• Published 9th Jul 2014
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Six Manipulations, Six Heroes - Matthew Stone

A new evil in Ponyville requires help from 2 new heroes from another universe! But can they win?

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Sneak Peeks

William has his eyes rolling with insanity when he doesn’t know what to do. Looking at Kaiba weakened and less strong compared to Twilight is the worst irony he’s witnessing right now. He also looks at Spike, his close friend, who’s now trying to be manipulated by his OTHER close friend. William knows the definition for ‘unfair’, and right now, this situation fits his definition.

“You realize you know what you’re doing…” Kaiba lets the evil Twilight know, “And sooner or later, you will regret hurting your only friend.”

“How do you know what friendship is like?” evil Twilight snaps, “AND BE SILENT! STUPID SLAVE!”

Her magic then strikes Kaiba on his cheek, making a purple bruise to mix with his black skin.

“Jeez, don’t you have any good on ya?” William asks her.

“I wish…” she giggled, “Sadly, I don’t. So that’s how it is.”

She then has the weeds grab William’s tippy bottom, and Kaiba’s ankles. The two heroes are held back, as Twilight nears closer to Spike.

“Well, what should I do with you?” she wonders, not caring for the fear in his eyes.

“Twilight!” a mind link message sounded in her head. It’s coming from Flutterbrute.

Twilight turns to excuse herself, taking this message.

“What?” she answers the voice in her head.

“Discord broke the spell! He’s not giving in!” Flutterbrute sent and said to evil Twilight’s mind, “I though it will be fun for you to know that our changelings are torturing that beast as punishment for him not cooperating.”

“So, Discord didn’t give in to our brainwashing spell. He’s so powerful.” Twilight responds out loud while answering Flutterbrute, “Such a shame. He could have been useful for us.”

William, Kaiba, and Spike knew she wasn’t talking to herself, but mind linking with on of the manipulated six. They also feel relieved Discord fought back, but also pain for the abuse he’s now receiving. They don’t even want to imagine what they’ll do to him.

“Well no matter.” Twilight answers out loud, “I know the perfect replacement for him. Spike….”

Spike shook in fear now. The fact that he’s involved in this makes him fear evil, and the hatred of becoming evil himself.

“No… please… Twilight… I’m…” Spike cries.

“My assistant. And so you’ll continue to be.” the evil Twilight says, when turning back to him, “I just need to make a little adjustment on you, that’s all.”

Her horn then glows, ready to cast the spell on the little dragon. Spike now struggles real fast, hoping to escape the weed’s grip. But the weed holds him well in place.

“Don’t worry, this won’t hurt.” Twilight cooed, “At least I HOPE it does…”

Kaiba feels sympathy for the dragon. It’s the first time he ever felt it. In all honesty for himself it’s painful. And now he feels guilt, guilt for feeling weak and not doing anything to break loose and help Spike.

Meanwhile, William acts crazy, moving his head in random directions. He has to stop Twilight, and get loose to save Kaiba and Spike. But how?

Then, William came up with a reckless idea. He just has to speak to Twilight.

“Oh Twilight.” William sang out for a minute, yet going back to talking like a salespony, “If you’re going to brainwash Spike, there’s one thing you’re forgetting…”

Twilight turns to the worm, with an irritated look in her eyes. Her teeth even gnaw in anger.

“I have not forgotten anything!” she hissed.

“But my reckless behavior is very important since I’m linked to Discord!” William spat out, “If you brainwash me, that will give you an easier time to get Discord’s mind enslaved.”

“What makes you think I want you to work for ME?” Twilight demands.

“Think of it. Discord always watched over me and wanted me to use chaos for good. Yet I’ve turned everything against him, and he never gave up on me just to help me change my ways.” William persuades, “Since he’s not there yet, seeing me all crazy will make him give in to you.”

“I doubt that will happen.” Twilight scoffs.

“What ARE you doing?” Kaiba asked in fear and curiosity, “Are you really going to sacrifice yourself?”

Spike knows William is an idiot, but knowing the worm, he has a trick up his invisible sleeve. The dragon just has to keep calm and roll with it, in order to make Twilight unsuspicious.

“Oh no, I’m not sacrificing myself.” William answers Kaiba, “I’m just tired of being the good guy. That’s all.”

Twilight’s eyes lower.

“Tired of being good you say?” she muses.

“Yes. Every day ponies push me to do the reluctantly horrible garbage that’s so girly.” William says, acting serious, “I want something new, I need to act more dark, be sickening.”

Twilight approaches William very slowly.

“You have some nerve trying to negotiate with me.” she snarls.

“And what will Spike offer anyway?” William continues, “Bookkeeping? I happen to have a criminal record at police stations for blowing stuff up. Isn’t that more detail you need for the realistic help you can get?”

