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"Someone Wise Once Told Me To Write What's In My Heart So - Blood, Valves And Cholesterol."

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88! · 6:05am Feb 15th, 2019

I have 88 Followers on the site, that's curiously amazing!

I was playing or trying to play a game earlier today.

It crashed at 88% and at the store my favorite drink was 88 Cents.

Lol no idea what kind of sign this is, but I find it very awesome!

Here's to hoping it's a good omen!!

Maybe I'll find $88 tomorrow, lol.

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Happy Thanksgiving, my love!

These two OCs look scarily like ours:

I'm watching the Death Battle between Steven Universe and Star Butterfly.

I simply cannot look at Star Butterfly without being reminded of you. The cute, bubbly, fun personality, for the most part.

I’m still here for you, my love.

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