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19 year old fanfic writer and artist, with a particular love for red ties.

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So is anyone still alive on here · 2:24am Aug 5th, 2018

I'm curious I signed back in after ages to see. Needless to say my notifications are on the verge of exploding.
But yeah I took a look at my only story that was actually decent Diane. Just want to say writing that gave me experience to better
myself creatively. To all that supported it thank you. But is it finished ?

Thats a question. Truthfully it could end where it is, I could slap complete and thats it done and dusted. Or I could go out my way. Write one more chapter.

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Well it is nice to hear people think so. Truthfully as long as my work has viewers, even if minor I'm satisfied. :pinkiehappy: I do this as a hobby afterall.

Ya ned moar fallowurz.
*slaps a +1 sticker on your face*
Have this sticker.

But really, you deserve more followers.


I'll be sure to. I like the story so far :twilightsmile:

Keep watching as I have a surprise for those lovely fans of a certain Cellist. :raritywink: Chapter 2 is coming soon.

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