Twilight just looks at him.

“If you take me now, you’ll have a better chance catching your prey with my mischievous skills. After wall, fireworks I create make the better trapping kill.” he smiles.

“I don’t trust your word.” Twilight shouts.

“Applejack now isn’t honest either.” William points out, “Isn’t that the trait you need to get anypony to help you?”

Twilight now follows his point.

“You’re halfway there for amusing me.” Twilight admits.

“Tell ya what, if you do your business now, I’ll exterminate the other two right there for ya.” he offers.

Kaiba shook.

“TRAITOR!” the changeling hissed.

Spike says nothing. He just watches closely as Twilight finally sighs, touching her horn in William’s forehead. He knows it has to be a con trick on Twilight. He wants to believe it. And sure enough…


William bites his teeth on Twilight’s horn, and keeps hold of it!

“YOW!” the evil Twilight scream.

She yanks her head up, accidently freeing William from the weed in the process. The reckless move William makes has his mouth burn in pain from the flaming aura going out of control on Twilight’s horn. Yet he keeps hold, to have his rescues goal continue to plan. He sinks his teeth harder, until…

Twilight’s magic no longer can take this pressure. William’s crazy stunt is hard enough to make Twilight’s aura go out of place, and EXPLODE! The green flame knocks the evil Twilight unconscious, also sending William hard to the ground, with his teeth released from her horn. The weed then disappear into thin air, and Spike and Kaiba are released. They stagger to their feet, as William comes over to help them. Kaiba then punches William in the face.

“YOWZA!” William shouts.

“ARE YOU CRAZY?” Kaiba shouts in frustration.

“YES!” William screams back, “BUT I JUST SAVED YOUR BUTTS!”

“Yes, well…” Kaiba reconsiders, but then changes the subject, “Where do you think they’re holding your friends? Because there’s no doubt where Discord is, THEY are.”

Spike sees Kaiba’s point.

“For some reason, I remembered a lesson that Twilight used to teach me about seeing colors of brain wave auras.” Spike recalls, “That was WAY before Twilight was brainwashed, and see told me that I carry some certain talents. One was reading mind links floating around heads based on colors. The colors I see tell a certain location. For example, red is for the Lost Mountains.”

“And you saw a certain color on Twilight’s head when it was invisible?” Kaiba asks, “How fascinating.”

“Yes, the color around her head was in a circle. It’s blue, meaning…” Spike realizes, “The Crystal Empire!”

Kaiba shudders.

“Your friends must be there, I have no choice but to help you two rescue them. It’s like I have no alternative.” Kaiba decides.

Spike then shakes Kaiba’s hoof.

“Thanks. That’s… awesome of you to help….” Spike replies.

“It’s weird how long we’re standing here, because of a dangerous pony by us.” William observes, “But since she’s unconscious, we can simply walk without…”


The three turn, to see Twilight snapping out of he state of unconsciousness. She the roars, and summons her weed demons to charge after them.

“JUMP ON ME!” Kaiba tells William and Spike.

William and Spike scream, and jump onto Kaiba’s back, just as he starts to run with such incredible speed, spreading his fly-like wings. Spike and William clutch onto the changeling’s back real tight, as he rushes through and around trees and giant rocks. He even flies and kicks back the attacking weeds as they summon themselves through the rocky ground. His fisted hooves even punch and tear through the vines, sending gushy slime to slam towards the ground. From that moment on, Kaiba now flies through the air. He even allows to have Spike and William clutch onto his backpack for support.

“We must be losing her.” Kaiba thinks

Then, THE WEEDS RISE TO THE SKY. And they become BIG, BIG and GIANT, and they look quite horrifying judging their new size. The dessert atmosphere becomes satanic as they look behind them to see Twilight riding the killer weeds like their steeds. They also look below them to see the Hidden Cove, now infiltrated by the evil changelings, which are being led by… PINKIE PIE!

“She might notice us….” William peeps, “BOTH of them will. We’re screwed.”

“I don’t think so…” Kaiba predicts, “HOLD ON!”

Kaiba then swoops up into the air, and makes diagonal patterns. The weeds follow with twists and turns, following the cloud paths made by Kaiba. One weed still keeps still as it moves, to have the evil Twilight keep in base with her targets. Then, is got foggy all of a sudden. Real fog gets bigger in the sun-rising sky, and the weeds senses become tricky in this weather blockage. Twilight has trouble seeing through the clouds herself. Soon, the clouds evaporate, and all becomes clear again. Twilight and her weeds than looks around in the high altitude of the sky above the desert ground. Kaiba, Spike, and William are gone. The weeds searched twice to make sure, but they didn’t find them.


