• Published 29th Aug 2015
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Transformers Equestria Girls - RedFire

Twilight Sparkle and Spike returns to the Human Dimension to help the Rainbooms to survive the civil war between the Autobots and the Decepticons

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The Fury of The Prime

Twilight stared to the ceiling for a moment as she rested in her bed in Sunset’s house. Before he could reach the simulation room, Twilight asked Optimus Prime to take her home so that she could rest a little. She was expecting a ‘no’ coming from Optimus’ mouth, if he haves one, but Twilight wasn’t ready for a ‘yes’ from the mighty leader of the Autobots. Twilight still couldn’t understand. Why she could only think in Optimus Prime every time somepony says his name or when he talks? She wasn’t in love with him and, even if she was, she couldn’t love Optimus, since he was a machine. Another pain appeared in Twilight’s head. That pain has been annoying her an hour ago. Snuggled herself, Twilight Sparkle stared to the stars through a window next to her and began to count each and every small white dot in the night sky of Crown City. She wonder which one of them was Cybertron. As more stars she counted, more heavily her eyes were getting. After counting the one hundred and tenth star, she fell asleep...Until a lighting made her wake up. Twilight opened her eyes. She noticed that she was now standing close to a volcano and a big storm was occurring above her head. Twilight knew she was dreaming, because she doesn’t remember that place on Earth. Suddenly, a loud scream was heard. Looking behind her, Twilight gasped when she saw a red and blue robot falling backwards into the ground full of scratches in his armor. Another familiar robot walked towards Optimus Prime, full of scratches in his silver armor as well, but he doesn’t seem very damaged then the Autobot. Optimus tried to get up, but Megatron laid his foot in his chest so that the last Prime couldn’t stand and fight against the leader of the Decepticons. Megaton smiled as he looked to his defeated nemesis.

“Oh no...” said Twilight “Optimus!”

Twilight started to run towards the two giant robots, hoping to save Optimus in time, but, in that moment, a group of black arms came out of the ground and grabbed her legs and arms. She tried to break free, but every attempt resulted in failure. In that moment, Megatron transformed his hand into a sword and rose it above his head with an evil smile.

“I’ve would've waited an eternity for this.” he said “It’s over, Prime!”

With those words, Megatron clench his fist, ready to deliver his final blow in his most hated enemy. Twilight gasped when she saw Optimus closing his optics. He was giving up. Twilight tried once more to break free, but it was another failure. When she looked forward, the only thing she could do was to scream as Megatron lower his sword into Optimus’ neck.

“OPTIMUS!!!” she cried as she woke up.

Twilight looked around before she started to cry. It was an horrible dream, but it felt so real to her. Twilight began to thought in the nightmare. What was the purpose of it?

Pinkie Pie walk slowly into her home with a giant bag in her shoulder. Wheeljack didn’t want to ask her what was inside of that bag that she brought from the Ark, since he was warned that whatever Pinkie does is just her being Pinkie Pie. The pink girl looked to the outside and saw Wheeljack driving away. Releasing a sigh of relief, Pinkie dropped the bag in the ground with a loud thud, followed with a big ‘OUCH!!!’.

“Ups!” said Pinkie Pie “Sorry, Sari! My bad!”

Opening the bag, Pinkie helped Sari to step out of it. She was rubbing the back of her head, probably from the drop. When the pink girl was in the Ark, Sari asked her to help her to escape from the Autobot base to see the outside world, since Wheeljack didn’t allowed her to leave the place.

“Next time,” said Sari “let's try something that doesn’t looks like a kidnaping, okay?”

“Oki, doki, loki!” said Pinkie with a smile.

“Who’s that, Pinkie Pie?” asked a voice behind them.

Turning her head back, Sari saw a grey girl with a purple hair staring to her. Whoever this girl was, it must be important to Pinkie, since she was smiling like never before.

“MAUD!” yelled Pinkie while hugging her sister “Sari, this is my sister, Maud Pie. Sis, this is my new best friend, Sari...Hum...Sumdac.”.

