• Published 9th Jul 2014
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Six Manipulations, Six Heroes - Matthew Stone

A new evil in Ponyville requires help from 2 new heroes from another universe! But can they win?

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More Allies?!

The trip to Vanhover was just over the mountains for a new coming pony. This male young warrior is a pony prince from the northern section of the Western Alps, were the buffalo and other cowboy ponies joined forces. He’s a muscular alicorn who has a grey mane and tail, green antlers, and blur fur. He also wears a green cloak, and golden hoof shoes. He was just on his way to Vanhover after training with his father King Kai, and other teachers like his master Roshi.

He just escaped from the black weed invasion on his hometown three days ago, which his father became prisoner after that. Before he traveled to Vanhover, King Kai said these words to him.

“I know the Great Spirit Thanor has set up a plan with me long ago unless this travesty happens. Go on your journey through the deserts, do not get caught, supply yourself very well, and find your way to the abandoned city of Vanhover. Find whomever you must there, anypony that survives WILL help you. Be sure you trust them though, and use every strategy I taught you to fight those changelings.”

The young pony on this journey is named Mokuba. He knows his appearance of his father in his mind, and keeps him envisioned so he can encourage his own strength. King Kai in this universe is a blue adult pony, wearing a black crown, and a mixed red and black cape. Mokuba even looks at his sketchbook now and then of the drawings he made to reflect on the areas he traveled through when camping. He even looks the picture of his pen pal, and destined girlfriend. Diamond Tiara.

He looks inside the book once more, before he leaves the mountains to go into the city of skyscrapers.

“Why do you have to be so mean?” he sighs when looking at her picture, “That I’ll find out. But I promise, I’ll also rescue you. No matter what.”

He then puts away his sketchbook back into his backpack, and continues his hike to the city of Vanhover.

The tunnel for the gang eventually ends under the rocky cave of the mountains. Discord then sees a gravel trail that leads to a disastrous pile of torn buildings caused by the weeds. Vanhover.

“Well, we’re here.” Spike observes.

“Just in case…” Discord said, lighting his paw, “I’ll prepare my magic in case something comes at us.”

The gang then moves forward. They kept their eyes open, and look around the sandy setting that’s full of suspense. The trail lasted ten minutes when them keeping close watch. Tails and TJ prepared their own magic themselves. Ian and Leo look up at the sky, curious of the kind of day that is. The color of the clouds is a mix of grey and orange in this sunset contrast of the sky. William just looks at Spike, checking on how he’s doing. Kaiba stays close to William.

“Someone else will come.” Kaiba said to the worm, “I know of a young prince named Mokuba, he’ll be meeting us there.”

William smirks.

“You know everything, even for a changeling.” William replies.

“Envisioning the future is just a certain talent that I only have. It’s the only thing I’m good at actually.” the changeling sighs.

“Maybe you inherited it from Thanor?” William laughs.

“Don’t jump to conclusions.” Kaiba said, “It’s different from that.”

Finally, the gang finds themselves in the city, surrounded by the dead buildings. Then, to their good surprise, Thanor’s spirit appears.

“I see you all made it. Now get into the building, and meet the other six who will be helping you.” Thanor instructed.

“Well, okay.” Tails agrees.

They all enter a stone building made with orange marble. They topple over the dusty rubble, keeping their balance. Then, they enter a giant ballroom, no longer fancy like it used to be. Inside, they saw four ponies, and two griffons sitting on their chairs. Discord and Spike recognized some of them by memory. Gilda, Trixie, and Sunset Shimmer.

“Well, fancy seeing you three here.” Discord says when he sees them.

“You too.” Gilda said, “I’m just surprised you recognized us.”

“Why do you three want to help?” Spike asks.

“Well I don’t want see Rainbow Dash and Fireblaze act like way more Jerks like me, so I decided to help since my cousin asked me too.” Gilda explains.

“You have a cousin?” Discord asks.

