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When The House of Enchanted Comics starts selling board games too, Spike picks up a bundle of them for Twilight and the girls to play. All the board games have really funny names: Stellaris, Command & Conquer, Dishonored, EvE...

Maybe the girls should have just played monopoly instead.

A series of one-shots about ponies and video games. Unedited random fun.

Chapters (2)

Pinkie Pie has a secret that not even she knows about.
What will the truth affect? Well, probably not that much, to be honest.
But it sure makes for a neat party trick!

Filed as "Teen" just to be safe, but all mentionings are very circumspect.
An entry for the Monster Mares Story Contest

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Green Grass has a new little student named Ooo to escort during Nightmare Night. A very special student, unlike any he has ever seen before.

Let's hope he can survive the experience, and everypony involved learns something from it.

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When Twilight Sparkle's overzealous insistence on correcting a typo in her junk mail draws the attention of a foreign postal service, can she dial-down her OCD long enough to avoid an international incident?

Probably not, but let's see what happens!

Co-written by Georg for pretty-pegasus-wings in Bluegrass Brooke’s Secret Santa fic exchange! Tweaked by Moosetasm! Art by pridark! Featured on Equestria Daily 10Jul.2017! :pinkiegasp:

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Princess Celestia sets out to reform Queen Chrysalis. Easier said than done.

I've done too much dark and serious stuff with Chrysalis. It's time to have some fun with her playful, snarky side.

Cover art by KP-ShadowSquirrel.
Featured on Equestria Daily

Also read: Changelings Never Really Change

Chapters (1)

Harry Potter was no stranger to problems, although his always seemed to be far larger than other young wizards his age. After all, Voldemort had tried to kill him as a baby, and twice during his first two years at Hogwarts. Hopefully, his third year in school would be easier, although he first needed to survive his summer with his aunt and uncle.

Between a hectic schedule of daytime chores and nights spent trying frantically to keep up on an ever-increasing pile of holiday work, he was working himself into a frazzle, and that was before finding out that his Aunt Marge was coming to visit. To top it off, an accident has just left him with a tiny purple problem he had never expected: a toy-sized unicorn named Twilight Sparkle.

His problems have just begun. And they will continue to multiply.

Editors: Tek
Picture credit: Wiki

Chapters (8)

During an attack on Ponyville in the middle of the Summer Sun Festival, Princess Twilight Sparkle evacuates the town by teleporting the entire population to safety in Manehattan. It turns out that her idea of safety needs some work. As well as her aim. And spelling.

Meanwhile, on a hot summer day outside of Manhattan, Kansas, Jonagold Bruener had a fairly successful life with few complications. Until while out mowing hay, he had a very strange visitor fall from the sky. And then another. And another. And another....

Editors: Tek, TheMaskedFerret, Peter, BluePaladin42, Edward Becerra

Picture credit: Manhattan Water Tower

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The history of war may be written by the winner, but the Royal Historian is the one who provides the notes and background to the writer. The recent events that some have called ‘Mare Wars’ or ‘The Invasion of the Barracks’ are no exception. The Royal Historian has painstakingly compiled this folder of notes and background material on what should more accurately be called, ‘The Opening of the Guard.’

Please remember to return the folder back to the Royal Historian when you have completed reading, in the event we gather more material that needs to be included.

Musty Pages, Royal Historian

Source for inside photo
Featured on Equestria Daily and the Royal Canterlot Library
With sequel, The Night Guard - Night Mares
And an interview by Benman

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Baked Bean, an aspiring writer of questionable skill, has come across the perfect source of inspiration: the Castle of the Two Sisters. All it will take is a quick trip through the Everfree Forest, and a new world of potential writing prompts will be his for the taking.

Once there, however, he finds there's more to the Castle—and the old legends surrounding it—than he ever imagined, and an ancient law will force him to mate with all of the Royal Princesses...

...whether he likes it or not.

This story is an alternate take on No Nose Knows, so expect plenty of polygamous shenanigans.

Sex tag is for references. Ye be warned.

Edited by Zen and Ponies, Sipioc, Georg, and Spartanpony007!

Cover art commissioned by an anonymous fan and drawn by Apricalico!
Much thanks to Sipioc for the original cover art!

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to This Nose Knows

It is recommended you read No Nose Knows and This Nose Knows first, so you know what's going on.

Baked Bean - the slightly broken husband to Princess Celestia - finds he must answer the call to assist Sunset Shimmer and the Rainbooms when an ancient foe resurfaces at Canterlot High.

Once there, however, he finds another Bean who needs help courting a Principal who is very similar to his own Princess ...

Edited by Spartanpony007, Sipioc, Georg, and Zen and Ponies.

Cover art provided by Sipioc.

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