Transformers Equestria Girls

by RedFire

The Pandora's Box Part 2

Lennox walked from a side to the other worried with his troops looking at him in their vehicles, waiting inside of a tunnel that was blocked because of a ‘dangerous gas leak’. After receiving the warning of a cybertronian relic that could allow the Decepticons to crush Humanity under their giant feet by the Autobots, the leader of NEST has been worried about the situation. To make sure everything does not fail, he prepared everything once he heard the warning, including leaving Spitfire to lead the Wonderbolts for air support when things get critical.

“Would you stop walking from a side to another, Lennox?” growled Epps “You’re letting me dizzy.”

“I’m sorry, Epps.” said Lennox “It’s just...I told my wife and daughter to get out of the city. If we lose, they won’t be safe anywhere in the planet.”

“You don’t think Prime and the Bots can’t win this battle?” asked Epps.

“Not that I’m saying that, but…” said Lennox as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Just relax, bro.” said Epps “The Autobots sworn to never let the Cons conquer Earth. Would they fail to us now?”

“Yeah...You’re kinda right.” said Lennox with sigh.

Suddenly, a blue portal appeared behind Lennox, making him turn around. From the portal, a group of vehicles drove out of it, stopping right in front of the Major. He looked inside of the red truck and then to Twilight Sparkle inside of the yellow car with Sunset Shimmer and Fluttershy.

“Status report.” he said.

“Mission accomplished, Lennox,” said Twilight, showing him the Allspark “Now we just need to get to the bunker.”

“Why do I fear that bad news are coming?” said Epps.

“That's because I fear that the Decepticons are moving to get what they want, Sergeant Epps.” replied Optimus Prime “Major Lennox, I need you to prepare an aerial vehicle just in case we cannot reach the bunker.”

“Understood, but in case the Cons decide to attack the city, I will need some help from your Rainbooms and Bots to evacuate the citizens.” said Lennox “Now let’s ROLL OUT!”

“Hey! That’s Prime’s line, you silly!” shouted Pinkie Pie.

Later, in the road…

Driving through the many cars, the Autobots and NEST set their way to Crown City to secure the Allspark from the Decepticons until they are defeated. Through Bumblebee’s window, Twilight looked at the great Autobot leader driving next to her. He still didn't said a word since they have left the tunnel. Why was he so quiet now?

“What were you really talking about, Optimus?” asked Sunset Shimmer, catching both Twilight and Prime's attentions.

“I do not know what you are talking about, Sunset Shimmer…” lied Optimus.

“Sunset, what are you talking about?” asked Twilight.

“Back in the Everfree Forest,” started Sunset “I asked him what were they talking about, answering that it was about the mission. I've spent a lot of time with Applejack and you, Optimus, to know that you are lying.”

“Optimus, is that true?” asked Twilight, receiving only silence from him “Optimus, what are you hiding from me?”

The Prime didn't answered back, with fear growing inside his spark. If he told her that his backup plan is to destroy the Allspark along with him, Twilight would surely denied it and beg him to find another way to save the relic and himself. Suddenly, in that moment, a purple portal opened itself in the sky, allowing a gigantic robotic bug to flew out of it. It was an Insecticon.

“Optimus, you got company!” shouted Sari in the com link.

“And not in the good way!” said Spike through the com link too, scared with his friend’s safety.

Crashing against the other cars, the Insecticon caused chaos in the road as he descended towards the ground, following the Autobots and his target. Lennox grabbed the turret in his car and aimed at the Con, but pulling the trigger with many innocent drivers in the way was a bad idea. Before he and the others could react, Optimus activated his breaks, leaving the formation. Hound and Ratchet occupied his position, knowing what was his plan.

“Optimus!” shouted the Rainbooms at the same time.

“Protect the Allspark at all cost!” shouted Prime “I'll give you some time! Go!”

Twilight moved to the back seat to see her friend as they moved forward, feeling a little unsafe without him. Seeing this action, the Insecticon started to transform into his robot form, crashing the street under his feet. Optimus Prime decided to do the same thing and changed into his normal form, turning around to face the monster before starting to run towards him.