“He’s what I mean.” Gilda said pointing at the male griffon next to her, “His name is Storm Griffon, the blind sword griffon.”

“Why do they call you that?” Tails asks Storm.

Then, Storm took off his dark sunglasses and shows his eyes. They’re extremely faded. He’s blind.

“This is why.” Storm sighs, “But just to let you know, I’m not deaf.”

“He lost his eyesight at the age of four.” Gilda breathes out slowly.

“Ouch!” TJ winced.

“Well, since Twilight showed me kindness in the human world, where the Equestria Girls live, I came to return to save her from being brainwashed.” Sunset Shimmer declared.

“Same here, since she also showed me kindness too.” Trixie added.

“We are also waiting for Doctor Hooves and Derpy, who are just coming to help us.” Thanor said.

“If I may also add…” Kaiba buts in, “A young pony named Mokuba will join us.”

“Yes, I know.” Thanor said, “We’ll be seeing him too. He’ll also have a great purpose for helping you.”

“When will the doctor and lazy eyed pony come?” William wonders.

“Soon. But let me tell you of the legendary weapons…” Thanor said, “They’re known as the Light Swords. The Light Swords can cure anyone form any evil, and it has always defeated any evil over the years. They’re sealed safely in a cave, ten miles from this city. There are twelve Light swords. All together, twelve chosen ponies or any other race must use them. All of you together must find these swords to use for battle.”

Another pony then suddenly appears in the room. Mokuba has arrived.

“Hello Thanor…” Mokuba introduces, “I’d thought I find you here.”

“Hello Mokuba.” Thanor said, “I’m just telling these folks about the weapons they must find.”

Just then, two ponies stepped in, and stand by Mokuba.

“Aren’t you forgetting someone?” the first newcomer said.

“This is an unusual place.” the second replied.

“Who are YOU guys?” William asked.

“These are your guides to the cave, Blade and Skull.” Thanor said.

Blade is a young pony who is the age of nineteen. His cutie mark shows a sword with sunglasses. He’s a black earth pony, and he has black hair, that’s also the same color as his tail. Skull is a purple earth pony who has yellow hair and a tail. His cutie mark is a skull.

“Skull, my ex-pupil.” Discord said.

“Hello, my ex-master Discord. I see that you are reformed.” Skull answers.

“Thank Fluttershy for that. But now she’s…” Discord wishes to summarize this mishap, but he’s too depressed to just envision her evil face.

“I know.” Skull understands, “I will help bring her back, you can bet on that.”

“We haven’t much time. We must get the swords soon to free the other ponies.” Blade cautions.

“But there are tests you must past once you’re in the cave.” Thanor explains, “Wisdom, courage, strength, fear, and one unknown lesson that must be faced with the twelve previous guardians of the light swords.”

“Okay.” TJ nods.

“Arrange your camp here for tonight.” Thanor advised, “Tomorrow at dawn, I will guide you to the cave.”

Everyone then gets situated and shakes each other’s hands. Discord then uses his magic to make tents, and dinner for his friends. As soon as he helps them, Discord notices Mokuba looking up at him. The lord of chaos the approaches him, and hugs him.

“Are you okay?” Discord asks the prince.

“Yeah…” Mokuba nods.

“What happened?” Discord wonders.

“Shining Armor is… my real father…” Mokuba explains

Discord then looks with confusion into Mokuba’s eyes. Spike and Leo even come beside Discord after hearing this.

“Wait, Shining Armor is… YOUR FATHER?” Spike gasps.

“Why have we never heard of you?” Leo stammers.

“I… I was taken away… by changelings.” Mokuba explains, “I have the ability to recall memories from my infancy up to this very point. My mother Cadence was pregnant with me, and she gave birth to me before Shining Armor can announce it. However, through the years Chrysalis awaited Volucris’ release, she had her minions take me away from my parents to kill me.”

Kaiba overheard Mokuba’s explanation to Discord, Spike, and Leo. The changeling shook, as if guilt stabbed him through his conscientious heart.

