a piece of metal from the wall and throw it towards Applejack’s belly, making her to fly backwards. If it wasn’t Wheeljack’s new armor, she would have some broken ribs right now. While rubbing her belly, Applejack activated her Harmony Cannon and fired three blasts towards the Seeker’s shoulder, who growled in pain.

“Nice try,” he said as he rubbed his shoulder “but that didn’t hurt me! Ouch…”

Applejack tilted her head after hearing that lie. She never heard horrible lie like that one. After the pain was gone, Starscream rose up both his blasters and charged them up, making the girl to take defense position.

“Don’t worry!” he lied “I won’t shoot you!”

Suddenly, Starscream fired a blast from both weapons, but failed to hit Applejack. She couldn’t believe that he tried to trick her, but there was no liar in the Universe that could escape her. Before she could protest, the Decepticon fired more blasts again and again, making the orange girl to dodge them every time. Once the Seeker stopped to reload his blasters, AJ decided to took this chance to speak with the liar.

“So ya wouldn’t shoot me, eh?” she said.

“W-What?!” lied Starscream “But I didn’t shoot you!”

Before Applejack could protest again, Starscream fired another blast towards her, only to be dodged by her. As she stood in one knee, the cowgirl blinked many times about what just happened.

“Ya liar!” she growled “Ya shoot me again!” she said before shooting again.

Starscream dodged the blast “No, I didn’t!” he lied before shooting another blast.

AJ dodged the blast “Yes, ya did!” she said before shooting.

“No, I didn’t!”

“Yes, ya did!”

Pinkie Pie jumped all the way through the giant corridor with her Harmony Cannon, which was a grenade launcher, ready. After receiving the warning about the evil Starscream, she needed to be ready, but something was worrying her. Two Starscream's in a different place at the same time? She rubbed her chin. Something was very familiar about that. Like she have saw that before. Before she could react, the nose of a red, white and blue jet stroke the back of her head, making her to fall in the ground with her face. While rubbing her head, Pinkie looked up and saw the F-22 staring at her. Suddenly, the plane began to change, revealing to be...another Starscream?!

“Well if it isn’t my favorite and beautiful organic Autobot pet.” said Starscream.

The pink girl couldn’t believe. Another Starscream?! It was like ‘A Bridge Too Close Part I and II’. Chargin up her cannon, Pinkie Pie aimed her weapon towards the Decepticon, but only to receive him rising up his hands like he was giving up.

“Wait! You misunderstand, oh mighty...eh…” he said before rubbing his chin while trying to remember the human’s name.

Pinkie rolled her eyes “Pinkie Pie!” she growled.

“Ooh, that’s too bad.” said Starscream “I come not to fight, but to offer an deal.”

The pink girl tilted her head “A deal?” she asked, receiving a nod from the Seeker “What kind of deal?”

“To work together,” he said before joining both hands “team up if you will, and rid the Universe of the scourge that is Megatron, so that can exist peace between Autobots and Decepticons.” he said while putting his hands on his hip “So what do you say? Partners, oh powerful Pinkie Pie?”

Pinkie Pie lowered her Cannon and began to rub her chin. It was a good deal, since it could save Earth, the Universe and end the war between the Bots and the Cons, but something was telling her to not accept that kind of deal, since that one wasn’t the real Starscream and a true suck-up. Raising up her grenade launcher, Pinkie Pie fired one grenade towards Starscream’s chest, who flew backwards until he crashed into a wall behind him.

“Sorry if I’m being a party pooper, ‘Screamy’,” she said has she reloaded her weapon “but I saw this before and I just hope you don’t have a giant bomb capable to destroy the factory.”

“What a treacherous attack!” he said while standing up “You’re really an amazing warrior, oh mighty one.”

“Oh shut up, Sunstorm!” she said before she fired another grenade.

Fluttershy slowly walks through the huge and dark corridor. She was shaking like green sticks has she looked to every direction and yelped has the factory was shook once more by explosions. She would be fine with Bumblebee to protect her, but without him and with the Insecticons and Starscream around there...A sound of metal falling in the ground made the yellow girl to jump with fear as she aimed her Harmony Cannon, which was an bow and purple arrows, to the place where the sound came. Nothing. It was completely creepy and she didn’t liked creepy things. Walking backwards slowly, Fluttershy prepared her weapon in case that anything that was non-Autobot could appear. Suddenly, Shy’s back crashed into something tall and made of metal. With her free hand, the girl began to touch to know what she was facing. It was a leg.