“Sumdac?” asked Sari “But that’s not-” she said before Pinkie placed her hand in her mouth.

“I brought her here to a small slumber party.” she said “So what are you doing up so late?”

“I heard the door opening and a voice.” said Maud, making Sari to chuckled “Oh and Boulder couldn’t sleep.”

“Boulder?” asked Sari.

“He’s my pet.” answered Maud while showing a small rock.

“Whoa…” said Sari “He’s very cute. I wish I had a pet like yours.”

In that moment, a smile appeared in Maud’s face. Nobody ever said anything good about Boulder or about rocks. Maybe Pinkie Pie has founded a good friend for her. Suddenly, Pinkie Pie appeared between the two girls, with her mouth opened. Nobody ever made Maud smile except herself.

“You made her smile!” she said while hugging Sari and Maud “THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!” she yelled.

It was another day in the Ark and everybody has slept like a baby or a sparkling, as the Autobots say. Well, maybe not everybody. Twilight walked towards Wheeljack’s lab with bags in her eyelids. Last night, she hadn't slept well after that terrible nightmare she saw. No matter what she does, Twilight couldn't forget that horrible mental pictures of Optimus Prime’s death. Twilight shook her head.

“You need to relax, Twilight.” she said to herself “After all, Optimus Prime faced Megatron during eons and he was never defeated. What could go wrong?”

Once Twilight arrived to the lab, the door opened itself for her, revealing a blue girl with multicolored hair flying towards her. Twilight gasped when she saw Rainbow Dash lying towards her with some kind of jetpack on her back. With a quick reaction, the purple girl ducked as her friend crashed into the wall.

“Rainbow Dash?” asked Twilight.

“TWILIGHT!” she yell before hitting the ceiling “HELP!”

Twilight didn’t waist any time. Activating her Harmony Cannon, the bracelet covered Twilight’s arm like a glove and shooted a grapple that grabbed Rainbow’s back. Twilight pulled her friend to the ground with a strong tu. Once she landed on the ground with a loud thump, the rockets died, leaving only small smoke coming from it.

“Thanks, Twilight…” said Rainbow “I thought that was only a cannon.”

“I like to make surprises.” said Twilight while her arm changed back into the bracelet.

As Rainbow Dash began to stand up, Wheeljack walked out of the lab. He gasped when he saw Twilight and Dashie staring at him with an angry look. He was really in big troubles. Big as Metroplex.

“It’s my new rocket shoes.” he said with a chuckled, by it died when Twilight growled to him “Come on! I needed to test it and Sari wasn’t here, okay? Besides, how do you expect to face Starscream and the Seekers? Unless you’ve got wings…”

“You have no idea…” said Twilight.

Suddenly, the alarm started ringing and red lights filled the corridors. In that moment, Sari runned towards Wheeljack and the girls.

“Where in the Universe where you, Sari?” asked the Autobot.

“No time, Wheeljack!” she said “We got big problems and I mean really ‘big’.”

“Open fire!” yelled Lennox.

Many troops began to fired their weapons towards the big giant robots that were attacking one of the NEST’s bases. Lennox and Epps couldn’t believe in what was happening, but it was happening right now. They were really fighting Decepticons, horrible alien machines that only live to conquer and destroy everything in their way. NEST have been training for this moment since the Autobots’ arrival, but they didn’t thought that the Decepticons’ armor would be that strong. Barricade and the Vehicons fired their blasters towards the soldiers, making them to be sent away by the explosion. In the air, Starscream and his Seekers were fighting the Air Force. Some of the human jets may have took down some of the alien jets, but they were still losing against them. In the ground, a group of Vehicons, lead by Megatron, walked out of the hole in the base’s wall with Snow Cat next to them. The blue Decepticon was dragging huge box all the way to their Ground Bridge.

“I really wanted to kill some insects…” growled while shooting his blaster in his shoulder.

