• Published 3rd Nov 2014
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Diane - PerfectRed

Pinkie's life, her Family and her friends. Turn out to be mere delusions created by her subconscious

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It's not real

The door to Sugarcube Corner creaked open ever so slowly, as to reveal a bouncing hyperactive pink mare. She wore her usual ear to ear smile, as she bounced over into her bedroom. Pinkie, yawned loudly, her eyes becoming heavy as she moved over to the bed in the center of the room. She Leaped into the bed, the mattress receding slightly under her weight. Pinkie let out a small giggle as she rolled over snuggling into the bed. She began to think about her whole day. For Pinkie Pie, every day was always great in her eyes. Everyday, was worth getting up for, and what made it all worth while was her friends. she couldn’t imagine her life with out them, That and gummy, Pinkie though Glancing over at her pet Alligator asleep in the corner. She gave a small smile her eyes now lidded as she began to close them.

“Mmm nighty night Gummy.” Pinkie murmured as she drifted off to sleep.

Pinkie’s eyes suddenly began to open as she felt something irregular in the room. Pinkie shifted in the bed slowly, she found that her hooves where stiff, almost as if her movements were restricted. She laughed inwardly at her self, figuring she’d wrapped her self in the blanket. Pinkie let out another Yawn smacking her dry lips together. She froze, as she noticed her lips felt noticeably different. Pinkie attempted to raise her hoof to examine her muzzle, but she still couldn’t move her upper body. She began to wonder how the blanket, could completely stop her from moving her hooves. Pinkie attempted to move her back hooves as to get out of the bed, only to receive a strange sensation. Flicking at the tips of her hooves. Was there something crawling on her she thought, or was it Gummy having a midnight nibble ? Pinkie decided to try and pull herself up to look. With all her strength Pinkie brought her self to sit upwards, her eyes now staring through the long hair now covered a part of her face. Squinting through the darkness Pinkie found the cause of the sensation in her hooves. No not hooves. What were these ?

“Wha-what ?” Pinkie began to mutter as she saw what appeared to be long, well she assumed that they were legs, and at the end of them were what she could only described as very weird claws, similar to what Spike would have, but still noticeably different.
Pinkie let out a small yelp as she felt her self lean to the right, tumbling off the bed onto her bedroom floor. Or at least what she thought was her floor, Pinkie’s eyes darted around the dark environment, as she found that she was no longer in her room. Due to the lack of light it was hard to tell, but Pinkie could make out a white coloring on the walls. The room seemed smaller than her bedroom, containing nothing but the bed she just fell off of.

Pinkie let out a groan of pain as she tried to pick herself off the floor. However, as she tried to move her front limbs, she found her self still restrained. Pinkie began to slowly look down towards her new limbs, what she found was a short of white clothing restraining her arms, Pinkie recognized what it was, she just couldn’t bring her self to say the word. She was in a straight jacket. The ones they put bad or crazy ponies in, but she hadn’t done anything bad, had she ? Pinkie then thought about her changed appearance, what if that was something to do with it ? What if she was a monster now ? A monster that needed to be locked up. A tear rolled down Pinkie’s cheek, as she then began to wail. She violently thrashed on the floor, trying to break free of the jacket, but it was useless. She merely squirmed on the floor, tear drops staining the ground beneath her. Pinkie’s body began to ache, as she saw finally her escape attempts weren't working. beginning to panic, she began to do the only thing she could do. Reach out to somepony.

“Help ! help me please ! somepony help me.....” Pinkie wailed her voice cracking from the strain. “I didn’t do anything...I.” Pinkie collapsed onto the floor, as she let her emotions flow out. She began wailing louder, fresh tears flowing freely from her eyes. She occasionally gasped for air in between sobs. Pinkie squeezed her eyes shut, she kept wishing this was a nightmare, but no matter how many times she wished, she felt the same cold floor beneath her. Pinkie’s sobbing continued, as she began to sniffle, snot dripping out of her nose. Her new hair was now disheveled from the constant thrashing. Pinkie felt helpless. She just wanted to see her friends, she wanted to see Gummy. Why was she here, she just wanted to be home. Pinkie suddenly heard the creaking of metal, she looked upward, squinting her red puffy eyes from the unexpected light. Pinkie saw a figure standing over her. She cowered, as this shadowy creature began to move towards her.

“Diane ! oh no. are you okay ?” The figured moved next to her.” What are you doing on the floor ? did you have a bad dream ?” Pinkie looked up through tear stricken eyes. She recognized the voice, but it couldn’t be her, this thing looked nothing like her. “T-Twilight ?” Pinkie croaked, the lining of her throat sore from her screaming. She glanced at the creature, there was some resemblance to Twilight. Her voice, the way her mane was styled, the only difference was it was brown. She was also wearing what appeared to be clothing a doctor would wear. Pinkie thought this was odd. Twilight was smart, but she was never a doctor. This wasn’t Twilight. It couldn’t be.

“Umm yes it’s me, I don’t suppose you remember my real name ?” The woman asked. Pinkie looked at her with accusing eyes.

“T-Twilight is your real name, isn’t it ?" Pinkie asked.

"Well no, that's only what you call me sometimes." She replied.

"No, your not Twilight, your not her, who are you ? Where are my friends !” Pinkie shouted angrily, the tears welling up in her eyes once more. The woman claiming to be Twilight, knelt down to Pinkie’s side.

