• Published 30th Nov 2014
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Nucor's Counterattack - Matthew Stone

Skull's father, Nucor, returns from the Next Dimension, or HFIL, bringing with him an army of zombie ponies! Can our heroes strike against this foe from the past?

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Cosmos Takes the Field

Tails is Walking with TJ by him, as one holds a wrench for a weapon and a sword for another. TJ is kind of excited for the fight, despite it being covered in destined bloodshed. He even looks at his cousin, so weary and thoughtful.

“What up cuz?” TJ asks him.

“I’ve…. been thinking about giving Twilight a personal talk later. I just need to know if there’s anything she can do to spend some time with ME.” Tails tells TJ.

“Dude, you’re forgetting. She’s engaged!” TJ advises.

“I know.” Tails moans, “I just feel like I was supposed to be the one for her though.”

“Envy is a sin.” TJ cautions.

“I’m actually jealous.” Tails corrects and admits at the same time.

The two foxes look down the area that heads toward the highest mountains. Tails recalls that one mountain was where Fluttershy gave “THE STARE” to an ignorant dragon smoking up Ponyville. He didn’t want to imagine what “THE STARE” would be like.


The sound tears up, as Tails sees something in the ground… moving…

TJ gasps, as a green bloody vine comes towards them to pierce a stab at them. The two foxes dodge the vine attack, and look up to see who the assailant is. They were shocked, as they see Volucris’ body.

“YOU!” Tails and TJ stammer.

“Not Volucris just to let you know.” the villainous body said, “It’s COSMOS!”

The evil creature laughs to mock the foxes.

“HOW CAN YOU BE ALIVE?” Tails demands.

“Nucor’s magic of course.” Cosmos giggles, “And now I have plans to spend the day with you, starting with biting your nimble neck…”

“GO TO HELL!” Tails screams.

He then blasts his waves at the enemy, but she blocks the attacks with her vines. She then has the vines reflect the waves back to Tails, as he jumps to miss each attack that targeted back to him.

“HA! As you can see, Nucor increased my stamina! I can sense any attack ahead of time and do something about it quickly!” Cosmos cackles, “TRY AND BLAST ME AGAIN, I DARE YOU!”

Tails snarls loud and fierce. This challenge is not going to be a piece of cake.

Pinkie Pie acts bored as she bounces a tennis ball back and forth against the shop wall. Rainbow Dash hangs out with her, wondering when she’ll ease that pouting trait of hoping for action. Rainbow wanted it too, but she’s not TOO eager.

“Anything else troubling you?” Rainbow asks her.

Pinkie stops bounding the ball.

“I’m just… guilty about my rivalry with Cheese Sandwich long ago. Now I feel WORSE after what happened to him.” Pinkie admits.

“Yeah, I know. It sucks.” Rainbow agrees, “He did collaborate with you well though, for… MY fun.”

“Yeah, we DID work as a team, didn’t we?” Pinkie smiles.


The sound of thundering explosion is heard, as Pinkie and Rainbow rush out to see what’s causing the charade. Pinkie gasps when she sees the foxes fight Cosmos on Volucris’ dead body. Then, something blocks her view!

The ZOMBIE CHEESE SANDWHICH has stormed up front to her, and his mighty rush made a sonic wave that crashed every door out of the abandoned houses and shops.

“Pinkie….” the zombie hisses.

“Cheese…” Pinkie cries softly, “Don’t do this…”

“Master Nucor told me his orders. Search and DESTROY!” the zombie Cheese screams.

Then, Cheese advances at Pinkie and Rainbow to attack them both. Rainbow rushes to fight back, but a sudden sonic wave from Cheese comes from his hooves. The waves then shatter the bones in Rainbow’s wings, and send her flying back to Pinkie Pie, injured and weak. Rainbow and Pinkie both whimper in fear, as the pink part pony picks up a knife for a self-defense weapon.

Cheeses’ wave knocks it out of her hoof though, as he then makes the wave colorful, raising it up in the air to make a bad epic move.


Cheese falls to the side of the room, as Pinkie turns to see that Ian came just in time, throwing a big kitchen table at him. As the table covers Cheese to try and trap him, the zombie slave has both his hooves break the tale in half, shattering it into splinters.

“He… broke my wings…” Rainbow sobbed to Ian.

“I’m so sorry.” the diamond dog cried.

“This isn’t like Cheese Sandwich…” Pinkie whimpers.

