Pony Ball: The Saga of Kitsune

by Matthew Stone

Beginning of the End, Part 2: The Toad Warriors

Kitsune, Flash Sentry, Pico, Nate, and New Moon are sharing the jeep vehicle, as the alicorn drives the motor to head through the sandy plains. Kitsune tenses up his body, ready for whatever comes next for the task at hand. The seventh element is safe, and now the gang has to find six more if they’re going to use it to stop Cosmos and break Justin out of his spell.

         “My tracker is sensing that the next element is near a fancy village… called Wimbledon.” Nate says, looking at his GPS, “It will take twenty more minutes.”

         “I hope we go fast.” Kitsune grunts.

         New Moon brushes her mane, as a gust of wind strikes the ground and blows against the jeep. The wind pushes against the vehicle, slowing down its speed as the alicorn wonders what’s starting to slow them down. Then, an explosion of sand starts to block their way. The huge wave of tiny rocks zooms over their faces, having them cough and cover their eyes real tight. The pebbles of the sand then suck into the engine of the car, and New Moon starts to loose control of her driving.

         “JUMP OUT! QUICK!” she screams.

         The gang does so, following her unfastening her seat belt as she rolls out into the mud of the plains. The fog of sand grows bigger, as the jeep crashes into a big boulder a couple feet away, exploding! BAM! Kitsune and his friends are safe, but their chance of transportation is destroyed. The fox’s eyes squint, trying to see the cause of the obstacle blocking their way.


         A punch suddenly strikes his face as he flies back. Kitsune then drags himself up, as he sees five big toad assassins in front of him. The wasp queen’s henchmen are finally here in front of the fox, and they hold onto their magic staffs in death grips.

         “Not so much of a fighter, are you?” the first assassin grins.

         “So… you were sent by Cosmos?” Kitsune asks, as he gets up.

         “By Cosmos’ acquaintance, our dear wasp queen…” the second toad says, “And your power will be taken to her… so it will be given to Cosmos.”

         “Fat chance…” Kitsune growls.

         As the toads raise their staffs, the fox jumps up to dodge the fires bursting in the ground. Deadly sparks shaped like stars then aim at him, trying to stun his body. However, Flash Sentry manages to step in and block the attack, then turning to make a buck kick to the first toad, having the enemy fall back.

         “You dare…” the second toad growls.

         As he raises his staff to try and crack Flash onto the head, New Moon comes from underneath to punch him into the gut, having the toad’s stomach growl in irritation and pain. She then gets out a taser gun, and has the volts electrocute him until he goes out into unconsciousness. Four more toads are still up though, and the third comes up to New Moon from behind, punching her in the back.

         As she starts her new fight, Nate and Pico fight the fourth and fifth toads with all their might. The amphibian bastards pull out new weapons of their own this time, resembling machete shaped switchblades. The frogs then sling the blades towards Nate and Pico’s chests, attempting to stab them. The two friends fall back, having Pico blow fire out to heat the blade and have the fourth toad scream, throwing the blade off his hand. Pico then swings his tail around like a ram, and has it crack a bone in the toad’s leg, knocking him out.

         The heat rises in the atmosphere, as Nate sweats while fighting the fifth toad. The dog makes his move to dodge the enemy’s staff attack, but gets struck down by a hard bump of the toad’s gyroscope shaped stomach. Nate gets up weakly, seeing the first two toads they defeated are now sizzling and turning into bloody organs.   

         “What…” Nate gasps in shock.

         “That’s what happens when we fail our queens orders…” the toad sneers at the dog, “So now that there’s three of us left, we will NOT be defeated!”

         The sunlight shines on the toads’ horrifying change of power, as bat-like wings rip out the slimy skin of their backs. They then grow in size, as their staffs start to glow and engulf with flames around them. The three evil amphibians chuckle, as they look down at their five opponents.

         “We’ll split up into three parts.” Pico plans out loud, “Kitsune, you okay being alone while I go with New Moon, and Nate goes with Flash?”

         “Fine by me.” the fox nods, “I’ll find an open space to make the next attack.”

         Kitsune then dashes under the first giant toad’s legs, as Flash Sentry pulls out his blade to charge at the second. Nate is by his side, hopping over his back to try and punch the toad into the throat. The enemy refuses the attack however, and swings Nate hard to the ground, along with jumping over Flash’s sword swings towards the ankles.

         New Moon and Pico manage to try and find the giant’s weak point as they dodge the pounding effects coming from the landing fists. The queen’s assassins must be stopped, and New Moon is starting to figure out how. She sees a red light, glowing in the middle of the toad’s circular belly.

         “We have to aim for the stomach, where the light is glowing.” New Moon tells Pico.

         Pico nods, but then gets a sharp punch into his ankle by the third toad. The hit cracks the anklebones, making Pico shed out extreme tears to the painful attack. New Moon screams and rushes to catch Pico, just before he lands on the ground in such hurtfulness. She then looks at the laughing toad, angered of the unexpected attack he cruelly made. She screams as she flies over to punch him, but she came in too late.

         “You missed.” the toad mocks.

         The mean bastard then has his flaming staff try and strike the alicorn to her wings, but she flaps around and has her foot kick the staff to slam into the toad’s face. The fire scorches his forehead, as his eyes begin to burn up and feel the blinding pain of such heroic defiance. The toad’s teeth then gnaw hardly, and bleed as red as the sun.