Oh God…, she thought.

Slowly, she moved her eyes up and her blood froze when she the big giant robot staring at her with his optics widened. Her heart began to beat fast as Formula-1 car and she began to shake like a branch in a storm.

“S-S-S-STARSCREAM!!!” screamed Fluttershy above her lungs.

“H-H-H-HUMAN!!!” screamed Starscream above his...gears.

Activating his blasters, Starscream started to scream and shoot everything that wasn’t Fluttershy, who wrapped herself into a ball and closed her eyes. Once the explosions ended, Fluttershy slowly opened her eyes and looked around, only to see steaming holes and fire around her. When she looked to the end of the corridor, she saw the Decepticon commander running away from her, screaming like he just saw a demon. She blinked as she saw the robot tumbling forward and standing up. She never saw him so scared about her. Forgetting her fears, the yellow girl chased Starscream so she could explain him that she wasn’t scary.

“W-Wait!” she said “Come back! I-I’m not dangerous!”

“NO!” yelled Starscream “GET AWAY FROM ME! GET AWAY!”

Twilight and Sari opened a giant door and released an long ‘whoa’ when they saw robotics arms placing and sticking purple armors in some Protoforms with their torches one after another. After they were ready, Vehicons and Seekers were placed in huge lines of their offline brothers, awaiting for their turn to enter and fight in the War for Cybertron. Twilight was completely amazed. For a very evil faction, the Decepticons do have an impressive way to replace their lost comrades. While walking through the construction line, Sari’s eyes caught something interesting in the corner of the room: it was a forgotten Protoform, half completed with one black leg, one black arm and half of the chest, that was resembling the front of a truck, done. It like Megatron stopped to work on it, whatever it was, for now. Looking to the small computer in front of the Protoform. She readed the cybertronian words and rose her eyebrow.

“‘Project Nemesis?” she said to herself.

“Psst...Sari!” said Twilight “I found the computer.”

Turning her head around to see Twilight Sparkle, Sari ignored the ‘Project Nemesis’ and walked towards her friend, who was standing on top of the computer. Activating her jetpack, the Autobot girl flew towards the keyboard where her friend was waiting. Once she landed on it, she started to tap in the buttons, learning how does the factory’s system works. It would be a piece of cake, since that Decepticon computers are very similar to the Autobot ones. Moving her eyes up, Sari saw many actions being ordered by, for who she suspected, Soundwave.

“So this is the main computer?” asked Twilight.

“I think so.” answered Sari “I never saw so much information before. It’s better I upload the virus so we can shut down this thing for good.”

With those words, Sari’s hand turned itself into whires that conected with the keyboard. Blue lights consumed the red lights as the Autogirl uploaded the virus that would shut down the factory for good. The Decepticons will not have more extra troops for weeks, since that Megatron has the best computer master in the Universe. After the virus was implanted, the computer began to shut down as well the entire factory. The robotic arms died instantly, the construction line stopped, the lights all turned off and the shield outside of the building disappeared slowly. Suddenly, Twilight, Sari and small pieces of metal began to float like feathers.

“W-Whoa!” said Twilight as she grabbed to the keyboard “What’s happening?”

Sari used her jetpack to remain in the air “This place was using an antigravity device to keep everything in the place.”

“Optimus Prime to Twilight Sparkle.” said Optimus through the comlink “The factory’s shield as disappeared right now. Have you uploaded the virus?”

“Mission complete, Optimus.” said Twilight “We shall return after I got the others from Starscream and we’re ready to go.”

“Understood, Twilight.” said Optimus, with full trust in his voice “Optimus Prime out.”

“Here! Let me help you!” said Sari as she grabbed Twilight’s arms.

Without hesitation, Twilight released the keyboard and allowed Sari to carry her all the way to her friends. While flying, the purple girl saw many pieces of metal flying everywhere, caused by the Autobot attack. The purple girl and the Bot girl smiled. Without the Protoforms, Megatron and his minions were surely doomed and would be defeated in no time. Suddenly, Twilight’s and Sari’s smile died when they saw a F-22 floating in the middle of the corridor, waiting for them. As he suspected, the jet began to change, revealing to be none other than the second-in-command Starscream.