“The changeling didn’t kill me for some reason though, it let me go and abandoned me eventually. Chrysalis even put a amnesia spell on the palace so my parents can forget about me, having the same work on every other pony. My adoptive father, Kai told me about all his. He’s quite knowledgeable. He took me in and raised me to protect me, because he knew I’m sooner capable of fighting against the changeling queens with new friends I’ll make.”

“King Kai. Yes I met him before.” Discord nods, “How’s he doing?”

“THEY KILLED HIM!” Mokuba roared.

The other heroes in the room almost stare at Mokuba in shock. Discord, Spike, and

Leo shake in depression, understanding Mokuba’s whole situation.

“That’s why I came here.” Mokuba sums up, “I know that after I avenge my true mentor Kai, that I will rescue my mom and dad as well.”

Discord cries tears out for Mokuba. He can’t believe that Shining Armor and Cadence’s only son has been separated from each other without any of them knowing. The very idea that it happened is heartbreaking. Spike also hugs Mokuba with Discord.

“We’re gonna get your parents back. But the idea of killing just to think its justice…” Spike said.

Leo rubs his head with the palm of his hand. The decision between justice and peace is a real decision breaker.

“We’ll talk about it later.” Leo informs, “We have to get rest.”

Discord then takes Kaiba to be introduced to Gilda, Storm, Blade, and Skull. Spike notices Kaiba, standing in place and unpacking his backpack. The changeling cries for the first time, much to Spike’s shock.

“Is anything okay?” Spike asks him.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Kaiba puffs, “Not now.”

He then walks to the corner of the room to sleep, wishing to be alone. Spike wants to understand his depression, but he holds himself back, allowing Kaiba to decompress himself for the night.

Back at the Crystal Empire, Shining Armor’s eyes glow green as he’s now brainwashed.

“You were right you know.” Shining Armor said as he walks with Cadence through the royal hall, “You are my wife, and I must do whatever I can to stay in the darkness.”

His appearance is now appalling, his eyes now slit like an evil dragon’s. He wears armor and a dark helmet on his head. His steel hoof shoes he’s wearing are colored blood red.

“And you know your name is now Shadow Armor, right?” Dark Vine Cadenza giggles.

“Yes my sweetheart.” Shadow Armor snickers.

“Your dear sister and our master are waiting for us.” his wife said, “They’re going to assign a very special mission!”

They head down the hall, ready to meet their leaders at the Crystal Square to hear of it.

Back at Vanhover, at the other side of the city, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are hiding in a business building their fathers owned. They clutch onto their swords for protection, thinking of how this all went down. They were with their parents, on a vacation in this city while the dads had their business meetings. It wasn’t long until the weeds kidnapped everyone in the area, and took away the fillies’ parents. Since the past three days, they looked around the city for food and drinks, and stayed out of sight from the weeds and changelings for survival. They are only praying that help can come to them.

“I heard rumors from escaping ponies that passed this city.” Silver Spoon said to Diamond Tiara, “They said those beasts now took control of Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.”

“MAN! That’s not good of THEM to turn those blank flanks evil!” the bratty pony spat.

“I wonder what will happen if we get captured and brainwashed.” Silver Spoon shook in fear.

“Don’t think of THAT!” Diamond Tiara soothes while clutching to her sword, “And when we meet those three blankies, I won’t have any regrets fighting them.”

Diamond Tiara then takes out something from a purse beside her. Her journal of the pen pal letters sent from Mokuba was all in order. Memories, responses, and conversations with words to him, made her keep her spirits up. Reading these letters gives her hop that there are still good ponies out there and not corrupted.

“I hope YOU’RE safe, Mokuba.” Tiara sighed.

The two rich fillies didn’t know it, but across from the building they’re hiding in, Apple Vine, Spice Belle, and Darkness Scootaloo are looking through the walls of the building with their black magic vision. They then spot Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

“You’re the one who won’t be safe...” Apple Vine snickers.

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