“Save that energy for later, Snow Cat.” said Megatron while blowing up a tank “You will need it for the Autobots.”

“How can you be so sure he will come, Lord Megatron?” asked Snow Cat while staring into the NEST’s soldiers “These humans are not...Well...Autobots.”

“Trust me…” said Megatron with a grin “Optimus will come.”

Snow Cat laid down the box to in front of Barricade, who ignored the bullets hitting his backs. Suddenly, a group of blue blasts blowed up some of each Vehicons’ chest. Another grin appeared in Megatron’s face. Like always, he was right. Turning his head , Megatron saw Optimus Prime and his pathetics soldiers with their blasters ready to kill more Decepticons. Behind them was their female human pets, staring into him with angry looks.

“Major Lennox,” said Optimus “I fear that Megatron's desperation may be at its zenith and you know that I cannot condone a single human casualty."

“Understood.” said Lennox “Help me with my mens, girls!”

The Rainbooms nodded and followed Lennox. Since the NEST’s humans were now at good hands, Optimus reloaded his blaster while staring to his nemesis.

“You must be very desperate to attack one of the NEST’s bases, Megatron.” said Optimus while aiming his blaster to him “Surrender that human property now or I shall make you do it.”

Megatron chuckled “I knew you would come, Optimus Prime.” he said “Such a weakness with my future slaves...With this ‘box’, I shall achieve ultimate victory and the control of planet Earth.”

“They will never be your slaves, Megatron, and Earth will never be yours!” said Optimus.

“We shall see that…” said Megatron.

With those words, Megatron’s cannon shooted a red laser towards him. With a quick reaction, Optimus jumped and rolled under the laser until he stopped with one of his knees on the ground. Taking this momentum, Optimus aimed once more his blaster towards Megatron and shooted many blue blasts in his shoulder, as well did both Autobots and Decepticons to each other. Starscream transformed back into a robot and fired many missiles, but every one of them failed to destroy Team Prime. While helping Lennox and her friends taking care of his wounded soldiers, Twilight looked the box that Barricade and two Decepticons were carrying towards the Ground Bridge. Megatron said that box would help him to win the war, which means it could be bad to Earth in that monsters’ hands. What could be that dangerous to the Autobots and NEST?

“Hey, kid!” said Lennox “Take this mens out of here!”

“Huh? Oh! Okay!” she said while helping a wounded soldier to get up.

Soon the battle became hand-to-hand between the alien robots. Starscream and Wheeljack clashed their saw and blades, Snow Cat swung his axe towards Hound’s head, who blocked it with his mace, Bumblebee and Arcee fought the few other Decepticons and both Optimus Prime and Megatron fought against each other with their fists.

“We do not need to follow this path, Megatron!” said Optimus while punching Megatron in his belly “Autobots and Decepticons can live together in peace once more!”

Optimus delivered a kick towards his face, but, with a quick reaction, Megatron blocked the kick with his cannon. The Decepticon chuckled before pushing Prime’s leg away.

“War is the ONLY right path, Prime,” he said while punching Optimus’ face “and the Decepticons shall be victorious on that war!”

With those words, the Decepticon grabbed the Autobot’s shoulders and threw away, who tumbled back until he crashed against a jet, breaking it in half. Twilight and Sunset saw everything: the anger, the sorrow, the tone of both leaders’ voices...Unlike the others, Optimus and Megatron were fighting for something more important. Not Cybertron, not the Universe, but something personal.

“I don’t want you as my enemy, brother!” said Optimus while standing up.

“Brother?!” asked Twilight and Sunset at the same time.

“STOP CALLING ME THAT!!!” yelled Megatron while running towards Optimus.

