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Twilight Sparkle was quite positive she could handle the job of teaching young unicorn students in Ponyville how to handle their new magic, but when the school’s traveling magic teacher returns to town as scheduled, a series of miscommunications and accidents nearly drive the two of them crazy. Only the power of friendship (and a certain amount of tinkering from the townsponies) can save the day for them and their students before complete disaster strikes, but maybe there is a little more than friendship in store for the two young teachers.
[Comedy][Education][Slice of Cake] Featured on Equestria Daily. With a TV Tropes page and two sequels, The Traveling Tutor and the Diplomat's Daughter and The Traveling Tutor and The Royal Exam.

A lighthearted look at education, young love, dating and buckets of water in the face in that most normal of all small towns, Ponyville.

Caution: Contains bananas, marble chips, jogging, matrimonial planning, romantic interference, intrigue, lesson plans and lots of nuts. A whole town full of them.

Rated I for Innuendo, some drinking, some sleeping together (Just sleeping! Really! Why won’t you believe me?) and a great deal of dunking in the town fountain.

No cupcakes were harmed in the production of this fic. However, a great number were eaten. And they were yummy.

Cover art by Tamalesyotole on DeviantArt
Available in paperback at Lulu.com at cost

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