“That’s because he no longer is.” Rainbow Dash sighs.

“It’s true. Nucor’s power sunk into him well.” Ian said, getting closer to his friends to protect them, “We have no choice but to…”

“Fight… I know…” Pinkie scowls, starting to throw cupcakes at the undead Cheese, “But I have to find SOME WAY to get through to him!”

The cupcakes were stale and hard when Pinkie keeps throwing them, yet Cheese dodges the hard food. Ian especially keeps throwing whatever abandoned wood chairs he can find in the room to slow the zombie down. Pinkie, Rainbow, and Ian have a fight that isn’t easy to win.

“I have to yell… for Twilight…” Pinkie finally decides.

Twilight was making a strategic map in the dirt with Spike watching, until she heard a piercing scream in the sky. It’s coming from Pinkie Pie.


Twilight looks up behind her, seeing that the first ten that came with Cosmos and Cheese are coming towards her and Spike. As she and Spike start to fight side by side against the ten powerful zombies, she can see in the hills that almost the majority of the undead slaves fallen trap into the dragon army’s barrier. As of now, they are already throwing their lava balls at them to slow them down.

Twilight then focuses back on the fight, as she dodges the swiping teeth chomps targeting her. She then blasts them back with her alicorn magic, turning the five zombies she’s fighting into dust.

Spike then jumps into action as he spits a hug gust of green flame out of his mouth. It scorches some of the zombies, but the next three that aren’t struck jump through the flame to knock him in the head. Spike falls down, but jumps back up as he swings his tail to smash the upcoming two zombies in the jaw. The move knocks them unconscious, but the last three coming at him are still active. Twilight then flies above them and makes a good pinning strike on them, holding them down to the ground.

“Good move.” Spike compliments.

“Thank you.” Twilight smiles, crushing the zombies’ nervous systems that send them to sleep.

Discord has heard the call from Pinkie, as he stays close to Fluttershy, Rarity, Skull, and Applejack. He fears that Nucor is falling in now, that Cosmos and Cheese has called the surprise attack to initiate. That’s what they expected though, but is there any chance to survive it?”

Discord hugs his four pony friends, running to get them to safety. He nuzzles at Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rarity on their heads as they cry in happiness when feeling his loving warmth. Then, Skull looks behind Discord.

“DISCORD, WATCH OUT!” he screams.

To their shock, a giant magical shadow hand grabs Discord, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, and Skull all at the same time. The hand has more human sized hands tear open at the big palm, grabbing the five friends on their necks. As they all choke and wheeze at the gripping pain, Nucor comes of the smoke and shadows, laughing at them being hurt when controlling the hand.

“Ah… Discord. I see you’re the one that made my son reformed… AGAINST MY WILL!” Nucor roars, “Now I’m going to make you suffer. But hey, I’ll make a special deal on your death package. Your friends here can die along with you! They’ll get in the way anyhow.”

He then has the little human sized hand releases Skull from his grip, as he falls hard on the ground.

“AS FOR YOU!” Nucor says to Skull, “I have a score to settle. For now, I’ll kill you Discord, along with your friends. Then I’ll confront Celestia and take her place as ruler of Equestria.”

A shadow hand suddenly arises out of Skull’s head, as the pony controls it well with his mind. Without pausing, he has his magical giant hand thrash forward to Nucor, smashing him in the head. The punch sends Nucor backward, as Discord, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack are released from the grip. They look at Skull, amazed of his power.

“LEAVE MY FRIENDS ALONE!” Skull screams.

“I will do that…” Nucor chuckles, “But only if you join me. You’re my son, I want what’s best for you. And your mother… well…”

Nucor makes a cackling noise as a signal, as the zombies appearing behind him bring out Skull’s mother, still locked in her cage.

“Hey… I met her before.” Discord whispers to his friends, “Her name is Maria. She must be…”

“Skull’s mother…” Fluttershy sobs.

Skull too, is shocked and enraged.

“MOM!” Skull screams, “NUCOR! You aren’t thinking of...”

“BUT I AM!” Nucor finally says, “JOIN ME, OR SHE’LL DIE!”

“NEVER!” Skull screams.

“Well, have it your way…” Nucor laughs.

He then has his magic hand take Maria out of her cage, as he starts to choke her slowly. He then looks at his zombie assistants, and there are about thirty of them.

“KILL THEM!” Nucor orders.