Optimus saw Megatron coming towards him. Looking around, Optimus’ optics laid in the missiles that were stuck in one of the destroyed jet’s wing. Ripping it from the jet’s wing, Prime threw the missile towards Megatron. He knew that it wouldn’t make very damaged in his armor, but that wasn’t his plan. Changing his hand into his blaster, Optimus blowed up the rocket a few feets from Megatron, creating a dark cloud of smoke. For a few nanoseconds, Megatron’s optics were blinded, but it was enough for the leader of the Autobots to do an uppercut, sending the Decepticon flying backwards and landing on top of a wrecked tank. After a few growls, Megatron rose up and spat a little piece of metal and purple liquid from his mouth. While rubbing his chin, Megatron noticed a yellow female human helping the wounded soldiers to escape from his minions. He smiled. Optimus walked towards Megatron while he was distracted, but he changed both his hand into blasters when his ‘brother’ aimed his fusion cannon towards him. The Autobot leader looked to Megatron’s mouth and saw a purple liquid falling from it. For some reason, he knew that liquid, but from where?

“Playing dirty, heh?” chuckled Megatron while charging up his cannon “I can play that way too…”

Optimus charged up his blasters too and prepared himself for the attack, but then something that he wasn’t expecting happened. Megatron moved his cannon to his right and shooted a blast of energy. Optimus gasped when he understanded Megatron’s idea.

The humans!!!, he screamed in his head.

Turning his head, Optimus’ optics widened when he saw the target was Fluttershy. The last Prime started to run towards her to shield her from the attack, but only to being stopped by Megatron, who jumped on top of him. He couldn’t get free from Megatron’s grasp. Using all his strength, Optimus decided to warn her human friend from the horrible ball of energy flying towards her.

“FLUTTERSHY, LOOK OUT!!!” he yelled while trying to break free.

“Huh?” said Fluttershy.

But it was too late. When Fluttershy turned to see who yelled her name, a huge pain took over her body as a red energy ball exploded the ground in front of her and sent her flying straight into a military jeep. Everybody’s heart and sparks stopped beating when they saw the poor little and fragile yellow girl being blowed away.

“FLUTTERSHY!!!” yelled the Rainbooms and the Autobots while running towards them.

Megatron laughed. He could see Optimus’s rage increasing in his optics like an unstoppable fire. That was...tasty for him.

“NO!!!” said Optimus Prime.

Suddenly, Optimus grabbed Megatron by his head and threw him towards the base’s wall. He could now kill him, but Optimus decided to run towards his soldiers since he has one thing in mind. Stopping right next to the Autobots, Optimus gasped when he saw Fluttershy’s laying in Wheeljack’s hands. Her clothes were a little burned and she has many cuts everywhere in her body. Blood was slowly running down the side of her mouth. Optimus then looked to Bumblebee. He was very shocked. After all, he was Fluttershy’s guardian.

“Fluttershy…” cried Twilight.

“Wheeljack,” said Optimus “is she…”

“She’s alive,” said Wheeljack “but I don’t think she can made out without medical attention.”

Suddenly, a laugh was heard. Turning their heads around, the girls and the Bots saw Megatron standing in front of his Ground Bridge. To feed Prime’s anger just a little more, the Emperor of Destruction decided to tease him a little more.

“Looks like my swatter just smashed a bug…” said Megaton with a quiet chuckle.

Those words resulted perfectly on Bumblebee, who exploded in anger. Activating his blasters, the yellow Bot aimed his weapons to Megatron, but he was stopped by Hound, who pushed down his friend’s arm.

“Bee, no!!!” said Hound.

Optimus looked back to Megatron, who showed him a creepy smile like it just came out from a nightmare. He knew that they could take him out right now, but if Fluttershy do not get to Ratchet…With a quick move, Optimus laid his finger in his comlink and activated it.

“Ratchet,” said Optimus to his comlink “bridge us back and prepare the sick bay! Fluttershy is down!”

“What?!?!” yelled Ratchet from the comlink “R-Right away, Optimus!”