Driving back to their home after a nice time in the beach, Octavia Melody and Vinyl Scratch listened to many of their favorite songs in the car’s radio. Octavia growled. That day was only to be just between her and her friend, but Vinyl had the idea to start a party there, bringing everyone in the place there.

“I still can't believe that you had to bring your little toys with you, Vinyl.” she growled “Today we were supposed to relax in the beach and not start a crazy party.”

“Oh come on, Tavi!” chuckled Vinyl “You know that nothing can stop a DJ like me. Besides, it was my talent that made you met that handsome guy.”

Octavia started to blush and smile “Well…Maybe…” she said before hearing an explosion “Did you heard that?”

“What?” asked Vinyl with a smile “Don't tell me you are so shy about that guy?”

“I'm being serious, Vinyl.” replied Octavia “We better get home quickly before…”

Explosions in the road above them cut her words, making Octavia and Vinyl to look up and see pieces of metal and rock fall towards them. Vinyl reacted and started to dodge every ruble that almost crushed the car. A long scream like somebody was falling reached Octavia’s ears, making her to gasp as she saw two giant robots fall right in front of their path. Seeing this, the DJ girl hit the brakes, stopping right in front of the showdown. Optimus Prime stood up, but he was late to react the punch that struck his face. The Insecticon unleashed his battle cry as he tried to attack the Autobot with his bug legs in his chest, only to Optimus grab them with both hands and rip them from his chest. Small drops of Energon stroke Vinyl’s car, but she and Octavia continued to watch the battle with both their mouths opened. The Insecticon swung his claws over and over again in a way to hit the Prime, but Optimus ducked to dodge the last and, as a counter attack, he delivered an uppercut so strong that once it hit his chin, it broke his teeth and even made one of his optics to pop out of his glasses, sending him backwards, landing with his belly on top of an abandoned car, left by the people terrorized by the giants. After standing up with his optic hanging in his face, the Con roared again before activating his blaster and firing at Optimus, who dodged the blast. Another blast was fired and this one stroke Prime's shoulder, making him fall backward. Taking the moment, the Insecticon jumped next to his opponent and grabbed his shoulder, making him stand up, but Optimus was fast and grabbed his arm under his shoulder. Then, with the blade that the Decepticon didn't saw, he cut off his arm and, since he was the same size of the creature, he grabbed his head with his arm and struck his sword in his neck. The Insecticon screamed in pain and struggled to get free with his only arm as the sword destroyed his neck, but it was too late and death consumed his circuits. With the Insecticon dead, Optimus pulled out his blade and easily pushed his head off, allowing the body to fall on its back, spitting sparks and Energon in every direction. The Autobot, while changing his weapon back into his hand, dropped the head in the ground and then looked to the skies as an alien silver jet flew towards the city with a dark blue drone and a F-15 following it. He furrowed his optics before changing into his truck mode, driving towards the city.

“That was awesome!” shouted Vinyl while Octavia remained silent and looking at the dead robot’s head, shocked by what she just saw.

In Crown City…

Driving through the city, the Autobots and NEST drove their way to the bunker to hide the Allspark from the Decepticons. The girls were scared. They knew that Megatron was coming and without Optimus Prime next to them, it would be impossible to defeat him. Twilight clenched the blue cube in her arms just thinking in that. If that monster wants the Allspark, he would have to take it from her dead body.

“Hey, Lex!” shouted Rainbow Dash “What about you call those Wonderbolts to help us?”

“She has a good point. I’ll call Spitfire,” said Epps while activating his com link “Spitfire, this is Sergeant Epps. We need you and the Wonderbolts for air support right now.”

After finishing the call, a red and white F-15 flew through the skies of the city, making the heroes and the citizens to look up. The Rainbooms stood out of their Autobots, looking as well to the jet.

“Wow…” said Rarity “She was fast, but where’s the rest of the team?”

“That isn't Spitfire,” said Hound “It's Starscream!”