“Well, well, well…” he said with a grin on his face “We meet at last...Twilight Sparkle.”

Rarity turned around as she heard somebody screaming again. Probably a Decepticon has justed founded Pinkie Pie and she surely has made him went crazy. The white girl sighed as she shook her head.

“I’ll never understand that girl.” said Rarity.

Floating through the corridor with her weapon ready, the white girl reached the door in front of her, but this one didn’t opened. It makes sense, since that Sari has shutted down the system of the building. Before she could react, the door in front of her began to shake itself like somebody was trying to open it. In few seconds, two giant hands could be seen forcing the door to opened itself. Then a familiar giant face with red optics and with an evil smile was noticed. Rarity gasped when she remembered the red Decepticon from earlier.

“Here’s Knockout!” he chuckled has he changed his hand into a saw “This is for ruining my paint in Crown City, cupcake!”

Swinging his saw forward, Knockout tried to cut Rarity in half, but she jumped in middle air to avoid the weapon. Using her Harmony Cannon, Rarity blasted the Decepticon’s arm, creating a small scratch on the paint. Knockout gasped when he saw that scratch.

“BIG mistake!” he growled.

Yelling his battle cry, the Doc-Con swung his saw into the white girl’s belly, ripping few part of the suit, and then delivered a punch in her face, throwing her into the wall in the end of the corridor. After shaking her head while floating, Rarity gasped when she saw her beautiful costume ruined.

“You scratch my paint, I scratch yours.” chuckled Knockout.

Rarity clenched both fists as an unstoppable fire of hate grow within her. Her only desire now was to tear that monster apart into pieces. The next thing that came from her mouth frozen the Energon inside of Knockout’s body. He understood he was the one who made the big mistake.

“So you know me.” said Twilight.

“Of course I do, Sparkle.” chuckled Starscream “The troops are talking about you every time in the Nemesis. Twilight Sparkle, the first human to kick Megatron’s tailpipe. I must say it was the most happy day in my life when I heard that.” he chuckled.

“You sound like you're not loyal to your master.” said Sari.

“Oh, I do am not loyal to that old trash, drone.” said Starscream “For many years, Megatron has been always the great leader of the Decepticons. Never defeated in combat,” he said has he clenched his fist “but those days are over. This is the time for a new leader to rise to take over his throne.”

“Let me guess...You?” said Twilight as she tilted her head.

“Indeed, Sparkle.” said Starscream “I am the perfect commander to lead the Decepticons. I shall be known as Starscream, the new Emperor of the Destruction. You could be my ally, Twilight Sparkle, and help me to overthrow Megatron once and for all.”

“And let Earth and my friends be yours?” said Twilight as she prepared her Harmony Cannon “No thanks.”

Starscream growled as he prepared his blaster as well “Nobody is perfect, girl,” he said as he aimed his blaster “but I don’t accept imperfect creatures like you.”

The end of Starscream’s blaster began to glow, ready to shoot down Twilight and Sari, but he wasn’t ready for what was coming next. The wall next to Starscream broke apart and another Starscream went flying until he crashes into his commander, making both Decepticons to crash into the other wall and land in the Moon’s surface with a big thud. From the wall that clone went flying, Applejack came out the hole with few scratches on her suit.

“And stay away, ya creep!” she shouted.

“Nice work, Applejack!” chuckled Twilight as she landed next to Rarity.

“How did she took that Starscream down?” asked Sari.

“Didn’t you know?” asked Twilight “The Moon’s gravity makes everything heavy become light.”

“Interesting…” said Sari has she rubbed her chin.

Growing for his humiliating moment, Starscream threw his Protoform away and aimed his blasters towards the girls once again, but a hand grabbed his head and threw him into a dead Insecticon. Growling once more, the second-in-command rose up and turned around, but only to gasp when he saw the mighty Team Prime and their leader.

“Optimus Prime!” he shouted.