As the zombies head toward them, Fluttershy and Rarity scream, but Discord, Applejack, and Skull are the first to step in front to fight. Skull uses his dark magic for good, as he attacks the zombies with his giant hand spell. The hand strikes the zombies at their sides, as it also pushes Skull up in the air to miss the zombies’ falling moves. Applejack stays close to Rarity and Fluttershy, using her lasso to truss up the first zombies she can she, trapping them and swinging them around. She uses them as weapons, to knock down their own troops. Finally, she has them swinging long and far away, for who knows how many miles? Rarity and Fluttershy at Applejack’s brave move, as she looks back to wink at them.

Discord then has his chaos magic grow serious, as he has it blast towards Nucor. The villain then rises up with a jump, missing the blast to land on Discord face as kicking him. Discord then hops and flies back, spitting blood out of his face during the fight. He keeps himself afloat in the air, as he looks at Nucor face to face.

“I won’t let you hurt my friends. They mean more to me than anything else in Equestria!” Discord weeps, “I WILL PROTECT THEM WITH MY LIFE, FOR TWILIGHT, FOR CELESTIA!”

“How stupid of you!” Nucor smirks.

He then collides back to Discord, as they resume their stating fight.

Tails and TJ think they won’t win so far. Cosmos’ power has been far more powerful than how he saw it last time. TJ knows there’s something in his belt that should help him and his cousin. Maybe there is…

As Tails keeps dodging Cosmos’ moves to keep her occupied, TJ searches his belt pockets. Could they be in there?


TJ pulls out two pairs of Portara earrings. They’re like a mixed stone of emerald and crystal, and how they work is that… well, to TJ… once put on, the wave powers both foxes have will be shared and combined, and both of them will then create a HUGE wave to defeat their enemy. Side effects might include huge brightness on their palms of their hands.

TJ looks at Tails, as Tails glances back at him when Cosmos isn’t looking. TJ then throws the first pair of earing to Tails, as the fox catches them. Tails then puts his earrings on, as TJ does so too. Then, once put on, a big flash lights up, blinding Cosmos as their powers fuse together.

She gasps when she sees their change… the change in their fighting fists once both their energies are starting to share.

The two foxes then hold of their fists and smirk at Cosmos. TJ was right about the side effect, their hands are powerful looking, even if they’re bright as the sun.
Cheese Sandwich is a freakin’ zombie! It’s all wrong. WRONG! Pinkie Pie only kept growling in frustration as her old friend now heads towards her again, just after tearing the wood apart from more chairs thrown at him. Ian and Rainbow stagger to their feet to protect Pinkie, as Cheese opens up his bloody mouth. The zombie almost has an urge to kill them, and instinct to murder, a chance to hunt its prey.

“Time to join us.” the zombie Cheese moans.


A sudden roar of falling stones collapse through the ceiling as a pile of rocks suddenly appear, forming a blockade between Pinkie, Rainbow, and Ian against their enemy. Cheese’s attack was also block and reflected back to him the moment his wave aura bounces back to push him down.

On the other side of the rock wall, another dragon appears in front of the diamond dog and six ponies. He’s wearing a blur leotard suit, and his scaly skin is green. It’s quite obvious he’s with the dragon army, but he looks like an assassin. Smoke then comes out of his nose. Ian can tell too, that he’s a kind of dragon that can’t breath fire. There are two types of dragons, those that breathe out destined fire for fighting, and those who just fight without flame.

Ian observes the newcomer dragon’s nimble hands then. He’s a rock bender, a dragon assassin that breaks through earth’s barriers and can hold fire with his bard hands. HE CAN HOLD FIRE! Ian can tell because of the scorches on his palms. Damn though, it looked painful.

“You guys okay?” the sexy dragon asks, “Fireblaze sent me here to help you guys.”

“Yeah, well thanks.” Rainbow Dash smiles, “What’s your name?”

“Jackson, just Jackson. I’m like a spy, but I kill the damned villains.” he said, “What happened to… your wings?”

“Broken…” Pinkie sighed, “Nucor planned every attack to harm us.”

“Well, lucky I have a first aid kit to help you guys out.” Jackson said, pulling it out from his backpack, “We need to wrap bandages around the wings quickly. Flying my not be operable for at least forty-eight hours. I also recommend we search through the hospitals and doctors’ offices abandoned. We need to search for medicine, anti-pain pills, anything that can keep us going until more zombies come.”

“Forty eight…” Rainbow starts to moan, “No matter, I can wait…”

“Fireblaze will also come to us if anything is wrong, just I call one roar in the sky.” Jackson adds.

