• Published 30th Nov 2014
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Nucor's Counterattack - Matthew Stone

Skull's father, Nucor, returns from the Next Dimension, or HFIL, bringing with him an army of zombie ponies! Can our heroes strike against this foe from the past?

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Tails Prevails (or, Tails' Triumph)

The ponies murmur and cheer in delight, as they’re guided by the guards to be ready for the big celebration. Twilight smiles at the princess, and then comes up to welcome the random guests while her friends join in to do the same thing. Then, Flash comes up to Twilight with a serious look on his face. She then turns to him, sighing while knowing what’s going on. Given her other feelings for Tails.

Tails also notices, and is standing across from their personal matter.

“Flash…” Twilight starts to say.

“I know. You want time to think before actual marriage. I respect that.” Flash smiles, hugging her, “What Sombra declared might have been a fluke anyway.”

“I do love you.” Twilight said.

“I know.” Flash smiles.

Flash then leaves, and walks up to Tails. He then extends his hoof, and shakes hands with him. Tails smiles, and appreciates his friendship offering to him.

“She’ll depend on you quite often.” Flash smirks.

“I’m sure.” Tails chuckles.

Tails then heads over to Twilight, as TJ, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie watch. Tails looks at Twilight, rubbing his hand against his head. The whole relationship may be weird, but still.

“I’m… going to stay for the party.” Tails tells her.

“That’s nice.” Twilight smiles, “TJ too?”

“Yep.” Tails nods, “Uh, you want to set up a date soon?”

“Sure.” Twilight agrees, “But for now, why don’t we go talk and hang out at the garden? Have a walk?”

“Okay.” Tails smiles.

As the two lovers walk off, TJ grins at shock with Applejack and Pinkie.

“I don’t believe he actually got her.” TJ smirks.

“Well, everypony has her day.” Applejack admits.

“Let’s go back inside!” Pinkie hops up and down, “I want to see if the chefs are handing out cupcakes!”

Applejack and TJ nod at the idea, and to make the night better, head in to join the others for the celebration.

Rarity, Spike, Rainbow Dash, Discord, and Fluttershy look up at the sky, seeing the butterflies roaming freely in the sky. Skull is even by them, listening to the laughter and gobbling of food behind them as the sight of the colorful sky is combined. Friendship has never been so happy to all of them in this moment, and from all the events that happened, it all led up to this special moment.

The End

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5340330 Just finished the story now!

What a wonderful story.:twilightsmile:
Quick question is this the end of the series.:fluttercry:

5499098 Just for now, although there already is a spin-off story.

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