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Israel Yabuki

I like drawing. I've been writing stories for about a year now and I've been getting a lot better thanks to everyone's support. Like I always say, brony on everypony.


Happy Thanksgiving · 8:47pm November 22nd

Hello everyone. I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. And what I'm thankful for is all the support I've received from you, my fans, and the fact that I've got a large family and good friends beside me. You're all awesome.

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Your Anthro Waifu Series

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I am curious if you plan to do the other EQG girls like Trixie as well?

The dazzlings will get a turn after Fluttershy and the EQG Waifu special

just curious, are you ever gonna do the dazzlings or at least adagio? for either anthro waifu or EQG waifu

  • Viewing 340 - 344 of 344
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