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Pinkie wakes up in an mental institution accompanied by a whole new body, to find her life has been the result of mental illness. How can you cope, when you find out your whole life, has been a lie.

story inspired by
TypewriterError's "Believing Stories"

Cover art http://thelivingmachine02.deviantart.com/art/My-Little-Ponies-217281029

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I am really enjoying this so far! Great job.

Hmm, interesting...

I love this. Have a fav!

You've spiked my interest, it's a very good start~! Here, have a Pinkie~!:pinkiehappy:

I like this more than i tought, i don´t know much dark storys, but i am glad to see something, that isn´t simply slaugther everypony on the world, probably even without a story.
Even if i know that this is a dark and sad story, i would like it if she is able to get better in the end of the story, such a background like this one is probably a good start to make something nice. I am ok with sad and Dark, even if i don´t know much good dark storys, but i like heartwarming moments or something like this too.
Don´t mind my grammar, i am not bad in english with the words but i am not that good with the grammar.

It is maybe to early to say something like this, but i give you an upvote and continue to watch the story, maybe i follow you but i think i wait for another chapter. Maybe you can tell me what kind of storys do you like to write or if you only write dark storys, that could help me to decide.

PS: I don´t have to cry or something, but it would be sad if she really has no friends :(, maybe she can make friends with Screwloose if she is there too:pinkiehappy: Okay i don´t know what you planned to do with your story, but it is getting me excited enough to mage a few guesses.

Try editing a little longer. The grammatical errors are a little distracting.

Otherwise, this was a good start. A couple of years ago I read something on the web that told me (paraphrasing): When one is being tortured, one is often known to retreat into a fantasy world that is exactly the same as the real world except that they are not being tortured. In their fantasy wired they would find a note telling them about their condition on telling me to WAKE UP.

I'll keep my eye on this fic.

There's not enough here yet to judge the quality of the story, but the "Wake up in a mental health ward" scenario is a well known place to start a story.

I hate being the Grammar Nazi, but this might help in some small way: :fluttershysad:

If you want to imply ownership, you use "Your."
If you want to say "You are" you use "You're."
Example: "You're in your room."

No it's fine thanks for pointing that out. I actually need to get an editor for this

I'm quite intersted in what you have written. It has appeared though I have scan read (again) so I'll be rereading it again to catch a better understanding but from what I've glimpse so far is an attention grabbing plot with lots of room to grow. You have my attention and my fav and hopefully I will get more of this delightful story.
(I'm a big fan of dark works so which ever way this story goes you have my approval)

When's the next chapter?

It's in the process of being written.

Very Original Idea. Brilliant. Couple of Grammatical errors, but barely noticeable.

I love you.

Please write more I love it, don't cancel it or throw away the idea its amazing

This is real good mate, keep it up.


Thanks :twilightsmile: and don't worry. I plan on completing this story.

*sniff sniff*

Waaaaaa noo pinkie noooooop

Overall nice chapter.
This was the first thing that came to my head when I read about Gummy being a plushie

It's already Cannon ! :pinkiegasp: lol wow. just imagine that plushie ,but with a smile, and you pretty much got what I described.

Am I going to have to give it you by force

i don´t know if they are really allowed to do that, but i would guess not, probbly his boss would get angry if he would do it. Sorry if i am to serious about it, the reason could be that i finished my apprenticeship as a nursing auxiliary
(i could not find the right word inwith the translator (i learned to help old people).

This is a really good story, i love the idea but i am also a bit sad that Pinkie has no real friends and somehow i am not sure if i should like her parents right now, but because i have to think, that this is her real life, and she was dreaming of Equestria, then i should probably give her parents a chance.

Like i said, it is really sad that she had no real friends, and because the staffmembers aren´t probably allowed to be like friends for her, i think she could have a hard tme to accept everything and it probably take much time till she is able to live in her own house again. Okay she can bake and maybe she should be able to remember the baking things, if she did something similar as her therapy or something, but i can´t think of her having a own house so soon. (I hope you can understand what i have written here more or less)

Well i really like the story and even if it is going to be sad, i would like someone who wants to be friends with her, maybe as a therapy she is allowed to have playtime with other teens or something like that.

I really lover her picture, even if she looks a bit crazy i like how she is drawn. I don´t know why there is the dark tag yet, maybe only to be safe.
Don´t get me wrong i don´t want you to change the sad tag, but i would like one or two happy moments for her, like a regular meeting with a possible friend for her. Maybe she has a girlfriend, which wasn´t allowed to visit her or something. Somehow i would like a Coco Pommel right now.

Well I did do the research, and orderlies are allowed to use slight force to make the patience take medication if they refuse. However, their not allowed to do anything that could actually hurt the patient, there only allowed to restrain them if anything. As for the dark tag, well it's on mainly for the fact that I'm dealing with issues related to actual mental illness, which can be very disturbing topics. So I really only have it for that reason. As for Pinkie's character I do intend for her to meet her parents, and slowly develop trust worthy relationships with some of the staff.

