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I like drawing. I've been writing stories for about a year now and I've been getting a lot better thanks to everyone's support. Brony on everypony.

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Chapter Update · 8:16pm Last Friday

Hello guys, it's me again. I've finally posted the latest chapter of Heated Harem Funtime 2. Go ahead and check it out for yourselves, I trust you might find it to your liking.

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I like all of them, But the one character I Like the most is derpy. My reasoning is because I feel like she is a lot like me, someone who everyone see's as a bubbly clumsy person but has more to her than what people see. Like people with mental disabilities (I do have one.) people only see the surface but don't really see them. (also she is the only character that has a mental/physical disability, apart from screw loose.)

Yeh Genus, but for somehow you can call me Fortis.

I'm glad you love her

I do love pinkie pie and rarity and the mares I like but my heart goes to Fleur-de-lis, because she is very hot and kind and opened minded and she is one of my favorite background Canterlot ponies, ever since I met her when I was with Rarity in Canterlot for Twilight's birthday part, but in your stories, I met her when I was about to die in the alley way in a box, and Fleur saved me from that and now I had a daughter that me and Fleur wanted so I was married, and Fleur will forever be my wife.

lol, I see what you did there

  • Viewing 212 - 216 of 216
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