         “YOU BITCH!” he screams.

         Despite his eyes damaged, he senses New Moon’s next plan and collides with her jumping to attack him.


         As Kitsune drifts under the first toad’s magic powers, and agonizing ray strikes his arm painfully with a burn as deadly as a scorpion’s bite. He then has his tails wing upward to have him get back to fighting, having him then bite his teeth into the toad’s leg. The giant amphibian screams, as Kitsune then lets go and goes towards the other leg, having his back lean against it to push it away from him. With such strength, he has the toad trip downward; having it land on it’s back to break the spine. To the fox’s surprise, Pico appears and crawls onto the toad to stab it in the stomach with a blade.

         “YEEEEEE!” the giant frog screams.

         In a mater of seconds, the assassin then explodes into bodily organs and flesh, having blood spurt into the fox and dragon. Kitsune turns to see how New Moon is doing across from them. Apparently her anger got the best of her, and she won the fight. All it took was using a karate chop to the toad’s testicles, and borrowing Flash’s weapon to stab the toad into the stomach. The remains of the second toad are the same as the firsts. New Moon wheezes as Flash comes to her aid, but a strike suddenly zooms and pushes him back.        

         “FLASH!” Pico shouts in alarm.

         It was then that the gang forgot about the third toad, as he grabs New Moon by the throat. Kitsune gasps, and rushes over to try and save her. It was then that the toad becomes bigger and bigger with the glowing aura around his body. The giant amphibian then lets go of New Moon, throwing her towards Nate to slam them both towards the ground. The toad’s staff then becomes distorted and bloody, as it has an orb spell catch Kitsune, stunning and pinning him to the ground.

         “Fool.” the toad snarls, “I knew that you would try and save the alicorn girl in any occasion, so it was the perfect trap.”

         “No… Kitsune…” Pico wheezes.

         The dragon tries to come over to stop the toad, but he lands flat to the ground due to the severe injury on his ankle. Flash Sentry is too, weak. Both are weak from the strikes of the toads, and can’t think of what to do to stop this. The queen has trained her assassins well, and much likely knew that if any more failed by the minute, she’d reserve the last one to be the strongest and take out any fighter in no time. Now, the toad has his magic staff cast another spell to have Kitsune’s friends pinned to the ground in such excruciating pain.

         “You… bastard…” Kitsune moans at the toad.

         The spell aura glows red, as the fox’s friends feel the magic squeeze their bones mercilessly.

         “It’s all over...” the toad says, picking Kitsune up by his neck, “You’re coming with me to see Cosmos…”

        A sudden giant axe magically appears to Kitsune’s surprise, as it cracks through the toad’s skull. Brains and blood flow out madly, as the assassin lets go of the fox, tumbling down to the ground with a loud thud. It huffs and puffs in confusion, as his eyes start to black out. Within minutes, the toad is dead. The mysterious axe then floats up again, away from the toad’s skull to then stab it into the stomach, killing it for sure.

         “Looks like I came in time.” a strange voice sounds.

         The fox, dog, dragon, and ponies then look up to see a creature floating in the clearing sand fog. It lands on the ground with its two different hind legs, resembling a goat’s leg, and a lizard’s. To surprise, the savior is very much similar to Discord from the world of Equestria.

         “You can call by Dissonance.” the draconequus says, “I live here you know.”

         His thumb points at his domed shaped house, but he then looks at the gang, worried about their injuries.

         “Here, let me help.” he says.

         He snaps his fingers, having them already wrapped in bandages that cover and protect their wounds. He then approaches to Kitsune and his friends one by one, to help them to their feet. Kitsune blinks in confusion, still feeling the numbness in his body from the fight.

         “Close to my property, and innocent creatures like you are being tortured by a monster like…” Dissonance says, confused, “What did he want with you?”

         “Me…” Kitsune answers, “He wanted to take me to…”

         “Dissonance is it?” Flash Sentry suddenly asks, staggering to his feet, “I heard that name before. You’re that removed troublemaker who helps the weary travelers, right?”
         “Right!” Dissonance beams, but then sighs, “However, the plains is starting to become a dangerous place. You’ll never know what will hit you out there. Lately I’ve been beginning to see more pods landing from the sky, attacking more cities.”

         “Pods?” Pico gasps.

         “And if I help the ponies, they still won’t trust me…” Dissonance sighs.

         Pico wonders what he means by that. But for now, he did save them, and it seemed Dissonance can use new friends. The ankle then throbs in pain again, as Pico fails to raise up while falling back to the ground. Kitsune then runs over to help him up, looking up at the draconequus. Flash Sentry then approaches to him with a kind face.

         “Will you help US?” Flash asks, “We’re being chased because we’re looking for the opal shaped elements, and…”

         “Elements?” Dissonance peeps, “I heard about them, it’s no wonder you’re on the run from…”

         “Cosmos.” Kitsune finishes, “That bitch is gonna pay!”

         “In time.” Dissonance promises, “Come in right now though, tell me more in my house. We also need to tend to your ankle, dragon boy. God knows if that’s the worse that already happened.”

         With that, the gang follows their new friend into his home to discuss the situation.