After a couple minutes of screaming, she collects herself, and breathes slowly.

“We’ll report to Volucris and Chrysalis real bluntly.” Twilight decides, “RETREAT!”

They then lower themselves back to the ground of the earth, and magically make themselves disappear back to the Crystal Empire. Not far from where the black magic enemies evaded, was Spike, William, and Kaiba. The three of them hidden into a carved tree bark cave, as soon as Kaiba rushed to land them down.

“I was lucky enough to teach myself about making my own fog in the sky when I was alone a while back.” Kaiba tells Spike and William, as he hides with them, “That way, I create to camouflage myself from enemies.”

“And us.” William adds.

“That was quick thinking!” Spike congratulates to Kaiba.

“You’re welcome.” Kaiba sighed, “I also know where the empire you’re looking for is. Do you wish to take me there?”

“Are you really offering…” William started to ask.

“YES, OR NO?” Kaiba demands.

“Well of course, YES!” Spike answers, “We need to rescue our friends.”

“Then I better help you think of a way to get to them without getting caught.” Kaiba replies, “Listen very closely…”

Discord is in HUGE pain right now. His hands are bound tightly in front of him with razor sharp rope, and his neck hurts and throbs from being tugged by the neck shackle. The changelings around him keep guard as they walk him to his cell.

“What did you do to my friends?” Discord wondered.

“You’ll be sharing the same cell with them, that’s all we’re going to say.” one changeling said.

They then arrive right in front of Discord’s cell, and open the door. Inside are all of is friends, now captured and bound up, just like he his. Shining Armor sits in the corner of the room, with his hand and feet hooves bound, while his neck is chained up to the wall, having is head hang in shame. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle also wear shackles on the hand and feet hooves, while neck shackles are connected to the wall. The two foxes also have their hands bound up in front of them, while their necks are also shackled to the wall. They sit real close to a chained up Leo, and tied up Ian, shaking their heads in despair.

“Sit anywhere you like!” the changelings orders to Discord, “And your magic is weak too! These restraints are chaos-proof!”

Discord chooses to sit close to Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, nuzzling and snuggling close to them for comfort. It’s not only to cheer them up, he wants to feel loved by them as well. And after thinking of Fluttershy beating him, he doesn’t feel love exists from outside this cell right now.

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle also hug Discord for comfort, with tears streaming down their faces.

“Where’s Scootaloo?” Discord asked with a whimper.

“Our Rainbow Dash wanted to see her personally.” the changeling replies, “That filly will work for us in no time at all.”

Discord is full of hate for the villains now. He tries to lunge at them, but the changelings are quick as they connect his choker shackle to the wall. Discord coughs out a little blood when he’s held back, and the fillies cry out for him, ashamed that he’s in so much pain like they are. As they hug the wheezing Discord, Apple Bloom looks angrily at the Changelings.

“You monsters…” she growls, “What purpose is there for trying to kill everypony?”

“Lots.” the changeling replies, as others leave the room to lock the door, “And it’s fun too…”

The door than slams, and a loud click was heard when the door is locked.

"What are we gonna do?" T.J. groaned. "My arm's broke, and we're gonna die soon."

"Oh, the hell we are. I’ll think of a genius plan!!" Tails smirked, whipping out a medium-sized sack.

"What are those?" Discord asked.

"They're called Senzi Beans. I got these when I trained with a guy named Master Korin… Man, he always knew when to think ahead...I should thank him."

Tails grinned.

"Here, eat one." Tails fished one out of his bag and handed T.J. one.

"Why?" The Kitsunian asked.

"You'll see." Tails smirked.

T.J. chewed it up and gulped it down. Suddenly, his arm wasn't broken anymore.

"HEY!! Those are some cool beans!!" T.J. grinned. "Thanks, Tails. I owe ya one."

"Fuggedaboudit. Let's just focus and think on how to get outta here." Tails smirked.

“How?” Discord asks, “They have us restrained and imprisoned well. Plus, every sector is extremely guarded, escape will be useless.”

“If I could have been stronger…” Shining Armor groans in guilt.

Then, his anxiety worsens. Ian puts his paw on his shoulder to try and calm him down.

“They must have Cadence.” Shining Armor fears, “I knew it when I saw Fireblaze taken down by Rainbow…”

Shining Armor’s tears go faster like the speed of a river.

“What will they do to her?” he cries.

Leo just shakes his head in deep concern.

“Let’s just be patient and think.” the gnome advises, “Like Tails said, we have to think of a plan to get out of here.”

“I hope it’s a good one.” TJ sighs.