5248282 well thank you for the information, i am really interessted in that stuff.
And well i only can say that this is somehow one of my favourite new storys.

Wow, Pinkie's off her rocker.

I always have some kind of a split opinion abou this story, i don´t mean that it would be bad no, i already said i like it.
I just think that it is serious enough to let me think if i like this or that kind of change in the story, but even if i have to consider it, i get the feeling that i like it, that the story.......make me feel conflicted about what is happening to Diane here. I choose to call her Diane right now.

Even if they maybe really do everything to help her, sometimes i don´t like Tessa and it has to be scary to see those Pony phenomena.

I just tell you what i think i could like, you don´t need to do it exactly like that, and i don´t even want it to be like i say, because it wouldn´t suprise me anymore, but yeah i just tell you.

I had to think about the scene with her family and that maybe Maud would be the only one, which Diane would allow to really touch her and i think i just want that Maud is allowed to do more than her parents because i would think Pinkie is still scared.
The only thing why she maybe could accept Maud more, is because i start to think that she would have the same personality and maybe she even have a real pet rock, it isn´t the same but as a kid i was collecting colored stones, and it fit Maud.

Sometimes and i think it is the same with this story, i just wish that the things don´t change to fast. Do you know Tarzan? I started to read a similar Pony story about well a little Colt which isn´t Tarzan but has a similar past. What i mean is i wish that this colt don´t start to learn to speak to fast, because it is somehow interessting and maybe cute if he is struggling to get it right.
I think it is the same with Pinkie, i don´t want her to acclimate to fast to the real world, i think i want a poor and a little bit scared Pinkie for a while.

So i am maybe not to good with my grammar, but i did my best to describe what i think would be nice to read. Thank you for the new chapter, and even if i always could read more it is a good think that you take your time.

well Pinkie seems to be a few fries short of a happy meal, if you know what I mean...

I really like this story. Somehow I feel I can relate but I don't at the same time. I feel bad for Diane/Pinkie.

5293389 Texus I do always look forward to your insight. :twilightsmile: Thanks for bringing up Maud, cause you were actually spot on with assuming I'd make her a character for Pinkie/Diane to latch onto. Her family and her past is going to play an important role in the rest of the story. I wish I could tell you more but you know (spoilers) :raritywink:


I'm glad your enjoying the story. :twilightsmile:

5293945 Well thank you i guess:pinkiehappy:,
I don´t know, i think this type of story just motivates me to write really much, and i really like it if i am more or less close to what should actually happen.

I don´t know how many of my guesses are right, but this would be the second story, where i are omething like a fortuneteller:derpytongue2: or....he just use many of my ideas.

PS: Thank you but i think it is really better if you could still suprise me, and i could she if my guesses are right or not.

i am still a bit sleepy, so i stop writing my comment for now.

I almost want to call this out as discord's (or some other malevolent entity) doing.

Best ever.
Love you.
Love your story.
God Speed.
Next Chapter.

When's the next chapter?

5370364 But will you be covering more on Diane having to adapt to being in a whole new world. IE her culture shock like you did in this new chapter briefly about the telephone.


Yes. Once she gets moved out of the high security wing. I'm going to expand on it. Glad someone caught that. :twilightsmile:

This kinda reminds me of another story called Asylum.

Well not going to Lie Asylum was a big inspiration. Although what inspired me more was "Believing Stories". Which I'd actually recommend you read, especially if you like asylum based fics.

5370824 Hmmm i have could thought about that, that would be the perfect moment for her to learn a bit more about the world, but i would think it would probably need a year or two for her to get normal again. This could actually be perfect for a possible sequel with her living together with one or two other persons and having regular meetings with a doctor, if you know what i mean, i think of it like a part of the whole therapy.

It is a bit difficult for me to explain it, but everytime i see this story, i am very happy to read finally more, but at the same time i am thinking if there maybe could happen something what i don´t like because it is supposed o be a bit sad.
In the end i really love this story and i am very interessted in psychological factors (things), this was what i liked to learn the most in my apprenticeship, but sadly it was not the most part of it.

Good job, i can´t wait to see how she is acting towards her parents and well, Maud is probably the most important part for her if i remember it right. Somehow i suddenly get the idea, that she should not live with her parents again in the end, but maybe with Maud or should share a house with two or three other patients (sequel?)

I have decided to make it one of my favourite story.

Thanks for your support on the story Texus it's really appreciated. As for a sequel, well lets finish this first :twilightsheepish: but In the mean time keep an eye out for more chapters, cause I'm not leaving this story incomplete. :pinkiehappy:

I can almost foresee some sort of evil doing... perhaps discord.

More to come to find out if I'm right. Wouldn't be surprised if not....

Great chapter, can't wait to see :twilightsmile:

This is an awesome story and i love it!


Thanks :twilightsmile: glad you like it

It gets better every chapter....

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