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Matthew Stone

A teenager who (as of recently) writes stories about his characters Victor and Roy. I hope you like them as much as I do. They screw up sometimes, but they just wanna be heroes.

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Leading a simple life, a young fox named Kitsune lives with his brother Justin and their mentor, a Namek dragon named Pico (Spike). Though their lives are nice, Kitsune wishes that their lives were more exciting.

One day, a teenage alicorn named New Moon (Twilight. Get the joke here?) arrives and whisks Kitsune and his family on a wild adventure involving evil aliens, fearsome demons, tough enemies, and a journey through the land of the dead!!

Chapters (9)

Twilight & Dash are sent to Japone on a mission to get rid of a ghost haunting the house of a relative of Applejack's. But they soon find that Tails, TJ, Fireblaze, and Christian have stowed away in the suitcases to join their adventure! But they find out that Trixie and her goons have followed them there in order to steal the mystical Muta-Stones!! Can our heroes stop them from carrying out their sinister plot?

Based on the TMNT 2-Part OvA from 1996.

Chapters (2)

The Power Ponies take on 2 new villains named Bakura and Mordum the Terrible, who manage to take control of the Masked Matter-Horn through her mask. However, the team's pals, Bellcord and Pouter, receive help from 2 heroes named Sava and JT, a pair of mutant foxes trained in ninjitsu, and Firestorm & Gladiator, 2 other superheroes to help them save the world! But will it pay off?

Hold on to your eyeballs, because this summer, the most epic adventure since The Transformers: The Movie is here!
Starring KIRBY MORROW as Sava the Fox, ROBBIE RIST as JT, JOHN DE LANCIE as Bellcord, and REBECCA SHOICHET as the Masked Matterhorn.
Beyond excellence, beyond corruption, beyond your craziest dreams.
Coming this Summer to a theater or fanfiction site near you.

Chapters (16)

This story is a sequel to The Revenge of Tirek

Somehow, Skull's evil father, Nucor, has risen from the depths of H.F.I.L., and brought with him a terrifyingly evil zombie army, and the worst part? It's on the day that Twilight's gonna get married to Flash. Tails, meanwhile, continues to fight off his feelings of jealousy, and he & Flash begin a rivalry.

However, Nucor has managed to revive Tails' yandere/psycho bitch stalker, Cosmos, but in Volucris' body. Luckily, Tails and T.J. have a new power on their side: the Fusion!!

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to Six Manipulations, Six Heroes

After a prediction made 4 years ago by Tirek's son, V, becomes reality, Discord starts acting strangely suicidal. The Mane 6 decide to take action and get down to business. However, they can't do it alone...

Meanwhile, Tails is now 21, TJ's 20, and things are peaceful on Mobius. However, after using his Dimensional Viewer to see what's going on, Tails decides that their friends need their help. So, he decides to go back to Equestria, but he and TJ bring Sonic along with them. It'll take every ounce of the gang's strength, smarts, and magic to take on Tirek's demonic son, Tails' yandere stalker, and Tirek himself!!

Chapters (22)

When the Mane Six are captured by weird vines, it doesn't take a genius to realize that the Plundervines are back, but under a new villain's control! It looks like they'll need help--but not from their world!! In this epic crossover, Tails (from Sonic) and his cousin T.J. (fanmade character) arrive to help even the field, but find out that they might be in over their heads!! Will our heroes win the day? Will evil prevail? AND JUST WHAT THE HAY IS GOING ON?!?!

Chapters (21)
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