Suddenly, many explosions were heard as smoke and screams too. Turning his head around, Starscream saw his clones threw at his feet, completely damaged and full of scratches. Next to Twilight was now Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, ready to kick the Seeker’s tailpipe. Another scream was heard from another Starscream running away from Fluttershy, who didn’t fired a single arrow. Hiding behind the ‘Suck-upscream’, the ‘Cowardscream’ was shaking like he was going to blow up. Ignoring the humans, the original Decepticon turned his attention to the leader of the Autobots, who were still aiming their blasters towards them.

“Whoa!” said Hound “Wasn’t having Thundercracker and Skywarp isn’t enough?”

Starscream laughed “You think you can stop me, Prime?” he said “With this armada, I will crush you and your pathetic friends. Then I’ll deliver your offline body to Megatron before I rip off his spark from his chest.” said Starscream before raising both his arms “I AM STARSCREAM AND I AM INVINCI---ACK!!!”

A giant red blast stroke in Starscream’s chest, sending him flying backwards. Turning their heads around, the Autobots and the Rainbooms gasped when they saw the huge Decepticon warship standing in front of them with his weapons ready. It was the Nemesis, Megatron’s ship, which means that the leader of the Cons should have discovered about their attack. Before anyone else could react, a huge rain of missiles flew from the Nemesis and stroke directly into the three Protoforms’ chests, destroying their sparks, and sending them into the air. As their dead bodies flew away into the dark and cold void, the last Starscream jumped and transformed into his jet mode, trying to fly away from that nightmare. Aiming towards the clone, the Nemesis’ cannons shooted a rain of red blasts towards the jet, destroying both his wings. Spinning and screaming of pain and fear, the clone crashed and exploded into millions of pieces. Twilight closed her eyes and gritted her teeth when she saw that. It was an horrible death, even to a Decepticon or a clone. The original Starscream woke up and instantly rose up when he saw his Protoscreams completely offline and the Nemesis floating above the factory. His plan was completely wrecked not by the Autobots, but by his master.

“My armada! My plan! Why?!?” he cried out.

In that moment, thrusters were heard behind Starscream. He turned around, but only to allow his belly to meet the nose of Megatron’s jet mode. As Megatron took him towards his warship, the second-in-command yelled above his gears, making the line ‘In space, no one can hear you’ to look like trash. Suddenly, Rarity next to Pinkie Pie, making her gasp when she saw her: her suit was full of scratches, as well her helmet and Harmony Cannon.

“Holy flying robots!” said Pinkie Pie “What happened to you, Rarity?”

“Lets just say that I put somebody ko, darling.” she chuckled.

Starscream received a punch in the face, making Energon to flew away from his mouth. The entire crew watched as Megatron beaten the scrap of his traitor, including Knockout, who was being buffed by Snow Cat. Terribles pictures of that white girl destroying his paint were always repeating in his mind. He was completely traumatized. Megatron punched Starscream’s chin, making him to fly backwards and land with a big thud with his belly. Sparks were flying from his small wounds created by the punishment and more Energon was dripped from his mouth.

“Let me tell you what is your mistake number three: your pathetic plans to make yourself powerful!” said Megatron as he walked towards Starscream “We may have lose the factory, but you are very lucky that the Autobots didn’t find my Dark Energon deposit. Now that I don’t have more Protoforms for weeks, my plan will not be completed in time!”

“B-But my intentions were p-pure, Master!” said Starscream has he crawled backwards “I only wanted to get rid of Optimus…”

Suddenly, Megatron stepped on top of Starscream’s chest like a bug, creating more wounds and sparks. Everybody should know that Optimus Prime was his only target and Megatron should be the one to destroy his spark and the Matrix of Leadership.


Slowly, Megatron continued to squish his commander like a bug, creating more pain in his body. Sooner or later, Starscream would be nothing but spilled Energon and scrap metal. In that moment, an idea came to Starscream’s mind. That idea would probably save his spark.

“W-Wait!” said Starscream as the foot continued to squish him “I-I know how to m-make your plan come t-true!”

Hearing those words, Megatron rose up his foot and grabbed Starscream by his neck. For more he could be a traitor, the Decepticon leader needed everybot next to him so he could conquer Earth and the rest of the Universe.

“Explain, Starscream.” commanded Megatron “Quickly…”

Author's Note:

Sorry if I'm publishing the chapters really fast, but my school time is coming and I might have few time for the chapters :twilightblush:

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