Pain was a ticking clock inside Fireblaze’s head. The headache is bad enough that he groans and slowly opens his eyelids, to see a torture chamber made with cobblestones, the one HE’S in. Then Fireblaze woke up as he was in Rainbow Dash’s Weeds.

“What the?” Fireblaze said in confusion.

“Well, You finally wake up.” a voice said in the room. It was Rainbow Dash’s. “Nice battle you give me, and let me say you are the first one to give me a real fight there. But My Queen Volucris wants you, and don’t worry about Scootaloo, she will join us too. Because YOU will join us.”

“I WON’T JOIN YOU RAINBOW DASH!” Fireblaze protested while struggling.

A slap then strikes against his cheek.

“My name is RAINBOW BRIAR! Call me that from now on!” she demands.

She then steps out of the shadows, with the sinister look in her eyes.

“I thought you love me.” she cooed, “Don’t you want to be with me? Obey our Queen Volucris, and join my side so we can bring pain even misery to Equestria.”

“What?” Fireblaze gasps.

“Come on! Rainbow Dash inside of me still loves you, and you don’t want see her get hurt do you?” she whispers, as she has her hoof sink in the dark magic right into Fireblaze.

“UNH! NO, I WON’T… I mean… I don’t…” Fireblaze stammers as he now falls into the powers of darkness.

“Well, just join the darkness, and you will be reborn. And also, you’ll be with me.” she negotiates, just as her brainwashing spell finishes up.

Finally, Fireblaze’s eyes glow.

“Yes, you are right. I must join the darkness.” he says.

“That’s right. I told Twilight to trust me on this anyway.” Rainbow Briar snickers.

Then he falls into the Darkness as dark energy covers him. Once it was done, the dark weeds disappeared as he was reborn. His wings are dragon like, his eyes now slit like eyes of Rainbow Briar’s. His hoof shoes have his cute mark on them, and he was wearing armor too.

“Welcome to our team, Fireblaze!” Rainbow Briar chuckles, “Or I should say Fireburn.”

Fireburn is forced to agree because of the spell.

“Yes, that will be my new name, and now I am with you. I’ll also serve my queens. Volucris and Chrysalis are now in my control”

In Fireburn’s mind, Fireblaze was wrapped up in dark weeds, and sends this final message. It has gone to his dragon father, who is hiding somewhere in the Hopeful Mountains.

Fireblaze thought and said in Fireburn’s mind.

“Sorry dad, I failed you.”

Then Fireburn was released, and follows Rainbow Briar to Scootaloo’s area, as the dark weeds covered her too.

“Hello squirt!” Rainbow Briar mocked, “Happy to see me?”

“You’re not the Rainbow Dash I know!” Scootaloo sobs, “Why are you doing this?”

“One, I’m Liking it. OKAY? Two, I used to not want to care for you, but since Queen Volucris told us to capture you three, now we care. Also, say hello to Fireburn, who used to Be Fireblaze!” Rainbow Briar snickers, pointing her hoof to him.

“WHAT?” Scootaloo gasped.

Fireburn trots closer to Scootaloo, smiling evilly.

“Hello squirt.” Fireburn whispers, “Come join us, because it’s fun. Also, you will get your cutie mark.”

“Yes, you will get your cutie mark, and even get revenge on Diamond Tiara and Sliver Spoon for messing with you and your other two friends.” Rainbow Briar adds.

Scootaloo, then thinking about this, sees what she has to accept from this, since she does want to see Diamond Tiara and Sliver spoon go away forever. However…

“What if I don’t join?” Scootaloo asks.

Rainbow Briar gives an emotionless look.

“Fireburn.” she tells him, “Tell the changelings to arrange a special execution for Discord, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Shining Armor.”

“WAIT!” Scootaloo screams, now frightened.

The little filly pegasi hangs her head down in defeat.

“Okay, I will join you!”

Rainbow Briar and Fireburn smile evilly.

“Welcome to the club squirt!” Rainbow Briar snickers.

Then, darkness covers Scootaloo, as she laughing evilly now. Once it was done, the Dark Weed also disappeared. Then Scootaloo came out wearing black hoof shoes with her armor. Her eyes now slit like too, as she smiles.

“Your new name is Darkness Scootaloo now, my new pupil.” Rainbow Briar said.

“Yes my mentor…” Darkness Scootaloo giggles.

Then, Fireburn joins in with Rainbow Briar and Darkness Scootaloo with an evil laugh.

At length, two more allies have been turned to the dark side, and our heroes are still in the slammer. But, using the Kitsunian duo's new found strength, will Tails and the others bust out and strike back with a vengeance? Stay tuned for scenes from the next exciting episode of "MLP: The Volucris Saga"!!

Author's Note:

And until the next chapter comes out, that's all I wrote!!! For now...

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