“Diane it’s me, it’s Tessa. Doctor Tessa Sparks remember ? Now please let me help you up.” Tessa spoke in a clam soothing voice, however to her disappointment Pinkie was unfazed by this.

“I-I..No, I don’t know you, I never seen you before ! Where am I tell me where I am, why am I in this thing !”

“Diane you need to calm down” She spoke a bit more sternly.

“No ! my name is Pinkie Pie ! let me out of this thing !” Pinkie began once again thrashing in a vain attempt to get out of the straight Jacket. Tessa tried to hold her still, but could not get a grip on her.

“Diane, Please stop this, If you don’t I’ll have no choice but to make the orderlies give you another sedative, please just let your self calm down !” Tessa said raising her voice ever so slightly.

Pinkie was taken back by her tone, and began to cease her thrashing, she winced in pain at her aching upper body, as she lie prostrated on the floor. Pinkie looked up at the woman with red puffy pleading eyes, Pinkie didn't want to talk with her, but what else could she do. Tessa let out a sigh, wrapping her arms around Pinkie’s upper body, lifting her off the floor. Tessa put her arms around Pinkie supporting her as to allow her to sit on the bed. Tessa sat right next to Pinkie who remained silent looking downwards.

“Are you ready to let me talk to you, I promise I just want to help.” Tessa said in a soothing voice. Pinkie simply nodded.

“Diane could you tell me what happened ? is there anything you can remember ?” Tessa asked calmly.

“No. I remember going to sleep, in Sugarcube Corner, and when I woke up, I couldn’t move. I was in a straight Jacket and, I turned into what you are !” Pinkie said exasperated.

“Diane what do you think you are ?” Tessa asked concerned.

“I’m a pony, you should know that Twilight, or is it Tessa now !” Pinkie responded, in an accusing tone.

“Diane, I have to tell you that you are human. You never were a pony.” Tessa said gravely.

“Of corse I’m a pony, I...I’ve been one my whole life growing up !” Pinkie said her voice shaking.

“Diane, do remember anything about your family, where you were born ?” Pinkie looked at Tessa as if she was nuts, did she really think that she’d forget her family, her fillyhood.

“How do you think I could forget something like that ? I was born in Equestria. I lived on a rock farm with my parents and three sisters.” Pinkie responded.

“Diane, you have to understand, theres a reason why your.” Tessa paused, clearly reluctant to continue. “this Equestria, your life as a pony that you keep talking about, there....” Tessa was cut off.

“There what exactly ? What is this place, why exactly am I here hmmm ?” Pinkie asked angrily. Tessa sighed putting her hand over Pinkie’s shoulder, this caused Pinkie to recoil, she didn't want to be touched, by her.

“Diane, this is not going to be easy to hear. Please try and remain calm about it.” Tessa said uneasily.

“Why am I here !” Pinkie shouted, causing Tessa to Flinch.

“Your in a hospital. You’ve been sick for quite sometime, and we’ve been trying to treat you.” Tessa said sadly.

“A hospital ? A hospital that locks you up ? Why was I locked up I’m not a bad pony!” Pinkie insisted.

“No Diane, your not a bad person, and it’s not your fault that your sick.” Tessa said in an apologetic tone.

“I’m not sick I feel fine !” Pinkie snapped.

“Diane, you suffer from a sever case schizophrenia ,where one of the symptoms has been delusions of grandeur. These memories you have of Equestria, and you being a pony, are, delusions.” Tessa saw Pinkie’s face turn completely emotionless. “Diane I know this is hard to hear but...” Tessa was off again by Pinkie giggling to her self.

“So what am I supposed to believe, that I’m some Crazy pony, thats made up my entire life ?” Pinkie smiling uneasily.

“No no Diane your not crazy, like I said your just sick, just please try and relax.” Tessa said sympathetically.

“Relax. I’m relaxed, I’m perfectly relaxed, hehe, It’s not like any of this is real !” an erie smile grew on Pinkie’s face as her laughter became more audible.

“Diane...please.” Tessa pleaded.

“I mean this isn’t real, this is all a dream, I’m back home in Sugarcube Corner with m-my” Pinkie’s voice broke, as her laughter turned into gasps. She was hyperventilating. This was all a dream, it’s all just a dream. Pinkie kept repeating the same thing in her head.

“Oh no.” Tessa whispered, as she turned to the door. “I need assistance quickly.” Tessa shouted, a large figure came through the doors which startled Pinkie, causing her to get up from the bed.

“Diane you need to slow down your breathing.” Tessa said trying to remain calm.

“N-no, don’t touch me, I’m not crazy, this isn’t real, y-your not..real..I-it’s” Pinkie collapsed onto the floor, crawling into the corner as attempt to get away from her captors. Pinkie, finally tensed up as she felt unable to breathe..

“Diane ! please breathe you need to Breath slowly.” Tessa’s words faded as Pinkie felt her throat heave. she vomited onto the floor in-front of her, she continued this for six more seconds before dry heaving. Pinkie’s vision blurred as the room begin to spin around her. she collapsed onto the floor. "I-i-it's n-not real...." Pinkie muttered, as the whole room went black.

Author's Note:

This is my first serious story, so I welcome the constructive criticism