“Good ol’ Fireblaze.” Rainbow Dash smiles.

“Yeah, I know he used to be an expert at creating his own medicine.” Jackson sighs, “Didn’t practice much after a while though. However, his father once made special potions, all with one special formula… I’ll tell more about it later though…”

“Okay, but still… FIREBLAZE’S FATHER… an expert at potions!?” Rainbow Dash sighs in awe.

“Damn.” Ian said.

“Well, we better go. Your friends may need you in…” Jackson starts to decide.


Before the four friends even left, Cheese breaks through the rock barrier with his sonic wave. His eyes are red with blood and violence when looking at them.

“GRRRRR! YOU WILL JOIN!” the zombie growls.

“Not today.” Jackson snaps.

Then, Jackson began to bend his legs and feet forward and backward all together, as he has lava magically spit out at the palms of his hands. The lava fires than strike Cheese and sends him flying towards the wall. Cheese’s touch with the lava makes him scream as he falls back to the floor. He runs up to hit Jackson, but the dragon jumps away, looking at his friends. He then nods at them, telling them to get away.

“YOU IMBECILE!” the zombie growls at Jackson.

Pinkie, Rainbow, and Ian run out, as they then meet two dragon soldiers coming into action to assist them. One dragon then carries Rainbow in his arms to protect her. The gang looks back at Jackson, as he starts fighting Cheese Sandwich.

“One of you, get Rainbow Dash to meet Fireblaze!” Jackson instructs to the soldiers, “The other, help Pinkie and Ian kick ass!”

“Please don’t hurt Cheese….” Pinkie requests before leaving.

“I’ll try and slow him down.” Jackson promises.

Down below Discord and Nucor, a zombie pony appears to punch Skull to the ground. He looks up, seeing Fluttershy attacking more zombies as she rages about Nucor trying to kill her friends. Rarity and Applejack stay by her side, as the fashion pony shoots blue sparks out of her horn to burn up the zombies into a crisp. Applejack then uses her lasso as a whip to back the ponies up, so Fluttershy can use her own battering attack as she flies close to the undead, swinging her fists at them.

Skull then looks at his mother, HIS MOTHER, locked in the cage. She’s hurt, bad… worse… she’s undead…

Darkness covers him once again, as he hears thunder sound in his ears. A giant cloud then magically appears over his head, as lighting sparks out. He then grows a couple more feet, maybe up to the same height as Nucor’s. His power aura then glows around his body, as Nucor halts his fight with Discord to see this. Discord looks at Skull too, surprised.

As Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack take down all their zombie opponents, they then see Skull, gasping. William, who is hiding with the Cutie Mark Crusaders in a trash bin looks across the way to see this too. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo look with him in curiosity.

“What’s Skull turning into?” Apple Bloom asks.

“I don’t know.” William answers.

Everypony focuses, as Nucor floats down to the ground to meet face to face with his son again. The evil jerk smiles.

“This power of yours doesn’t look TOO dark.” Nucor scoffs, “What do you call this… thunder power going around?”

Then, Skull sends an explosion to strike Nucor. Nucor falls back when burned badly by the explosion flame, while the firing move dies down. Skull then has his magic change his own wardrobe of appearance. The smoke around his body then turns into a hoodie that looks like a grim reaper outfit. He then has a scythe carried on his back for a weapon, as his eyes changed into pure white like the bone. Skull is now really PISSED at his father.

“I call my powers the gift of life. I fight death, because my powers ARE DEATH!” Skull screams at Nucor, “I’m not a grim reaper, but I’m a savior! All because of your experiments on me, YOU turned me into this! I forgot how, but you did! BUT IF WE FIGHT, I’M GOING TO DECIDE MY OWN FATE! IF I LIVE, I LIVE! IF I DIE, I die…”

Nucor doesn’t know what to say, but he laughs.

“I feel as if you inspire me, my son…” Nucor sighs, “I’ll have no choice but to have my troops retreat. I’m not ready to fight you… not yet. But, I WILL BACK! In the next city we meet, be prepared…”

Nucor then turns around, looking at the direction of his troops.


The other ponies look in surprise, as Nucor leads his zombie army out of Ponyville, for now. But Skull cries more, even if he won THIS fight peacefully. The cage holding his mother is being guarded real well by toxic zombies. And he knows they’re TOO TOXIC. One bite from their flesh, and the change in anypony is fatal. Manipulation, appearance, change, maybe leading to… DEATH!