In that moment, a blue portal appeared behind of the Autobots. The first to enter was Bumblebee, Wheeljack and the Rainbooms were the first ones to enter, since Fluttershy was close to death. Then it was Arcee and Hound, leaving their leader to the end. Before Optimus could enter in the Ground Bridge, he looked one last time to Megatron. So much hate was growing in Prime’s spark.

“Pompeii, Italy.” said Megatron “Don’t be late…” he said with a chuckled.

Without saying a word, Optimus stepped into the portal, which has closed with Megatron’s laugh that could be almost heard in the entire planet.

It has been a few hours since Megatron almost killed Fluttershy, but thanks to Ratchet’s excellent work and the amazing cybertronian technology, her life was saved. Rainbow Dash looked to her unconscious friend, who was laying in a bed brought by Epps and has wires that are connected from her body to a heart rate monitor. A mask was placed in the girl’s mouth to allow her to breath better too. The Rainbooms and the Autobots could only heard the sound of the machine could be heard in the silent sick bay while waiting for the results. The door of the room opened itself, allowing Ratchet to enter with an red pad in his hands.

“So?” asked Arcee.

“Four broken ribs, one arm broken, burned skin…” said Ratchet while looking to the pad “I’m still confused how did Fluttershy survived to Megatron’s fusion cannon.”

“Fluttershy may look fragile,” said Rainbow Dash while rubbing the yellow girl’s hair “but she is very strong.”

Suddenly, Bumblebee unleashed an angry bleep and punched the wall right next to him, creating an crack on it. The girls were shocked for the scout’s anger. Sunset felt sad when she looked to Bee’s optics. Sadness, guilty, failure...In that moment, she understood that Autobots were not simple machines like in the movies. They have dreams, feelings, a soul...They were living beings. Machines that can live and die just like humans. Arcee grabbed Bumblebee’s shoulder and pins him against the wall, Then she began to calm him down.

“Bee, listen!” said Arcee “You don't think I know how it feels to watch a partner... harmed.” she said while a sad voice “Revenge won't help Fluttershy right now. You need to keep your emotions in check!”

Arcee released Bumblebee, who looked to Fluttershy with his sad optics. There she was, laying in that bed completely injured by the horrible leader of the Decepticons. She was his mission...And he failed it. Bumblebee released a sad bleep as he laid his hand in his forehead. Twilight somehow felt Bee’s sadness. After all, he and Fluttershy became very close to each other in this days.

“That monster…” growled Rarity “Who would do such thing to poor little Fluttershy?”

“That would be Megatron, Rarity.” said Wheeljack “He would do anything to make sure he’s the winner, including destroying his own soldiers.”

“Speaking of ‘leader’...” said Twilight while looking to every place of the sick bay “Where’s Optimus?”

“Last time I saw, he was going to the his quarters.” said Hound “He didn’t said a word since we get back…I think we should let him alone for a moment.”

Sari didn’t said a word as she leaved the sick bay. This was for sure a dark moment for Team Prime and she couldn’t imagine that Fluttershy would be the first wounded friend in the Autobot ranks. When she arrived to the Ark’s bridge, her eyes caught a familiar red and blue Bot tapping in the Ground Bridge controls.

“Optimus?” asked Sari “W-Where are going? Optimus!”

But he ignored the small android. Optimus activated the Bridge, creating a blue portal behind him. The Autobot started to walk towards it, but it was stopped by Sari. He sighed and decided to answer to his little robotic friend.

“There is something I must do…” he answer.

“W-What do you mean?” asked Sari.

“I have been foolish not to see what history has proven over and over again: that Autobots and Decepticons will never mend their ways.” said Optimus “If there can be no diplomatic solution to this perpetual conflict, then I must not allow more darkness to fall upon this or any planet…” he said when he clenched his hand.

The next thing scared Sari. The voice, the anger and those angry blue optics...The Energon that was running through her circuits has frozen. That wasn’t the Optimus Prime she knew a year ago, the calm and peaceful leader of the Autobots who sworn to protect Earth from the Decepticon Empire. This was something new to Sari. This...This was the rage of a Prime.


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