The green jeep transformed into his robot form, scaring the people around them, making them run away. The other Autobots changed their forms too and started to fire their blasters towards the Seeker. The Decepticon started to fire back two missiles towards the ground, blowing everything around, sending the girls and the soldiers flying backwards. A loud noise covered Twilight's ears as she stood up, looking around through the broken visor of her helmet to see her friends, who were standing up and filled with scratches. Twilight removed her helmet and threw it away as she looked at her arms. The Allspark was still safe, but then she growled. Her Warp Belt was destroyed...Again! From the rubbles, all the Autobots started to get up...Except one.

“Is everyone okay?” asked Lennox as he checked his soldiers, receiving a nod from them “What about you?” he asked to the Rainbooms, receiving the same answer from them.

“Bumblebee…?” asked Fluttershy while looking around “Where's Bumblebee?”

Slow beeps were heard behind the shy girl, making her turn around and gasp with what she saw: her yellow guardian with his right leg destroyed as well his left foot, each wound leaking Energon and the rest crushed under a truck. Tears formed in Fluttershy’s eyes as Bumblebee crawled, growling as pain went through his circuits. The others too gasped, her hearts being crushed by the bleeps of pain from him.

“Oh no…Ratchet!” she cried before hugging the Autobot’s face “Don't worry, Bee… You're going to be fine…” she said while giving him a kiss in his cheek.

Suddenly, explosions were heard and the street where they were started to get hit by missiles. Right in the other side of the road, a blue snow cat, with many Vehicons behind, fired more from his cannons on top of its roof. People screamed and ran away from the vehicle and the robots in panic as they continued to fire at the NEST soldiers, who took cover behind the rubbles and wrecked cars created by Starscream.

“HOLADIO, SUCKERS!!!” laughed Snow Cat as he ran over a car.

“Autobots, scatter and take them down!” ordered Ratchet.

All the Autobots transformed into their vehicles forms and drove into different directions and some of the girl joined the battle with Lennox and Epps, letting the Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer next to the Autobot scout. Bumblebee slowly looked at the Decepticons in end of the street, attacking the human soldiers. The girls needed to get out of there. He was just dead weight. Bee beeped at Fluttershy, making her look at him.

“What?! Leave you?!” she cried “I-I can't…”

From the corner of her eye, Fluttershy saw a tow truck, forgotten in the entrance of an alley. After looking at her friend one more time, she stood up and ran towards the vehicle with Rainbow Dash screaming her name while following her. Twilight was with her friend. They couldn't leave him right there to die.

“Fluttershy is right.” she said while placing the Allspark in the ground “We are not leaving you.”

Slowly, Bumblebee picked up the Allspark and gave it to the Princess before giving her a nod of his head. Twilight looked at the relic as Sunset laid a hand on her shoulder, making her look at her. She knew that the faith of Cybertron and all its people was in her hands, but was it worthy of a friend? Suddenly, a white tow truck stopped next to them and from it both Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash jumped out of it.

“Girls, help me with this.” said Fluttershy.

Driving through the chaos, Hound dodged every blast from the Cons’ weapons and from Cat’s cannons, shooting down some of them with his turret. Many people jumped to the ground in a way to not get hit by the red blasts of energy or even the missiles.

“Take this, Auto-brat!” shouted Snow Cat.

The Decepticon fired two more rockets at the green jeep, but Hound was fast and started to transform. With his leg formed, he jumped over the missiles and even red blasts from the Vehicons. As he started to fall, another wave of attack approached at Hound, but he was smart and started to charge up his machine guns, firing a powerful blast from both that pushed him up, flying above the wave and over Lyra who started to scream as he flew above her before landing in the ground with his back. With all their attention focused on the Bot, Snow Cat and his three last soldiers didn't saw the blue motorcycle driving towards them from their left, which changed into her robot form and blew up the Decepticons’ head, their dead bodies falling backwards.

“Come on, Decepticon punk!” she said while jumping on top of Snow Cat and grabbed his cannons, trying to rip them off.

“Hey! Get off me, you glitch!” he growled.

The snow cat, as a response to this attack, started to transform into his robot form with Arcee on top of his shoulders, who immediately kicked his face over and over, creating small sparks and throwing away small pieces of metal.

“I said GET OFF ME!!!” shouted Snow Cat.

Grabbing Arcee's face, Cat pulled her down and, with a quick reflect, he grabbed her leg and threw her away, making her crash into a florist, where the three owners jumped to the ground before they could get smashed.