Skull then looks ahead, seeing a green assassin dragon in a leotard suit. It’s Jackson, and he’s looking at his new friends.

“Cheese Sandwich just left without encouraging me…” he reports.

“Well, you must be Jackson.” Discord smiles.

“Hello Discord.” Jackson sighs.

“You know, the way Nucor backed away from Skull… something tells me Skull is the key to stopping the zombies.” Discord thinks out loud.

The power glowing around Skull then does down, as he returns back to his earth self, fainting from the loss of some of his energy. He also felt a zap when being normal again, as Fluttershy hugs him to make sure he’s safe.

Pinkie Pie then approaches up to the gang with Ian and the other dragon soldiers. They look around, wondering what’s going on.

“We better let Skull rest for a while.” Discord says.

“WOW! SKULL IS SO BADASS!” William cheers, coming out of his hiding place with the fillies.

Applejack just shakes he head a William’s idiocy.

Fireblaze is by Rainbow Dash’s side, as she lays on the medic bed inside a tent. She looks up at her companion, smiling when Fireblaze looks down at her.

“You… know how Cheese Sandwich knows Pinkie?” the dragon pony asks.

“She… put together a party with him, just to make for me.” Rainbow sighs.

“Right.” Fireblaze nods, recalling.

He rubs aloe paste on Rainbow’s wings, so it can soothe her feathers feeling the pain.

“This aloe paste has a bit of magical lava to mend the bones.” Fireblaze lets her know, “But I should warn you, the healing may sting. You’re still young thought, so it may be quick.”

“Okay.” Rainbow nods.

“I’m going outside to see how the rest of the troops are doing.” Fireblaze tells her.

Rainbow nods, as Fireblaze leaves the tent. He then meets up with Twilight, hearing news about Rainbow Dash’s wings.

“Will she be fine?” the alicorn asks.

“Yes, she just needs rest.” Fireblaze nods.

He then walks off, checking in with the rest of his troops.

Tails and TJ enjoy their walk, passing by the dragons to see how they train. TJ then looks back at his cousin, who’s smiling about their victory. It was all just a climax when they faced Cosmos in Volucris’ body.

Tails and TJ both blasted their giant yellow rays at cosmos like melting plaster into hazardous chemicals. She was yet swift, and she rushed at them with the same powers Volucris used to have. Tails and TJ had flew up higher into the air to miss her attacks, but she followed them back as well. She then thrashes her teeth open, sending contagious blood balls to strike the foxes to the ground. The fox cousins use their earing power to melt the ball, and have it turn into a giant light to bounce back as a reflection sun kind of strike. Tails and TJ then move their limbs at a jinx style signal, and have their hands extend open to shoot a giant blast from their palms at the same time to hit Cosmos once more.


The mighty blow takes Cosmos down to the ground as she’s trapped in a huge crater hole made for her. She gets up with high strength, ready to fight the foxes again as they float back down to meet her. The foxes were ready to end this too, until…


Cosmos sneers when hearing this, looking directly at the foxes.

“I’LL BE BACK!” she vows.

“Yeah, then we’ll blast your ass.” Tails smirks.

“HA!” TJ adds.

The foxes then returned to normal, as Cosmos turned to leave to follow the other zombie troops.

Now, Tails and TJ are walking, reflecting on how the fight went. They want to learn more about these aura moves, since such magic came from Equestria itself. What’s more to learn though? It’s just like fighting, with…

Okay, Tails landed himself on that one. He might have to train a bit more, just until he sees Cosmos again. TJ looks at Tails, thinking the same thing.

“Hey, look.” TJ says to Tails, pointing at somepony.

The two foxes turn to see Mokuba in the distance, just near the dragon army when he’s in the target practice field. Mokuba is full of courage and strength, ready to fight anypony without any problem. Like Tails, he wanted training too. However, he felt like training himself.

Eyeing at the target practice an pile of hey, he busts of his waves, the same Kamehameha wave Tails uses to attack his enemies.

“This is what you’ll taste, zombie bastards…” Mokuba growls.

Mokuba then fires away, making a huge gust of aura that incinerates the hay pile into crisp firing wood picks. Mokuba smirks, pleased of a good start.

Tails and TJ just look in awe at how far Mokuba is coming. Twilight also saw in the distance, and chuckles at how well the filly prince is practicing. The zombies have no idea who they’re messing with.

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