“Our florist!” cried Lily Valley.

“This is awful!” cried Daisy.

“The horror! The horror!” cried Rose.

Turning his attention to Hound, Snow Cat clenched his fists and activated his rocket launcher, firing two missiles at him. The green Autobot jumped and rolled in mid air, dodging the rockets and firing his missile launcher. Although one missed its target, the second one stroke Cat's chest, making him growl. Then Wheeljack came sliding in the ground while firing his blaster at him as well and, before he could react, Ratchet jumped above him and cut off his left arm, making him growl in pain as his arm fell on the street, covering it with Energon.

“Concentrate your fire!” shouted Lennox.

With their grenade launchers, Harmony Cannons and blasters, the soldiers, the Rainbooms and Arcee fired at Snow Cat with everything. Outnumbered and wounded, the Decepticon screamed in pain as the shots exploded in his chest, making him do a back flip, landing in his belly unconscious. Although he was out, the threat was not over. Many Vehicons and Seekers, lead by Knockout, approached to the place, firing their weapons at their hated enemies, forcing them to move back while firing in response at the Cons. Things were getting difficult for the Autobots and they needed to evacuate the city as planned or many people would die in the crossfire. As Hound and Arcee fired at the Decepticons, Wheeljack, Ratchet and the rest of Rainbooms helped the people to ran in the opposite direction of the battlefield, pointing and shouting to go to the safe place, while Twilight, Sunset, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash placed chains around Bumblebee, who was sat in the back of the tow truck. In that moment, a silver robot landed on top of one of the smallest buildings, glaring and growling at the Autobots.

“It’s Megatron! Retreat!” shouted Ratchet as he picked up some humans “Move! Fall back!”

The soldiers and the Rainbooms, as well the Autobots, started to move away from that position, helping the people that were there next to them. Seeing Megatron jumping from the building, Wheeljack activated his blaster and fired at the Decepticon leader, his shots disappearing as they struck his powerful armor. Showing his grin, Megatron charged up his cannon and fired it up at the Wrecker’s feet, throwing him backwards. Hearing the shot, Pinkie Pie looked back and gasped as she saw her guardian trying to get up as the Emperor of Destruction walked towards him.

“Wheeljack!” she shouted.

“Go…” growled the Autobot “I’ll cover you…”

“Come here, little cretin.” said Megatron.

Before he could react, Megatron grabbed his neck and activated his jetpack, flying away with Wheeljack. Pinkie Pie screamed for his name and decided to follow the big monster to save his friend, but Lennox grabbed her and started to pull her next to the others.

“Fall back!” he shouted as he pulled the pink girl with him “Get those people out of the streets!”

“No!” cried Pinkie as she struggled to get free “We must save Jackie!”

“First we help the civilians and my men.” said Lennox “Then we will help him. That’s what he would want, kid.”

Pinkie Pie sobbed many times as he put her down, letting both Rarity and Applejack hug her in a way to make her happy. Suddenly, silence consumed the Decepticons, catching everyone’s attention. Using her helmet’s binoculars, Applejack gasped when she saw the none other than Snow Cat standing up, giving to her a glare as he clenched his hand from his only arm.

“What’s going on?” asked Rarity “Why did those brutes stopped?”

“It’s that Snow Cat guy!” said Applejack “He’s gettin’ back up. Those Cons are hard to kill...”

The sound of jet thrusters was heard, making both Rarity and Applejack look back. Both their eyes widened as they saw a dark blue drone transform and land in top of a building, deploying his Minicon. It was Soundwave and Laserbeak, ready to kick the hell of their asses.

“Oh, we’re so dead…” said Rarity.

Flying across the city, Megatron dragged Wheeljack across the skies while hitting him in many buildings like he was a simple doll, slowly cracking his white armor hit after hit. After minutes of crashing him into the buildings, the Decepticon leader threw him to the top of one of the buildings, landing on his belly. After getting up, Wheeljack pulled both his katanas from his back as Megatron landed in front of him, allowing him to see how big he was.

“That’s all you got, Megatron?” he said as he attacked him.

Using his cannon to defend himself from the katanas, Megatron punched him in the face, making him spin around before standing into his attack position. Growling, the Wrecker attacked the Decepticon again, but this time he grabbed his left arm.

“You want a piece of me?!” growled Wheeljack as he struggled to get free “You want a piece?!”

“No, Wrecker!” chuckled Megatron as he grabbed one of his ovals “I want two!”

With a simple push, Megatron ripped his oval and his arm, spitting a lot of Energon and painting the roof with it. Wheeljack screamed in pain as he stepped backwards, his optics slowly looking to the huge wound and what was left of his shoulder. Before he could react, Megatron charged up his cannon and fired at his chest, throwing him out of the roof and into the streets below. Using his katana, Jackie stood in one kneel before shadows made him look up. Standing in front of him were some Vehicons and Barricade, who cracked the gears in his hands and neck.

“Any last words, Jackie?” asked Barricade with a grin.

“Yes…” he said as he stood up with his sword ready “Promise to make this hard to me…” he chuckled.

Passing the chains to Fluttershy, Twilight helped her friends to prepare Bumblebee to get him out of there since his legs were destroyed before Starscream flew across the skies, scaring her. That place was turning into a completely scary hell. The Decepticons have stopped their attack, Megatron took Wheeljack away, but what was worst is the fact that Optimus Prime wasn’t there to help them. From the corner of her eye, Twilight saw Lennox and Epps ran towards him.

“Twilight!” he shouted “Where’s the Allspark?”

“Right there.” she answered as she continued to help her friends.

“Okay.” he replied “Epps, get the Wonderbolts and those Black Hawks here!”

Moving through the rumbles, Lennox started to recon the area until his eyes fixed in a big building with statues in the roof some steps away from his position. That building would be perfect to extract the Allspark out of here, since the bunker was no longer an option with the Cons there. With his plan set, he ran back to Twilight, placing his weapon next to her and opening one of his bags, grabbing a flare.

“All right, I can’t leave my guys back there and there’s still a lot of people to evacuate, so here, take this flare.” he said as he gave her the flare “Okay, there’s a tall, white building with statues on top. Go to the roof, set the flare.”

“What?” said Twilight “No!”

“Signal the chopper and set the flare…” continued the Major.

“No, no!” said Twilight “I can’t do this!”

Suddenly, Lennox grabbed her clothe by the neck and pulled her next to his face, scaring her “Listen to me, kid! You’re a soldier now!” he growled “Alright? I need you to take this thing and get it into military hands while we hold them off or a lot of people are gonna die.” he said while giving her the relic.

“I'm going with her and there’s nothing you can do to make me stay here.” said Sunset Shimmer, making Twilight to smile.

“Fine…We are all counting on you two to save the world.” he said “Fluttershy, I want you and Bumblebee out of here before things get ugly. I hope you know how to drive that tow truck.” he said, receiving a nod from the shy girl.

“Twilight, we will protect you both. “ said Arcee with her blasters ready “Just keep your heads down and, no matter what, don't stop running.”

“Be careful, sugar cubes.” said Applejack as she and the others hugged them.

“I will...” she said before looking at Sunset “Sunset Shimmer, in case we don't make out of this alive, I just want to say that...I'm proud of you and I'm very happy that you have stolen my crown or I would never met this amazing place and them too.” she said before hugging her “Thank you…”

Sunset open her mouth, but she immediately closed it, giving a warm hug to Twilight in return. Although it was an ‘accident’ in the day she stole her crown, the red hair girl was happy that she has met her and helped her to make such good friends. That was the best Summer in her life, even she and the others have spent the first days by fighting an alien civil war.

“Twilight! Sunset!” shouted Hound while charging up his blasters “Get to the building!”

“Move!” said Ratchet while activating his blaster.

After stopping hugging each other, Twilight and Sunset grabbed both their hands and started to ran towards the white building that Lennox told them to go with the Autobots protecting their backs. Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rarity made their stand. And Fluttershy drove the truck away with Bee in the back just in time…

“Decepticons, attack!” shouted Megatron as he rose up his hand that was holding Wheeljack’s arm.